news letter JAAN november 2012 - Jakarta Animal Aid Network

news letter JAAN november 2012 - Jakarta Animal Aid Network


August, September, October 2012 ‘Dedicated to

improving the

welfare of

animals in


The Monkey team


Throughout Jakarta Selatan we would find tens of dancing monkeys performing on the streets. Now, where

did all these monkeys go?

After intensive campaigning,

meetings and proposals, the

previous governor of Jakarta, Bpk

Fauji Bowo, agreed to start

confiscations of these primates in

collaboration with JAAN, and 36

monkeys were rescued since end

2011. These monkeys are all

undergoing health screenings in

quarantine, after which the

primates, if healthy, are socialized

in groups in the rescue center

Cikananga, near Sukabumi. All

rescued monkeys suffer from gum

and tooth infections as their teeth

were cut by the owners, and

many other serious health issues.

The ‘monkey team’ (see picture

above) takes daily care of them,

feeding them, cleaning their cages

and providing enrichment and

health checks. The team is leaded

by paramedic and primate expert

Josha Rijlaarsdam. For the care of

the monkeys in Cikananga center

JAAN receives support from AAP

rescue center (Netherlands) but

JAAN is in need of YOUR help to

allow us to continue campaigning

in Jakarta and built new facilities

for future rescued monkeys. we

see, now with a new governor,

also a come-back of new

monkeys on Jakarta streets and

we therefore really need to

prepare for new meetings,

campaigns and confiscations/

rescue operations. For these

confiscations we need the

approval of the new governor!


Confiscation, Rehabilitation,


The main purpose of the rescue

operations is to halt the

unnecessary suffering of the

street monkeys and to rehabilitate

them back to natural, safe

habitats. Above you see Josha

with one of the lucky ones; a

released macaque.


After several meetings throughout

2012 between related parties,

JAAN received a letter with an

official statement from the airport

management Angkasa Pura II

which stated that they

immediately would halt the selling

of shark-fin at Jakarta

International Airport.

This is the result of a collaboration

between JAAN, Dive Mag Indo,

KKP (Indonesian fisheries

Ministry) Bpk Agus Budhiman

and Team who gathered all parties

responsible for the airport

management and trade) and

Change.Org who facilitated a

petition against the selling of

shark-fin at the airport. It is

important to start protecting

sharks and halt shark-finning.

In October 2012 JAAN actively participated in the confiscations of protected wildlife from

traders on the black market. One confiscation resulted in the rescue of 12 protected raptors

including the highly endangered Javan-Hawk Eagle (picture above, right) and the other

confiscation resulted in the confiscation of two tigers, a gibbon and 40 cockatoos, all

protected and endangered animals, protected under Indonesian law on Biodiversity Number

5, 1990. JAAN’s raptor center can be visited on the beautiful Kotok island, Thousand Islands.





Max was

found on the

street, very

skinny and afraid.

He has found a

loving home!





We have so many stories to share

with you, here are a few. For more

information on animals rescued

please visit our website,

Amazing Archie

JAAN received an e-mail of a

caring person who had spotted a

mixed terrier in a very busy area in

Jakarta with his back legs tied.

As it turned out this poor dog had

been there already for 6 weeks,

according to the people living in

that area, and would hide in a

gutter next to a very busy street

during the day and after 11 o'clock

at night he would come out to

search for food.

First time our team went out we

were unable to catch him and we

all went home at 02.00 in the

morning dissapointed and worried.

Then 1 week later after several

attempts we finally managed to

catch him.

We named him Archie...Archie

was in bad shape, severely

dehydrated, malnourished and

terrified of people. The inside of

his coat was matted and very dirty

so we shaved off all his hair. His

back legs were almost cut to the

bone because of the rope that was

tied around his back legs and the

deep wounds were badly infected.

It has been really amazing that

Archie survived living 7 weeks in

the gutter on the side of a very

busy road with his back legs tied!

Judging by the condition he was

in, he would probably not have

lasted much longer....

After a long recovery time Archie

proves to be a great happy and

healthy dog!! He is still a bit

suspicious of people he doesn’t

know, but he is very sweet when

he gets to know you!

