Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


" Nobody ever believed me yet," answered Joe,

"and it's too late to try now. My dice always

runs one way. Mayliap after I'd danced my

dance upon nothing-, and been leg-pulled, and hung

a full hour, and stroked all the old women's wens,

there'd come a reprieve on a lame post-horse ; for

that's my luck !


" Phoo— phoo, man," said the huntsman, "that

an't quite so sure to follow as a turnspit behind

a hare."

" It has followed me ever since I was born,"

said the predestinarian, "and that was of a Friday.

I've never had a turn in life—never ! Misfortune

fights fair with other folks ; but, as for me, I'm

kicked about arter I'm down. I'm hunted, and

haunted wherever I go—from village to village,

and from town to town, with a curse sounding

arter me, like a kettle at a dog's tail. I'm knowed

every where for being unlucky at whatever I put

hands to; and what signifies honesty, and sober-

ness, and industry, with t'other character tacked

along with it? I can't get charity, 'cause I look

able to work; and I can't get work, 'cause I'm

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