Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


Maid Marian, and a Morris dance, and acting of quaint



Doctor Bellamy, and a Hobby horse, and many other Old


But there won't be any Psalm-singing saints, to make lis sad

of a Monday,

But Bacchus will preach to us out of a barrel, instead of that

methodist Bundy.

We'll drink to the King in good strong ale, like souls that are

true and loyal,

And a fig for Mrs. Hanway, camomile, sage and penny-royal

And a fig for Master Gregory, that takes tipsy folks into custody.

He was a wise man tomorrow, and will be a wiser man


Come fill a bumper up, my boys, and toss off every drop of it,

Here's young Squire Ringwood's health, and may he live as

long as Jason,

Before Atropos cuts his thread, and Dick Tablet, the bungling


Chips him a marble tea-table, with a marble tea-urn a-top

of it.

Quoth Tom in Tatters.

Extraordinary, indeed, was the excitement that

was produced throughout the parish, and almost

throughout the county, by the announcement of

the intended merry-making at Tylney Hall. It

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