October, 2005 Board Minutes


October, 2005 Board Minutes

CWURA Board Meeting: October 18, 2005

Present: Byrd, Cutlip, Mellergaard, Madley, Kaufman

Absent: Comstock, Dietrich, Gray, Connie Roberts, Madson

The president convened the meeting. Treasurer presented her report.

Balance in checking account is $3585.43. Jen Gray had sent her

report: State Budget: $1283.65; Earnings: $1864.44; Endowment:

$14,25l.57; Spending: $1864.44. Next month, Jen will report on the

total membership.

There were no minutes taken at the September meeting. Greg Trujillo

had indicated his inability to continue as president and the meeting

was spent in brain-storming about how to pick up the pieces.

Sadly, Greg died in October of a lung disease.

CWURA Webmaster. Dale is still in charge.

Under “Activities planned for 2005-2006”, members of the board

discussed sending e-mails to retirees, reminding them of the campuswide

activities, including special speakers, musical events, and the

reading of “Tortilla Curtain” and attending special discussion groups

on the book, in lieu of special speakers for CWURA only. There will

be such speakers. David suggested some faculty who are studying

mammoths and making significant academic progress. The wine tour

has been moved up to April, 2006.

Jean volunteered to contract Eleanor Trujillo for the purposes of

visiting her and expressing the board’s sympathy as well as asking

Eleanor if Fred could print out Greg’s CWURA materials.

Suggestions for president-elect were Susan Madley, Beverly Heckart,

Bob Wieking, Nadine Tolman, and Jean Hawkins. David will contact

each one.

Living History Committee meets regularly. Board members were given

a report from Helen Smith.

Submitted by Jean Cutlip, Secretary.

Connie brought the group up to date regarding the status of an

endowment for the “Dorothy Purser Paramedic Program”.

Information will be in the spring newsletter.

Jen pointed out that the 5% “gift fee” has been removed. She advised

we keep the checking account for another few months.

Regarding the “annual meeting”. Greg has heard nothing from Mr.

Sam Reed. The group decided that should he not hear by the end of

this week, Greg would contact Mr. David Wheeler to be the speaker.

He has just been appointed city planner. Date will be May 17, 18, 19,

24. 25. or 26, depending on Mr. Wheeler. There seemed to be

agreement to hold the meeting at Rodeo City again.


Greg will talk to Don Cummings about a follow-up to the memoirs

workshop. It was pointed out that Guy Ames, TIAA, would come just

to talk to retirees. The “Scams and Schemes” workshop will be in

Grupe on 4/11/05 from 1 to 3.

The Nominating Committee consists of Greg and Ross. We need a

secretary and retired-classified.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Cutlip, Secretary

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