Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


countries, Justice Rivers, during two busy years,

had been too much occupied with the criminal

noose to think of the matrimonial one, and his

daughter consequently still remained in happy

ignorance of the match which had been made in

her behalf. The Baronet, more at leisure to take

notes, had detected Ringwood's penchant for Miss

Twigg; but the undisguised effort of the mother

to further the flirtation, comfortably persuaded him

that it was a mere dead set at his son, whom he

compared to a bull at a baiting.

" They thought

they had got him," he said, " safely tied to a ring :

and to be sure the girl went well at his head, and

there was no want of heying her on ;

but when it

came to the pinning there might be a spin in the

air, and so forth, and he'd advise Mrs. Twigg to

make a back ready to break the poor thing's fall."

In this assurance he delivered himself up to

pleasing anticipations, and, assisted by Squire Ned,

with whom he was daily closeted, he gave all his

cares to the preparations for an impending festival

on Ringwood's coming of age, an event which

promised a day of jubilee to the whole household,

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