November 30, 2007 - About Us: “The Community” is the premier ...

November 30, 2007 - About Us: “The Community” is the premier ...

How One Word

Changed the World

By Baruch Epstein

In the second chapter of his seminal work, Tanya,

the founder of Chabad Chassidism, Rabbi

Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812), quotes a

verse from the book of Job describing the soul as

"a part of G-d above"; and then adds a one-word

modifier that revolutionized the way we think

about ourselves and our lives: mamash.

Now mamash is one of those rich Hebrew words

that defy a simple dictionary definition. Its meanings

include "literally," the inquisitive "really?", and

even the materialistic "tangible," along with a host

of others, each nuanced by context and inflection.

A bit of history: In the late 1790's Rabbi Schneur

Zalman took the bold step of publishing chassidic

thought, making it available to even the uninitiated

and, perhaps even riskier, to the untutored public.

This move earned him a fair amount of skeptics

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Thought For The Week

Small Truths: People think

that to attain truth you have to

pulverize boulders, move

mountains and turn the world

upside-down. It's not so. Truth

is found in the little things. On

the other hand, to move a

mountain takes some dynamite

and a few bulldozers. To do

one of those little things can

take a lifetime of working on

yourself. You do what you can:

Learn and meditate and pray and improve yourself in the ways

you know how --and He will help that what you do will be with

Truth. From the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe; rendered by Tzvi Freeman.

Special Chanukah Guide Inserted Within.

History made in Maryland

From right to left: Brigadier General Courtney B. Wilson, Rabbi Chesky

Tenenbaum and uncle of Rabbi Tenenbaum Chaplain Col Yaakov Goldstein.

Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum became the first Chasidic Rabbi to be commissioned

into the Maryland Defense Force last night in a ceremony that took place at Chabad

of Upper Montgomery County in Gaithersburg. Chasidic Rabbi's are generally

prohibited from military service due to grooming regulations (facial hair).

This ground-breaking commissioning represents the establishment of a pathway

for Chasidic Rabbi's to serve in a military capacity. In attendance for the ceremony

was the Uncle of Rabbi Tenenbaum Chaplain Col Yaakov Goldstein who

is the only active soldier in the US Army with a beard. Following the commissioning,

Chaplain Captain Chesky Tenenbaum will be attached to support the 175th

Training Regiment of the Maryland Army National Guard.

Article originally appeared in Shmais News Service.

You can view this issue online by going to



Nov. 30: 5:11 pm

Dec. 7: 5:11 pm


B’’ H

Chanukah Events in

Hollywood, pages 6-7


The Rabbi




“Macabbees vs. Politicians”

Chanukah is here, that wonderful time when we light candles each night,

play dreidel with our children and eat those tasty latkes. This is the time we

recall our ancestors’ sacrifice in shedding their blood for freedom of religion

and the right to serve G-d without government interference. Openly rebelling

against the reigning superpower forcing its Greek/Hellenistic culture

down their collective Jewish throats a small band of Jewish guerillas arose,

declaring “It’s enough! We won’t take it anymore!” They prepared for war

against overwhelming odds and began the fight with a battle cry that defied

all norms; “Whoever is with G-d stand with us!” Their arduous and dangerous

expedition resulted in the enemy’s resounding defeat. This ultimately

led to an independent Jewish government free and clear from gentile/

Hellenistic influence.

As we celebrate Chanukah today in a land founded on similar principles

fought for by a band of revolutionaries who overthrew the colonial power of

their day, we seem to have lost our way. A holiday commemorating freedom

of religion [in a land based on the principles of “G-d – duty – honor –

country”] has become a celebration of self-indulgence and narcissism. We

now stress the giving of gifts in a fashion eerily similar to the seasonal gentile

holidays. We have made it a time to rebel against G-d rather than embracing

Him. Others – in their mistaken notion to elevate it somewhat –

celebrate Chanukah as a model and something akin to the war fought for

the independence of the State of Israel. Here too they’re sadly mistaken!

