Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



rather short-sighted ; and before he could recover

from the flurry of the hare's sudden bolt, and the

alarming whirr of the covey, the game was far out

of range, if not actually beyond his sight. After

repeated failures, it was agreed that they should

repair to the warren, as a forlorn hope, for a couple

or two of rabbits would be better than nothing, and

provided the tyro was not nice about shooting

Bunny standing or squatting, or rearing up on

his hind legs to look about him, or to cat-wash his

little round face, there was an even chance that

Raby might carry home a few coneys.

At one extremity of the park there was an

extensive piece of rough waste ground, of about

twenty acres, which had never been brought into

cultivation, on account of its value as a noted har-

bour for snipes, which seemed to take a special

delight in its rushy plashes. At the northern extre-

mity the ground rose rather abruptly into a mount,

known as the one-tree hill, from a remarkable oak

which occupied its summit. The whole of this

eminence was undermined by a vast quantity of

wild rabbits, which early in the morning and at

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