Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


kissed one another, and ranted, and canted, and

an ticked their caps oflf their heads, and the clothes

off their backs.—The same frenzy pursued them

to their homes and hearths. Now and then a

fanatic mother haggled her little boy's throat instead

of cutting his bread and butter, or strangled her

little girl instead of tying her pinafore : but the

Devil got all the blame of the deed, and the fame

of Uriah increased.

To some ears, however, there was something

inexpressibly shocking in passing the chapel-door,

and hearing the innocent voices of childhood

chanting an infernal chorus, literally extracted

from a Hymn Book.

" I am, I am out of Hell !"

And to some eyes on a week day, when the

chapel was converted to a school-room, it was no less

repulsive to see the same children, with horror-

stricken faces, and abject souls, trembling and

shivering at the very name of God; tlieir young

hopeless hearts withering the while under the

harrowino- denunciations of a frantic bellowing

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