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Preserving knowledge. . .<br />

providing access to<br />

the universe of ideas<br />

progress report<br />

2008–09<br />

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> }

Letter<br />

from the<br />

University<br />

<strong>Librarian</strong><br />

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 2<br />

Organizations tend to use annual reports to trumpet significant accomplishments –<br />

major gifts, new buildings, innovative programs, and the like. The <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong>’s<br />

version is no different in that regard; in the following pages you’ll find our share<br />

of noteworthy acquisitions, generous donations, new initiatives.<br />

Yet note the subtitle of this publication for a moment before you proceed; we quite<br />

consciously call it a “progress report” rather than an annual report. The concept<br />

of “progress” as incremental movement toward a goal, development in a positive<br />

direction, better captures the sense of a year’s accomplishments and activities at the<br />

<strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong>, a year that contained as many seemingly minor actions that together<br />

add up to significant feats as it did major announcements.<br />

Take, for example, the research guides described in the collections section. One<br />

guide, viewed on its own, may be very helpful to a certain group of users but is<br />

unremarkable to the world at large. Yet five – ten – dozens of guides seen in aggregate<br />

point to a redefinition and an enhancement of an entire aspect of library<br />

collections and service.<br />

Online chat reference offers a similar case in point. When the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> offered this service on<br />

our own, we were only able to provide it during certain days and times, the hours our staff was available.<br />

When the service became a joint project of all University of California libraries, hours were expanded,<br />

and it became more noteworthy. As you’ll see in the services article, we’ve now joined an international<br />

consortium that makes this service available twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. What began as<br />

a small step has progressed over time into a major accomplishment.<br />

When it comes to acquisitions, the following pages contain many headline-worthy names – those of John<br />

Fante and Aldous Huxley, just to name two. But don’t overlook the more routine acquisitions: new collecting<br />

areas launched to support expanded areas of teaching and research, a large collection of electronic books<br />

that can be used for any educational purpose, digitized rare books that are now accessible online to the public<br />

worldwide. Piece by piece, these “small” accomplishments add up to significant achievements offering<br />

long-term benefits.<br />

A similar assessment of incremental-approach-equals-accomplishment is evident even when it comes to<br />

major grants. The first project the <strong>Library</strong> announced that would be supported by our extraordinary fivemillion-dollar<br />

gift from the Arcadia Fund was “Collecting Los Angeles.” This new initiative doesn’t focus<br />

on the collections of local Hollywood stars or world-renowned authors or top-ranked athletes; it seeks<br />

out the hidden histories, the groups and individuals whose stories are lesser known and whose remarkable<br />

contributions to the life of this city will crumble into dust and vanish from the historical record without<br />

an organization stepping in to preserve it and make it accessible to current and future generations.<br />

In addition to Arcadia, we are fortunate to have many major donors to thank in these pages for their<br />

irreplaceable contributions to our success during this fiscal year. We also have a great many not-so-major<br />

donors whose contributions collectively are equally irreplaceable, and we want to honor and thank each<br />

of you as well.<br />

Together, your contributions both large and small have enabled us to progress, sometimes in leaps and<br />

sometimes by baby steps, toward our goal to support all aspects of <strong>UCLA</strong>’s mission of education, research,<br />

and service. Through the work produced by <strong>UCLA</strong>’s students, faculty, and staff, you help us serve the<br />

people of Southern California, the U.S., and the world.<br />

Gary E. Strong<br />

University <strong>Librarian</strong>

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 3<br />

Finding Resources<br />

Using Information<br />

Creating Knowledge<br />

If you want to find information in a general area – not<br />

a specific subject, mind you, but a general area – how do<br />

you go about it? How do you identify what journals cover<br />

that area most comprehensively, what primary resources<br />

are available, whether there are digital or audio/visual<br />

resources that you’re not aware of? In the case of the<br />

<strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong>, you might start with a research guide.<br />

<strong>UCLA</strong> Users and <strong>Library</strong> Collections<br />

Today’s increasingly complex, information-intensive academic world demands<br />

research guides that are adaptable, expandable, and easy to use. That can of<br />

course be a person, such as the collection development manager responsible<br />

for a given subject area or a reference librarian who’s familiar with resources<br />

in many disciplines. But since even the most dedicated and efficient librarian<br />

can’t be available to all of <strong>UCLA</strong>’s students, faculty, and staff 24/7, the electronic<br />

research guide offers a useful substitute.<br />

When looking at the various <strong>UCLA</strong> campus libraries’ individual progress<br />

reports for 2008-09, the near ubiquity of research guides stands out, particularly<br />

when compared with previous years. Nearly every librarian created one,<br />

and many created more than one, some for specific disciplines and others<br />

customized for individual courses. You can see them for yourself at .<br />

This could be attributed to the fact that the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> licensed a Web-hosted<br />

application that makes customized research guides easy to create. It could also be<br />

attributed to librarians wanting to move guides they had created in print format<br />

or as static Web pages into the new application.

Major Acquisitions 2008-09<br />

Arts <strong>Library</strong><br />

Catalogue raisonnés on Michelangelo, Joan<br />

Miro, Edvard Munch, Pierre-Auguste Renoir,<br />

Diego Rivera, Auguste Rodin,<br />

and Ed Ruscha<br />

Louise M. Darling Biomedical <strong>Library</strong><br />

Psychiatry Online<br />

Psychiatry Legacy Collection<br />

Sage eReference Collection<br />

Louise M. Darling Biomedical <strong>Library</strong><br />

History and Special Collections for<br />

the Sciences<br />

Carrie F. Young Collection<br />

Notebooks, ledgers, lecture notes, photo-<br />

graphs, letters, and medical and political<br />

ephemera from this nearly forgotten figure<br />

in California medicine and politics; Young<br />

(b. 1828) participated in the temperance movement,<br />

edited Bay Area journals, lectured on<br />

public health topics, earned a medical degree,<br />

and was active in founding the local branch<br />

of the Populist Party<br />

Franklin E. Murphy, MD Fund<br />

• Susan Kae Grant, Radio-active Substances, 1995.<br />

Limited-edition artist’s book juxtaposing<br />

historic photographic images with text<br />

summarizing Curie’s experiments leading to<br />

the discovery of radium; pages made out of<br />

lead sheeting<br />

• Julius Arnold, Pathologische Anatomie, ca. 1880-<br />

82. A detailed and perhaps unpublished<br />

series of illustrated lecture notes on anatomical<br />

and clinical pathology<br />

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 4<br />

But as usage statistics indicate, the primary motive appears to be user-driven.<br />

<strong>UCLA</strong>’s students, faculty, and staff are increasingly studying and doing research<br />

around the clock and around the world, and they rely on the <strong>Library</strong> – all aspects<br />

of the <strong>Library</strong>, collections-related services as well as many of the collections<br />

themselves – to be available when and where they’re working.<br />

The guides share certain commonalities; all contain the banner from the <strong>UCLA</strong><br />

<strong>Library</strong>’s homepage so it’s easy to see that they’re official <strong>Library</strong> resources, and<br />

each contains contact information for the person or department that created it.<br />

But the contents are wildly diverse, reflecting the unique needs of and resources<br />

in the areas they cover.<br />

Take, for example, the guide for indigenous literatures and languages of the<br />

Americas (see upper left). The section labels near the top are familiar enough<br />

and appear on countless other guides: books, journals, primary sources, reference<br />

sources. But what is featured in the center of page? A series of YouTube<br />

videos featuring indigenous poets reading in their own languages. And off to one<br />

side are links to audio of interviews with contemporary Native American<br />

authors. What better way to introduce users immediately to those indigenous<br />

languages and literatures?<br />

Many of the guides offer more than background on and links to useful<br />

resources; some also offer direct, real-time contact with the librarian who<br />

builds and provides services for the specific discipline. Stop by the guide to<br />

electrical engineering, and you’ll find a chat box in the right-hand column<br />

labeled “Contact Your <strong>Librarian</strong>” (see lower left). When the librarian is online,<br />

users can chat with him right then and there rather than sending an email<br />

and waiting for a reply.<br />

The approach taken in certain guides also anticipates the knowledge level of<br />

its potential users. One of the music guides, on popular music and bands, seems<br />

keenly aware before they even arrive on the page that its users may not be<br />

familiar with searching a library for information in this area. It cheerily greets<br />

visitors with tips to get started and a featured section on “Where to look<br />

• Frances Parthenope, Lady Verney; Life and<br />

death of Athena, 1855? Limited-edition lithographed<br />

facsimile of a story about an owl<br />

rescued by Florence Nightingale, which<br />

became her pet and companion until it<br />

died; written and sent by her sister to cheer<br />

Nightingale up during a serious illness<br />

Alison Bunting Endowed Rare Books Fund:<br />

Steven C. Daiber, Lillian, 1995. An artist’s<br />

book responding to Marcello Malpighi’s<br />

Anatome plantarum, created for the 1995-96<br />

exhibition “Science and the Artist’s Book”<br />

at the Smithsonian Institution Libraries<br />

Willard Lee Marmelzat, MD Collection<br />

Endowment<br />

Raymund Minderer, De calcantho seu vitriolo,<br />

1617. First edition of an important book in<br />

the history of chemistry about the discovery<br />

of ammonium acetate

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 5<br />

first!” One of its tabs also offers the reminder that research is a process, not<br />

a destination: “To be thorough, look here too...”<br />

Any library guide, however, is only as good as the collections it supports, and<br />

in that regard, the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> made remarkable strides during 2008-09.<br />

A comparison of the total volumes listed on page sixteen with the figures from<br />

previous years shows a remarkable jump of more than six hundred and fifty thousand<br />

volumes in one year. During preceding years the total volumes increased at<br />

the pace of about one hundred thousand volumes a year, so what is behind this<br />

sizable increase?<br />

Two factors played a role. In August 2008 the <strong>Library</strong> announced a grant from<br />

the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to address a backlog in cataloging its rare<br />

books. That project kicked into high gear almost immediately, and the concrete<br />

results are evident in these numbers. In addition, efforts to catalog electronic<br />

books and add them to the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> Catalog have increased; given the rapid<br />

increase in the <strong>Library</strong> holdings in electronic format, that amounts to a sizable<br />

number as well.<br />

In fact, one of the <strong>Library</strong>’s major acquisitions of e-books serves as a reminder<br />

of how being part of the University of California system enhances the <strong>UCLA</strong><br />

<strong>Library</strong>’s own holdings. Collectively, the UC libraries have the largest collection<br />

