Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


suddenly starting to her feet. " Dare to touch

me, and you shall find I have a devil in me too !

" That's him ! " shouted the ranter, also rising

up ; " that's the devil as spoke ; I knowed his voice.

Many a tight tussle I've had with old Cockahoop !

Ay, many a stiff round on it ; but, thanks to grace, I

always broke slap-dash through his guard. And

then I so tongue-banged him, a slap here, and a

slash there"—here he went through a bout of

single-stick— " that he hadn't a sound spot on liis

black carcass as big as a tester : no, not from the

top of his horns to the tip of his tail ! But I am

called to the work ; and as I wrastled with him,

so will I wrastle with you, thou Jezebel, thou

painted sepulchre, thou wicked pagan heathen !

" Wretch !

" exclaimed the woman, while a

red spot rose on her forehead, and a wild and

dangerous light flashed from her dark eyes,

" were it now as it has been, for the least of those

infamous names thy vile flesh should be cut quiver-

ing from thy bones with the cart-whip ; and the

musquito and the maggot should be the sole

dressers of thy wounds ! Stand off, I say ! one



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