Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



same composed tone ; " my father always called

her his first favourite ;

but as for Ringwood, he has

not the taste to prefer Grace with that simple

moss-rose in her boddice to the Queen of the


The Creole bit his lip. He had meant to disturb

the enviable serenity of a favoured lover, but the

attempt failed :—the happy rival moved ofi", of

course in pursuit of Grace, and St. Kit'ts was

preparing to follow him, when he was arrested by

a twitch of the sleeve, and the cub accosted him

with his usual familiarity.

*' I say, an't you a scaly chap, now, not to come

in character ? You promised me, honour bright,

you know ; and, thinks I, it will be a hat and

feathers, and a long cloak; for youVe just got the

cut of the mug, and the brown chops for a Spanish


" I gave no such promise, sir," answered the

Creole, sharply.

" Come, that's a good un ! " exclaimed the cub.

" And I suppose you didn't promise to give us a

little spouting ? And you don't remember, neither,

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