Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


the butler in his pantry—sent off the footman, when

most in request, on frivolous errands— plugged

the pipes of keys— fastened chairs together

set tables topsy-turvy —shut the cat in the chinacloset—

fastened the house-dog to the gate-bell

and then was discovered ranting as Belvidera,

with his clumsy person thrust into a new dress

that had just been sent home for his sister.

'Tilda screamed and scolded, the mother begged

and prayed—but the mischievous spirit of this

domestic Caliban was not properly quelled till

Twigg senior had ten times turned him out of

the business, twenty times cut him off with a

shilling, and, at last, given him a sound cuffing

with his own fatherly hands.

It seemed impossible that the festive prepara-

tions could be completed by the given day; but

the time came, and every thing was in order. As

the cub had predicted, the governor had rolled a

great many entertainments into one. In the

centre of the lawn stood a large marquee, contain-

ing an ample cold collation, which made a very

showy appearance, the principal dishes being kept

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