Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



Cawmel ! She has twa lugs o' her ain, and didna

Sir INIark Tirl gie orders aboot the vivers when

I was by ? But ye were speering, mem, anent a

kill-cow. What div ye think of roastit owsen—nae

fiesher-wark, nae parting o' foresey and backsey

and heukbane,— but roasted hale, mem ;


stirks, wi' true-luve knots o' blue ribbons at their

tails, and their horns glinting wi' laid gowd. If

that isna a kill-cow 1 kenna what is."

" 1 remember to have seen something of the

kind," said Mrs. Hamilton, " when my brother,

Sir Mark, came into his estates."

" And the Lord hand him and the estates the-

gither ! " ejaculated Tibbie, with the fervent air

of one invoking a miracle. " It wad be an awfu'

thing for the Ha' to be roupit, stock and brock

for I jalouse Sir Mark''s no the preceese sort o'

man to save ony thing by a moonlight flitting."

" The moon must be made of green cheese,

indeed, ere we come to that," said the mistress.

" Aweel, mem," answered Tibbie, " there's

no saying. 1 kenned a blue-gown, wha was ance

a cock laird. There's gowpen gowd to the fore

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