Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall



never thouglit of weighing tea or soap after such

a pattern ot sanctity ; they were gravel-blind to

the sand in the moist sugar, and digested the

pebbles in his currants like so many ostriches.

In promoting the consaimption of one article

indeed, his preaching had a direct effect ; for

Uriah dealt in candles, and so effectually had he

stuffed the imaginations of his juvenile hearers

with devils and pitchforks, and cauldrons of boil-

ing brimstone, that half the poor children of the

parish would not sleep without a rushlight in the

room. It may be doubted, therefore, whether he

would have attacked the proprietor of the Hive

quite so offensively, if he had not happened to

receive a consignment of goods by the same

wagon which carried Twigg"'s liardware to Hol-

lington, a circumstance from which the shop-

keeper inferred that the family was generally to

be supplied from London, instead of patronising

his own emporium. A man's private affairs are

generally considered sacred from intrusion, and

his religion is, or ought to be, held the most

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