JAAN News March 2013 - Jakarta Animal Aid Network


JAAN News March 2013 - Jakarta Animal Aid Network

Baron, the unfortunate monkey


On December 16 we celebrated our dear friend Niniek Purnomo’s birthday. Niniek has been our biggest

supporter. We held the party at our new office in Cijantung that was still barely ready. We would like to thank

Niniek for her continuous support for JAAN!! We also want to thank Bogdan Vlase for his continuous support!

Bogdan organized Niniek’s party and has also been a long time JAAN supporter. And he has adopted 4 dogs

from JAAN who all now live a very happy life! Also we wish to thanks the team who helped decorating, Kathrine,

Marijke, and a thank you to Gamal & Audrey for performing! We would also like to thank Albertine ( Mbak AE )

as her help made our dogs very happy the past months!!

Baron was a pet monkey that was living a sad life on

a chain until one day he managed to escape.His

escape caused for a lot of commotion in the

neighborhood and suddenly the entire neighborhood

was on his back trying to catch him. Being highly

stressed scared and frustrated, he bit several people

in the process. Lots of people, police, media etc all

gathered at the location trying to either catch him or

to get a glimpse of the drama that was going on.

Baron was shot in the head, thigh and body. Ones

caught, he was beaten badly. Baron was brought to

Dinas Perternakan (Govermental Agriculture and

Veterinary Services department) to be observed for 2

weeks to make sure he has no rabies. Thankfully

JAAN was contacted by Dinas Peternakan and they

asked if JAAN could provide care and treatment for

Baron. Baron was in bad shape. He was badly

dehydrated, malnourished (has not eaten for the past

2 weeks!!), infected wounds and possibly tetanus,he

was in severe pain due to the beatings and the bullets

that are still stuck in his head and body. He was in a

very critical condition.

Our JAAN vet, Drh Dani,has done a great job

stabilizing him, operating him together with Dhr Ooy

and now and soon Baron is to move and meet other

monkeys and hopefully forget his misery and pain.

Primates are NOT pets!! They live a miserable life in

captivity, especially caged or chained. Monkeys carry

a lot of diseases with them that can be transfered to

humans (or the other way around), which is another

good reason NOT to have a monkey as a pet! Please

dont EVER buy wild animals, even if its out of pity.

The selling of wildlife animals can only stop if YOU

dont buy! When You buy a wild animal it means that

you are supporting this business.

JAAN works with Cikananga wildlife center,

located in Sukabumi and worth a visit; learn more through



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