Ralph R. and Patricia N. Sonnenschein<br />

Medals Collection Fund<br />

Conquer SARS, 2003. Limited-edition bronze<br />

medal issued by the Chinese government in<br />

honor of healthcare workers who battled the<br />

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome epidemic<br />

Donald and Hisae Dickey Jr. Endowed Fund<br />

James Sinclair, The Entomological and Ornithological<br />

Collector’s Hand-book, 1915. Variant editions of<br />

this California author’s work on collecting and<br />

preserving biological specimens, contemporary<br />

to research conducted by the naturalist,<br />

hunter, collector, and photographer Donald<br />

Ryder Dickey<br />

Center for Oral History Research<br />

Black Educators Series:<br />

Owen Knox, retired LAUSD assistant superintendent;<br />

Noma Lemoine, founder of LAUSD<br />

Academic English Mastery Program; Floraline<br />

Stevens, director of LAUSD’s research, evaluation,<br />

and assessment branches<br />

Black Politicians Series:<br />

David S. Cunningham, former Los Angeles City<br />

Council member; Robert C. Farrell, former Los<br />

Angeles City Council member<br />

Environmental Activism in L.A. Series:<br />

Andrea Hricko, director of community outreach<br />

and education for Southern California<br />

Environmental Health Sciences Center;<br />

Antonio Ramirez, community organizer for<br />

the Port Teamsters in Long Beach; Selma<br />

Rubin, community activist<br />

Korean American Community Leaders<br />

Series:<br />

Min Jung Kim, CEO of NARA Bank; James Ryu,<br />

publisher of both KoreAm Journal and Audrey<br />

magazine<br />

Latina and Latino Elders Series:<br />

Grace Montañez Davis, aide to Los Angeles<br />

Mayor Tom Bradley; Lilia Aceves, founding<br />

member of Comisión Femenil Mexicana<br />

Nacional and director of the Chicana Service<br />

Action Center; Rudy Acuña, pioneering<br />

Chicano studies scholar<br />

Digital Projects<br />

Digitized and accessible to the public through<br />

the Internet Archive are selections from three<br />

collections of rare books.<br />

Maurice N. Beigelman Collection of<br />

Ophthalmology<br />

Fifty-one landmark works in vision science<br />

from the Renaissance, given to the Louise M.<br />

Darling Biomedical <strong>Library</strong> by Dr. Beigelman,<br />

a Los Angeles ophthalmologist; accessible at<br />

<br />

Elmer Belt Florence Nightingale Collection<br />

Sixty-four books including editions of<br />

Nightingale’s influential Notes on Nursing (1859<br />

and later) and her other publications as<br />

well as biographies and tributes given to the<br />

Biomedical <strong>Library</strong> by Los Angeles urologist<br />

Elmer Belt; accessible at

George Otto Hanft, cartographer. Pictorial map of California<br />

missions and exploration routes; sponsored by Equitable<br />

Savings and Loan Association. 1967. Charles E. Young<br />

Research <strong>Library</strong> Department of Special Collections<br />

Robert E. Gross Collection of Rare Books in<br />

Business and Economics<br />

Some two hundred volumes, including some<br />

multiple editions, of pre-1800 works on trade<br />

and commerce purchased by the Eugene and<br />

Maxine Rosenfeld Management <strong>Library</strong> with<br />

funds given by the Lockheed Leadership<br />

Fund and Mrs. Robert E. Gross; accessible<br />

at <br />

Richard C. Rudolph East Asian<br />

<strong>Library</strong><br />

Chinese:<br />

Apabi Digital Resources<br />

Statistical yearbooks containing economic and<br />

social statistics and more than five hundred<br />

reference titles<br />

Beijing shifan daxue tushuguan cang xijian fangzhi<br />

congkan [Series of rare local gazetteers<br />

collected by Beijing Normal University<br />

<strong>Library</strong>] and Fujian shifan daxue tushuguan<br />

cang xijian fangzhi congkan [Series of rare<br />

local gazetteers collected by Fujian<br />

Normal University <strong>Library</strong>]<br />

Budengdaya wenku cang zhenben ziqu congkan<br />

[Rare drama series of the Budengdaya<br />

collection]<br />

Contains sixty-four kinds of Chinese drama<br />

Chuci wenxian jicheng [Comprehensive literature<br />

of Chu poetry]<br />

Research literature on these “Songs of the<br />

South” from around 800-200 BCE<br />

Collection of 822 movies, TV series, documentaries,<br />

and performing arts films from<br />

the China Beauty Media Co.<br />

Difangzhi renwu zhuanji ziliao congkan, Huadong<br />

juan shangbian [Source series of biographies<br />

in local gazetteers, East China<br />

sub-series, Part one]<br />

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 6<br />

in the nation and one of the largest in the world, and during 2008-09 that<br />

collection grew even larger with the purchase of nearly every electronic book<br />

published by the German publisher Springer in English and German from 2005<br />

to 2009.<br />

These nearly twenty thousand books fall into the following broad subject areas:<br />

architecture and design; behavioral science; biomedical and life sciences; business<br />

and economics; chemistry and materials science; computer science; earth and<br />

environmental science; engineering; humanities, social sciences, and law; mathematics<br />

and statistics; medicine; physics and astronomy; and professional and<br />

applied computing. All belong to the <strong>Library</strong> in perpetuity, can be downloaded<br />

in PDF format, and can be used in part or in their entirety for any educational<br />

purpose: course reserves, course Web sites, in course management systems.<br />

Also lending a major boost to collection building was a $5-million gift from the<br />

Arcadia Fund, the largest single gift for collections in the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong>’s history.<br />

Given in the amount of $1 million per year for five years, these funds will be used<br />

to further develop, preserve, and make accessible <strong>Library</strong> collections, as exemplified<br />

by the first project to receive support from the gift.<br />

“Collecting Los Angeles” gathers, preserves, interprets, and makes accessible<br />

collections documenting the remarkable multiplicity of cultures and at-risk<br />

hidden histories of the Los Angeles region. This new program builds on the <strong>Library</strong>’s<br />

existing strengths in this area, which encompass special collections; photo<br />

archives; oral histories; maps; and circulating materials on local history, government,<br />

politics, and literary, performing, and visual arts. It is also transforming the<br />

way the <strong>Library</strong> engages with local communities, in support of Chancellor Gene<br />

Block’s goal of civic engagement, while enhancing collection-building activities,<br />

drawing multiple new connections among existing collections, and attracting<br />

new audiences to their use.<br />

But of course it’s the use of <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> collections that is important, not simply<br />

their existence. Recognizing that, Ruth Simon, retired <strong>UCLA</strong> campus counsel<br />

and a long-time <strong>Library</strong> supporter, created an endowment to support the annual<br />

Huizu wenxian congkan [Hui literature series]<br />

Hui, or Muslim, is a major nationality<br />

in China<br />

Jinwen wenxian jicheng [Collection of Clementi<br />

literature integration]<br />

Classical and modern Chinese archaeological<br />

research literature<br />

National Index to Chinese Newspapers and<br />

Periodicals [online]<br />

Qingdai difang renwu zhuanji congkan [Series of<br />

local biographies of Qing Dynasty]<br />

Super Star Electronic Books<br />

Wan Qing guoji huiyi dang’an [International<br />

conference archives of Late Qing Period]<br />

“Window to China,” National <strong>Library</strong> of<br />

China: 132 books on various subjects

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 7<br />

Poster for The Sport of the Gods; released<br />

in 1921 by Reol Productions. Charles E. Young<br />

Research <strong>Library</strong> Department of Special Collections,<br />

George P. Johnson Negro Film Collection<br />

Zhongguo fengtuzhi congkan [Series of China<br />

geographic gazetteers] and Zhongguo<br />

shuilizhi congkan [Series of China water<br />

conservancy gazetteers]<br />

Japanese:<br />

Asahi Kikuzo II Visual: online version<br />

of Asahi shinbun (1945-), AERA (May 1988-),<br />

and Shūkan Asahi (April 2000-; news<br />

section only)<br />

Fujin kurabu [Women’s club]<br />

Tables of contents of pre-war issues of this<br />

popular monthly women’s magazine<br />

Yuji Ichioka Collection<br />

More than 1,100 volumes of books, serials,<br />

and pamphlets on Japanese American<br />

history from the collection of this longtime<br />

<strong>UCLA</strong> faculty member, donated by<br />

his widow, Emma Gee<br />

Kango Takamura (1895-1990); Keeping the<br />

Camp Clean and Tidy; undated. Watercolor<br />

and ink on paper; 20 x 24 inches matted. Charles<br />

E. Young Research <strong>Library</strong> Department of Special<br />

Collections, Kango Takamura Paintings<br />

Kenji Ito Collection<br />

Sixty-seven volumes, primarily in literature,<br />

history, and law, collected by this long-time<br />

attorney, donated by his daughter, Ayleen<br />

Ito Lee<br />

Keidanren shūhō: 1951-94 [Japan Federation<br />

of Economic Organizations weekly]<br />

Eight CD-ROMs reproduce all issues of this<br />

weekly newsletter.<br />

Nagasaki Shinbun, 1960-67 [Nagasaki newspaper]<br />

Yoko Sasaki Collection<br />

271 volumes on subjects including arts, history,<br />

and literature collected by Ms. Sasaki’s<br />

husband<br />

Shakai hosh nenkan: 1951-60 [The social security<br />

yearbook]<br />

Taiyo<br />

Online version of this 1895-1928 historical<br />

journal<br />

Toshi, nōson seikatsu chōsa shiryō shūsei 2<br />

[Collected works for research on urban<br />

and rural lives, series two]<br />

Raw research data from the Taisho (1912-26)<br />

and the early Showa (1926-89) periods<br />

Korean:<br />

Choson kogohak chonso [Korea archaeological<br />

reports]<br />

Reports on major archaeological discoveries<br />

from 1949 to 2005 issued by North Korea<br />

E-Korean Studies<br />

Integrates eleven major Korean databases<br />

Han-il hoedam chonggukwon kwallyon munso<br />

[Documental collection of Korean-<br />

Japan compensation negotiations]<br />

From the 1952-66 Korea-Japan normalization<br />


Professor Scot Bartchy and Edgar Hermosillo<br />

Ilche ha chonsi chejegi chongchaek saryo chongso<br />

[Japanese colonial rules and policies<br />

on Korea]<br />

Documents on Japanese colonial rules and<br />

policies in Korea during the latter part of the<br />

colonial period (1937-45)<br />

Korean Film Council: seventy-six DVDs and<br />

seventy-one monographs<br />

Professor Sang-Oak Lee Collection<br />

More than six hundred volumes of monographs<br />

and academic journals in linguistics<br />

and literature given by this Seoul National<br />

University professor<br />

Eugene and Maxine Rosenfeld<br />

Management <strong>Library</strong><br />

Datamonitor Company Case Studies<br />

More than two hundred consumerproducts-focused<br />

case studies for U.S.<br />

and UK companies<br />

Deal Pipeline<br />

News coverage and analysis for mergers and<br />

acquisitions, venture capital, private equity<br />

deals, hedge funds, initial public offerings,<br />

bankruptcies, and business auctions<br />

First Research Industry Reports<br />

Overviews and analyses of U.S. niche and<br />

difficult-to-research industries<br />

Global Market Navigator<br />

Market size, share, segmentation, and compound<br />

annual growth rate for consumer and<br />

industrial products and services in the U.S.<br />

and more than fifty markets worldwide<br />

Investext<br />

Equity analyst reports from U.S. and worldwide<br />

investment banks and consulting firms<br />

Mergent Horizon<br />

Database of U.S.-traded companies organized<br />

by their goods and services and key business<br />

relationships<br />

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 8<br />

<strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> Prize for Undergraduate Research. Awarded for the first time in<br />

April 2009, the Ruth Simon First Place Award went to Edgar Hermosillo Gaytan<br />

for his paper “A Community of Shared Goods as Presented in the New Testament<br />

Book of Acts of the Apostles: Pre-industrial Urban Reality.”<br />

The paper was for a history directed research course, with the faculty support of<br />

Professor Scot Bartchy. In his letter supporting Edgar’s application for this award,<br />

Professor Bartchy said of his student, “Mr. Hermosillo far exceeded my requirements<br />

and expectations regarding both the breadth and depth of his research<br />

on this topic. He thoroughly exploited a bibliography of excellent resources that<br />

required two and one-half pages to list. He demonstrated enormous intellectual<br />

curiosity and followed the footnotes in one book and article after another into<br />

new material.”<br />

Edgar explained further how he used <strong>Library</strong> resources and services for this<br />

paper. “Truly, the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> system and its staff were pivotal in my research,<br />

not only assisting me in finding essential books and journals, but also in locating<br />

those that were not on the libraries’ shelves. The interlibrary loan office was a<br />

godsend, many times querying far-off institutions for obscure reference works,<br />