Today’s Israeli independence is as dissimilar to the freedom sought and

won by the Macabbees as Judaism is from the Greek philosophy besieging

it. Where our ancestors proudly hailed their Jewish faith and independent

streak our Jewish leaders of today do all they can to eschew their religion

and trust those who wish to destroy them. As long as there’s a Nobel

Peace prize at the end of this rainbow and leaders are willing to entertain

and accept them, they’ll look and act as all the others do.

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Presently, in our own country, there is a skirmish

against anything that smacks of the Divine: Forbidding

the mention of “Intelligent Design”, public prayer or

even a moment of silence in our public schools, choice

and support of private religious schools and ultimately

obliterating G-d from our money and pledge of allegiance.

All of these run counter to the self-sacrifice and

intent of our Hasmonean fighters and American founders.

It’s high time we returned to our roots – both Jewish

and American – and realize who we are and what we

stand for. We must educate and elucidate to all the

purpose of our existence and the mission at hand. We

are at war! We’re in a spiritual battle against depravity

and decay, which is even more difficult than a physical

one. We must fight to allow G-d back into our lives. We

must return to the basics of education; not just reading,

writing and math, but the importance of morality and

virtue – something that cannot be taught without the

foundation and acknowledgement of a Creator, Who

sustains and watches over us.

We must as well not forget our Israeli brethren who are

in a time of flux and angst, while they’re leaders sit

here in America bargaining their security and lives

away having completely forgotten their roots, in no way

resembling their forefathers and the pride they instilled

in us.

Let us all finally make this Chanukah a time where the

darkness gives way to the light of G-dliness by following

the example of Mattathias and his sons who fought

for the right to disseminate His one true and eternal

word. Let us resolve to live up to our mission as a Kingdom

of Priests and a Holy Nation by proclaiming to one

and all with pride and joy, “This is my G-d and I will

beautify Him.”

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The following are some questions that were asked last year, before

and during Chanukah. For all general laws and customs of

Chanukah please refer to our Chanukah Guide inserted within:

Q: Should one light Chanukah candles at work if they

arrive home late at night?

A: Essentially, it is forbidden to work a half hour prior to candle

lighting time (Magen Avraham on Shulchan Aruch-Orach Chayim

672:5), which would be nightfall (according to many, according to

some, after sunset). If, however, one began during the day one

would be permitted to continue even after candle lighting time.

One should light upon arriving at home, not at work. If one will

arrive very late, one should either wake the children when lighting

and recite the blessings or have them light on their own (if

they are old enough) or have his wife kindle the lights. He should


Call 954-967-8341 or 305-300-0364




And Ohel Abraham


רעונ תונבו םישנל םייתנפוא תועינצ ידגב

תולודג תודימ םג גישהל ןתינ

לארשימ םיאבוימ שאר ייוסיכו םיעבוכ לש בחר ןווגמ

Tzniut (modest) imported clothing

for women & teens. Available also

in plus sizes. A complete line of hats

and headcovers from Israel.

Also, Judaica items for year around.

3216 Stirling Rd. Hollywood

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Mon-Thurs. 10 am-7 pm, Fri. 10 am-1:30 pm

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then kindle his own candles when arriving home with a blessing

(as long as he had in mind not to include himself in his wife’s

candle lighting).

Q: If one is on the road in a motel, where should one

light the Chanukah candles?

A: One should light it as one normally does, by the window. In

essence, however, anywhere one light’s in the room is fine.

Q: If one lives in a high-rise building, above 40 feet

from ground level, where should one light?

A: Normally, even if one customary lights by the window so that

people on the street will see the lights, one should not do so

when 40 feet above ground. The reason: Shulchan Aruch

(Hilchot Chanukah) states; that the lights 40 feet above ground

level are not seen by those walking on the street [peripherally],

therefore, the purpose for doing so (which is publication of the

miracle) is not applicable. In such a case, one should definitely

light by one of his doorways within the house opposite a Mezuzah.

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7 Universal


Weekly laws, insights, stories and

questions pertaining to the 7

Universal Laws for humankind.

A Tanya for Professor Wheeler

By Arnie Gotfryd

Back in the spring of 1987, I was called aside

one morning by Rabbi Dovid Schochet, the

senior Rabbi of the Lubavitch community in

Toronto, with an odd request: "You should get

a copy of this month's Reader's Digest. There

is an article about a physicist, John Wheeler.

