Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



forwards, trundling a hoop, and two backwards,

wheeling a barrow, with a stone to be picked up at

every twenty yards.

The ex-citizen, although he had succeeded in

engaging a Mentor, to direct him in the field, was

not particularly well pleased with the result of his

visit to the cottage. He had a violent desire to do

as those of his Rome did, and to put himself on a

par with his neighbours at Hollington ; so that a

gun appeared a desirable object in perspective,

but the moment that fire-arms were going actually

to be put into his hands, he found his courage, like

that of Acres, beginning to ooze out of the ends of

his fingers. The abrupt character of Ned, too,

excited his distaste and distrust. " I don't fancy

him,"" said he to himself ; " he's too daring. We

must creep before we go ; and if he had proposed

half-loads at first, or popping ofi" pocket-pistols, I

shouldn't have minded ; but to begin with letting

off a whole barrel of powder and shot, or may be

two barrels, doesn't seem prudent. He's a great

deal too daring ;

and, by the way, I observed he'd

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