...scanning pieces which these institutions might only reluctantly lend, and<br />

sending them to me directly by email.... I realize that the quality of my bibliography<br />

is reflective of the amazing library facilities possessed here at <strong>UCLA</strong>.”<br />

Professor Bartchy’s letter makes it clear that Edgar has taken the next step in the<br />

process, which is not simply to consume information but to produce knowledge.<br />

“He became so interested in doing further research on this topic that he asked<br />

if I would continue to mentor him during spring quarter. Although my schedule<br />

was already full, I quickly agreed to do so. I have come to regard Mr. Hermosillo<br />

as one of the best young scholars I know.”<br />

Perhaps one day Edgar Hermosillo Gaytan’s published research will join <strong>UCLA</strong><br />

<strong>Library</strong> collections, and their supporting research guides, to engage new generations<br />

of students and scholars.<br />

Uniworld Online<br />

Directory of American Firms Operating in<br />

Foreign Countries and Directory of Foreign<br />

Firms Operating in the United States<br />

Wharton Research Data Services<br />

CISDM HedgeFund/CTA Database; Center for<br />

Research in Securities Prices Survivor-Bias-<br />

Free US Mutual Fund Database; KLD Stats<br />

Music <strong>Library</strong><br />

Three important facsimiles of musical manuscripts<br />

acquired with the Professor Richard<br />

Hudson Endowment in Music<br />

and the Henry J. Bruman Educational<br />

Foundation Endowment Fund: Chansonnier de<br />

Jean Montchenu, Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale,<br />

Rothschild MS 2973; Chopin Piano<br />

Concerto in F Minor; Codex Chantilly, Musée<br />

Condé, MS 564

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 9<br />

University <strong>Librarian</strong> Discretionary Fund Acquisitions<br />

Of the twenty-eight percent of the <strong>Library</strong>’s budget spent on<br />

materials, only a small percentage reflects expenditures for<br />

acquisitions from the university librarian’s discretionary fund.<br />

Yet these few items offer insight into how the <strong>Library</strong> builds<br />

collections and adapts them to encompass scholarship in nontraditional<br />

print formats and to support expanded areas of<br />

research and instruction.<br />

Altered books are artists’ books that<br />

have been constructed using an entire<br />

existing book or elements of one as<br />

a starting point, which then become<br />

something completely new after being<br />

altered by an artist. The Arts <strong>Library</strong><br />

acquired two altered books by<br />

California artists to enhance its<br />

already strong artists’ book collection, which is justly regarded<br />

as a community treasure (for more on its use by <strong>UCLA</strong> students,<br />

see services article on page twelve).<br />

Carolyn Berry (b. 1930) is known both as a painter and a<br />

mixed-media artist; her unique 2005 book More or Less Genuine<br />

definitely falls into the latter category. Terry Braunstein’s<br />

(b. 1942) 1995 work Shorthanded, produced in an edition of<br />

twenty-five, uses analtered shorthand textbook to raise<br />

Performing Arts Special Collections<br />

James Arkatov Jazz Photographs<br />

Steve Bramson Jag Scores<br />

Julia Duffy Papers<br />

Ralph Edwards Productions Records<br />

Elliott Gould Papers<br />

Merv Griffin Papers<br />

Curtis Kheel Scripts Collection<br />

Laemmle Theater Records<br />

Martin Leeds DesiLu Productions Contracts<br />

Los Angeles Opera Theater Records<br />

Charles E. Young Research <strong>Library</strong><br />

Department of Special Collections<br />

John Fante Papers<br />

The literary papers of this Los Angeles novelist,<br />

short-story writer, and screenwriter<br />

Archives of Los Angeles area painter<br />

D. J. Hall and painter/printmaker Walter<br />

Gabrielson<br />

Aldous and Laura Huxley Collection<br />

The literary archive of the visionary novelist<br />

and essayist and the papers of his wife, Laura,<br />

an author and lay therapist<br />

Miriam Matthews Collection of Los Angeles<br />

African American newspapers, ca. 1948-85<br />

Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts:<br />

• Gratien (twelfth century) with Bartolomeo<br />

da Brescia, Decretum, France; Latin, illuminated<br />

manuscript on parchment<br />

• Nicolas de Biard, Distinctiones, France,<br />

c. 1250-75; Latin, decorated manuscript<br />

on parchment<br />

• Publius Terentius Afer [Comoediae], Phormio,<br />

Western Bavaria, c. 1460-70; manuscript on<br />

paper<br />

issues about work, pressure to produce, and the anonymity of<br />

the average worker.<br />

Moving from the printed, albeit altered, page to the built environment,<br />

research needs are very different in the architecture<br />

and urban design programs. Though these students and faculty<br />

would much prefer to travel in person to see buildings and<br />

urban settings they are studying,<br />

that is often impractical. Thus, highquality<br />

DVDs about the work of<br />

noted architects and major projects<br />

fill an essential need.<br />

Among the recent releases acquired<br />

by the Arts <strong>Library</strong> are Kochuu: Japanese<br />

Architecture / Influence and Origin (2006),<br />

about modern Japanese architecture; Great Expectations: A Journey<br />

through the History of Visionary Architecture (2007), examining innovative<br />

architecture from the beginning of the twentieth century<br />

to the present; and Waste = Food (2007), exploring the “cradle<br />

to cradle” movement, which aims at an ecologically-inspired<br />

industrial revolution.<br />

Three other DVDs focus on the work of individual architects.<br />

Shigeru Ban: An Architect for Emergencies (2006) features interviews<br />

Vsevold Nicouline Correspondence to<br />

Bernard Meeks<br />

Collection of twenty-seven letters and<br />

envelopes with original watercolor illustrations<br />

from children’s book illustrator<br />

Nicouline to children’s book collector Meeks<br />

Anne and Billy Wilkinson Collection of<br />

<strong>Library</strong> Postcards<br />

Approximately 5,800 postcards representing<br />

libraries during 1900-90; given in honor of<br />

James Davis<br />

Science and Engineering <strong>Library</strong><br />

More than forty new bio- and nanophotonics<br />

books in support of expanded efforts of<br />

the Department of Electrical Engineering<br />

and the California NanoSystems Institute<br />

Materials on the formation and evolution<br />

of planetary bodies, astrophysical environments<br />

and planetary phenomena, and<br />

comets and other primitive bodies in the

with Ban (b. 1957), known for his use of inexpensive construction<br />

materials, and footage of his projects. Renzo Piano: Work<br />

in Progress (2006) follows different stages of three of this nonconformist<br />

architect’s (b. 1937) projects to explore his artistic<br />

philosophy and the operations of his office. Eileen Gray: Designer<br />

and Architect (2007) uses archival footage and excerpts from<br />

Gray’s (1878-1976) writings to<br />

chronicle her life and her resolutely<br />

modern furniture and<br />

building designs.<br />

Shifting from the built environment<br />

to the natural world and<br />

from North Campus to South<br />

Campus, the Department of<br />

Atmospheric Sciences recently<br />

changed its name to the Department<br />

of Atmospheric and Oceanic<br />

Sciences, and its instruction and research have expanded<br />

to reflect this broadening of scope. Research in this area<br />

ranges from the role of the ocean in the physical climate<br />

system to its part in the global carbon cycle and also<br />

emphasizes the study of the coastal environment and<br />

interactions between land and open sea.<br />

solar system in support of the research<br />

directions of three new faculty in the<br />

Department of Earth and Space Sciences<br />

Nearly sixty titles covering a wide range of<br />

mathematical applications in support of the<br />

current research directions of the Institute<br />

for Pure and Applied Mathematics<br />

Initial titles for a core collection in mathematics<br />

for teacher education in support of<br />

the Department of Mathematics’ Philip C.<br />

Curtis Jr. Center for Mathematics and<br />

Teaching<br />

More than twenty books on radio frequency<br />

identification in support of the<br />

Wireless Internet for Mobile Enterprise<br />

Consortium, a <strong>UCLA</strong>-based university,<br />

industry, and government collaboration,<br />

and the Department of Electrical<br />

Engineering<br />

Edward A. Lasher Chemistry <strong>Library</strong> Fund<br />

• Comprehensive Chemometrics: Chemical and<br />

Biochemical Data Analysis, 2007<br />

Four-volume set examining the merits and<br />

limitations of each chemometric technique<br />

• Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology, 2009<br />

Four-volume set examining the role of<br />

chemistry and chemical techniques in the<br />

life sciences<br />

• Chemical Biology: From Small Molecules to Systems<br />

Biology and Drug Design, 2007<br />

Three-volume set edited by the world<br />

leaders in this emerging field<br />

• Handbook of Environmental Data on Organic<br />

Chemicals, 2009<br />

Four-volume set containing information<br />

needed to use potentially dangerous chemicals<br />

prudently<br />

• Handbook of Green Chemistry: Green Catalysis,<br />

2009<br />

Summarizes recent work on breakthroughs,<br />

innovation, and creativity in green chemistry<br />

and engineering<br />

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 10<br />

Keeping pace with these changes, the Science and Engineering<br />

<strong>Library</strong> acquired a number of recently published books that deal<br />