You should get in touch with him." "But what

should I tell him?" "Share with him some

Chassidus (chassidic teaching), the Seven

Noahide Laws, that kind of thing."

My curiosity was piqued. Rabbi Schochet is a man who lives and breathes

Torah from morning until night. Yet apparently not only does he read

Reader's Digest, he is using it to single out a non-Jewish scientist to get

close with. But once I read the article, it started to make sense.

Wheeler is one of the world's leading physicists. At the time, he was putting

out some very religious sounding statements in the name of hard-nosed

science. "Is man an unimportant bit of dust on an unimportant planet in an

unimportant galaxy somewhere in the vastness of space?" asks Wheeler.

"No! The necessity to produce life lies at the centre of the universe's whole

machinery and design....Without an observer, there are no laws of physics...

Why should the universe exist at all? The explanation must be so

simple and so beautiful that when we see it we will all say, 'How could it

have been otherwise?...' Still needed today is a thinker... who can lead the

way surefootedly through this world of mystery to insights overlooked or

deemed impossible. I don't know how to. I don't know anyone who does. I

can only say that when you see one who does, treasure him or her."

So a scientist is reporting the discovery of a supernatural plan, the centrality

of mankind in that plan, and the expectation that some individual will

soon lead us to realize the purpose of creation. And all this is the rational

conclusion of a physicist who collaborated with Niels Bohr to lay the

groundwork for atomic energy, coined the phrase "black hole", and served

as mentor for several Nobel laureates.

I drafted a letter to Professor Wheeler and set out to look for where to deliver

it. I called Reader's Digest. They couldn't help me. I looked for the

author of the article, John Boslough, but I couldn't find him. I checked at the

University of Texas at Austin where Professor Wheeler was reportedly

working. They hadn't seen him for months. I tried tracking him through

Europe and numerous other campuses, but no luck. And after a couple of

days of this, I gave up.

Bruce A.



407 Lincoln Road, Suite 306

Miami Beach, Fl 33139

(305) 538-6800

or (786) 457-8472

Arthur Mandel


I decided to call several physicists and put

them on the trail. I finally found Wheeler's personal

secretary at Princeton. "I'm sorry sir, he's

very busy for the next few months... Yes, I understand

that your message is very important,

but he's researching It From Bit and he's not

taking any but the most urgent calls. You see

he spends six months a year on a little island

off Maine contemplating the creation of something

from nothing."

Bingo! I packaged up a Tanya, the blueprint of

Chassidic philosophy containing several chapters

discussing the process and nature of creation

ex nihilo. I included a letter explaining a

little about the Rebbe, and how Chassidus has

the answers to his questions regarding the

origin, mechanism and purpose of the continuous

creation of "something from nothing."

After sending it off, I called Wheeler's secretary,

petitioning her politely to pass the package

on promptly. She replied, "Dr. Gotfryd, you

must understand, around here I must get a

dozen manuscripts a week for Professor

Wheeler's review and comment, and each one

is labeled 'Don't take the next breath until

you've read this!'" Nevertheless, within a few

weeks I received Wheeler's "review" in the

mail: "It is for me a precious remembrance of

the life and teachings of the seventh

Lubavitcher Rebbe to have as a kind gift from

you the Tanya of the first Lubavitcher Rebbe. I

thank you especially for marking passages that

I might study with especial care. You will already

have some notion of my sympathy for

these general questions in what I have said or

written about creation, for example, in the enclosed

three pages of a paper of mine given at a joint meeting of the Royal

Society and the American Philosophical Society."

The article he sent me, entitled "Delayed-Choice Experiments", is noteworthy:

He points out that the elementary quantum process is an act of creation,

the result of observer-participation. From this it follows that without

man there is no universe and no laws of physics. Wheeler finds an original

allusion to this notion in Midrash Rabbah, a compilation of Talmudic insights

into the Torah, which he quotes: G-d chides Abraham, 'You would

not even exist if it were not for me!' 'Yes, G-d, that I know," Abraham replies,

'but You would not be known were it not for me.'

