Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



cottage window that enclosed liis secret; and in

this favourable position he felt more at ease to

enter on the object of his visit.

" It's very ridiculous, Mr. Squire," said Twigg,

after some preliminary humming and hawing,

*' and you'll hardly believe it of one in my wealthy

and respectable station of life, but I never let oif

anything since I was a babby—never, not 6ven a


" Very odd indeed," said Ned. " What could

your father and mother be about ? Not like me.

Had a single barrel at twelve, a double at four-

teen, won a pigeon-cup at fifteen, the crack of the

volunteer rifles at eighteen, and at twenty never

wanted a pair of snuff'ers, when there was a pair of

pistols. Nothing like beginning young,—always

break your dogs while they're puppies."

" That's very true," said Twigg, " but when 1

was young Fd no chance, no more than if I'd been

born in a bandbox. Boys bred at cheap York-

shire schools, if they a'n't forbid gunpowder, Bre

forbid pocket-money, which comes to the same

thing. With only one suit to our backs we could

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