with ocean-atmosphere interactions.<br />

They included Chemical Oceanography<br />

and the Marine Carbon Cycle (Cambridge<br />

University Press, 2008 ); Freshwater<br />

Ecosystems and Climate Change in North<br />

America: A Regional Assessment (Wiley,<br />

1997); An Introduction to Ocean Turbulence<br />

(Cambridge University Press, 2007);<br />

and Managing and Transforming Water<br />

Conf licts (Cambridge University Press,<br />

2009). In addition to those print<br />

titles, the library also acquired three<br />

online publications: Air-Ice-Ocean Interaction<br />

(Springer, 2008); Breaking Ocean Waves: Geometry,<br />

Structure, and Remote Sensing (Springer,<br />

2007); and Hurricanes and Climate Change<br />

(Springer, 2009).<br />

• Lees’ Loss Prevention in the Process Industries: Hazard<br />

Identification, Assessment, and Control, 2005<br />

Complete information on theory, practice,<br />

design elements, equipment, and laws pertaining<br />

to process safety<br />

University Archives<br />

Gustave Arlt, Department of Linguistics;<br />

Graduate Dean<br />

Albert Boime, Department of Art History<br />

Robert Emerson, Department of Sociology<br />

Sheldon K. Friedlander, Department of<br />

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering<br />

Harold Garfinkel, Department of Sociology<br />

Richard C. Maxwell, Dean, School of Law

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 11<br />

Preserving Copyright, Broadening Access<br />

Student Collaboration Yields Cost Savings<br />

Several years ago, student representatives from the<br />

USAC Academic Affairs Commission approached<br />

the <strong>Library</strong> to talk about textbook-related costs.<br />

Judith Smith, vice provost for undergraduate education,<br />

and the Faculty Committee on Educational<br />

Technology had suggested they ask whether the<br />

<strong>Library</strong> could help them find a way to lower the<br />

costs of course readers. A significant portion of<br />

the readers’ contents has been published in electronic<br />

journals to which the <strong>Library</strong> licenses<br />

access or subscribes to in print and in books it<br />

owns, so the <strong>Library</strong> was a natural partner in<br />

this effort.<br />

Sharon Farb, associate university librarian for collection<br />

management and scholarly communication,<br />

responded with enthusiasm, seeing the possibility<br />

of leveraging <strong>Library</strong>-licensed/owned materials to<br />

accomplish this goal. She brought in AS<strong>UCLA</strong> Academic<br />

Publishing, which produces course readers<br />

on a cost-recovery basis; the price of each reader<br />

includes the actual cost of making it, such as paper<br />

and staff time, plus a permissions fee paid to a copyright<br />

clearing house on behalf of publishers for use<br />

of the contents. The permissions fee, which is calculated<br />

by multiplying the number of students enrolled<br />

in a course by the number of pages or number of<br />

articles, can amount to as much as sixty percent of<br />

a reader’s cost.<br />

Together, the three organizations developed a pilot<br />

study during Spring 2008 to analyze a small sample<br />

of course readers. Looking at only journal articles<br />

used in the sample readers, the study identified<br />

savings ranging from a minimum of twelve cents to<br />

a maximum of $30.18 when the terms of the <strong>Library</strong>’s<br />

license agreements allowed this educational use<br />

without additional permissions payments.<br />

With this background information in hand, the collaborative<br />

project began in earnest in Fall 2008 and is<br />

ongoing. The <strong>Library</strong> and Academic Publishing now<br />

routinely share information on articles<br />

from electronic journals used<br />

in course readers, and when the<br />

educational-use terms of <strong>Library</strong><br />

journal licenses allow, Academic<br />

Publishing is able to eliminate additional<br />

permissions fees for using<br />

those articles. This has lowered<br />

readers’ prices substantially,<br />

depending on the number of eligible<br />

articles.<br />

In addition to informing faculty<br />

about the cost savings their students<br />

would achieve if their course<br />

readers were produced by Academic<br />

Publishing, this project gave<br />

the <strong>Library</strong> another opportunity<br />

to remind faculty members to<br />

negotiate the terms of all author<br />

agreements they sign. By retaining the copyright<br />

for educational re-use, such as posting on a course<br />

Web site or depositing in the open-access University<br />

of California eScholarship Repository, faculty can<br />

increase access to their scholarship and broaden<br />

its reach.<br />

With its direct benefit to students’ budgets, this<br />

project opened a new front in the <strong>Library</strong>’s copyright,<br />

publishing, and intellectual property program.<br />

It joins ongoing efforts to help scholars make their<br />

work more visible and usable, assist with copyright<br />

questions and use of the eScholarship Repository,<br />

and inform the campus community about developments<br />

affecting author rights, the use of copyrighted<br />

materials in research and instruction, and openaccess<br />


A New Approach<br />

Case in point is a Fiat Lux course offered by visual arts<br />

librarian Robert Gore in Fall 2008. Begun in Fall 2002,<br />

Fiat Lux one-unit seminars for freshmen provide valuable<br />

forums in which students and faculty explore<br />

topics of intellectual importance and participate in<br />

critical discussion of these topics. Their small-group<br />

setting develops students’ critical thinking skills and<br />

allows close contact with and attention from the<br />

instructor.<br />

In “Artists’ Books in the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> and Beyond,”<br />

Gore offered an introduction to the genre of artists’<br />

books and to the remarkable collections of these works<br />

held at <strong>UCLA</strong>. During sessions led by guest lecturers,<br />

students examined artists’ books in the collections of<br />

the Arts <strong>Library</strong>, Louise M. Darling Biomedical <strong>Library</strong><br />

History and Special Collections for the Sciences,<br />

William Andrews Clark Memorial <strong>Library</strong>, and Charles<br />

E. Young Research <strong>Library</strong> Department of Special<br />

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 12<br />

A Broader Reach – A Personal<br />

Just as not all books can be defined by the traditional description of printed pages containing<br />

content bound together within two covers, not all library instructional sessions<br />

can be characterized as students, staff, or faculty sitting across a desk or in a classroom<br />

learning about library collections and services from a librarian.<br />

(l-r) Rebecca Liu, Inextricable, 2008; Paul Kim, Untitled, 2008; Joanna Rodriguez, LA by Bus, 2008<br />

Collections and gained a sense of the richness and<br />

diversity of these materials, particularly with regard to<br />

book artists active in Los Angeles and California. They<br />

also met a real book artist; Barbara Drucker, professor<br />

of painting and drawing in the Department of Art,<br />

talked about one of her own creations and also about<br />

altered books (for more on altered books, see the article<br />

on page nine on acquisitions with the university<br />

librarian’s discretionary fund).<br />

For their final assignment, students had the choice of<br />

making their own artist’s book or giving a presentation<br />

on a book artist or artist’s book. Most chose to make a<br />

book; through unusual combinations of content, structures,<br />

and images, the students commented on topics<br />

ranging from the birth of Venus to fashion to dreaming.<br />

The creative, unique results were displayed in an exhibit<br />

at the Research <strong>Library</strong>, which then traveled to the<br />

Biomedical <strong>Library</strong>.

Touch<br />

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 13<br />

More traditional library<br />

instruction also took place,<br />

as the figure of nearly<br />

twenty-five thousand participants<br />

on the statistics page<br />

makes evident. In addition<br />

to regular instructional<br />

sessions for courses, the<br />

College <strong>Library</strong> offered for<br />

the first time an honors<br />

collegium, designed to assist undergraduates who<br />

planned to be involved with a major research project<br />

or to undertake an honors thesis or comprehensive<br />

project in the social and behavioral sciences. The<br />

collegium brought subject specialists in to talk about<br />

print and electronic collections in specific disciplines<br />

as well as <strong>Library</strong> experts in intellectual property management,<br />

who outlined ways that students can manage<br />

their own copyrights to ensure broad public access<br />

to published research.<br />

The ubiquity of the cellphone has long been established,<br />

and during this fiscal year the <strong>Library</strong>’s<br />

reference services expanded to add text messaging<br />

to the other methods – online chat, email, in person,<br />

and on the phone – by which users can obtain assistance.<br />

Begun as a pilot focused on student athletes,<br />

whose busy travel schedules make them even more<br />

reliant on their phones than typical students, the<br />

service expanded to the entire <strong>UCLA</strong> community<br />

as of Fall 2008.<br />

In addition, reference assistance via online chat<br />

expanded to round-the-clock service seven days a week<br />

as of January 2009. Together with the other University<br />

of California libraries, the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> joined the<br />

Online Computing <strong>Library</strong> Center’s 24/7 Reference<br />

Cooperative, through which librarians worldwide<br />

answer informational and research questions from<br />

<strong>UCLA</strong> students, faculty, and staff. Any questions that<br />

can’t be answered by an information specialist at<br />

another institution are referred back to the <strong>UCLA</strong><br />

<strong>Library</strong> for follow-up by a librarian here.<br />

Though broad descriptions are useful in setting the<br />

stage for the <strong>Library</strong>’s service-related accomplishments<br />

during this fiscal year, one specific anecdote highlights<br />

the real meaning that abstract word “service” had for<br />

a particular user.<br />

Guillaume Sutre, <strong>UCLA</strong> professor of violin and first<br />

violin in the Ysaye Quartet, sent an urgent email to<br />

music librarian Gordon Theil one Monday afternoon<br />

in March, explaining that his quartet’s luggage hadn’t<br />

arrived in Montreal, where they were playing that<br />

night, and one of the parts he was to play, the Bartok<br />

string quartet No.6, was in the luggage.<br />

None of the music shops in Montreal had the part,<br />

so as a last resort, Sutre asked if someone in the<br />

Music <strong>Library</strong> could scan the part from its collections<br />

and email it to him as a PDF. Within two hours, the<br />

part was scanned and the PDF sent. Several hours<br />

later a follow-up email arrived from the musician:<br />

“just played the Bartok, thank you so much for your<br />

help. Without you I would have been in big trouble;<br />

you saved our concert!”<br />

Now that’s service!

Exhibits<br />

Happy Anniversary:<br />

Darwin’s On the Origin<br />

of Species<br />

February 2009<br />

Louise M. Darling Biomedical <strong>Library</strong><br />

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the publication<br />

of Charles Darwin’s landmark work On the Origin<br />

of Species (1859) as well as the author’s two-hundredth<br />

birthday, the Biomedical <strong>Library</strong> exhibited its two copies<br />

of the first edition from History and Special Collections<br />

for the Sciences, together with a portrait of Darwin<br />

close to the age at which he wrote it.<br />

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 14<br />

This photograph was taken by Jonathan Wilson, instructional technology services and support coordinator<br />

with <strong>Library</strong> Computing Services, as part of his ongoing One/Day Project. The complete project can be<br />

viewed online at .<br />

One of the copies is from the collection of Dr. John<br />

Benjamin, a member of the first undergraduate class to graduate from the Westwood campus. Dr. Benjamin and<br />

his wife, Mae, donated their extraordinary medical history collection to the Biomedical <strong>Library</strong> in 1962.<br />

The other, from the collection of former <strong>UCLA</strong> Chancellor and ardent <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> supporter Franklin D.<br />

Murphy, came by a more circuitous route. Myron Prinzmetal, a clinical professor of cardiology at <strong>UCLA</strong> as well<br />

as an avid book collector, presented Dr. Murphy with his copy of the Darwin book when Dr. Murphy became<br />

chancellor. Dr. Murphy thanked him and promptly gave it to the Biomedical <strong>Library</strong>.<br />

Wisely Selected...Carefully<br />

Preserved: Sixtieth Anniversary<br />

of the University Archives<br />

September 22-December 5, 2008<br />

Powell <strong>Library</strong> Rotunda<br />

In 1948 – twenty-nine years after <strong>UCLA</strong>’s opening in September 1919 as a “junior branch”<br />

of the University of California’s Berkeley campus – <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> Lawrence Clark Powell<br />

established the University Archives. Though twenty-nine years was not much time for a<br />

person, family, or even a university campus to develop a “history,” Powell understood the<br />

value and necessity of establishing an archival program for <strong>UCLA</strong>.<br />

Because of Powell’s vision, anyone interested in the history of <strong>UCLA</strong> has access to a<br />

wealth of archival materials, a sampling of which were on display in this exhibit. Materials<br />

collected by the University Archives include correspondence files of the chancellors, deans, directors, and chairs;<br />

minutes of departmental meetings; and records of administrative units and academic departments. Biographical<br />

files on persons affiliated with <strong>UCLA</strong>, photographs, moving image and audio recordings of sports and campus<br />

events, memorabilia, and architectural histories of the campus are also collected.<br />

Top: Cheerleaders; right: Vietnam era poster

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 15<br />

Tohono O’odham (Papago) Basket; Devil’s Claw, tule, and<br />

cottonwood or willow; Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, Gift<br />

of Barbara Stewart<br />

Archaeological and<br />

Ethnographic Conservation<br />

May-June 2009<br />

Charles E. Young Research <strong>Library</strong><br />

Preserving the past, documenting the present, and nourishing culture for<br />

the future, the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum in the heart of Palm Springs<br />

interprets the history and culture of the Agua Caliente band of Cahuilla<br />

Indians and other Cahuilla peoples.<br />

This exhibit featured objects from museum collections that students from<br />

the <strong>UCLA</strong>/Getty master’s program in archaeological and ethnographic conservation<br />

researched, treated, and documented during the winter quarters in 2007 and 2009. The students’ work,<br />

which included weaving and plant gathering with tribal experts, was undertaken as part of a course designed to<br />

engage students in consultation with both tribal and museum stakeholders about preservation practices.<br />

The exhibit was organized by Ellen Pearlstein, assistant professor of information studies and a core faculty member<br />

in the master’s program, which is administered through the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology.<br />

