Genovations® Decking Catalog (8.59 MB) - Genova Products

Genovations® Decking Catalog (8.59 MB) - Genova Products



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Davison, MI 48423



F: 810.744.3130

No Sanding. . .

No Painting. . .

No Staining. . . EVER

1/13 Form #265998

Deck Flooring

& Railing

For those who value their time & expect exceptional results




PVC Railing









Dark Oak





Birchwood Solid

Beautiful today. . .

Fade, Stain, and Mold Resistant

Deck Boards available in

12’, 16’, 20’ & 24’ Lengths



Lifetime Warranty

Enhanced Surface Technology

The natural wood grain, low gloss surface comes in nine earth tone shades. The solid PVC Deck

Flooring has enhanced surface technology allowing the capabilities to offer variegated color

options which incorporate the authentic color variations of natural wood into every board

without sacrificing performance. The Deck Flooring will withstand all of Mother Nature’s

seasons as well as stand up to your family’s lifestyle.



BAG-4 Boards

20 ft. 5/4” deck board

SKID-48 Boards

20 ft. 5/4” deck board

Packaging & Handling

Board strength allows for

easy maneuvering. All

boards are packaged in

bags of four keeping the

product clean until


Stronger than wood

Stronger than composite

Engineered for Life Material

Solid PVC Deck Flooring

In a class by itself, Not composite, Not cellular PVC . . .SOLID PVC DECK FLOORING

This ultra low maintenance alternative to wood and other engineered decking products does not have

any foam or wood fillers, making it the ULTIMATE DECK FLOORING material. It will not absorb

moisture, enabling the product to stay as strong and durable as the day it was built. The comfortable, slip

resistant surface has no exposed fasteners providing a safe, barefoot-friendly surface. Genovations® Deck

Flooring requires no free airflow clearance, so it can be placed directly on another surface such as

concrete or wood.

3 4

Genovations Deck and

Railing is the best I have

ever worked with. It is so

easy to install, all you have

to do is cut your lengths.

Everything is hidden.

There are never any

callbacks . . . It’s solid,

stable. The finished

product is done for a


Kurt Krieger

Custom Builder

Krieger Construction

Grand Blanc, MI

Before After

Hidden Fasteners

Tongue & Groove Installation



Fast & Frustration-Free

Uniquely engineered boards allow installation on 16” centers. The tongue

and groove design allows for automatic spacing and board alignment,

simplifying the installation and reducing labor costs significantly. No

expensive fasteners or tedious spacers!


Secure Deck Flooring with 1-1/4 Truss Head Screws



A Trim Piece for Any Shaped Edge























Trim Board-12” x 12’

Used to conceal outer wood

deck frame and stair risers

1.188” 2” Board









5/4” Board

Maximum 16” centers

Maximum 24” centers





Stair Plug

Step Trim (6’ or 8’)

C-Channel (12’)



L-Molding (12’)

Trim Strip (12’)

Traditional-4’x8’ & 2’x8’

Finishing Touch

Get creative! Genova has engineered a trim piece that will give a

professional finished look to any design. Use Genovations ® Trim Board and

Choice Lattice to conceal the exposed wood deck frame. Both are designed

with an attractive wood grain texture to compliment any project.

7 8


1.00” .096”







Forest Green






Treated Green


I want to let you know

how pleased I am with

the Genova Products

railing I recently installed

on my deck. The assembly

instructions, included

with the railing kits, are

thorough and easy to

follow. The materials are

easy to work with and

the design for attaching

the railing makes the

process pretty straight

forward. The finished

railing looks great!


Homeowner, Do-It-Yourselfer

Thompson Station, TN

71 3/4"

67 7/8"

95 3/4"

91 7/8"

6 ft.


36” 38”

8 ft.


36” 38”

42” also available

Flawless Design

Aluminum channels support the top and bottom rails with die cast metal brackets

providing superior strength, eliminating the need for support blocks. The PVC

Bracket Covers hide all hardware for a picture-perfect presence. All straight and

stair sections come in packaged kits and install effortlessly . Straight Rail Sections

are available in 6’, 8’, and 10’.

9 42” also available


119 3/4"

115 7/8"

No Squash Blocks needed!

10 ft.




Load Tested at 7400 Pounds


New England

Porch Posts



Colonial & Square Styles-5” x 5” x 108”

6” x 6” x 120”-Adjustable from 5 ½” to 6 ¼”

Post Wrap


Color - Matched

Genovations® Railing and Post Wraps are available in six

solid colors to coordinate with Genovations® Deck Flooring,

providing an aesthetically pleasing complete surface and

railing system. Choose from four railing styles and four post

tops to personalize your design.


