Issue 10 - July 2011 (PDF - Chipping Norton Times

Issue 10 - July 2011 (PDF - Chipping Norton Times


Issue 10 July 2011

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From the Editor

It’s a few weeks now since we went to the polls to elect our district

& local councillors - enough time for the dust to settle and work to

begin ‘in earnest’. The next four years offer an exciting and

interesting time to be working with the community on one hand and

with local government on the other, consulting, negotiating and

working together to achieve far-reaching community goals.

The Localism Bill, for all the press comment and behind the scenes

debate, got through its Second Reading last month and, as it opens up

new doorways and challenges for local communities, we need to be

aware of what is involved. For a start - how local is ‘local’? Is WODC

our ‘local’ council? Should it be? Will district councillors be listening to

and working with the town and parish councils, with the residents

and business people who know these areas best? If that is the

‘preferred model’ then knowing what we want to achieve in our

communities in say, five or ten years time – for housing, schools,

transport, parking, hospitals, police, recreation…etc. - will be a useful

starting point for discussion and negotiation.

For a long time many local councils have been in the doldrums. Being

on the parish council has been ‘not for me’ and local councils relied

on a few volunteers to get basic things done, with poorly attended

meetings, unread minutes and little debate. Our District Council is

neither a magnanimous and paternal overlord and provider nor a

cynical and unresponsive authority, although any DC can be seen as

all of those things. Their role is to use their funding (received in tax

income and grants) and their authority to make the district work at all

service and amenity levels, with care and attention to the plans and

ambitions of their communities. However, this is our parish, and our

town, so who should be driving the decisions?

With any community project some of the responsibility for making

sure that ‘the right things happen in the right way’ will rest on a good

team driving things forward - and good representation. So, our local

meetings, which are all about where the town/ village is headed and

how it gets there, should probably be well attended.

Meanwhile, let’s hope for some real summer weather to encourage

us into our gardens and the amazing countryside on our doorsteps. I

hope that you will have a very happy July.

Best wishes

Jenni Turner, Editor

Our Front Cover is ‘Poppies at Broadwell’ by Liz Frazer

© Liz Frazer

Copydate for the August edition is 16th July 2011.

(The 16th is our copy date for every month next year)

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Inside this edition


6 You only have minutes to save a life – the Community Public

Access Defibrillator

7 Working together to make the difference – St Lawrence’s

Church, Wyck Rissington from Andrew Ransom

10 STOW’S GOT TALENT - Everyone is welcome!

11 The Wrong Case – A Short Story by local author, Nicholas John

12 Fostering – Have you got time to spare?


10 Book Reviews from Cotswold Bookstore

13 Robb Eden – on VAT and the importance of our small local businesses.

18 The Community ‘Right to Build’ + Conservation and Localism

19 Local Authorities, meetings & information

20 Church Services

21 EVENTS DIARY for July

22, 23 Village Halls; Rural Cinemas and Regular Events Diary.

24- 31 LOCAL EVENTS for July

32 Local Walks in July

37- 40 Reports from some of our local Schools

43, 45, 47 News & Reports from some of the Local Sports Clubs, etc..

48 Club News & Reports

49 Clubs, Societies & Associations, etc (this list is updated bi-monthly)

51 Local Business Directory

Thank you to all our contributors, the writers and photographers who

have helped produce this edition. This month the team doing research,

sub-editing and proof reading was tiny - Jan Marley (who also manages

our deliveries) and Yours Truly. The volunteers helping to deliver the

magazines have changed a little too, and we thank everyone for their

help, past & present. A lot of our deliverers tell us how much they enjoy

doing it and, as a deliverer myself, I think it’s because it is a really great

way to get to know your area…and your neighbours (it does help when

the weather is nice!)

Our design team this month was Eagle Design Ltd.

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Amazing Art’s Kool produces outstanding work

Art’s Kool is a unique new Arts Festival created by artist Jan Harvey to encourage young people aged 8-18 to explore their creativity to the full.

The first Festival on 11 June received over 50 entries and the judges were very impressed by the standard of the work. The stunning winning piece

was a crinoline dress made of hammered out drinks cans and “fanned” magazine pages created by 15 year old

Bryony Parkinson, who received £150 and a specially commissioned glass trophy. Another stunning entry was an

intricate and beautiful ‘Little Owl’ made entirely from old jewellery and watch parts by 13 year old Milly Light.

On the day, 5 workshops in the morning were transformed into an instant exhibition in the afternoon, with work

framed and displayed as soon as it was completed. Eight local companies lead by The Rooflight Company

provided the sponsorship to make the event possible. Photographer David Fisher gave his time free of charge

and his amazing pictures of the event are online

Contact Jan Harvey at Art’s Kool on 01993 832357 or mail

Our names are Katie Lillywhite and Beth Pudifoot. We are in the sixth form at The Cotswold School and have

recently taken up an amazing opportunity to go on an expedition to Zambia and Botswana in 2012! In order to

raise funds for this we have set up a t-shirt printing and designing business in association with Phil Bedford of

RedMolotov, husband of local florist Vivian Bedford (Stow Roses).

On the expedition with 13 other Cotswold school students we will spend 28 days in Zambia and Botswana. We

will firstly visit our link school in Ndola, then travel east to complete a 5 day trek in the Mutinondo Wilderness.

We will also spend a week in Mwandi building a house for an orphaned member of the community, who is a

victim of the HIV pandemic before visiting Victoria Falls and returning home. To be able to do this we have to

raise £4000 by next summer! we set up BanKc! We began by designing t-shirts and had Cat Sutton and Dom Sharrock model them for our

catalogue, which we put together to promote our designs and company. We also had posters professionally

printed as part of our advertising campaign. This was all in the build up for our launch at school on 28th April

2011. We chose students from all year groups to participate in a catwalk to

showcase our designs and new catalogue. We had a really good turnout of both students and teachers.


Since then we have also produced leaver’s hoodies for Cotswold School year 11’s and t-shirts for trips to Barcelona

and France. We are also currently designing and organising kit for Cotswold School Barbados sports tour 2012.

Recently we have gone ONLINE! If you would like to have a look then please do; the web address you need is As we are in partnership with RedMolotov, there are also loads more designs on this

website so take your time and have a good look, you may find the ideal birthday present or the perfect new t-shirt

for (a hopefully warm) summer. You can also visit our facebook page where you can suggest ideas for forthcoming

t-shirt designs.

We hope to gain as much as possible from our Zambian experience but hopefully we’ll also be able make a small

difference to the Mwandi community, so we would be very grateful if you could support us. Thank You

• Gardens designed and constructed to the

highest standards

• Specialist Stone Wallers and Water Engineers

• Planting schemes

• RHS Chelsea and Hampton Court Gold Medals


Rupert Williams-Ellis, Chris Leach or Nick Williams-Ellis

The Old Post Office, Blockley. GL56 9BB

Telephone: 01386 700883









Community Public

Access Defribrillation


Automated External



An automated external defibrillator, or AED, is a

portable electronic device that automatically

diagnoses the potentially life threatening cardiac

arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation and

ventricular tachycardia in a patient. An AED is

able to treat them through defibrillation - the

application of electrical therapy which stops the

arrhythmia, allowing the heart to re-establish an

effective rhythm.

AEDs are designed to be simple to use for the

layman, and the use of AEDs is taught in many

first aid, first responder and basic life support

(BLS) level CPR classes.







Life expectancy

Following a Cardiac Arrest the chance of survival

decreases by 23% per minute. It is therefore very

important medical treatment starts as soon as

possible. The UK Resuscitation Council suggests

an AED should be available wherever medical

treatment is more than 5 minutes away. In

practical terms this means the whole of the UK.