Rio de Janeiro: Two Centuries<br />

of Urban Change, 1808-2008<br />

January-June 2009<br />

Charles E. Young Research <strong>Library</strong> Department<br />

of Special Collections<br />

Rio de Janeiro is a magical place, a city of fabled beauty and<br />

dramatic contrasts, where nature and the human hand have<br />

joined to create a landscape of panoramic views and iconic<br />

images – Guanabara Bay, the peaks of Sugarloaf and Corcovado,<br />

the rows of royal palms, Copacabana and Ipanema beaches,<br />

the arcos of the eighteenth-century aqueduct, the Avenidas<br />

Rio Branco and Beira-Mar, the statue of Christ the Redeemer,<br />

historic churches, and hilltop shantytowns known as favelas.<br />

This exhibit showed how over the past two hundred years artists<br />

and photographers have repeatedly been drawn to these images<br />

in a process of icon building within a dynamic context of urban<br />

growth and modernization. Printed books, periodicals, and pho-<br />

Panorama Visto do Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Charles E. Young Research<br />

<strong>Library</strong> Department of Special Collections<br />

tographs were featured, along with manuscripts, maps, films, original artworks, lantern slides, stereocards,<br />

chapbooks, and ephemera.<br />

It was co-sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the <strong>UCLA</strong> Center for Brazilian Studies<br />

and organized by Stephen Bell, Ludwig Lauerhass Jr., and José Luiz Passos. Accompanying events ranged from<br />

screenings of popular period films to a lecture on the bossa nova.<br />

For more events and exhibits, go to

Where it goes<br />

Where it comes from<br />

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 16<br />

The Hard Numbers: 2008-09 Statistics<br />

Collections:<br />

• 9,045,818 total volumes; includes<br />

print and electronic<br />

• 38,975 current serial titles (30,758<br />

print, 8,217 electronic)<br />

• 283,113 electronic resources<br />

Users:<br />

• 3,934,128 visitors to all campus<br />

libraries<br />

• 4.4 million virtual visits to <strong>Library</strong><br />

Web pages<br />

• 24,977 participants in library<br />

instructional programs<br />

• 1.9 million items circulated (checkouts<br />

plus renewals)<br />

• 136,010 reference questions<br />

answered (111,319 in person;<br />

15,737 by telephone; 7,324 by<br />

email; 1,310 online; 116 by mail;<br />

204 by text message)<br />

• 1.05 million visits to the <strong>UCLA</strong><br />

<strong>Library</strong> Catalog<br />

• 37,922 interlibrary loan items<br />

borrowed<br />

• 46,796 interlibrary loan items<br />

loaned<br />

• 2,701 document delivery requests<br />

filled<br />

Staff:<br />

• 85 <strong>Librarian</strong>s<br />

• 246 Staff<br />

• 427 Students<br />

Expenditures – $ 43.2 million<br />

<strong>Library</strong> materials: 28%<br />

Staff salaries: 28%<br />

State funds: 86%<br />

Student and limited-appointment<br />

staff: 10%<br />

Benefits: 11%<br />

Academic salaries: 13%<br />

Supplies and expense: 10%<br />

Gifts and endowments: 5.1%<br />

Sales and service<br />

activity: 3.6%<br />

Contracts and grants: 4.4%<br />

Student and other<br />

fees: 0.9%

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } progress report 2008-09 page 17<br />

<strong>UCLA</strong> Academic Senate<br />

Committee on <strong>Library</strong> and<br />

Scholarly Communication<br />

Shane Butler<br />

Department of Classics<br />

Chair<br />

Gary E. Strong<br />

University <strong>Librarian</strong><br />

Nina Byers<br />

Department of Physics and Astronomy<br />

James Catterall<br />

Department of Education<br />

Leon Fine<br />

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a <strong>UCLA</strong>-affiliated hospital<br />

Emily Klenin<br />

Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures<br />

Helen Rees<br />

Department of Ethnomusicology<br />

Andrew Watson<br />

David Geffen School of Medicine, Division of Cardiology<br />

Dora Weiner<br />

Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences<br />

Keri Botello<br />

<strong>Librarian</strong>s Association of the University of California, Los Angeles Representative<br />

Gautam Prasad<br />

Graduate Student Association Representative<br />

Cathy Davis<br />

Academic Senate Staff<br />

<strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> Senior Staff *<br />

Gary E. Strong, University <strong>Librarian</strong><br />

Susan E. Parker, Deputy University <strong>Librarian</strong><br />

Judy Consales, Associate University <strong>Librarian</strong> for Sciences; Director,<br />

Louise M. Darling Biomedical <strong>Library</strong>, National Network of Libraries<br />

of Medicine – Pacific Southwest Region<br />

Sharon E. Farb, Associate University <strong>Librarian</strong> for Collection<br />

Management and Scholarly Communications<br />

Pat Hawthorne, Director, <strong>Library</strong> Human Resources<br />

Kevin Mulroy, Associate University <strong>Librarian</strong> for Academic Services;<br />

Interim Head, Charles E. Young Research <strong>Library</strong> Collections,<br />

Research, and Instructional Services<br />

Sarah Barbara Watstein, Associate University <strong>Librarian</strong> for<br />

Research and Instructional Services<br />

Alison Armstrong, Head, College <strong>Library</strong>; Director, Undergraduate<br />

Initiatives<br />

Tania Bardyn, Associate Director for Public Services, Louise M.<br />

Darling Biomedical <strong>Library</strong><br />

Teresa Barnett, Head, Center for Oral History Research<br />

Charlotte Brown, University Archivist<br />

Colleen Carlton, Director, Southern Regional <strong>Library</strong> Facility<br />

M. Rita Costello, Head, Eugene and Maxine Rosenfeld Management<br />

<strong>Library</strong><br />

Stephen Davison, Head, Digital <strong>Library</strong> Program<br />

Lisa Kemp Jones, Head, <strong>Library</strong> Computing Services<br />

Jacob Nadal, Preservation Officer<br />

John Riemer, Head, Cataloging and Metadata Center<br />

Heidi Sandstrom, Associate Director, National Network of Libraries<br />

of Medicine, Pacific Southwest Region<br />

Dawn Setzer, Director, <strong>Library</strong> Communications<br />

Debra Shade, Director, <strong>Library</strong> Business and Enterprise Services<br />

Don Sloane, Head, Charles E. Young Research <strong>Library</strong> Access<br />

Services<br />

Amy Smith, Executive Director, <strong>Library</strong> Development<br />

Vicki Terbovich, Head, <strong>Library</strong> Information Technology<br />

Gordon Theil, Head, Arts <strong>Library</strong> and Music <strong>Library</strong><br />

Amy Tsiang, Head, Richard C. Rudolph East Asian <strong>Library</strong><br />

Germaine Wadeborn, Head, Print Acquisitions Department<br />

Zheng (John) Wang, Head, <strong>Library</strong> Web Services<br />

*As of June 30, 2009

2008–09<br />

Donor Honor Roll<br />

The <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> system is ranked among the top ten academic<br />

research libraries in North America and continues to draw international<br />

attention for its superlative collections and innovative<br />

use of technology.<br />

To assure the <strong>Library</strong>’s support of <strong>UCLA</strong>’s acclaimed academic and<br />

research programs, private contributions are more important than<br />

ever. We are honored to thank the individuals, foundations, and<br />

corporations whose generous philanthropy has played a vital role<br />

in the continued success of the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> during the fiscal year<br />

from July 1, 2008, through June 30, 2009. Listed here are donors<br />

who gave cash gifts totaling $1,000 or greater or an appraised giftin-kind.<br />

A comprehensive list of all donors appears in the Donor<br />

Honor Roll link on the <strong>Library</strong> Development Web site at .<br />

Board of Visitors<br />

Roy H. Aaron<br />

Michael and Patricia Charbonnet<br />

Fereshteh Diba<br />

William P. and Ann Edwards<br />

William Flumenbaum<br />

Robert M. Hayes<br />

Kenneth Karmiole<br />

Ynez Violé O’Neill<br />

Norman J. and Armena B. Powell<br />

Richard Reinis<br />

Leon and Barbara Rootenberg<br />

Ruth M. Simon<br />

Charles W. Steinmetz<br />

Robert and Patsy Sung<br />

Bernice Wenzel<br />

Chancellor Emeritus Charles E. Young<br />

Major Gifts<br />

These individuals, corporations, and foundations<br />

made cumulative cash contributions of $10,000<br />

or greater.<br />

Roy H. Aaron<br />

A gift to augment the Theresa G. Aaron<br />

Endowed Collection in Children’s Literature.<br />

An additional donation to the<br />

<strong>Library</strong> Associates in support of the<br />

highest priorities of the <strong>Library</strong><br />

The Ahmanson Foundation<br />

A donation to support the Center for<br />

Primary Research and Training in the<br />

Charles E. Young Research <strong>Library</strong><br />

Department of Special Collections. An<br />

additional gift in support of California<br />

Rare Book School courses and sessions<br />

held in connection with the department<br />

Arcadia Fund<br />

A donation in support of transformational<br />

changes in the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong>’s collections<br />

and the services that support them. An<br />

additional gift for the Center for Primary<br />

Research and Training in the Charles E.<br />

Young Research <strong>Library</strong> Department of<br />

Special Collections.<br />

B. H. Breslauer Foundation<br />

Donation for the acquisition of the manuscript<br />

of Nicolas de Biard’s Distinctiones by<br />

the Charles E. Young Research <strong>Library</strong><br />

Department of Special Collections<br />

Jacqueline Briskin<br />

To enhance the Bert and Jacqueline<br />

Briskin Endowed Collection in Fiction<br />

Henry J. Bruman* Trust<br />

To enhance the Bruman Map Collection<br />

in the Charles E. Young Research <strong>Library</strong><br />

Collections, Research, and Instructional<br />

Services<br />

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } Progress Report 2008-09 page 18<br />

Man-Hing Chen* Memorial<br />

Endowment<br />

To establish the Man-Hing Chen Memorial<br />

Endowment in memory of the first head<br />

of the Richard C. Rudolph East Asian<br />

<strong>Library</strong>; the endowment will support the<br />

highest priorities of the East Asian <strong>Library</strong><br />

Council on <strong>Library</strong> and Information<br />

Resources<br />

A gift in support of the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong>’s<br />

undergraduate initiatives program<br />

Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation<br />

A grant in support of the Center for<br />

Primary Research and Training documentary<br />

film project in the Charles E. Young<br />

Research <strong>Library</strong> Department of Special<br />

Collections<br />

Dickey Family Trust<br />

To augment the Donald and Hisae Dickey<br />

Jr. Endowed Fund, which supports the<br />

Donald R. Dickey Collection of Vertebrate<br />

Zoology in the Louise M. Darling<br />

Biomedical <strong>Library</strong> History and Special<br />

Collections for the Sciences<br />

William P. Edwards and Ann Edwards<br />

To acquire the Aldous and Laura Huxley<br />

Collection for the Charles E. Young<br />

Research <strong>Library</strong> Department of Special<br />

Collections. An additional gift to the<br />

<strong>Library</strong> Associates in support of the<br />

highest priority needs of the <strong>Library</strong>.<br />

Mr. Edwards also made two additional<br />

donations to the Order of the Blue Shield<br />

Fund in the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong>.<br />

Elsevier Inc.<br />

In support of the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong>’s project<br />

to upgrade the Science and Engineering<br />

<strong>Library</strong> facilities<br />

Edna and Yu-Shan Han Charitable<br />

Foundation<br />

To support the Edna and Yu-Shan Han<br />

Collection and Endowment Fund in the<br />

Richard C. Rudolph East Asian <strong>Library</strong>.<br />

Two additional gifts to the <strong>Library</strong> Associates<br />

in support of the highest priority<br />

needs of the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> and the East<br />