Dr Wheeler comments that, "In our time, the participants in the dialogue

have changed. They are the universe and man. The universe, in the words

of some who would aspire to speak for it, says, 'I am a giant machine. I

supply the space and time for your existence. There was no before before I

came into being, and there will be no after after I cease to exist. You are an

unimportant bit of matter located in an unimportant galaxy.'"

"How shall we reply? Shall we say, 'Yes, oh universe, without you I would

not have been able to come into being. Yet you great system are made of

phenomena; and every phenomenon rests on an act of observation. You

could never even exist without elementary acts of registration such as


This, in a nutshell, is the Jewish concept that "for my sake was the world

created". Humanity was not created as part of the universe. The universe

was created for humanity. Such a model requires the necessity of continuous

creation, of humanity's unique role and purpose, and of a consciousness

underlying the universe as a whole.

It's actually quite poetic. First Abraham finds G-d through science. Then,

some 3,700 years later, quantum physics finds G-d through science. And

now John Wheeler finds out that Abraham had it right all along.

As to Wheeler's search for a "thinker who can lead the way surefootedly

through this world of mystery to insights overlooked or deemed impossible",

I have done my small part by introducing the Rebbe and Chabad Chassidism

to John Wheeler, with good results. What's left for us all is to follow

Wheeler's concluding advice -- "Treasure him."


Young Hasidic

Rabbi Plies His

Faith in Caribbean


By Mark I. Pinsky

When Orlando businessman Eytan

Tayer visits this glitzy Caribbean resort

two or three times a year, he sometimes feels he has left his Judaism

behind. "I was always looking for something," he says -- a place to observe

the Sabbath, or to find kosher food.

No more. The next time Tayer, 37, heads for the Yucatun to check on his

clothing stores, he'll have the benefit of a resident rabbi. Mendel Druk, a

young emissary of the Hasidic sect known as Chabad-Lubavitch, and his

wife, Rachel, have set up shop in the Mexican playground.

It would be hard to find a more incongruous posting for a pious rabbi

than Cancun. Druk's Brooklyn, N.Y.-based community is the Jewish version

of evangelicals, except that their mission field is focused on wayward,

traveling and scattered Jews.

In addition to traditional congregations such as those in Maitland, Daytona

Beach and South Orlando, the Lubavitchers literally troll the world

for Jews who are separated from their faith.

Tech-savvy but rooted in the 18th century, the bearded rabbis dress like

the Amish and -- when the spirit moves them -- pray with the fervor of

Pentecostals. The Hasidim are Judaism's original men in black. "Our

dress code doesn't exactly fit into Cancun," Druk admits.

He wears Chabad's distinctive dark slacks, white shirt and black, broadbrimmed

fedora, which he says serves as both a neon sign and a magnet

for other Jews. But in deference to the climate, Druk eschews a tie

and buttoned collar, as well as the sect's dark wool, serge or gabardine

suit jackets.

Chabad emissaries require "a doctorate degree in dedication and devotion,"

says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, head of the organization's educational

arm, with a chuckle. "This applies to the men and women equally."

For the Druks, the match with Cancun was an arranged marriage, much

like their own. After a preliminary site visit, Kotlarsky says, "They were

immediately drawn to the people there, as were community members to

them. Both sides wanted it; it was a natural fit."

Kotlarsky oversees the 4,000 Chabad families worldwide. "The entire

process is elective; no one is ever told to go anywhere," he says. "The

very process that a couple goes through -- looking for the right place,

pairing with a community looking for its best match, ensures that the right

couples are posted to the most appropriate destinations and that they

have the inner strength to contend with the unique challenges they know

they will face."






TEL: 305 792 4434

FAX: 305 675 2623

1720 Harrison Street Suite # 1815

Hollywood, Fl 33020


Despite the resort environment, Druk is no beach-combing, barefoot

rabbi. He doesn't try to dispense advice and spiritual counseling amid

barely dressed sun worshipers. "We have to be careful to make our honest

judgment not to compromise our Torah standards," he says. "Believe

me -- they don't want me on the beach."

For the same reason, Druk prefers to do his spiritual cruising near the

hotel check-in counter, rather than around the pool. "I go to the lobby,"

he says. "A fool I'm not."

