Tylney Hall


Tylney Hall


wound him round in a preliminary shroud, even as

a spider serves a devoted fly, when the insect has

ceased its struggles.

" It's no use preaching hope to me," he said

" my sentence is booked. You're as sure of the

blood-money as if it was down on the nail. Such

as it is, my life's worth forty pounds to some on

ye ; and my body will fetch a trifle, besides, from

the surgeons ; so you may as well begin raffling

for me at once. You can't keep my head above

water. I'm overloaded ; like the man a-swimming,

that went down when a blue-bottle settled on his

bald head. If I was to be hanged with a rotten

thread, it wouldn't break, for I know my luck !

! " Boddikins, man "" said the whipper-in; "what

made ye take then to leg-bail ? If people do want

to put their necks out, his worship. Justice Rivers,

have no objections to showing them the right


" I don't know why I run so," answered Joe

" but I seed the hounds a-coming, and recollected

about Bedlamite ; and bolted, I don't know why.

Fm sure it waru't for my carcass; for, God help

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