Asian <strong>Library</strong><br />

Lois Haytin<br />

To establish the Harold A. Haytin<br />

Memorial Endowment for the acquisition,<br />

preservation, and processing of <strong>Library</strong><br />

materials in the discipline of history. An<br />

additional gift to the <strong>Library</strong> Associates<br />

in support of the highest priority needs<br />

of the <strong>Library</strong><br />

* Indicates the donor is deceased

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } Progress Report 2008-09 page 19<br />

Sammy Yukuan Lee Foundation<br />

To establish the Sammy Yukuan<br />

Lee Family Endowment for Chinese<br />

Archaeology and Culture to support the<br />

purchase of books and other materials<br />

pertaining to Chinese archaeology and<br />

culture for the Richard C. Rudolph East<br />

Asian <strong>Library</strong><br />

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation<br />

A grant to support the cataloging of<br />

unprocessed collections of rare and<br />

unique materials in the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong><br />

Wallace I. Nispel*<br />

To support the highest priority needs of<br />

the <strong>Library</strong><br />

James O. Page Charitable Foundation<br />

To establish the James O. Page Collection<br />

Endowment, which supports the acquisition,<br />

preservation, and processing of<br />

materials for the James O. Page Collection,<br />

housed in the History and Special<br />

Collections for the Sciences in the Louise<br />

M. Darling Biomedical <strong>Library</strong><br />

Norman and Armena Powell<br />

To augment the Norman J. and Armena<br />

B. Powell Endowed Fund to support the<br />

highest priority needs of the <strong>Library</strong>. An<br />

additional gift to the <strong>Library</strong> Associates,<br />

also in support of the highest priority<br />

needs of the <strong>Library</strong><br />

Robert Gore Rifkind Foundation<br />

To establish the Robert Gore Rifkind<br />

Foundation Endowment for the Arts,<br />

which will support the acquisition, preservation,<br />

and processing of materials in<br />

the arts. An additional gift to the <strong>Library</strong><br />

Associates to support the highest priority<br />

needs of the <strong>Library</strong><br />

Raymond C. Rothman* Endowed<br />

Collection in the History of Cognitive<br />

Science<br />

To augment the Raymond C. Rothman<br />

Endowed Collection in the History of<br />

Cognitive Science in the Louise M.<br />

Darling Biomedical <strong>Library</strong><br />

Ruth M. Simon<br />

A donation to augment the Ruth Simon<br />

<strong>Library</strong> Prize for Undergraduate Research.<br />

An additional gift to the <strong>Library</strong> Associates<br />

to support the highest priority<br />

needs of the <strong>Library</strong><br />

Gary E. Strong and Carolyn J. Strong<br />

To establish the Gary E. and Carolyn J.<br />

Strong Endowment for the University<br />

<strong>Librarian</strong> in support of the greatest needs<br />

of the <strong>Library</strong>. An additional gift to the<br />

<strong>Library</strong> Associates, also in support of the<br />

highest priority needs of the <strong>Library</strong><br />

** Indicates matching gift<br />

Ann E. Sumner* Estate<br />

To establish the Ann Sumner <strong>Library</strong> Fund<br />

endowment for the purchase of books in<br />

art history<br />

Amy C. Tsiang and Donald H. Tsiang<br />

To establish the Amy Ching-Fen Tsiang<br />

Legacy Endowment, which will support<br />

the purchase of materials for the Richard<br />

C. Rudolph East Asian <strong>Library</strong><br />

Adam F. Wechsler* Trust<br />

A gift to support the highest priority<br />

needs of the Louise M. Darling Biomedical<br />

<strong>Library</strong><br />

Joan S. Zenan<br />

To establish the Joan S. Zenan Endowed<br />

Discretionary Fund to support the highest<br />

priorities of the Louise M. Darling Biomedical<br />

<strong>Library</strong><br />

Zhongkun Group Inc.<br />

To establish the Nubo Huang of Zhongkun<br />

Group Cultural Endowed Fund, which will<br />

support the acquisition, processing, and<br />

preservation of Chinese materials on<br />

contemporary literature and occasional<br />

cultural events in the Richard C. Rudolph<br />

East Asian <strong>Library</strong><br />

Corporate and Foundation Gifts<br />

These corporations and foundations made cumulative<br />

cash contributions of $1,000 or greater or<br />

cumulative gift-in-kind contributions valued at<br />

$5,000 or greater.<br />

The Ahmanson Foundation<br />

Arcadia Fund<br />

B. H. Breslauer Foundation<br />

California Community Foundation<br />

–W.J. Barlow Fund<br />

– Sara and Harold Lincoln Thompson<br />

Fund<br />

Council on <strong>Library</strong> and Information<br />

Resources<br />

Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation<br />

Ralph Edwards Productions Inc.<br />

Elsevier Inc.<br />

Friends of <strong>UCLA</strong> Armenian Language and<br />

Culture Studies<br />

Edna and Yu-Shan Han Charitable<br />

Foundation<br />

John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes<br />

Foundation<br />

Infotrieve, Inc.<br />

Institute of Electrical and Electronics<br />

Engineers<br />

International Society of Appraisers<br />

Southern California Chapter<br />

Sammy Yukuan Lee Foundation<br />

Mayday Fund<br />

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation<br />

James O. Page Charitable Foundation<br />

Northrop Grumman Foundation<br />

PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation**<br />

Robert Gore Rifkind Foundation<br />

Zhongkun Group Inc.<br />

<strong>Library</strong> Associates – Powell<br />

Society<br />

These individuals made cumulative discretionary<br />

gifts of $1,000 or greater.<br />

Roy H. Aaron<br />

Marianne H. Afifi and Abdelmonem A.<br />

Afifi, PhD<br />

Dean V. Ambrose<br />

Patti and Harlan Amstutz<br />

Patricia R. Anawalt<br />

Jean L. Aroeste<br />

Christy Beaudin<br />

Ronda and Stanley Breitbard<br />

David H. Brown<br />

H. J. (Joe) Bryant<br />

S. Adelaide Coulter and Ian D. Coulter<br />

Fereshteh M. Diba<br />

Gordon H. and Cathie C. Dixon<br />

William P. Edwards and Ann Edwards<br />

Caroline B. Erickson<br />

William and Patricia Flumenbaum<br />

Rose R. Gilbert<br />

Mildred R. Johnson<br />

Chung P. and San Oak Kim<br />

Susan and George Kinney<br />

June E. Lewin and David Lewin<br />

Jane Lopatt and Richard A. Lopatt<br />

Janet E. Marott<br />

Kay Mason<br />

John E. Matthews<br />

Marilyn W. McIntyre<br />

Herb and Margery Morris<br />

Giselle C. Namazie<br />

Robert Gore Rifkind<br />

Leon Rootenberg and Barbara Rootenberg<br />

Susan C. Salenger<br />

Ruth M. Simon<br />

Wendy B. Smith and Barry M. Meyer<br />

Amy Sherman Smith and Robert Simon<br />

Raymond Soto<br />

Gary E. and Carolyn J. Strong<br />

Robert and Patsy Sung<br />

John W. Sweetland<br />

Dr. Bernice M. Wenzel and Dr. Wendell E.<br />

Jeffrey<br />

Gloria S. Werner<br />

Lyle N. and Jacqueline Whited

First Century Society<br />

These members of the First Century Society have<br />

included the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> in their estate plans.<br />

Roy H. Aaron<br />

Marion and Kurt Anker<br />

Jean L. Aroeste<br />

Hans Baerwald and Jennifer S. Buchwald-<br />

Baerwald<br />

Barbara A. Booth<br />

Jacqueline Briskin<br />

Wilmer B. Buckland*<br />

Wade A. and Alison O. Bunting<br />

Paul Craft<br />

Robert L. Eckert and Jerome Elliott*<br />

Marian Engelke<br />

William and Patricia Flumenbaum<br />

Jack Fromkin<br />

William Goodman<br />

Robert M. and Sandra C. Hobbs<br />

James C. and Mary G. Holland<br />

Margaret C. Jacob and Lynn A. Hunt<br />

Wendell E. Jeffrey and Bernice M. Wenzel<br />

Norah E. Jones*<br />

Max Lawrence<br />

Sarah R. Lesser<br />

Constance Lodge*<br />

Michelle London<br />

Basil W. Martinez<br />

Sheila Morrison<br />

James J. and Rosemarie J. Nix<br />

Irla Z. Oetzel<br />

Clarice Campbell Olcott<br />

Judy A. Postley*<br />

Norman J. and Armena B. Powell<br />

Susan F. Rice<br />

Hilda N. Rolfe<br />

Ruth M. Simon<br />

Carmela H. Speroni*<br />

Elizabeth S. Stacey and W. Peter Marien<br />

William A. and Mary Lou Steinmetz<br />

Ann E. Sumner*<br />

David S. and Suebelle S. Verity<br />

Jacqueline S. Weber<br />

Mary E. Williams<br />

Bequests<br />

The <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> received distributions from the<br />

estates of the following individuals.<br />

Henry J. Bruman*<br />

R. B. Kitaj*<br />

Wallace l. Nispel*<br />

Ann E. Sumner*<br />

Nancy Lee Thorner*<br />

Adam F. Wechsler*<br />

Donors<br />

These donors made cumulative cash contributions<br />

of $1,000 or greater or cumulative gift-in-kind<br />

contributions valued at $5,000 or greater<br />

A<br />

Roy H. Aaron<br />

Marianne H. Afifi and Abdelmonem A.<br />

Afifi, PhD<br />

The Ahmanson Foundation<br />

Dean V. Ambrose<br />

Patti and Harlan Amstutz<br />

Patricia R. Anawalt<br />

Arcadia Fund<br />

Salome R. Arkatov<br />

Jean L. Aroeste<br />

B<br />

Cecile C. Bartman<br />

Christy Beaudin<br />

Sanford M. and Phyllis B. Beim<br />

C. Mae Benjamin<br />

Sharla P. and Barry W. Boehm<br />

Ronda and Stanley Breitbard<br />

B. H. Breslauer Foundation<br />

Jacqueline Briskin<br />

David H. Brown<br />

Henry J. Bruman* Trust<br />

H. Joseph Bryant Jr.<br />

Alison Bunting and Wade A. Bunting<br />

C<br />

California Community Foundation<br />

–W.J. Barlow Fund<br />

– Sara and Harold Lincoln Thompson<br />

Fund<br />

Lucie Cheng*<br />

James A. Collins<br />

S. Adelaide and Ian D. Coulter<br />

Council on <strong>Library</strong> and Information<br />

Resources<br />

D<br />

Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation<br />

Fereshteh M. Diba<br />

Dickey Family Trust<br />

Gordon H. and Cathie C. Dixon<br />

Lauren Dudley<br />

E<br />

Ralph Edwards Productions Inc.<br />

William P. Edwards and Ann Edwards<br />

Elsevier Inc.<br />

Caroline B. Erickson<br />

F<br />

William and Patricia Flumenbaum<br />

Peter and Barbara Frank<br />

Friends of <strong>UCLA</strong> Armenian Language and<br />

Culture Studies<br />

G<br />

Rose R. Gilbert<br />

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } Progress Report 2008-09 page 20<br />