Tourists Find You: With their only advertising a Web site

( and word of mouth, the Druks' condo and ad hoc

worship center at the foot of Cancun's hotel zone is already drawing

wandering Jews. "Tourists find you whenever they need you," says Rachel,


From 15 people the first week they arrived last fall, their free, Friday evening

meals and services now draw two to three times that many, requiring

an imminent move to a new, larger location. Vacationing students

often hear about the center and just walk up and knock on the door.

Some weeks, Rachel bakes 40 loaves of challah bread for Sabbath

guests. "The only kosher bakery is in this house," says Mendel, 25,

proudly. "We're partners in this endeavor."

And their ministry is not confined to Cancun, where they provide pastoral

care, sometimes on an emergency basis. Both the rabbi and his wife

give classes and conduct services for small communities of Jews on Isla

Mujeres, Cozumel and in Playa del Carmen.

Druk, who is still learning Spanish, admits that in many ways he is a kind

of gefilte fish out of water in this promised land of pleasure seekers. But

the Detroit native -- and veteran of relief efforts in New Orleans after

Hurricane Katrina and in Southeast Asia after the 2002 tsunami -- is undaunted.

One of the challenges is finding food his family can eat, products that

adhere to Judaism's dietary laws. But even here, God seems to work in

mysterious ways.

Big box food retailers in Cancun City -- where the Druks shop for kosher

packaged food, including salami and hot dogs from Mexico City -- are

also a productive mission field. "Costco is a good place to meet Jews,"

Mendel says.

The couple has helped, sometimes on short notice, at weddings, bar

mitzvahs and anniversary celebrations at hotels. Once, in addition to her

challahs, Rachel baked a large cake for the festivities. At another, they

loaned the group their Torah scroll.

Last fall, when he rented a meeting room at the Cancun Hilton, Druk

prepared for 150 worshippers for the Jewish High Holidays. More than

500 showed up, requiring him to rent a second hall, with an overflow in

the corridors. "You'd never expect Cancun would be a destination for

experiencing Rosh Hashana," he says.

Hanukkah, Judaism's eight-day Festival of Lights, arrives early this year -

- at sundown Dec. 4 -- and finishes well before the Christmas tourist

rush. But for any visitors wishing to observe the holiday while vacationing

in the Yucatun, including those on cruise ships, Druk will have 500 celebration

kits -- candles, lightweight menorahs and blessing booklets.

For the holiday, Druk also plans to raise the Jewish profile by lighting a

large, metal menorah in one of the tonier shopping centers in the hotel

zone. And, he has built a wooden menorah to mount atop his car for the


Return Visits: At home in Central Florida, Tayer sometimes attends

services at Chabad of South Orlando, an outreach center near Universal

Studios Orlando that also welcomes Jewish tourists. When he travels for

business in places like Miami and Las Vegas, he seeks out Chabad centers.

And now, when he returns to Cancun, Tayer will have another place to

worship. He has promised Druk he will start visiting the Chabad center

and predicts many others will, too: "If people know about the center, they

will go there."

Article originally appeared in the Orlando Sentinel.


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By Moshe Sharon

Annapolis: Shaking

Hands with Disaster

Last week I tuned in to CNN and caught some of the Democratic

Presidential primary debates. One of the leading contenders,

Senator Barrack Obama made an incredibly stupid remark with

everyone else nodding in agreement, “We have to talk to our enemies.”

I immediately began to wonder, and say what? Notwithstanding

the fact that the U.S. has already been talking to Mahmoud

Ahmadinejad to try to get him to stop making his atomic

bombs and he is telling the world to go fly a kite, what should we

say to him now? He wants to be king of the planet and kill all the

Jews. Should we tell him that he’s overreaching?

Also, what should we say to Bin Laden or the leaders of Hamas

and Hezbollah and their 100 million followers? What can we say

to convince a nation of terrorist murderers whose religion sanctifies

death, not to kill? Maybe the liberals want to provide them

with counseling and shower them with love and understanding?

Perhaps the peace overtures are the secret weapon that will

cause our enemies to laugh themselves to death. Apparently, the

three stooges had a lot to say to each other at the U.S Naval

Academy in Annapolis, Maryland today.