Glass Balusters

11 12



With Weathered

Wood Decking

Square Deluxe Square Colonial




With Chestnut Decking


With Walnut or

Dark Oak Decking

13 13

Photo Gallery



Genovations Deck Flooring is a PVC product with no wood or organic fibers added and resists most stains. Genovations Deck Flooring will not absorb any

moisture. Genovations Deck Flooring is virtually maintenance free. Normal airborne pollutants and dirt from every day foot traffic can be easily cleaned off

with a garden hose and spray nozzle. For tougher stains use non-abrasive soap and water, and apply with a soft bristle brush. Wipe up large spills and

clean with soapand water. A power washer may be used to clean Genovations Deck Flooring (1500 psi with a fan tip nozzle, 12" above deck). Do not use

any citrus based cleaners or solvents on Genovations Deck Flooring products. Rubber mats, or rugs with rubber backing can cause a reaction and

discolor the deck flooring surface. Fiber or bristle rugs are recommended. Use calcium chloride for ice removal, broom for snow. Do not chop ice and

snow off of decking with sharp edge tools or shovels. Excessive heat can cause damage; allow for adequate air flow around gas and charcoal grill. Avoid

splattering of cooking grease.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Genova Products provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on Genovations PVC deck flooring when

installed in compliance with Genovations printed installation instructions. This warranty extends to

the original homeowner (Purchaser), for as long as they own and occupy the residence upon which the

decking materials are installed. Genovations PVC deck flooring is warranted to be free from defects in

workmanship and materials, and will not split, splinter, flake, chalk, rot, deteriorate or suffer structural

damage from termites or fungal decay.

Genova Products does not warrant against and is not responsible for, and no implied warranty shall be

deemed to cover, any product failure, product malfunction, or damages attributable to: improper

installation of Genovations deck flooring and/or failure to comply with printed installation

instructions; use of Genovations deck flooring in an application not recommended by Genova Products

and/or all local building codes; problems resulting from defects in or failure of the supporting structure

on which Genovations deck flooring is installed; any act of God (such as flooding, hurricane, earthquake,

tornado, or other violent casualty); ordinary wear and tear; or improper handling, storage, misuse or

neglect of Genovations deck flooring.

It is a condition of this warranty that should your Genovations deck flooring show defects; you must

notify Genova Products in writing within 30 days of discovering the claimed defect and prior to

beginning any repair or alteration to your deck. The notice must include a detailed description of the

claimed defect, with supporting photograph(s), the date of installation of the deck, and proof of

purchase. Genova Products must be permitted to inspect the claimed defect as a condition of this

warranty. After reviewing all information, Genova Products will make a determination regarding the

validity of the claim. If Genova Products determines that the claim is in accordance with the terms of

this Lifetime Limited Warranty, Genova Products will provide the necessary deck boards to repair or

replace the defective deck boards. This warranty will not cover and Genova Products will not be

responsible for costs and expenses incurred for removal of the defective decking, or the installation of

the replacement materials. Replacement decking material will be provided that is as close as possible in

color to the original installation, but we do not guarantee an exact match.


The specially engineered surface of Genovations deck flooring offers ultra low maintenance

performance in outdoor decking. When used in conjunction with proper design and construction

practices, Genovations deck flooring will provide stain and fade resistance as outlined below. This

warranty coverage is included as part of the lifetime warranty.

Stain Resistance: Genova Products warrants that Genovations deck flooring is resistant to permanent

staining resulting from spills of food and beverage items including wine, tea, coffee, fruit punch, sodas,

catsup, salad oils, barbeque sauces, mustard and other food or beverages that would typically be present

on a residential deck. Spills of these substances need to be carefully and quickly (within a week from

occurrence) removed from the decking surface with water and mild household cleaners (non-citrus

based cleaner). To qualify for coverage, compliance with the recommended deck care and maintenance

procedures must be followed. Genova Products does not warrant stain resistance resulting from spilled

or otherwise applied substances that are not properly cleaned with water and mild household cleaners.

Materials not covered in the stain resistant warranty include abrasive compounds of acidic or basic pH,

non-food and non-beverage substances, including for example, but not limited to, fungicides,

bactericides, biocides, plant food, pet or human stains, strong solvents, oil based paints or stains, metallic

rust and other abnormal residential deck use items.

