Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



basement window stood a female, ironing or clear-

starching ;

and even towards the dinner hour, the

copper flue outsmoked the kitchen chimney.

Muslin lay bleaching on the grass-plots, the

currant bushes were festooned with lace, and the

dwarf yews seemed literally setting their caps at

the passer-by.

The Strephons, and Lubins, and Colins, in the

interim were not idle ;

scarlet waistcoats and pea-

green coats and yellow leathers were had out and

aired and brush'd ; and little Tidmarsh the tailor

had so many orders that he was obliged to take on

extra hands, by whose help he was enabled to send

home a dozen new suits, so non-Jitting that, like

the poet, they seemed rather to have been " born

than made." More than one yeomanry uniform

was called out for service, and Mr. M'Farlane,

a tenant recently settled on the estate, actually

wrote to Edinburgh for some of the tartan of his

clan. The bell-ringers practised daily, and the

rustic choir of Tylney Church precociously re-

hearsed a Christmas Carol in case they should be

called upon to sing. A. few practised cudgel play,

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