Once again we had to watch a prime minister of Israel shake

hands with a terrorist with the President of the United States looking

on, grinning like the Cheshire cat; probably thinking; “Maybe I

Hollywood Gardens

Laurie Finkelstein Reader

Direct: (954) 415‐4602

can get my approval ratings out of the toilet.” And Now they claim

to have struck a deal; an Arab state on Jewish Land in two thousand


Additionally, the U.S. Administration’s “road map to peace” just

took a new twist and turn. Not only have they coerced our Israeli

brethren to stop short of destroying the enemy’s capacity to make

war, they’re arming the Arab Fatah murderers loyal to Mahmoud

Abbas with personnel carriers, automatic assault rifles and two

million bullets. This road map is actually a tunnel chart leading

only to dead ends and darkness. The Western leaders are blindly

groping through this maze of tunnels putting Israel forward like the

canary in the cage to see if there is enough air to survive.

This suicidal madness is spreading like a virus ripping through the

diplomatic ranks of the U.S. Department of State. Secretary Rice

seems determined to create an Arab State on Jewish land. This is

the legacy she wants to leave behind. This is how she wants to

make her mark on history. She is obsessed with completing this

task before the end of her bosse’s term. But the Guardian of Israel

never sleeps and someone needs to tell the Israeli Prime Minister

and Secretary Rice that it’s HaShem and not George W. Bush.

In conclusion, the Arabs see every concession we make as a victory.

The sad part is that their perceptions are correct. Gush Katif

was clearly an Arab victory, with thousands of Jews made homeless

in favor of Arabs who turned this once lush and prosperous

town into an open sewer. Even more disturbing is the fact that the

Israeli defense forces dragged Jewish people from their homes

and now they are providing large caches of weapons and ammunition

to the enemy. The only consolation we have is that the more

bizzarre it gets the closer we come to being with Mashiach.

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Joins 'Chanukah

Live!' Broadcast

Chabad of California today announced

that Governor Arnold

Schwarzenegger will participate in "Chanukah Live!" -- the first-ever

national TV broadcast of the group's annual holiday celebration in


Airing on December 6 at 4:00 p.m., the program will feature the ceremonial

lighting of the Capitol Menorah in Sacramento and include a

salute to the firefighters who battled the recent blazes in Southern

California. 94 million homes can watch the festive event on cable's

ION Television Network; local channel information is available at

Chabad representatives and community members from the regions

affected by the wildfires will attend the ceremony, led by Rabbi

Boruch Shlomo Cunin, head of Chabad of West Coast Chabad

Lubavitch. Actor/comedian Elon Gold will serve as Master of Ceremonies

for the event, which will also include remarks from Academy

Award-winning actor Jon Voight.

"Chanukah carries a vitally important and enduring message -- not

just for the Jewish community, but for people of all faiths," said Rabbi

Cunin. "It's always wonderful to celebrate the holiday with our Governor

and see the Menorah shining at the Capitol. And this year, we

have a special cause to celebrate as we salute our brave firefighters

and first responders."

"Chanukah Live!" will feature musical performances by Israel's Jeru-

Thank you

For your


4811 State Road 7 (Corner of 441 & Griffin)


salem Children's Choir and the California National Guard's 59th

Army Band. The broadcast will culminate in the lighting of the Menorah

and distribution of gifts to the public.

Since 1993, the Governor of California has joined Chabad representatives

during Chanukah to offer holiday greetings and illuminate the

Capitol Menorah. Chabad, a community-based nonprofit whose efforts

are rooted in traditional Jewish values, offers many programs to

help the needy regardless of background or belief. Chabad runs the

largest network of educational and nonsectarian social services under

Jewish auspices on the West Coast. Article originally appeared

in Shmais News Service.



(Continued from “How One World Changed…” page 1)

and even enemies. Some were angered enough to slander him to

the Czar and have him imprisoned, and it was only through a

miracle that his life was spared and his teachings expanded.

Now back to that quote from Job. It seems rather benign; why the

emphatic addition of mamash? What does it add and why the

need to "improve" on Scripture?

