Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


sunset were seen browsing and sporting in con-

siderable numbers. In this direction Raby and

his cousin leisurely sauntered, under cover of an

irregular belt of plantation which skirted the waste

ground I have already mentioned. The dogs were

kept at heel, and, for fear of alarming their prey,

the young men spoke seldom, and in whispers

but in spite of this precaution, the eye of Raby,

unaccustomed to detect such objects, discerned

little of the timid dusky grey animals, whose flight

was indicated from time to time by the finger of

his companion, save the distant white gleam of a

departing tail. Thus they walked past the brow

of the hill without a single shot ;

they then visited

Old Sarum and Gatton, for so Ringwood had

christened two especially rotten parts of the said

eminence, but still without seeing any sitting bur-

row member who might be forced to accept Chiltern

Hundreds of number four. There remained but to

try a level of scarcely an acre beyond the mount

and here the Creole, by signs, directed the gunner

to take his station behind some brushwood, and

told him to keep watch over a small open plot,

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