Sunday Carvery

Served from 12 noon till 5pm.

Adults £9.50

Children £4.99



MORETON IN MARSH 01608 650711







TONY KNIGHT – 07887 714047

Having an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

for use by the public can make the difference

between life and death.

AEDs can be based inside shops and village halls,

but for 24/7 and 365 access it is better that they

are kept in high visibility weatherproof cabinets.

Some communities are ‘adopting’ their BT red

phone box. The cabinet can only be opened by a

member of the public with an access code given

by the emergency services via a 999 call. Public

awareness schemes and a community training

programme can be arranged to ensure that

everyone is aware of the AED’s location and how

to use it in an emergency.

AED’s are going into a number of towns and

parishes in the Cotswolds, including Stow and

Bourton. Information on the location of AEDs and

the training sessions will be available shortly.

Working together to make the difference

From Andrew Ransom (May 11)

The tiny Cotswold village of Wyck Rissington, with a population of

under 80, has successfully raised over £300,000 to save St

Laurence’s Wyck Rissington. With its roof failing fast, the church

was in peril. But villagers, local businesses and charities worked

together to get the funds needed to re-roof this medieval building

and secure its future. After six months work, the restoration is now


St Laurence’s is famous for its Chancel, dedicated in 1269. The East

Window represents one of the earliest examples of what is known

as ‘plate tracery’, a tradition of containing glass within masonry

which found its ultimate expression in the windows of Gloucester


Local charities and trusts recognised how important it was to save

such an important part of Gloucestershire’s heritage, but it was the

generosity and enthusiasm of local residents that kick-started the

fund raising effort. Starting in 2007, they made donations, ran

bridge lunches, organised fetes, produced Christmas Cards, opened

gardens and hosted a concert jointly with the Holst Birthplace

Museum, amongst the many and varied activities. The money they

raised amounts to over £2000 per household.

Supporting this local effort grants were obtained from

organisations as varied as the National Churches Trust and The

Veneziana Fund. Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust, English

Heritage South West Region, the Summerfield Trust, The Notgrove

Trust, CHK Charities and the Warneford Ecclesiastical Charity all

made crucial contributions. The Gloucestershire Environmental

Trust granted £4000 using Landfill Tax Credits donated by Cory

Environmental which owns and operates the local landfill sites at

Hempsted and Stoke Orchard. [A full list of organisations that have

made donations or pledges is available.]

Local builder Highgate Construction Ltd won the competitive

tender and the contract was signed by Rev Jill Carman, Priest-incharge,

on Friday 15th October 2010. The Project was supervised

by Evesham based architects John C Goom, who brought their

specialist knowledge of church conservation to the project.

“We were very pleased to have won this prestigious contract,

which has provided much-needed employment for local craftsmen

and a showcase for traditional Cotswold building skills” says

Highgate Construction MD Nigel Smith. “We recovered enough

good old slates to re-roof the chancel. All the new slates on the

Nave were quarried locally at Tinkers Barn Quarry.”

“The way that the village has pulled together to preserve this

beautiful church has been amazing; from the outset they have

been involved, enthusiastic, interested and enormously generous.

It is no mean feat to take so seriously their ownership of the Church

which has for so long stood at the heart of this small village” says

the Reverend Jill Carman.

Natural materials were used throughout, including sheep’s wool

insulation, and lime render and lime wash internally. The quality of

the workmanship has already attracted commendations from

English Heritage. The Project was completed in April 2011. Despite

the adverse weather in December, it had come in on time and

within budget - a tribute to all those involved.

Using reclaimed slates

on the Chancel

St Laurence’s Church


The Story of a Cross

Standing proudly on the Nave of the

newly restored roof of St Laurence’s

Wyck Rissington is a new gable cross

designed and sculpted by

Gloucestershire mason Richard Bossons.

The original, a Celtic cross erected when the roof was last restored

in 1879, had been damaged beyond repair. Richard was inspired by

the story of St Laurence, who was reputed to have met his death

on a gridiron, and Richard’s design reflects the narrative of the

martyrdom of the church’s patron saint.

St Laurence is regarded as one of the Church’s first Archivists and

Treasurers. When ordered by the Prefect of Rome to hand over the

wealth of the Church, he said that he would in three days. He duly

returned with the poor and the sick, and declared “This is the Church’s

Treasure”. He was then put to death by slow burning on an iron grid iron.

The grid iron is therefore the centre of

the design. The trefoils and three Roman

nail heads on the cross arms relate to

the Holy Trinity, the three days that

St Laurence took to gather the poor, and

the three nails used in the crucifixion.

The Trustees of the Cottam Will,

administered by the Friends of

Friendless Churches, generously funded

the entire cost of the carving and

erection of the new cross.

Freshly carved ridge tiles on

the Nave

The full story and some excellent photographs are online at or contact Andrew Ransom on 01451 822275



Freehold For Sale

Closing date for offers 1.00pm Wednesday 27th July 2011

Ways End,

Lower Park Street,

Stow on the Wold,

GL54 1DT

• Small open storage space

• Total site 30 sqm (332 sqft)

Mike Pennock or Elizabeth Foulkes |

01202 856 800 |

Qualified gardener • Specialist Pruning

Telephone: 01386 700903 • E-mail:

Talk to us*

about advertising

your business

07789 175 002







After the success of our Ann Granger signing, we look forward

to meeting Adrian Magson for his signing 17Sept. His spy

thrillers and the new ‘Rocco’ novel are excellent.


The Homecoming of Samuel Lake by Jenny Wingfield

Hardback at £12.99

Samuel Lake is a out-of-work preacher when, in 1956, he

returns to the family farm in Arkansas. His family, comprising

his three children and his devoted wife, Willadee, fit right in to

the unusual and unruly family home ruled by Calla Moses,

Sam’s mother-in-law. With the front of the house run as a store

and the rear as an all-night bar, the house ‘never closes’ and

is often home disreputable types from far and wide. The

Moses family are honest, hardworking and kindly, and are full

of homely wit and good sense. However, not all their

neighbours are as decent. Raz Ballenger is a horse beater,

wife beater, child beater and far worse and Nina was seriously

upset by the book, because of him. That is the measure of the

writing, for the author has given us the good and the bad and

made them equally believable. She has produced a host of

memorable characters and a plot that neatly dovetails them all

together leaving nothing unsaid. It is mostly amusing,

sometimes moving, always involving,

briefly terrifying and, finally, completely satisfying.

Death on the Marais by Adrian Magson

Paperback at £7.99

With the jungle fighting of Indochina behind him, Inspector

Lucas Rocco thinks his transfer to rural France will give him a

quieter life than his beat in Paris. That is until his first day there

when, despite the war with Germany being nearly 20 years

previous, a woman’s body

in a Gestapo uniform is found. Rocco is not known to be

deterred by political interference but when he discovers that

the woman was the daughter of a rich industrialist with links to

the resistance he knows he must tread carefully. He must also

be careful where he puts his feet in the woods near his new

home - there’s a crazy man out there setting explosive boobytraps.

Rich in eccentric village characters and with a mystery

complex enough to puzzle experts, this atmospheric novel is

unusual in place and time. It is the first of the Rocco novels

and I look forward to the next in the series later this year.

For more reviews -


Can you sing? Can you dance? Tell jokes? Play an instrument? If you

can do any or even all of these, then Stow’s Got Talent needs to


We’re looking for Stow’s answer to Jai McDowall and Steven Hall as

our own version of the popular TV show comes to the Old Stocks

Hotel in Stow, on Saturday, August 20th. Everyone is welcome,

whatever their talent or even lack of it.

Jason and Helen Allen, owners of The Old Stocks, are generously

staging Stow’s Got Talent to raise funds for Stow Youth Club.

