Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


TYLNEY hall.

muskets and fowling-pieces, single and double,

rifles of different make, horse pistols and pistols

for duelling. A legion of supplementary hooks

and nails served for the deposit of shot-belts,

powder-horns, and what the graphic Mr. George

Robins would call an infinity of sundries. The

third side contained angling and trolling rods,

landing nets, and all the apparatus of the fisher-

man ; and each wall was furnished with appro-

priate stuffed specimens of ferse naturae that had

been killed on the estate.

Here, then, Raby, for the first time in his life,

bestowed his serious thoughts upon a gun, anfl

took some interest in knowing its barrel from its

butt-end. Casting a bewildered eye from one

mysterious implement to another, he took each

after each into his hand, and endeavoured with all

the might of his mind to acquire what Dr. Watts,

in his Logic, so strenuously recommends to a

young student, namely, "a knowledge of things."

At last he made choice of a weapon, and just as he

was reaching out his hands towards a regulation

musket, which, at the approach of the war, had

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