Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


recovering liimself, "but my thoughts are engrossed

by something very interesting I have just heard

I mean to say that I have just read."

" Ah, that's a pity," said the cub. " I never

read. It spoils one''s sparklers, and makes a feller

shortsighted, like your cousin Raby. He"'ll have

to sport goggles afore he"'s twenty-one, and how

M'ill the gals like that? No, no, my boy, T mean

to keep a sharp eye in my head, to have a slap-

bang at the swarms of partridges, and the flocks of

pheasants, on the First of September !"

" Have you bagged any birds ? " enquired St.

Kitts by way of saying something, his mind still

wandering as to time and place.

" That's a good un," said young Twigg, " and

this is the 12th of April !— Thankee, I owe you

one : but you did not catch me out. I was born

within Bow-bells sure enough, but I'm not quite

such a cockney as that. But by jingo," he added,

looking hard at the other's face, " you seem wool-

gathering ! Come

now, you're trying to look as

wise as King Solomon, but it won't do—it's all

sham-Abraham," and he gave St. Kitts a shaking

VOL. II. c

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