It is with this word that Rabbi Schneur Zalman changed the


Prior to the introduction of chassidic thought to the general public,

people were content to understand this verse as a vague reference

to the similarities of the soul and its Creator. No one, certainly

not the masses, dared suggest that every soul is actually a

part of G-d! Neither the simple factory worker nor the successful

merchant would dare think that he contained an actual piece of

G-d within him. Perhaps the occasional arrogant scholar might

fancy himself a gift from Above, but that was earned, not inborn,


Mamash enriches our understanding of the quote, radically

changing its interpretation as well as its application. It is "quite

literally" – mamash – true that every soul is an actual part of G-d

Himself. G-d's infinity prevents any notion of diminishment of the

Divine and communicates a universal bond between all who

share it. And so the world was enlightened.

First, the eradication of the notion that one's accomplishments

were the measure of one's essential relationship with G-d, and

the consequential perceived divisions that riddled the community.

All souls are part of G-d Himself, and as He is indivisible, so are

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the investments of Himself in His chosen creation. Neither scholarship

nor failure can reconstitute the essence of identity.

And then came the challenge; with mamash come expectations.

Gone is the resignation to mediocrity. In its place is opportunity

and demand. You will balance your checkbook, lose weight,

mend your relationships; yes, you mamash will. All the issues for

which we hid behind the pretext of personal mediocrity must now

be confronted and resolved.

If we are only like the Divine and not mamash Divine, we can't be

expected to fight city hall. Under the old rules "the old college try"

was all that was expected, success was relative and reserved for

the lucky and the gifted. Rabbi Schneur Zalman erased that convenient,

comfortable, self-justifying defense, daring and empowering

us to make the necessary changes both within ourselves

and the world at large.

So here's a tip; if your objective in life is simply to achieve the title

of "righteous," then do not to study Tanya. Keep a ledger, and as

long as you have one more check in the win column you're okay.

Tanya places responsibility and opportunity before us. Abandon

competitive titles; express your genuine identity by subsuming

yourself in something higher than just your self, in your piece of


As we near the finish line and we broadcast this call, we have

witnessed change. We have defeated communism, eradicated

ancient biological and social maladies and alerted the world to its

inherent power for good. Together we will change the world, heralding

the arrival of Moshiach, speedily in our days ... mamash.




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Rabbi Pays

Tribute to


In a recent interview in the magazine “Hanaaseh Vehanishma,”

Rabbi Yaakov Arar of Athens spoke about various Jewish activities

in Greece. At one point, he mentioned the connection that

Rabbi Gershon Mendel Garelik, head shliach in Milan, Italy, has

with Greece.

“Thirty years ago, when there were no Rabbis or Chabad shluchim

in the region, there was little in the way of Jewish activities,”

Rabbi Arar recalled. “We were far away from Rabbi Garelik’s

community … but he took care to keep in personal contact with

the members of the Greek community. He would send people

here to organize activities with the members of the community on

the festivals.”

Rabbi Arar then proceeded to tell dozens of fascinating stories

about the various things that Rabbi Garelik did to help the Greek

community, on direct instructions from the Rebbe. The scope of

these tasks was often very wide, reaching Jews around Europe.

During the interview, Rabbi

Arar added, “Rabbi Garelik

managed to build the first

mikveh here since before

the war. This mikveh is at

the center of Jewish life in

Athens, and was built at a

time when no one ever

dreamed that the Jewish

community here would be

so active.”

Rabbi Asher Gold, the editor

of the magazine, published

by the Council of

European Rabbis, said that

Rabbi Arar’s stories were

confirmed by Rabbi Garelik,

who did not want to speak

too much about his shlichus

in Greece but said that everything

had been done on

the Rebbe’s direct instructions.

Rabbi Arar also expressed

his admiration for the shliach

in Athens, Rabbi Menachem

Mendel Hendel, who

works very hard with the

local Jewish community.

“It is important to say that

the Chabad community and

the shliach in Athens, Rabbi

Menachem Mendel Hendel,

do wonderful work,” he said.

“They bring in kosher food

and organize the festivals

here. On Purim they send

out mishloach manos, and

on Pesach they arrange a

communal Seder at a hotel.

Also on Chanukah, they

organize a public menorah

lighting ceremony in the city

center, as well as all the

other wonderful activities

that Chabad do so well


Article originally appeared

in Shmais News Service.










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