Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



draws towards a section of a Storm at Sea, and

Ben Lomond is capped, not with a cloudy but a

stack of chimneys. Articles that ought to trans-

form, adopt the code of the Medes and Persians,

and resolutely refuse to change. Ropes break,

hinges snap, water catches fire, and gunpowder

does not ignite ; spirits will not come when they

are invoked, but the military march on, illegally,

without being called in. Blunder begets blunder

with the fecundity of the rabbit, till the boarded

plain, the heights above, and the caverns below,

are swarming with the awkward headlong progeny,

blind as at their birth. The property-man is bel-

lowed for, and a tailor responds to the cry ; he is

dismissed with a flea in each tingling ear, and

testily sends down a carpenter, who makes the

same April fool of a painter, who thereupon catches

the call-boy by the nape, and shakes him like a

ferret with a rat, which provokes call-boy""s father

to resent with a punch, and the lie direct, as to his

call-boy having called. Oaths patter, and blows

go round. Every living being seems reciting

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