There will be big prizes for the winners and let’s face it, the TV version

serves up the fascinating and the farcical and there’s no reason why

Stow can’t do the same. The idea is just to have fun with some homegrown

entertainment on a summer evening and raise some money for

Stow Youth Club.

The production team are especially pleased to announce that former

Tiller girl, Vera Norwood will be one of the judges. Vera is making a

triumphant return as a talent show judge as she was on the original

judging panel of Opportunity Stocks which inspired the staging of

Stow’s Got Talent.

Vera said: “I think it’s absolutely great that we’re having Stow’s Got

Talent and who knows what great talent we’ll unearth. I really hope

lots of people will come forward and show us their talent.”

Vera performed all over the world and on TV with the famous John

Tiller Girls. She said: “I’m especially pleased that we’ll be raising funds

for the youth club because I was one of the original trustees. I’m

really looking forward to what should be a great night for Stow.”

There will be no set admission fee for Stow’s Got Talent. Instead, the

organisers are hoping for generous donations to Stow Youth Club.

There will also be a BBQ and raffle on the night to raise funds.

Further details of the fabulous prizes and other judges will be

announced shortly.

Performers wishing to take part should phone Stow’s Got Talent

producer, Sybil Ruscoe on 01451 870238.

Can you sing? Can you dance?

Tell jokes? Play an instrument?

We’re looking for Stow’s answer to Jai McDowall and Steven Hall as

Stow’s own version of the popular TV show comes to the

Old Stocks Hotel in Stow, on Saturday, August 20th.

Everyone is welcome, whatever their talent or even lack of it.

Big prizes for the winners

The production team are especially pleased to

announce that Stow’s former Tiller girl,

Vera Norwood will be one of the judges.

No set admission fee - all donations will go to Stow Youth Club.

BBQ and fund-raising Raffle.

Performers wishing to take part should phone Stow’s

Got Talent producer, Sybil Ruscoe on 01451 870238.

Guido stared at the carousel in appalled fascination. The

small, single case continued its stately circular progress,

accompanied by the discordant clanking of the metal

runners and the squeaking rubber track. Baggage

Reclamation was hardly silent (when could the Aeroport

Leonardo da Vinci ever be considered truly silent?) but it

was as quiet as midnight. The last arrival had landed safely,

the last passenger had collected their over-stuffed and

heaving carry-all. This last case however, though it looked

almost identical to his, was not Guido's.

He looked about him wildly, but he, like the solitary

suitcase, was alone. He swore viciously under his breath, it

was the wrong case! "Madre di Dio," he was in trouble

now. He caught himself quickly, suppressing the urge to

panic: he knew the close-circuit cameras would be

watching and that he was now the sole occupant of those

revolving lenses.

It felt like it had taken a lifetime, but in seconds he had

made up his mind and hefted the case from the carousel.

A traveller arriving back from Istanbul would have a case,

even a small one: to saunter through customs as if he had

just stepped off a bus would arouse the interest of even

the most casual officer. "No case? Si Signor, we will find it -

we can check the passenger lists, don't worry!" No, this

case, bruised and battered as it was, looking as if it had

travelled the four winds, would have to be his.

It was heavier than it looked and Guido had to steady

himself as he took the weight and walked towards the

corridor that led to the customs gate and the airport

concourse. Where the hell was his case then? It could even

now be in the boot of a taxi heading for central Rome. Or

outside, hidden in the corner of the baggage-trolley. Or

still in Istanbul. Or, just maybe, it was being opened by

customs officers at this very moment, while a flustered

businessman from Cerveteri tried to explain that it really

wasn't his case. And that he really had no idea why this

case had fourteen tiny packets of white powder sewn into

the lining.

There was a thousand things Guido needed to do right

now: getting stopped at the gate wasn't one of them. He

needed to get away from the airport as fast as possible. If

they'd already got his case, they knew who he was and he

had no chance of getting through. But, if not, he might

make it. He'd cleared Passport control and they didn't

usually look again, unless they had a reason. He glanced

down. A bright orange label fluttered from the handle.

Aware of the cameras, he lowered the case and,

pretending to adjust his grip, looked closer: "Salvadori",

address somewhere in San Marcos. He could find him if

necessary. Most likely just an unlucky mistake and maybe

his courier had not yet discovered it was not his case, his

A Short Story - by Nicholas John


clothes, not his drugs.

He hurried slightly, partly in anticipation and fear; partly,

he hoped, to appear as a delayed passenger eager for

home. Rounding a corner, he violently yanked the orange

label from the handle and stuffed it into his jacket pocket,

praying that no camera had picked up his movement. He'd

soon know, but he couldn't risk being caught with a

different name on the case. The "Nothing To Declare"

channel was, thank God, unmanned. Nearly there. A

carabinieri, lounging against a wall, glanced at him

uninterestedly and nodded as their eyes met. Nothing

more. He was through.

He breathed deeply and resisted the temptation to

increase his pace. Drug smuggling was all well and good as

a means of income, but the risk-factor was outweighing

the rewards and he still had the problem of either tracking

down the stuff or trying to explain why this consignment

had disappeared. On the face of it, he thought ruefully, he

didn't hold out much hope of a good result from either


He needed some fresh air, needed to get clear of the

airport and the bright, unforgiving lights of the terminal

building, but he really needed a caffeine shot. His nerves

were taking a pounding. There was a café still serving and

he ordered a black coffee which he swallowed in one,

feeling the heat as it passed down his throat. He laid the

case onto the nearest stool and tried the catches. Locked.

He pushed his cup away and as he left, pocketed a knife

from the stack of cutlery near the till. Heading quickly

across the marble-floored concourse, he barged through

the door into the male toilet. Empty. He told himself that

he should be away from the airport, far away, as quickly as

possible, but he wanted to check just exactly why what he

was carrying was so damn heavy. He checked the line of

vacant cubicles and, dragging the case in with him, locked

himself in the last stall. He laid the case flat on the grubby

lid of the toilet, pulled the straps apart and jammed the

knife hard into one of the catches. It resisted at first, but

the locks were as old and battered as the rest of the case

and it suddenly snapped open. He repeated the trick with

the second one, grunting in satisfaction as the lock gave

and the catch clicked up. He pushed the lid back, reached

inside and pulled out three old paperbacks and a couple of

crumpled shirts.

Blessed Santa Maria! Guido leant back against the toilet

door feeling giddy. He knew now why the case was so

heavy. There was nothing else in it save for row upon row

of neatly-bundled 500 Euro notes, a pinkish-hue

shimmering in front of his eyes.

The wrong case? By fate or by the touch of the Divine,

Guido Rossi had picked up the right case.

Nicholas John



the real gardener

Complete Garden Service Year Round








No job too small • Over 20 years experience

Tel: 01608 812328 | Mob: 07833 586158 |

MATT KEYTE BSc (hons) Dip (ossm)

Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist

Sporting or recreational Injury? Sprain or Strain? Muscle soreness or

tension? Looking to enhance your training programme?

01451 830911/07966068604

Fully insured, Qualified and Professional Member of the

Moreton Area Centre, High Street, Moreton in

Marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 0AZ

Tel: 07766 142113

Have you got 'time to care'?

Could you give a child

in need a loving

foster home?

GCC is calling for more people

in the county to come forward to foster children,

particularly older children, teenagers and siblings.

The county council accepts applications from all sectors of the

society and people can be married, single, unmarried couples, gay

or lesbian, have their own children, retired, a homeowner or

unemployed. All children are different, and to meet their needs, we

are looking for a wide variety of people.

Currently, 370 children in Gloucestershire are being fostered out of

480 children in care. In the past year, the county council has

welcomed 37 new foster carers, who have offered a home to some

of Gloucestershire's most vulnerable children.