Are you able to give this sweet

boy a forever home? Please e-mail

us at :


Pedro, the mixed


Pedro the mixed Chihuahua

For the past years owning a

pedigree pet has become very

fashionable and it sort of has

become a status-symbol.

Obviously owning a pet for

these reasons is wrong and at

the end its the pet who has to

pay the price....Pedro is one of

these examples, this

handsome little guy was

dumped in front of Animal

Clinic Jakarta. Luckily JAAN

has re-homed him already and

he now lives with a family who

adores him.

Lexi, the neglected


Meet Lexi! Lexi is one of the dogs

that was rescued in October. His

previous owner could not be

bothered with taking care of his

skin problem (which was caused

by himself because of pure

neglect!!!) and decided to throw

him on the street. Lexi hung out

near the garbage bin for weeks till

some one reported him to us. He is

making great progress and is ready

for a new family who will shower

him with the love he deserves!

Please e-mail us at : if you

want to meet this sweet boy!

Adoption gives animal a second

chance. Here are the lucky cats

and dogs (and even luckier

owners!!) that have been adopted

in the past two months : Jamie the

kitten , Tammy the daschund, 3 of

beverly's pups, Pedro, Funny,

Curly ,Sipo ,Oscar, Kasey and

Benji, J-LOW, Buddy, Cookie the

kitten, Snowy the kitten, Lulu &

Leni adult (cats), Miu Miu adult

cat, Hurley&Stella, Boomer and



Amazing Archie : Before

The pictures above might

be not so clear, but if you

look carefully, you will see

Archie in the gutter (1) and

the legs of Archie tied up

as they were (2) and the

wounds on Archie’s back

legs after we managed to

open the rope and free his

legs(3), the rope had been

cutting in to his flesh and

the wounds were very

deep. The strenght of

this little sweet boy

is remarkable,

therefore we named

him Amazing Archie!


Amazing Archie: After

Above you see Archie finally

caught, after days of trying

to rescue him from the

gutter, waiting for him to

appear untill late in the night

(1), Archie being shaved

and freed from the ropes

around his legs (2), Archie

with his back feet Male in suada

bandage and a Quis few Dolor weeks

after rescue, looking

Set Ipsum

like a

happy dog (3).




Happy ending for Boomer (pics above)

The reports and requests of rescue

JAAN gets is endless and

overwhelming.....We are only a small

team and have financial limits. Although

we want to rescue them all, we try to

focus on those who need our help the

most. Boomer was one of those cases.

being kept by a family who lived in a big

house with many cars in their drive

way , but simply too cheap and

heartless to care for their dogs. Boomer

could barely stand when we rescued

him. They didn’t want to hand over

Boomer to us initially, but after going

back and forward they finally agreed to

hand him over. They said that he was

just old, but our vet said he was only

about 5 years . A thorough examination,

including a blood showed that he was

not that old, was not sick, but that he

was just badly neglected. He was 14 kg

only and since he is a labrador he was

suppose to be around 30 kg!!! It took

many months for Boomer to recover,

but luckily there was a happy ending to

this story! He now lives happily with his

new family and is looking great as you

can see!!


Cute and

Curious TOM



Stella was

rescued with a

skin disease, now

she is clearly happy

and loved in her

new home!

It has literally been

raining with kittens

last month!

It has literally

been raining kittens

this past month!! If

you are interested

in adopting 1 of

these sweethearts

please get in touch

with us!

Talking about

kittens, here we

have a short story

of a real survivor!

Hope was

brought to us in a

shocking condition.

Besides her

severely infected,

broken and

damaged leg, Hope

was in a very bad

and weak overall

condition. Our first

thoughts were that

putting her to sleep

would probably be

the kindest thing to

do...but when we

saw her high spirit

we decided to give

this sweet girl a

chance. After

medical treatment

and having her leg

amputated she fully

recovered! She is

an energetic and

affectionate little

girl and the fact

that she has 3 legs

does not seem to

bother her! Can you

give Hope a loving

and forever home?