H<br />

Edna and Yu-Shan Han Charitable<br />

Foundation<br />

John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes<br />

Foundation<br />

Lois Haytin<br />

Mrs. Dexter H. Howard<br />

Rosanne and Bruce Howard<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Nubo Huang<br />

I<br />

Infotrieve Inc.<br />

Institute of Electrical and Electronics<br />

Engineers<br />

International Society of Appraisers<br />

Southern California Chapter<br />

J<br />

Mildred R. Johnson<br />

Norah E. Jones*<br />

K<br />

Zovinar Kalfayan<br />

Barbara H. Katt<br />

Farley P. Katz and Carolyn Fuentes<br />

Chung P. and San Oak Kim<br />

Susan and George Kinney<br />

R. B. Kitaj* Trust<br />

L<br />

Ludwig Lauerhass Jr.<br />

Sammy Yukuan Lee Foundation<br />

Stephen O. Lesser<br />

June E. Lewin and David Lewin<br />

Jane Lopatt and Richard A. Lopatt<br />

Katie and Jim Loss<br />

Daniel W. Luckenbill<br />

M<br />

Willard L. and Ruth B. Marmelzat<br />

Janet E. Marott<br />

Jeffrey L. Marr<br />

Warren Marr<br />

Kay Mason<br />

John E. Matthews<br />

Mayday Fund<br />

Marilyn W. McIntyre<br />

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation<br />

Janet and Henry Minami<br />

Herb and Margery Morris<br />

N<br />

Giselle C. Namazie<br />

Wallace I. Nispel*<br />

Northrop Grumman Foundation<br />

P<br />

James O. Page Charitable Foundation<br />

Norman and Armena Powell<br />

PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation<br />

* Indicates the donor is deceased

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } Progress Report 2008-09 page 21<br />

R<br />

Robert Gore Rifkind Foundation<br />

Leon Rootenberg and Barbara Rootenberg<br />

Marcie H. Rothman<br />

Rita C. Rothman<br />

Richard and Mary A. Rouse<br />

Deborah M. Rudolph and John H. Hawley<br />

Mary A. Rudolph<br />

S<br />

Renee Saifer<br />

Fred and Susan Salenger<br />

Laurence and Sallie Seigler<br />

Cubby Sherman<br />

Edwin S. Shneidman*<br />

Ruth M. Simon<br />

Amy Sherman Smith and Robert Simon<br />

Wendy B. Smith and Barry M. Meyer<br />

Raymond Soto<br />

Charles W. and Ellen K. Steinmetz<br />

William A. and Mary Lou Steinmetz<br />

Diana Story<br />

Gary E. Strong and Carolyn J. Strong<br />

Ann E. Sumner* Estate<br />

Robert E. and Patsy Sung<br />

John W. Sweetland<br />

T<br />

Gladys C. Emerson Thomas<br />

Nancy Lee Thorner* Estate<br />

Donald H. and Amy C. Tsiang<br />

W<br />

Adam F. Wechsler* Trust<br />

Dr. Bernice M. Wenzel and Dr. Wendell E.<br />

Jeffrey<br />

Gloria S. Werner<br />

Lyle N. and Jacqueline Whited<br />

Billy R. Wilkinson and Ann M. Wilkinson<br />

T. Joe Willey and Barbara Willey<br />

Z<br />

Joan S. Zenan<br />

Zhongkun Group Inc.<br />

Memorial Gifts<br />

These individuals, corporations, and foundations<br />

made gifts of $1,000 and greater to perpetuate<br />

the memory and works of their relatives, friends,<br />

or colleagues.<br />

In memory of Dexter H. Howard<br />

Mrs. Dexter H. Howard<br />

In memory of Philip M. Burnett<br />

Jim and Katie Loss<br />

In memory of Richard C. Rudolph<br />

Mary A. Rudolph<br />

In memory of Robert H. Mason<br />

Kay Mason<br />

* Indicates the donor is deceased<br />

In memory of Harold A. Haytin<br />

Lois Haytin<br />

In memory of James G. Davis<br />

Norah E. Jones*<br />

In memory of Ralph Edwards<br />

Ralph Edwards Productions Inc.<br />

In memory of Raymond C. Rothman<br />

Rita C. Rothman<br />

In memory of Robert S. Stein<br />

Patti and Harlan Amstutz<br />

In memory of Geraldine Sherman<br />

Cubby Sherman<br />

Amy Sherman Smith and Robert Simon<br />

In memory of Teri G. Aaron<br />

Roy H. Aaron<br />

Sharla P. and Barry W. Boehm<br />

Selected Gift Collections<br />

These individuals have donated manuscripts,<br />

books, and other materials whose cumulative<br />

value is $10,000 or greater.<br />

Salome R. Arkatov<br />

Forty-nine four-by-six-inch color photographic<br />

prints and 452 eight-by-ten-inch<br />

black-and-white prints<br />

Barbara H. Katt<br />

Scripts from the acting career of Barbara<br />

Hale and her late husband, Bill Williams<br />

Farley P. Katz and Carolyn Fuentes<br />

Forty-nine fifteenth- and sixteenthcentury<br />

text manuscripts from France<br />

and the Savoy<br />

R. B. Kitaj* Trust<br />

Eleven oil paintings and one collage by<br />

the late artist<br />

Dan Luckenbill<br />

Yannis Tsarouchis, Portrait of Young Man,<br />

Maroussi [Athens, Greece], 1966, pencil<br />

sketch<br />

Diana Story<br />

Ralph Story’s Los Angeles scripts collection,<br />

1964-68<br />

Billy R. Wilkinson and Ann M.<br />

Wilkinson<br />

Approximately 5,800 postcards from 1900<br />

to 1990<br />

Collection Endowments<br />

Established as of June 30, 2009<br />

Theresa G. Aaron Endowed Collection in<br />

Children’s Literature<br />

Friends of <strong>UCLA</strong> Armenian Language and<br />

Culture Studies Collection Endowment<br />

Walter Jarvis Barlow History of Medicine<br />

Collection Fund<br />

The Sanford and Phyllis Beim Endowed<br />

Collection in Jewish Studies<br />

The Dr. John and Mae Benjamin Endowed<br />

Collection in the History of Biology,<br />

Medicine, and Science<br />

Biomed Alumni and Staff Reference<br />

Collection Endowment Fund<br />

Biomed Fiftieth Anniversary Faculty<br />

Collection Endowment Fund<br />

Order of the Blue Shield Fund<br />

The David Bohnett Foundation Endowment<br />

for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and<br />

Transgender Collections<br />

Edgar Bowers Estate Endowed Fund for<br />

Special Collections<br />

The Ira L. Boyle Endowment for Actuarial<br />

Science and Mathematics<br />

Cornelia Breitenbach Memorial Fund in<br />

the Arts<br />

The Bert and Jacqueline Briskin Endowed<br />

Collection in Fiction<br />

Henry J. Bruman Educational Foundation<br />

Endowment Fund<br />

Henry J. Bruman Endowed Collection<br />

Development Fund<br />

Alison Bunting Endowed Rare Books Fund<br />

Thomas Gill Cary <strong>Library</strong> Fund<br />

Center Theater Group Collection Fund<br />

Man-Hing Chen Memorial Endowment<br />

The She-Wo Cheng Memorial Fund<br />

Bruno Chiappinelli Memorial Fund<br />

The Yong Chen Chu Endowed Fund in<br />

Support of Chinese Language and<br />

Culture<br />

Alice Lee-Tsing Chung Memorial<br />

Collection Endowment<br />

Ralph D. Cornell Memorial Fund for<br />

Special Collections<br />

Theodore E. Cummings Collection of<br />

Hebraica and Judaica<br />

James Davis Rare Books Fund<br />

Ernest Dawson Memorial Fund for Books<br />

about Books<br />

The Donald and Hisae Dickey Jr. Endowed<br />

Fund<br />

Henny and Rudolf Engelbarts Fund<br />

The Francis P. Farquhar Mountaineering<br />

Collection and Endowment Fund<br />

Dr. Marvin E. Fieman Endowed Collection<br />

in Contemporary World History

The Samuel and Frances Flumenbaum<br />

Endowed Collection in Jewish Studies<br />

The Friends of <strong>UCLA</strong> Armenian Language<br />

and Culture Studies Collection<br />

Endowment<br />

The J. Paul Getty Trust Endowment for<br />

Pre-Seventeenth-Century European<br />

Books and Manuscripts<br />

Maggie Gilbert Memorial Endowment<br />

Phyllis Gilbert Memorial Endowment<br />

in Materials Chemistry – Electrochemistry<br />

Joan S. and Ralph N. Goldwyn Endowed<br />

Collection in Jazz<br />

William Goodman Boxing Collection<br />

Endowment<br />

Edna and Yu-Shan Han Collection Endowment<br />

Fund<br />

The Harold A. Haytin Memorial Endowment<br />

The Evelyn Troup Hobson and William<br />

Hobson Endowed Collection<br />

Nubo Huang of Zhongkun Group Cultural<br />

Endowed Fund<br />

Professor Richard Hudson Endowment in<br />

Music<br />

Infotrieve Collection Endowment Fund<br />

Norah E. Jones Fund for Fine Press<br />

Printing<br />

Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program<br />

Collection Endowment<br />

Kenneth Karmiole Endowment for Rare<br />

Books and Manuscripts<br />

The Herbert Klein Endowment<br />

Allan and Maxine Kurtzman Endowed<br />

Collection in Beat Literature<br />

Carol Dana Lanham Memorial Endowment<br />

for Books in Medieval Latin Studies<br />

Edward A. Lasher Chemistry <strong>Library</strong> Fund<br />

Ludwig Lauerhass Jr. Endowed Collection<br />

in Brazilian Studies<br />

The Gold Shield Marjorie Alice Lenz<br />

Endowed Collection in Fashion and<br />

Costume Design<br />

The Sammy Yukuan Lee Family Endowment<br />

for Chinese Archaeology and<br />

Culture<br />

Stephen O. Lesser Endowment<br />

The Raymond L. Libby Fund<br />

<strong>Library</strong> of Architecture and Allied Arts<br />

of Los Angeles Endowment Fund<br />

The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation Judaica<br />

Book Fund<br />

Bing Liu of Evergreen Books Endowed<br />

Collection in Chinese Culture<br />

Ardis Lodge Memorial Fund for the Reference<br />

Collection<br />

Ann Scott Longueil Fund for Literature<br />

The Willard Lee Marmelzat, MD<br />

Collection Endowment<br />

The Dr. Judd Marmor Endowed Collection<br />

in Psychiatry<br />

Maxicare Research and Educational<br />

Foundation Collection Endowment<br />

Khorshid Metghalchi Endowment for<br />

Iranian Studies<br />

Everett and Jean Moore Endowment in<br />

Reference<br />

Franklin D. Murphy Memorial Fund<br />

The Franklin E. Murphy, MD Fund for the<br />

History of Medicine<br />

James and Irla Zimmerman Oetzel<br />

Endowment Fund<br />

The Dini Ostrov Endowed Collection<br />

in French Letters, Language, and<br />

Architecture<br />

James O. Page Collection Endowment<br />

Marianne Puncheon Noah’s Ark Endowed<br />

Fund<br />

Daniel T. Richards Endowment for<br />

Support of the Thomas Baxter Camp<br />

and Alice Jarrett Camp Collection<br />

The Robert Gore Rifkind Foundation<br />

Endowment for the Arts<br />

George Ross Robertson Chemistry <strong>Library</strong><br />

Fund<br />

Barbara and Leon Rootenberg Endowment<br />

Fund<br />

Leon and Barbara Rootenberg Collection<br />

Endowment<br />

Roth Family Foundation Endowed Fund<br />

for Los Angeles Photography<br />

Raymond C. Rothman Endowed Collection<br />

in the History of Cognitive<br />

Science<br />

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } Progress Report 2008-09 page 22<br />