A nationwide campaign organised by the Fostering Network to

highlight the need for more foster carers started last month. The

campaign encouraged people to consider a career in fostering and

asked them to look at the skills and qualities they have which could

make them a great foster carer. Fostering can mean anything from

looking after a child with a disability for a few hours to caring for a

teenager for a few years. Although parents still have legal

responsibility for the child, foster carers have day-to-day

responsibility for them.

Mandy and Malcolm Ward (see case study attached) from

Gloucester have been fostering for almost two years. They

currently care for a group of four brothers and sisters, aged four,

five, nine and 12.

Mandy said: "Fostering has taught us all to appreciate the things

we can all take for granted in a loving caring home. In turn, the

foundation the children have gained with us we hope they will

achieve their own caring and stable family in future years. We're

doing things we'd stopped doing because our own children had

grown up. They keep us young and they keep us fit but most

important they make us laugh and keep us on our toes!"

Cllr Paul McLain, Gloucestershire County Council Cabinet Member

for Children and Young People, said: "We want all our children to

have the same opportunities as their peers and to offer them as

wide a choice of foster homes as possible. We already have a

tremendous network of dedicated foster carers in Gloucestershire,

many of whom have been carers for 10 years or more, but we

always need more. Fostering is a challenging role to take on but it

can make a real difference to a child's life.

Anyone can find out more about becoming a foster carer by

contacting Gloucestershire County Council's Fostering Team on

01242 532654 or Email:

or visiting an information point - come along and have a chat to a

fostering social worker and pick up some information on fostering –

Thursday 23rd June (Tesco's at Cirencester) 10am - 4pm

Need Help

With Your



Robb Eden


Accounts Preparation & Analysis

PAYE & Book-keeping

Vat Returns

Personal Tax

Sage Training

Business Tax

More than just accounts - a personal

service tailored to your needs. We will

work with you to get the best from

your business.

01608 651802

Funeral Director

& Memorial Consultant

W. J. Wright

Sheep Street, Stow-on-the-Wold

Tel 01451 831829

24 Hour Service

Private Chapel of Rest, Prepaid Funeral Plans

Serving the Cotswold Community for over 30 years

The beginning of the tax year last April seems a light year away but here we are in July & already a fair

few have got their paperwork in and their tax returns have been completed. They are the ones who know

what they have to pay & they have plenty of time before having to pay over the tax due. A lot of others

leave it later & later each year, some bring their paperwork in during the last week of January, which not

only puts huge pressure on accountants but it means that some have to find a hefty amount of tax in a

short space of time. If you do have to complete a self-assessment Tax Return the sooner this is filed the


In a previous article I argued that the Vat Registration threshold is much too low and that this should be

doubled in order to help certain small businesses that have to compete with non-vat registered individuals

or businesses in sectors such as cleaning or chauffeuring. Well, it’s amazing just how many people are

affected by this & I have had e-mails agreeing with my comments & others who believe that the Vat

registration threshold should be reduced as non-vat registered businesses are able to undercut registered

businesses & so argue that having a threshold at all is giving an unfair advantage to non registered

businesses. A further point I would make is that Revenue & Customs are hardly able to deal with the huge

number of businesses registered for Vat & therefore it makes sense to take a lot of smaller businesses out

of Vat altogether. This would not only cut down the amount of paperwork small businesses have to deal

with it will free up time for inspectors to concentrate on those businesses abusing the system or charging

Vat when they’re not registered.

I have heard rumours that a number of long-established local businesses are on the verge of shutting up

shop and therefore may I mention, again, about supporting local business where you can. Much has been

said about this recently but it’s only when a handy business has gone that you realise just how handy it

was. Yes, shopping on the internet is cheaper but is it creating local jobs? Yes, petrol is cheaper at the

supermarkets but how far will you have to drive to fill-up in an emergency if all our local filling stations

closed? There is no doubt that the business model is changing rapidly & that certain business need to

shake themselves into the modern world but it is up to all of us to ensure that our local economy is vibrant

so that there are jobs for local people & that businesses have an incentive to locate to this area.

Should you require help with your accounts, payroll, Vat or any other aspect of taxation you should either

contact your accountant or give me a ring for free telephone advice.

Robb Eden is based in Moreton-in-Marsh. He can be contacted via e-mail at or by telephone 01608 651802.


IntelliHeat provides the power to reduce energy

consumption and save money.

Electric heating has for many years been favoured by many to ensure

safe comfortable heating without the installation difficulties, expense,

maintenance costs and the risks and regulations associated with gas or

oil fired central heating systems. For some in rural locations there is no


However electric heating whether a wet system heated by an electric

boiler or standalone electric heaters usually prove to be expensive to

run. Storage heaters may be more cost effective but are for the majority

of users aesthetically unappealing and offer little flexibility. They quite

often do not provide enough heat when most required in the late

evenings or even worse, heat when you do not need it when the

weather changes quickly

However, with the advent of IntelliHeat advanced electric heating the

energy efficiency and flexibility failings of traditional electric heating is

about to become a thing of the past. These innovative high tech electric

heating systems also provide substantial savings when compared to

conventional arrangements

IntelliHeat's range of slim radiators are designed to be super-efficient.

Containing thermodynamic fluid, equipped with a high quality tungsten

element and an intelligent thermostat, they heat up quickly but

consume energy in a controlled manner using only the minimal amount

of electricity required ensuring maximum heating comfort, exactly when

and where required. This makes them far more economical than

conventional electric radiators, and without the need for any plumbing

they provide the perfect Central heating solution.

IntelliHeat central heating systems are quick and easy to install, require

no plumbing and can be connected to existing outlets being virtually

maintenance free. IntelliHeat offers an unrivalled choice of control and

programming options ranging from standalone, built-in or hard-wired

central controls and programming, to highly advanced wireless and

energy management systems.

All our radiators meet the Building regulations and zoning requirements. | 0203 0157 587



Hand Made Curtains & Roman Blinds

Choose fabrics from: Sanderson, Lorient, Colefax &

Fowler, Voyage, James Hare Silks, Jane Churchill & more.

Tracks,Trimmings,Poles & Wallpaper • Footstools & Storage Footstools

Free Measuring Service & Quotation

Easy Parking, Showroom open by appointment, Tel: 01386 700692

Bourton on the Hill,Moreton in Marsh,GL56 9AJ

Furniture Restoration

& Repair/Handyman

Furniture restoration and repair.

Assembling flat pack furniture.

Putting up shelves, mirrors, pictures,

curtain poles etc.

Jonathan Ward

01608 664626 or 07913 560946

No job too small. Free quotations in the local area.

Turn your home improvement

dreams into reality.

Moreton-in-Marsh practice JIM TAIT /// ARCHITECT is offering the

area’s homeowners a fantastic opportunity to get expert advice on

how to turn their home improvement dreams into a reality, while

raising funds for housing and homelessness charity Shelter by taking

part in Architect in the House, a joint fundraising initiative from the

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and Shelter that’s now in its

15th year.

The scheme gives homeowners the chance to receive an hour-long

consultation from an RIBA architect on any home or design related

query, whether it’s creating space for a growing family, adding an

extension or simply finding the best ways to allow more light into your

home. In return, homeowners can make a suggested donation of £40

to support Shelter’s work with homeless and badly housed families.

Since its launch, Architect in the House has raised more than £1.1

million for Shelter. This year the scheme is sponsored by TV channel,

Home (Virgin 265, Sky 246).

Jim Tait said: ‘Everyone has a dream project for their home and

Architect in the House can help people start to make it happen, while

at the same time raising money for a good cause. It’s a great

opportunity to show people the benefits of consulting an architect.’