Fade Resistance: Genova Products warrants that Genovations deck flooring will resist color change from

light and weathering exposure as measured by color change in excess of 5 Delta E (Hunter) units. No

material is fade proof when exposed to years of UV exposure and the elements. Excessive discoloration

will be based on whether the product evidences a change in color in excess of the five (5) Hunter units as

calculated according to ASTM D2244. If the surface of Genovations deck flooring is damaged after the

decking is installed, the stain and fade resistance warranty will be voided. The warranty will also be

voided if paint or other coating materials are applied to the surface of Genovations deck flooring.

Under no circumstances will Genova Products be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages

and liability with respect to Genovations deck flooring shall in no event exceed the cost of replacement

product. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so

the above limitation may not apply to you.

This warranty shall only be applicable in the United States of America and Canada.


Genova prides itself on having industry leading quality. All our plumbing and

building material products meet and exceed all residential code requirements. We

continuously check all manufactured products for precise accuracy; our attention

to detail is second to none.

Genova's Vinyl Deck Flooring and Railing has been approved by the ICC Evaluation Service.

The report states that these products are in compliance with the International Building

Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). The parts were tested for their

structural, durability and surface-characteristic properties. (Listing of tests performed

below.) More information on specific products, components, methods, and materials is

detailed in the complete ICC-ES Evaluation Report No. ESR-1904 available online at


Genova is so confident that our line of engineered

deck flooring and railing products lead the industry

in durability that we continue to test competitors’

products to prove our case. Below are the results

from our internal flexural strength testing on the

leading manufacturers of decking materials. Contact

a Genova representative for video documentation.

Failure Rate

Fiberon Tropics® 841

Timbertech® 1197

Azek® 1243

Correct Deck® 1302

Trex® 1320

Equilibrium Conditioning

Baseline Flexural Tests

Determination of Allowable Load Capacity

Temperature and Moisture Effects

Ultraviolet (UV) Resistance

Freeze-Thaw Resistance

Creep Recovery Test

Duration of Load

Biodeterioration (Termite and Decay Resistance)

Flame Spread

Mechanical Fastener Holding Tests

Stair Tread Analysis Testing

Genovations® 5/4 board Decking compressed to 1832 without failure

15 16



The vinyl industry has

consistently supported the

d e ve l o p m e n t o f v i ny l

r e c y c l i n g p r o g r a m s

t h ro u g h f u n d i n g a n d

t e c h n i c a l s u p p o r t .

Millions of pounds of vinyl

are recycled each year into

s e c o n d g e n e r a t i o n

p r o d u c t s a t t h e p o s t

co n s u m e r l e ve l . A t t h e p o s t

i n d u s t r i a l l e v e l , 9 9 % o f a l l

manufacturing vinyl is made into

products, not sent to landfills.

Energy Efficient

Vinyl’s main raw material is chlorine

derived from salt-an abundant and

inexpensive resource. Vinyl takes

less energy to produce and also

saves fossil fuels. Because of vinyl’s

thermal efficiencies in products,

such as siding and windows, less

energy is needed to heat and cool

homes and businesses.

Less Maintenance

Today’s vinyl products are durable,

low-maintenance, and lightweight

which in turn reduces the use

o f o t h e r m a t e r i a l s. Fo r

instance, V inyl Deck ing ,

Railing and Fencing do not

require the use of paint, stain,

or harsh cleaners. Also, vinyl is

lighter to transport, reducing

the amount of fuel and other

r e s o u r c e s u s e d f o r


No Trees are Ever Harmed

Vinyl & Our Environment


Genova operates strategically located manufacturing and distribution

centers in five states to shorten lead times and improve customer



Genova’s own fleet of trucks allows us to control shipping schedules

from order to delivery, providing outstanding service to our customers.




Plastics are our business

Innovation is our Passion





7034 East Court Street

Davison, MI 48423



Fax: 1-810-744-3130


Genova began in 1962 with one man’s dream to simplify the lives of others

by manufacturing complete, maintenance-free, do-it-yourself, plumbing

systems with PVC. This goal was successfully accomplished and his concept

soon poured into other building material products. Today, Genova

continues to improve the lives of millions of satisfied customers with

complete gutter, fence, decking and railing systems, all manufactured with

PVC. The enhanced buying power that Genova achieves through our total

product offerings in plastics, provides extra value to our customers.

Gutter Downspout

Plumbing Pipe Plumbing Fittings Fence

17 18


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