Cynthia J. Shelton and Gary B. Nash<br />

Collection Endowment in Southwestern<br />

History and Culture<br />

Geraldine J. Sherman Memorial<br />

Endowment for Artists’ Books<br />

The Smotrich Family Endowed Collection<br />

in Jewish Studies<br />

Ralph R. and Patricia N. Sonnenschein<br />

Medals Collection Fund<br />

The Raymond Soto Endowed Collection<br />

in English and American Literature<br />

Gary E. and Carolyn J. Strong Endowment<br />

Ann E. Sumner Endowed Collection in Art<br />

History<br />

Johanna Eleonore Tallman Trust Fund for<br />

the Science Today Collection<br />

Amy Ching-Fen Tsiang Legacy Endowment<br />

Giselle von Grunebaum Memorial Endowment<br />

for World Literature<br />

Donald O. Walter Endowed Collection<br />

of Monographs in the History and<br />

Philosophy of Science<br />

Marie and Raymond Waters Discretionary<br />

Collection Endowment<br />

Jacqueline and Eugen Weber Collection<br />

Endowment in European History<br />

The Mary Williams Endowed Collection<br />

in Motion Picture Arts Fund<br />

Thomas L. and Betty Lou Young Family<br />

Endowed Collection in Southern<br />

California History<br />

Endowment Collection for Complementary<br />

and Alternative Medicine founded<br />

by Yda and Irwin Ziment, MD<br />

Giving Opportunities<br />

Collection Endowment Initiative<br />

The Collection Endowment Initiative provides critically needed funds to<br />

acquire, preserve, and make accessible library materials in a particular subject<br />

area of interest. Collection endowments begin at $50,000, and the<br />

<strong>Library</strong> invites donors to make a single gift or to build an endowed fund<br />

over several years. Special bookplates reflecting the interests of the philanthropist<br />

are designed in consultation with the donor and affixed to each<br />

printed item added to <strong>Library</strong> collections that was made possible by his or<br />

her generosity.<br />

Center for Primary Research and Training<br />

The Center for Primary Research and Training offers <strong>UCLA</strong> graduate students<br />

the opportunity to work with primary source materials in <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> special<br />

collections, thereby integrating these rare and unique materials further<br />

into the teaching and research mission of the university. Support for this<br />

program provides funding for five to ten participants each quarter and offers<br />

a special naming opportunity to interested donors.

{ <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> } Progress Report 2008-09 page 23<br />

Other <strong>Library</strong> Endowments<br />

Established as of June 30, 2009<br />

Page Ackerman Staff Opportunities Fund<br />

Edgardo and Francesca Acosta Endowment<br />

Ahmanson Endowed Fund for Special<br />

Collections<br />

Ahmanson <strong>UCLA</strong> University <strong>Librarian</strong>’s<br />

Discretionary Fund<br />

Alison and Wade Bunting Endowed Discretionary<br />

Fund<br />

Campbell Student Book Collection Competition<br />

Endowed Fund<br />

The Bonnie Cashin Archives Endowed<br />

Fund<br />

The Bonnie Cashin Endowed Lecture<br />

Series Fund<br />

Center Theater Group Collection<br />

Endowment<br />

Louise M. Darling Biomedical <strong>Library</strong><br />

Staff Development Fund<br />

James G. Davis Conservation and Preservation<br />

Endowment Fund<br />

James G. Davis Charles E. Young Research<br />

<strong>Library</strong> Department of Special<br />

Collections Fund<br />

Robert G. and Janet S. Dunlap Conservation<br />

and Preservation Endowed<br />

Fund<br />

Richard C. Rudolph East Asian <strong>Library</strong><br />

Various Donors Fund<br />

Kathryn Elizabeth Gourlay Discretionary<br />

Fund<br />

Honor with Books Endowed Fund<br />

John B. Jackson Tribute Endowment for<br />

the Oral History Program<br />

<strong>Library</strong> Conservation and Preservation<br />

Endowment Fund<br />

Blake R. Nevius Oral History Program<br />

Fund<br />

William A. Nitze Memorial Fund<br />

Joan Palevsky Endowment for the Center<br />

for Primary Research and Training<br />

John and Judy Postley Endowed Fund for<br />

<strong>Library</strong> Technology<br />

Norman J. and Armena B. Powell<br />

Endowed Fund for the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong><br />

Betty Rosenberg Fund<br />

Marie Saito Endowed Scholarship Fund<br />

Rita A. Scherrei Endowed Fund for <strong>Library</strong><br />

Staff Development<br />

1995 Senior Class Gift Fund for College<br />

<strong>Library</strong><br />

Shirley and Ralph Shapiro Endowment for<br />

Conservation and Preservation<br />

<strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> Associates<br />

Support from the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> Associates annual giving program ensures<br />

that critical needs, from special-opportunity acquisitions to information<br />

literacy programs, are addressed. Discretionary funds available to the university<br />

librarian have a significant impact on the quality, innovative resources<br />

and services that the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> is able to offer. The generosity of the<br />

<strong>Library</strong> Associates is acknowledged through invitations to a variety of<br />

stimulating activities throughout the year and courtesies such as borrowing<br />

privileges.<br />

Honor with Books<br />

Honor with Books allows donors to pay a lasting tribute to a special person<br />

by placing a bookplate in his or her honor in one newly purchased book in<br />

the subject area of the donor’s choice. This $100 gift directed to the Honor<br />

with Books Fund will support a critical acquisitions need while honoring a<br />

loved one, friend, or colleague in perpetuity.<br />

Shirley and Ralph Shapiro Endowment for<br />

the University <strong>Librarian</strong><br />

Shirley and Ralph Shapiro Award to<br />

Support Student Research and Training<br />

in Special Collections<br />

Ruth Simon <strong>Library</strong> Prize for Undergraduate<br />

Research<br />

Irving and Jean Stone Endowed Research<br />

Fund<br />

James and Sylvia Thayer Endowed Fellowships<br />

for Special Collections in the<br />

<strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong><br />

Gloria Werner Endowed Discretionary<br />

Fund for the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong><br />

Bob and Marion Wilson <strong>Library</strong> Discretionary<br />

Fund<br />

Bernadine J.L.M. Zelenka Endowment<br />

Joan S. Zenan Endowed Discretionary<br />

Fund<br />

Every effort has been made to ensure the completeness and accuracy of<br />

this list. However, if you discover an error or omission, please call <strong>Library</strong><br />

Development at 310.206.8526 so that we can correct our records.<br />

For Further Information,<br />

Please Contact:<br />

<strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> Development Office<br />

11334 Charles E. Young Research <strong>Library</strong><br />

Box 951575<br />

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575<br />

Telephone 310.206.8526<br />

Fax 310.206.8594<br />

Email <br />


<strong>UCLA</strong> Office of the University <strong>Librarian</strong><br />

405 Hilgard Avenue<br />

11334 Charles E. Young Research <strong>Library</strong><br />

Box 951575<br />

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575<br />

Behind the Bytes<br />

“When I first heard Mexican ranchera music, I was just fascinated<br />

by the accordion players and their wonderful polkas,” said Chris<br />

Strachwitz, who initially ran across the music in the late 1940s on<br />

a Santa Paula, California, radio station. “I couldn’t understand the<br />

lyrics, but it had the same soulful feeling as other vernacular music.”<br />

By the 1960s Strachwitz had started collecting the music<br />

seriously, scouring record stores, jukebox companies, radio<br />

stations, and people’s homes, mainly in South Texas, to<br />

find records. He also convinced record companies to<br />

sell him their 78 rpm records, which were no longer<br />

being recorded and were stored away in<br />

warehouses. In 1995 Strachwitz established<br />

the Arhoolie Foundation to document,<br />

present, preserve, and disseminate<br />

authentic traditional and regional<br />

vernacular music, including his own<br />

remarkable collection.<br />

Now these rare and fragile recordings,<br />

many of which were at risk of disappearing,<br />

have been digitized and made<br />

available through a search interface and<br />

Web archive developed by the <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong>’s<br />

Digital <strong>Library</strong> Program. This collaborative project also involved the<br />

Arhoolie Foundation, which provided the collection; Los Tigres Del<br />

Norte Foundation, which donated major funding; and <strong>UCLA</strong>’s Chicano<br />

Studies Research Center, which brought all the parties together.<br />

The Fund for Folk Culture, National Endowment for the Humanities,<br />

National Endowment for the Arts, Grammy Foundation, Lucasfilm<br />

Foundation, and others also provided funding for the project.<br />

Accessible through the Strachwitz Frontera Collection of Mexican and<br />

Mexican American Recordings at are<br />

more than forty-one thousand recordings, a treasure trove of historical<br />

Spanish-language songs dating from the early 1900s to the 1950s.<br />

Editor Dawn Setzer | University <strong>Librarian</strong> Gary E. Strong | Executive Director of Development Amy Smith | Designer Ellen Watanabe<br />

The <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Librarian</strong> circulates to <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong> donors, <strong>Library</strong> Associates, and other libraries. Please send any comments or inquiries to Dawn Setzer, <strong>UCLA</strong> <strong>Library</strong><br />

Communications, 53442 Charles E. Young Research <strong>Library</strong>, Box 951575, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575.<br />

Photography credits: Ann Johansson (cover, lower left; pp. 3, 5; p. 13, right); Todd Cheney, <strong>UCLA</strong> Photography (p. 8); Leslie Barton (p. 11); Robert Gore ( p. 12);<br />

Reed Hutchinson/Calfoto (p. 13, left); Jonathan Wilson (p. 14, top)<br />

Non-Profit Org<br />

US Postage<br />

PAID<br />

<strong>UCLA</strong><br />

World’s Largest Online Archive of Mexican and<br />

Mexican American Recordings<br />

The collection encompasses a vast array of musical and performance<br />

styles, including early corridos, boleros, sones, patriotic speeches, and<br />

comedy skits. Among its many gems are the first known recordings in<br />

1908 of the mariachi group Cuarteto Coculense in Mexico City, the<br />

first recordings in 1928 by Tejano music legend Lydia Mendoza and her<br />

family, and the first recordings<br />

in 1937 by accordion pioneer<br />

Narciso Martinez.<br />

The singers and musicians<br />

who made these records helped<br />

popularize and preserve a number<br />

of traditions that constitute<br />

the roots of current Mexican<br />

and Mexican American music.<br />

Many of these records are one<br />

of a kind and were originally<br />

recorded by companies that no<br />

longer exist.<br />

Scholars throughout the nation are already using the archive for<br />

their research. At <strong>UCLA</strong>, brothers Jorge and Luis Herrera, who also<br />

are pursuing musical careers, have used the archive both in their<br />

research and in their creative endeavors. Jorge, who is working on<br />

a doctorate in ethnomusicology, is writing his dissertation on how<br />

norteño and other traditional Mexican music styles changed when<br />

Mexican musicians crossed into the United States. Luis, who used<br />

the archive to complete his master’s degree in Latin American<br />

studies at <strong>UCLA</strong>, said the brothers also have used the songs as a<br />

source of inspiration.<br />

“If it wasn’t for the Frontera Collection, there’s no way a common<br />

person could get their hands on this kind of music,” said Luis,<br />

who belongs to the norteño band Los Hermanos Herrera. “It’s a<br />

little treasure chest of music that very few people know about.”

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