TV presenter Sarah Beeny, said: ‘I know how daunting it can be to

embark on a home improvement project, but whatever the size and

scope of your plans, consulting an architect can help you take that first

step to turning your home improvement dreams into reality. Whether

it’s a newly bought property you’re planning to renovate or want to

create extra space for a growing family, architects can add huge value

by sharing their design expertise advising on fixtures and fittings, and

even finding builders to carry out the work. Architect in the House is a

great way to make the most of their experience while raising money

for Shelter.’

Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: “’We all know the

value of having a decent, safe and secure place to live, so it’s shocking

to think that more than 70,000 children in England have no home to

call their own, and that more than a million live in housing that is

overcrowded, damp or in disrepair. The money raised through

Architect in the House is absolutely crucial to Shelter, enabling us to

provide vital housing advice and support to more than a million people

each year and to work towards a future where no child’s life is blighted

by bad housing.’

ACT NOW - Homeowners wishing to take part can register at until Sunday 3 July. Participants will

be matched with architects in early July and consultations can take

place up until the end of November.





Hair Stylist required for

The Barber Shop

Moreton in Marsh

2.5 days a week | Part time

Tel: 01608 650883

High quality domestic

cleaner required

for house on the outskirts of Stow on the

Wold. Ideally 1-2 days per week to

include all domestic cleaning and ironing.

Must be dog friendly.

We also require an occasional dog sitter for

full days and also some holiday times (must

live in). We are happy for one person to take

on both roles or to apply for one position.

Please ring:

07875 133708 or 07588 094979

or 01451 870278

St Edward’s Hall

(Registered Charity No 295660)

Administrator Required

for St Edwards Hall

Stow on the Wold.

The applicant should live locally and will be responsible to the

trustees for taking bookings, invoicing & liaising with the users;

and overseeing the cleaning, maintenance and security of the hall.

The job will be part time and flexibility in the hours worked will

be essential. Salary by negotiation. (This could be a good

opportunity for a retired person.)

For further information and full Job Description please apply to

the chairman Michael Lee by e-mail



Must have proven record of fundraising, have JNC recognised

qualification in, with experience and management of, Youth

and Community work.

Enquiries to:


Summer brings a wonderful collection of

festivals and village fairs, many of them

fundraising for local community

amenities, perhaps the village hall or the

parish church. If you see a collection box

or a collector, how do you know they are


Being ‘on site’, surrounded by the stalls and games of a village

event is a pretty good indication that the collector is one of

team raising funds. However, if they come knocking on your

door or rattle a collection box as you pass on the street, it

could be worth checking.

• All street collections need to be licensed by the local

authority. A Charity Street Licence is required if you wish to

undertake a charitable box collection in the street, in a

public or private place.

• The licence is free to the organiser – and needs to be

requested at least a month in advance.

• Licences are valid for a day, and WODC may limit the

collection to certain parts of the street/place.

• The Council request a financial return is sent to the Council

within one month.

• Anyone assisting or taking part in a collection must have the

written authority of a promoter/ organiser and should be

able to produce that written authority.

• Many of the large well-known charities hold a Home Office

Exemption Certificate which means that no licence is

required; however notice must be given to the Council as the

licensing authority.


(informaton from

The Big Issue exists to offer homeless

and vulnerably housed people the

opportunity to earn a legitimate

income. We produce a weekly

entertainment and current affairs

magazine which vendors buy from

us for £1 and sell to the public for

£2, keeping £1 for themselves.

Vendors must adhere to a code of

Conduct whilst selling the magazine.

We believe in offering ‘a hand up, not a hand out’, but we also recognise that

earning an income is the first step on the journey away from homelessness.

The Big Issue Foundation is a registered charity which exists to link vendors

with the vital support which will help them address the issues which have led

to their homelessness. The Foundation works exclusively with vendors, offering

support, advice and referrals.

The Big Issue - a hand up, not a hand out...

We work with some of society's most vulnerable individuals, providing a

lifeline in their darkest hour and offering a route off the streets and into life.

Real Lives, Real Achievements is an annual awards event which aims to

recognise and celebrate our remarkable vendors and the brave steps they have

taken in their journey away from homelessness. From overcoming long-term

drug addiction, to successful completion of a vocational course; from charitable

work to starting a business - each story represents immense personal triumph

in the face of adversity. The tenacity and bravery which these individuals have

demonstrated makes them a credit to The Big Issue and to society, and in

recognition of their achievements we award each of them the status of Big

Issue Ambassador.

The Big Issue Foundation is committed to making vendors happier, healthier,

safer and more secure.



LOCAL GOVERNMENT from Ruralcity Media at

Community Right to Build

The Community Right to Build is a set of proposals to give local

communities the power to decide what is built in their area.

The new powers would mean that where developments for new

houses, community facilities or shops have the agreement of the

local area through a 'community referendum', and meet a

minimum criterion, communities will not need to go through the

normal planning application process.

This will give communities the freedom to decide how to meet the

local priorities in their area, and allow new homes, shops,

businesses or facilities to be built where they want them.

Communities would be able to decide the type of developments

and housing they want to see, and the benefits would be retained

for the community - managed by a corporate body formed by

members of the local community.

Communities will need to identify suitable land, sources of finance

and secure support for their proposals. There will be help and

guidance available, and advice from people with prior experience

of taking forward community-led schemes.

Q: What is Community Right to Build?

A: The Community Right to Build is a means by which likeminded

people from the local area come together with a shared

vision of what they want to achieve in their community and how

they can go about it. New powers for these communities will mean

that community organisations would be able to take forward new

local developments without the need to go through the normal

planning application process, as long as the proposals meet certain

criteria and there is community backing in a local referendum.

Q: Who will be able to use the new powers?

A: Community Right to Build would be able to be used

throughout England - in both rural and urban areas. We also

envisage that communities would be free to use property

developers, should they wish to do so or enter into partnerships

such as with a housing association to manage their homes. See the

links below for examples of areas that have taken forward

community-led schemes.

Q: What developments could the powers be used for?

A: A wide range of plans could be approved where a

community agrees. For example additional housing to meet the

demand of future generations, new shops where communities

want to offer low rent deals to local convenience stores or farm

shops, or a new community hall or sports facilities.

Q: When will they come into force?

A: The new powers are part of a range of measures included

in the Localism Bill which is currently before Parliament. The exact

date that the powers may become available depends on the

Parliamentary process, but communities should start thinking

about what the new powers could mean for their area and how

they would use them.

Q: What do I need to do to plan for the powers?

A: If you're interested in a community-led development you

should talk to your neighbours to get an idea about what sort of

development the whole community would want to see. You may

also want to talk to your local council, housing association or other

community groups. It could be useful to get advice from people

who already have experience of taking forward community-led

schemes. END


Conservationists slam Localism Bill

Tuesday, 07 June 2011


people the power to

run local communities

threaten green spaces,

conservationists have


The government's flagship Localism Bill was a muddle of

conflicting provisions, said the Open Spaces Society. The society

campaigns to protect common land, village greens, open spaces

and public paths, and people's right to enjoy them.

Society case officer Nicola Hodgson said the Bill should be

amended so that green spaces were protected. "We believe one of

the Bill's most important aspects should be the care and future of

open spaces but it lacks any clear idea of what is needed."

The most worrying threat to open spaces was contained in new

general powers given to local authorities in Part 1 of the Bill, said

Ms Hodgson. "Even with the limitations proposed, we are

concerned that the general powers could be used to enable local

authorities to do whatever they want with open spaces and public

access land."

The society wants the government to ensure local authorities

won't be able to dispose of land subject to special protection or

conservation. It also wants a commitment from the government

that any existing procedures relating to specially protected land

will not be relaxed. "We believe the Bill should exclude open

spaces held in trust for the public, and rights of way dedicated as

highways from modification under the general powers.

