Table 4: List of Rare Diseases and Related Terms as per US ...

Table 4: List of Rare Diseases and Related Terms as per US ...

3901 Mikulicz disease

3902 Miles-Carpenter x-linked mental retardation syndrome

3903 Miller-Dieker syndrome

3904 Miller-Fisher syndrome

3905 Milner Khallouf Gibson syndrome

3906 Milroy disease

3907 Minicore myopathy with external ophthalmoplegia

3908 Minicore myopathy, antenatal onset, with arthrogryposis

3909 Minimal change disease

3910 Mirizzi syndrome

3911 Mirror polydactyly segmentation and limbs defects

3912 Mitochondrial complex I deficiency

3913 Mitochondrial complex II deficiency

3914 Mitochondrial complex III deficiency

3915 Mitochondrial complex IV deficiency

3916 Mitochondrial complex V deficiency

3917 Mitochondrial disease with severe hypotonia, lactic acidaemia and


3918 Mitochondrial encephalomyopathy lactic acidosis and stroke-like


3919 Mitochondrial genetic disorders

3920 Mitochondrial myopathy with diabetes

3921 Mitochondrial myopathy with lactic acidosis

3922 Mitochondrial neurogastrointestinal encephalopathy syndrome

3923 Mitochondrial trifunctional protein deficiency

3924 Mitral atresia

3925 Mitral regurgitation, conductive deafness, and fusion of cervical

vertebrae and of carpal and tarsal bones

3926 Mitral valve prolapse, familial, autosomal dominant

3927 Mitral valve prolapse, familial, X-linked

3928 Miura syndrome

3929 Mixed connective tissue disease

3930 Mixed sclerosing bone dystrophy

3931 Miyoshi myopathy

3932 Moebius axonal neuropathy hypogonadism

3933 Moebius syndrome

3934 Mohr-Tranebjaerg syndrome

3935 Mollaret meningitis

3936 Moloney syndrome

3937 Molybdenum cofactor deficiency

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