Please contact us

at :






‘Hope’ after





Thank you to all of you who have adopted and also those who help foster

rescued dogs!

many dogs are available for adoption; check our website!

Adopt a dog/cat to save a life!

Thank you to all our volunteers!

Thanks enormous to Mary lee who has supported us for many years but

now moved out of Jakarta...we miss her whole family, including rescued

Bernie (Best Halloween dog outfit of 2012) :

Big thanks to Liquid Exchange!

* Big thank you to THE BEAT JAKARTA & LIQUID EXCHANGE for your


has been organizing monthly events to help raise funds for JAAN's

programs since August 2011.

We truly appreciate all your support!

Nice place, Nice People, great place to be!

Join any future events and support JAAN!

Jl Epicentum Walk, Ground Floor / Jl HR Rasuna Said

Spermwhale died after attempted


After a three day rescue

involving over twenty volunteer

divers and the complete JAAN

team, the 12 meter long male,

juvenile spermwhale, who

stranded in Karawang on July 28,

died after all. To show him our

respect and also avoid any

misuse of the body by villagers,

we pulled “whaley’ to Kotok

Island where he was sunk. His left

overs can be observed by divers

visiting Kotok island and the

process of decomposing is very

valuable for the ecosystem.

Nina the scared stray.

Nina is a sweet but still very

scared stray, who was rescued on

19 October 2012 from a street in

South Jakarta. She is now

undergoing treatments for her

skin problems and gaining back

her trust she lost in humans after

being beaten and abused on the

streets. Nina is in need of a foster

home and when she is fully

recovered we wish to find her a

forever home.

Recycling in the

Thousand islands

JAAN still runs a recycle

workshop - center on Pramuka

Island, where products are made

from (beach) plastics, beach clean

ups are organized and the center

also serves as an educational

house for both locals and tourists.

Come and visit us! You can do a

day trip easily from Ancol harbor,

leaving at 8 am every day to

Pramuka Island or Kotok Timur


Pig Tailed Macaque

awaiting rescue

JAAN is preparing to rescue

this poor pig tailed macaque,

covered in motor-oil and living

under bad conditions, asap.

We need to prepare proper

facilities for him.


at 19 meters,

Kotok island


Nina, the

scared stray







JAAN has many projects running and most of

our animals are fostered at different places such as

JAAN members homes, at Animal Clinic Jakarta and

at homes of volunteers.

We have been searching for a good location for

a JAAN office but our financial situation did not

allow us to take this big step since all our donations

go to the care of our animals. A kind JAAN

supporter thought her property might be just the

right thing for JAAN to rent. WE AGREE !

This new location will allow JAAN to grow and

we are able to have several of our projects at the

same location which will be much easier for us to

manage. It will also open up many opportunities for

volunteers to come and help us on a regular basis.

The JAAN office will function as an information

and education center and a place where we can

have regular activities. Most importantly, this new

place will improve the living conditions of the

animals under our care!

To make this dream come true we need a lot of

help, we need:

1. Financial support to do some renovations

and adjustments to make the place ready for our


Thank you

for your donation!

Acc Name

: Jaringan Bantuan Satwa Jakarta

Acc Number

: 127 000 519 761 9

Bank Name

: Bank Mandiri

Bank Address

: Jl. Raya Cilandak KKO No. 5, DKI Jakarta

Swift Code


2. Fencing material and fiber to make

enclosures for macaques and slow lorises


3. Bamboo to make dog houses as well as to

cover walls to make it sound proof.

4. Brooms and tools to keep the garden need

and tidy

5. One high pressure hose to keep all areas

clean and 3 regular hoses

6. Lots of cleaning supplies and tools such as

mops, brooms, buckets,floor wipers,

brushes,disinfectants,sponges etc and several

medium and large trash bins.

7. For our working area we need computers,

stationary, white boards, markers etc, a refrigerator

and freezer !

8. For our dogs and cats we need water and

food bowls, strong toys, leashes and collars, dog

beds, shampoo, food, towels, brushes, containers

for the food, toys and other supplies.

9. An Aqua dispenser

If you can help us in any way please get in touch

with us :

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