Much of the detail was to be dealt with by regulations, enabling

ministers to interpret the legislation as they wished without

returning it to parliament. "The Bill is being paraded as offering

opportunities for local communities and empowering them, but

this may not always be the case in practice," said Ms Hodgson.

"Every local authority is required to compile a list of land of

community value in its area, to remain on the list for up to five

years; however the purpose of the list is not explained." Including

open spaces on this list may encourage the owner to dispose of it,

claimed Ms Hodgson.

The Localism Bill passed its second reading in the House of Lords

on Tuesday 7th June.

For more details on the Localism Bill visit the UK Parliament

website at


Related publications

The Community Right to Build Published: 2 June 2011



MEETS on the 3rd MONDAY


Monday 18th July 2011

Parishioners are very welcome to attend all

meetings; some confidential matters may be

discussed by councillors in camera.

Parishioners wishing to ask about local issues

are given 5 minutes at the start of the meeting,

subject to advising the clerk in advance.

Local groups and organisations can apply for

grants; Council also supports a variety of

causes including The Town Museum,

The Silver Band, The Lido, The Theatre and

other charities operating in the parish.

Town Councillors are available before and

after the meetings. District & County

Councillors, representatives of the Police and

local press may attend.


Committee Meetings

Members of the public are encouraged to attend

meetings of the Council and Committees. If you

live in the District and are on the Electoral Register

you can take part in the meetings. Information

about this and your Councillors and committee

members is available online at


Mon 4 Uplands

Thurs 7 Economic O&S

Weds 13 Finance & Management

Thurs 14 Environment O&S

Mon 18 Lowlands

Weds 20 Cabinet

Thurs 21 Human Resources

Weds 27 Council

Meetings held at the Council Offices, Woodgreen,

Witney. Start time 2pm.

For further information contact Committee

Services: 01993 861523


Agendas, reports and minutes are available


Chipping Norton, The Rugby Club 7th – 12th July

Stow, Royal British Legion Hall, Well Lane

11th & 12th July

Shipston on Stour, Sheldon Bosley Hub

14th – 17th July

Full details on The National Blood Service





Notes on the Council Meeting for

JUNE 2011

Full Minutes of meetings, associated

committee meetings and correspondence are

available in the Council Office.

Mr G Beacham (Acting Clerk)

The Guildhall, Goddards Lane

Chipping Norton,

Oxon, OX7 5NJ

01608 642341 (9am to 1pm)

A Green Travel Map giving details of cycle, pedestrian and

public transport routes in West Oxfordshire came out last

month, to coincide with national Bike Week (June 18 to 26)

which challenges people to reconsider their everyday

journeys and switch to cycling instead of using the car.

Chipping Norton

Police Station

London Road,

Chipping Norton,


Non-Emergency Number

0845 8 505 505

Opening Times

Monday to Friday

8am – 4pm

Saturday & Sunday – Closed

Closed for lunch 12.15 – 1pm

Cycling is a great way to get around and explore the local scenery. It can also be

quicker than a car for short town commutes when you take into account rush hour

traffic. They say you never forget how to ride a bike but here are some tips:

• Make sure your bike is roadworthy, with working lights for after dark.

• Wear light coloured clothing and something reflective. Be seen!

• Don’t cycle on footpaths. On shared use paths, give way to pedestrians.

• Consider wearing a cycle helmet.

• Lock your bike securely.

West Oxfordshire Sustainable Transport Forum is keen to hear from anyone who has

a view on, or would like to get involved in, sustainable travel in the district. See our

webpage - Green travel - or call 01993 861349.

West Oxfordshire has a wealth of alternative travel options for both commuting and

leisure time, to help you leave your car at home. The map and leaflet cover the main

towns in the district highlighting footpaths, cycle paths and bus and train routes to

make journeys easier.

The map was produced with support from

local businesses, environmental and cycling

groups in conjunction with local councils as

part of work being done by the West

Oxfordshire Sustainable Transport Forum to

encourage and make it easier for people to

user greener transport, such as walking,

cycling, car sharing and public transport.

Copies of the map are available online from (Green travel

page) and from the Visitor Information Centres (see p.21), libraries or Council offices.


The information is continuously updated. Please check by phone or online

Station Road, CHIPPING CAMPDEN, essential Railtrack works at Level Crossing 23/07 – 22/08

Station Road, Hook Norton, resurfacing July (unspecified)

Old Forge Road, Great Rollright, resurfacing July (unspecified)

Sibford Road, Hook Norton, resurfacing July (unspecified)

A361 through Chipping Norton, resurfacing July (unspecified)

Temporary Road closures

TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURES in the area for summer fairs, fetes, etc- throughout the month




Your help would be really appreciated!

We deliver the magazines to you, generally before the 1st

weekend of the month and ideally for delivery in the next day

or so - to every home, business, B&B, hotel restaurant, tea

room and shop – in your area.

Could you help to deliver

Chipping Norton Times in your area?

It would require about 20 – 30 minutes a month, 11

times a year (we don’t produce a Jan edition).

If you can help please call us on 07789 175 002

You will be joining a team of about 70 volunteers

across the area

Poppy Appeal

2011 and

90th Anniversary

of RBL

If you have some spare time leading up to this year's Remembrance

Day and would like to help with the door to door collection and or the

Chipping Norton town centre collections for this year's Poppy Appeal

please contact

Geoff Thompson on 07715110274.

Would you like to know more about the value of being a member of

The Royal British legion and in particular the Chipping Norton Branch?

If so, please call

Mike Dixon our Branch Secretary on 01608 643755.

There is no obligation if you give Mike a ring. Just an opportunity for a

friendly chat on what our branch can offer by way of social activities

and what you can do as a member in the locality.

July 2011

Full Information is available at the Visitor Information Centres (see below).


To-14 th. Tasmania Exhibition - Raymond Arnold: A History of Gravure. Mon-

Sat 10-6pm (closed Tues) Sun 11-4pm. Celia Lendis Gallery, High Strret, Moreron

GL56 0AF. 01608 650 852

To 27 th "And Next to Nature..." Photographs, sculpture, ceramics and paintings

by Kate Barry, Caroline Barnett, Emma Clegg and Arabella Kiszely. The Gallery @

the Guild, Sheep Street, Chipping Campden. 07870 417144

1-3 CORNBURY FESTIVAL at Great Tew, nr Chipping Norton.

14-20 Giffords Circus – War & Peace. Actors, acrobats, learned geese, tumbling

pigeons, clowns, musicians and runaways. The Fox Inn, Great Barrington, Oxon

OX18 4TB. Adults: £20 Children: £12. 0845 459 7469

15, 16 Paintings & Pottery. Original & eclectic work by Cathryn Lucy Bellow & Alice

Shepherd. Victoria Hall, Bourton on the Water. 9am-5pm. 01386 430038

20-26 Glorious Gloucestershire & much more..oils, pastels, landscapes,

flowers & undersea. From 10 – 6pm. Lower Slaughter V Hall. 01452 812417

23,24 Art, Craft & Cake showcasing local artists – ceramics, stained glass, jewellery,

photography, wood-turning, paintings. Café. 10-4.30pm. Stetton on Fosse V Hall.

01386 430038


1 1st Moreton-in-Marsh Scout Group Annual Street Fayre.

Tombola, White Elephant, Books & other stalls & games. Refreshments & Raffle.

Centre of Moreton-in-Marsh. 10 – 3pm.

2 Summer Fayre Outdoor activities & stalls (weather permitting), cakes, freshly

baked bread, preserves, jewellery, plants, paintings, Bric & Brac, crafts. Adlestrop V

Hall, Adlestrop, Glos. 10 – 4pm.

