Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



deserved the title of ranters, not merely for tlie

bombastic fustian which they uttered, or rather

howled, but for the violent gesticulations and

antics the body performed by way of accompa-

niment. In these accomplishments the general

dealer in question was eminently gifted, and like

certain persons who keep private presses, for the

pleasure of seeing themselves in pi'int, so Uriah

founded a private chapel, partly that he might

enjoy the gratification of lifting up his own voice

in a pulpit; for whenever, to use a shop-term,

he was out of ministers, he invariably supplied

the deficiency in his own person. Indeed it

was shrewdly suspected, as the cushion-thumpers

became more frequently absent and for longer

intervals, and as his sermons increased in length

and unction, that Uriah contemplated a gradual

retirement from business, and ultimate devotion

of himself to what he called his vineyard. This

event was looked forward to with considerable

gratification by those who sat under him, amongst

whom he had acquired the reputation of being a

powerful instrument, a phrase particularly happy.

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