Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



" In every act they see that lurking foe,

Let loose awhile, about the world to go ;

A dragon flying round the earth, to kill

The heavenly hope, and prompt the carnal will

Whom sainted knights attack, in sinners' cause.

And force the wounded victim from his paws !



"Violent outcries, howling, gnashing of teeth, frightful convulsions,

fieniy, epileptic, and apoplectic symptoms were excited, in turn, on

different individuals. Cries were heard, as of people being put to the

sword ; and the ravings of despair, which seemed to arise from an

actual foretaste of torment, were strongly blended with rapturous

shouts of glory!— glory!" Southey's Life of Wesley.

" Ay, do despise me, I 'm the prouder for it ! I likes to be de-


spised Mawworm.

The formidable personage introduced in the

last chapter, under the name of Uriali Bundy, was

one of a provincial class of methodists, who, if

they had not adopted the name, eminently

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