2 Summer Fete - Upper Slaughter with Live music, childrens games, BBQ, FREE

parking, duck racing, tombola, white elephant, plants and produce stalls and splat

the rat!. Along the river in Upper Slaughter. Tea's, coffees and homemade cakes in

the V Hall. 12 Noon – 3.30pm.

3 Champagne Classic - More than a Car Show A Cotswold garden party

with classic cars! Classic & Vintage Car displays, Magician, Auction of luxury promises,

Morris Men, Bar, Jazz Band, Art Exhibition, Trade Stands & Displays, BBQ, Teas, Cakes, Pig

Roast, Traditional Fete side shows and much more. Kingham Hill School, Kingham,

Oxon. £4 adult, Children U16 free. 12 noon -7pm. 01608 658500

6 Spinning Fitness Class (reservation required) An exercise class focusing on

endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery. Suitable for all abilities.

Fun exercise, great music!! Unit 6 Draycott Business Village Draycott Moreton-in-

Marsh GL56 9JY. 6.30 - 7.30pm. 01386701231.

7, 8 Flea Market & stalls. Victoria Hall, Bourton on the Water.10- 5pm. 01242


9 Moreton-in-Marsh combined WI's & Craft & Produce Show

Craft & Produce Show. Redesdale Hall, Moreton-in,Marsh.

9, 10 GWR - Summer Diesel Gala. Line open between Cheltenham Race

Course and Winchcombe PLUS services from Toddington Station to Hailes Abbey,

returning over the 15 arch Stanway viaduct and our new extension to Laverton. The

Railway Station, Toddington, Glos. GL54 5DT. . 10 – 5.30pm. 01242 621406

9, 10 Flea Market & Collectables Fair. Jewellery, silver, militaria, giftware,

paintings. Refreshments. Free entry. St Edwards Hall, Stow on the Wold. 10-4pm.

01451 831675

9,10 Craft Fair supporting Macmillan Cancer Support. Victoria Hall, Bourton-on-the-

Water. 10- 5pm. 01793 770148

10 Car Boot Sale. Bag a bargain or Book a pitch. On hard-standing at

Countrywide Store C/P, Station Road, Bourton on the Water. £5 pitch.. 9.30am-

1.30pm. 01451 861210

10 Gloucestershire Morris Men & Chipping Campden Morris Men, 7.45pm

at The Bakers Arms Broad Campden.(subject to weather). 01452 410132.

Market Days


Farmers Market every 4th Sunday, 9.30 - 1300

Car Boot Sale every second Sunday, 9am. (Mar to Oct)

(for Northleach & Fosse Lions Club)


W I Country Market every Thursday, 9 - 11am

Country Market every Friday. 9-11

Weekly Market every Wednesday.

Farmer's Market third Saturday morning


Weekly Market every Tuesday, 9 - 3.30pm

W I Country Market every Thursday, 9 - 11.30

Country Market every Monday, 9.30am (W.I.Hall)

NORTHLEACH every Wednesday 8.30am-3.30pm


Farmers Market 2nd Thursday - 9.30 - 13.00

16 Fete & Duck Racing at Bourton on the Water. Stalls – and duck racing on the

river! Village Green, Bourton on the Water. 10 -4pm.

16 The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare, presented by the

Gloucestershire Youth Players Directed by Edward Derbyshire, as part of the LFO

Education Programme and the national RSC Open Stages Programme. Longborough

Opera House, Longborough, GL56 0QF. Booking essential - or 01451-

830292. Grouns open 5.50pm. Performance 7pm

16 Prize Bingo Evening in aid of Sue Ryder. Victoria Hall, Bourton-on-the-Water.

7.30pm 01451 821852

16 Battle Proms Picnic Concert at Blenheim Palace. A celebration of classical

music with Fireworks, Cannons, Cavalry and Spitfire air display. Adults £32.00 (£37.00

on the day) Child £15 ( under 4 free). Tickets at Visitor information Offices (see box


17 Cherwell Valley Craft Fair , Victoria Hall, Bourton-on-the-Water, Glos. 10

5pm. 01295 264723

21, 22 Flea Market. Various stalls, Bourton on the Water. 10-5pm. 01242 650881

22 Tea Dance in Bourton Ballroom, Latin & Popular Sequence. Music by Good

Dancing with Bill. Free tea & coffee. £3 on the door. 2-4.30pm. Royal British Legion

Hall, Bourton.. 07970 180296

23,24 Craft Fair. All crafts handmade by the exhibitors. Demonstrations. Most items are

for sale!Refreshments. Free Entry.10 – 4.30pm. Redesdale Hall, Moreton in Marsh.

01684 274853.

23,24 Fair supporting Macmillan Cancer Support. Victoria Hall, Bourton-on-the-Water. 10-

5pm. 01793 770148

26 Reptile Safari 1. A bite-sized session of Wildlife Watching for children aged 7+.

Reptiles such as slow worms and common lizards up close. Includes an informative

children-friendly session on reptile ecology. GL54 5XU Booking essential - places are

limited. Details sent on booking 2 – 3pm 01452 383333

28 Flowers are my Music - Moreton-in-Marsh Flower Club meeting with a

demonstration by Shirley Preston. Visitors welcome. Broadwell Village Hall, Broadwell,

Glos. 7.30pm

29 Marvellous Roman Mosaics. Join the Corineum Museum to recreate a

mosaic of your own using foam squares and a host of images for inspiration. Suitable

for 5 – 11 year olds. Booking essential. Chipping Campden Library 10.30 -11.30.

01285 655611

30 Duck Race &Tombola. Rotary will also display a ShelterBox disaster support tent

(as sent to Japan after the tsunami). 10-4pm

30, 31 Flea Market. Various stalls, Bourton on the Water. 10-5pm. 01242 699720


17,18 Sept The Cotswold Festival at Stow on the Wold, including ‘troops’ from The Sealed Knot.

Tickets, Booking information Etc. from -


Water. 01451 822583 Open 9.30-5pm Mon-Fri: 9.30-5.30 Sat: Closed Sunday


BURFORD INFORMATION CENTRE, The Brewery, Sheep St, Burford.

Open (Nov-Feb) Mon-Sat 9.30-4pm. OX18 4LS. 01993 823558.


Guildhall, Gossards Lane, Chipping Norton OX7 5NJ. Office hours Mon-Fri.

GO-STOW, 12 Talbot Court, Stow on the Wold. 01451 870 150. Open 10am-5pm Mon-Sat; 11am-

4pm Sunday. E:

MORETON AREA CENTRE, High Street, Moreton. 01608 650881

Open 9-5pm Mon-Fri: 9-1 Saturday. Closed Sunday E:




Fully Licensed Village Hall in good decorative order.

Seating capacity 160. Large well equipped servery/kitchen. Toilets.

Gas central heating. Off street parking for 40 cars. Suitable for wedding receptions etc.

Raised stage. Excellent sound system. (No discos)

Enquiries: Brian Clayton – 01386 701528

Victoria Hall, Bourton on the Water








Available for hire; 150 seated / 250 standing.

Ample off-road parking. Office Tel: 01451 824303


Lovely rural location with spacious parking. Seats 90,

Large main hall, & 2 meeting rooms. Stage with electric

drop down screen. Built in sound system with microphone

and hearing loop.

Kitchen. Toilets. Disabled facilities.

Bookings - Frances Dodwell on 01451 830994


The perfect setting for that special occasion”

Recently built in Cotswold stone. Large car park, well

equipped kitchen, on the outskirts of the village.

Tel: 07587 097795 Come & see what we have to offer!


adjacent to Green in quiet village

AVAILABLE FOR HIRE at reasonable rates

Ideal for classes, clubs, parties, receptions, presentations & family events.

