Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


full in the face of his enemy, and then, taking advan-

tage of this manoeuvre, he sprung past him, and set

off homeward at a pace that belongs only to a man

who is running for life, dear life. The ruffian he

thought pursued him ;—he fancied he heard his

heavy tread—every instant he expected to feel the

formidable stick descend upon his devoted skull,

and absorbed in this retrospective review, he almost

ran under the horse's nose before he was aware of

meeting the old covered chaise of Doctor Bellamy

" Mr. Twigg," said old Formality, pulling up and

bowing, " this is really an unexpected gratification.

But, gracious heaven,—if I may presume to ask,

sir, what has produced these symptoms of nervous

irritability?— for, begging pardon for the liberty of

the remark, I have the pleasure of meeting with

you under very strong symptoms of excitement."

" It's murder's the matter," said Twigg, gasping

for breath ;


" wilful murder !—Doctor— I've been

"The Lord forbid !" ejaculated old Formality,

and in spite of his habitual politeness he pulled his

horse round and turned the back of his vehicle on

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