Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



foot-ball with a fowl, she threw all the cold ducks,

one after another, into the fish-pond.

The company in general stood aghast at this

outrageous conduct, and wondered what character

it was intended to keep up ; whilst others, better

acquainted with the brown woman, scarcely mar-

velled at her violence, but felt proportionably

anxious as to its ultimate extent. Mrs. Twigg

ran in doors to faint in her own room. Matilda

prepared to mount to the top of her temple ; the

ladies retreated to the octagon summer-house and

the hermitage, whilst Squire Ned, remembering

the woman's partiality for sharp blades, judiciously

caught up a brace of carvers from the grass, in

case she should again resort, like Palafox, to

" war to the knife."

" Stop her ! seize her ! take her up in the King's

name ! " cried Twigg, as he took refuge behind

Mr. Justice Rivers, who was settling in his own

mind tlie maximum of legal punishment he could

inflict for this new offence against social order.

" To her, boys ! to her ! " shouted the gallant

Sir Mark, with a corresponding movement towards

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