Newly decorated; light and spacious. Modern kitchen and loos. Disabled

access. New pull-down projector screen. Tables, chairs, china and cutlery

available. Please call Philip Pratt, 01608 652499/ 07051 867493.


Beautiful Hall; capacity 100. Off-street parking; disabled access.


Contact Jacki Jones, The Barn, Orchard Way, Kingham. OX7 6YT.

Tel: 01608 658089



Set in the heart of this delightful village, we can offer

We are fully equipped with a few unexpected bonusses - an extendable stage with pull-down screen • 3/4

sized snooker table • table tennis table • piano • Hi-Fi system • all equipment for short mat bowls..

So if you’re having a wedding reception or wake, children’s party or family birthday, training course or

business meeting, exhibition or exercise class, club social or kids’ sleepover, we would love to see YOU!

FOR FURTHER DETAILS T: 01451 830218 or E:


Traditional Cotswold VH on picturesque village green. Recently

refurbished – fully equipped kitchen, heating, tables & chairs, Disabled

facilities. Seats up to 70. Competitive rates (inc.heating) vary with use.

Perfect for parties and receptions, Shows, displays, evening classes, etc

Tel: 01451 831916 Eml:


Electrical Problem? We can help!

All jobs undertaken; no matter how big or small.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).


Chris Turner 07798 602113 |

Cameron Smalley 07538 538534 |


Quiet rural venue with modern facilities for exhibitions, meetings, classes, parties, weddings, etc.

35-50 people. Reasonable charges, ample parking.


01386 700880 / email


• Spacious, light, warm and colourful and available to hire for your special functions,

classes or any event – only £6 an hour • Discounted fees for long term bookings.

• Just redecorated • small stage, kitchen facilities, disabled toilet and disabled access.

• Excellent parking.

Please phone 01608 658710 for bookings and further info


Recently refurbished

A perfect Venue for Family Occasions

Seats 40/20 for Dinner. Disabled access & loos.

Fully equipped kitchen

Enquiries - Call Judith Wheeler 01451 821094


Two large rooms (accommodating 50-60 people)

Internet café with 12 computer terminals • Projector & screen • Pool table • Table football • Nintendo

Wii • Modern kitchen • Disabled access & toilets • Rates negotiable for regular users.

The Club building is next to the Police Station on the Fosseway and accessed easily from The Square.

Dilys Neill: Tel: 01451 830656

Sarah-Jane Rich: Tel: 01451 830654


Panelled 1st floor room with Civil War portraits & memorabilia.

Holds 100. Hearing loop. LIFT and staircase from lobby. Kitchen, toilets,

anti-room. CCTV. Competitive rates. 2 Hrs Free C/P(day)

2011 dates available. 01451 831633.



Clubroom and bar with entertainment system for discos, karaoke, etc. Small lounge bar.

Large and small Meeting rooms with conference facilities for up to 150 (seats 60/ 12

dining); Catering. Parking. Minibus.

Enquiries to Colin and Alison 01451 830242


In the community for the community

Spacious hall, recently refurbished, fully-equipped new kitchen facilities

& disabled toilets. Usage Policy: we support community-focused groups.

We do not lease the hall for commercial events.

01451 870437


Ideally placed in centre of lovely Cotswold village

Newly refurbished - full c/h, new kitchen and toilets. Spacious main hall with seating for 100,

stage, pull down projector screen and hearing loop, also a smaller meeting room. Facilities

for the less able. Spacious parking. Children have access to the adjacent playground.


01451 830817 / 01451 831917



Clerk 01608 654064 Two venues with a stair lift. The Lower Hall

accommodates 80; modern kitchen facilities. Beamed Upper Hall

accommodates 120. Reasonable charges. Nearby parking.

Historic town centre building

Johnson Cleaners

20 Market Place, Chipping

Norton, OX7 5NQ

O1608 642817


cleaned for £20


cleaned for £10

QUOTE J2 for offer

Only at Chipping Norton




Thursday 28th July


Doors/Bar open at 7:00pm - 7:45pm film

Advance tickets are now £3.50/ on the door £4

Advance tickets/queries 01386 700647/593386

Upper Town Hall,


Friday 22nd July


Film 8pm

Advance tickets/queries 01386 841206

from Ch C. Information Centre/on door.



Thursday 21st July


Film 7.30pm - TICKETS £4.00

Advance tickets/queries

01608 684223 or 01608 674200




Saturday 22nd July


Film 7.15pm

Advance tickets/queries 01386 701196

Tickets - £3.50



Saturday 9th July


Film 7.30pm | TICKETS £4.50

Advance tickets/queries 01608 659903




Tuesaday 19th July


7.30pm | TICKETS (see below)

Advance tickets/queries 01451 830817

Refreshments Matinee with elegant tea served

in the interval £6.



Monday 20th July


Film 2.30pm & 7.30pm Tickets £3 refreshments.

Tickets/queries 01451 822365





Film 7.30pm | TICKETS £3.50

Advance tickets from the

Village Store & Red Lion



Saturday 16th July


Film 7.30pm | TICKETS £3.50

Advance tickets/queries

01608 812338 or 652666



Friday 15th July


Film 7.30pm | TICKETS £3.00

including refreshments

Advance tickets/queries 01451 831153





Film 7.30pm | TICKETS £5.00

including tea/coffee

Advance tickets/queries 01608 674298




Film 2.00pm | TICKETS £3.50

Advance tickets/queries 01451 820232

Check Notice Board


The King’s Speech (15) 118 mins


First MON FOLK NIGHT, Ebrigton Arms 9pm.

Based on the true story of the Queen's father and the remarkable friendship which

MON DANCE FUSION:Adult dance class. Mixed styles. No experience necessary.

Exercise in a fun way. No pre-booking necessary. Chipping Campden Town Hall

9.30 – 10.30. £4.50

developed with maverick speech therapist Lionel Logue, starring Colin Firth as King

George V with Geoffrey Rush as Logue, the man who helps him find a voice with

which to lead the nation. Quite rightly, winner of the top 4 Oscars this year.



SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING St Edwards Church Rooms, Stow. 5.30-

7pm Children and 7-9pm Adults 01451 831876


Hall.6-8 yrs 4-5pm, 9-11 yrs 5-6pm. Single class £7pp,

Monthly membership £22pp. 07527 757057

The Social Network (12A) 120 mins

A multi-Oscar winning film which tells the (fictionalized but compelling) story about

Facebook - and the (now) 27-year old billionaire who is able to tell G20 leaders how

MON YOGA Chipping Campden Town Hall. 2pm Starts again 21st Sept


they should deal with the internet phenomena.



‘Old Sweats NAAFI break’ at Royal British Legion, Bourton on the Water

(10am -12) for anyone to come along for a cup of tea and a chat,


Never Let Me Go(12A) 103 mins

Having attanded the same boarding school, two girls and a boy need to reassess their

relationships and the strange reality of their future. Sci-Fi thriller starring Keira

TUES Pottery Classes at Lower Swell Village Hall, 9:30am to 12:00 noon

10 week term £90 plus £15 materials/firing cost. Beginners welcome

Contact 01451 870734

Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield.

TUES until July Spinning Fitness Class (reservation required) exercise

classes. Suitable for all abilities. Fun exercise, great music!! 2-3pm. Unit 6

Draycott Business Village Draycott Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 9JY Call


True Grit (15) 110 mins

A tough US Marshall helps a young women track down her father’s murderers. An

impressive remake of the John Wayne classic starring Jeff Bridges.

WEDS until July. Spinning Fitness Class (reservation required) exercise

classes. Suitable for all abilities. Fun exercise, great music!! 6.30 –

7.30pm.. Unit 6 Draycott Business Village Draycott Moreton-in-Marsh

GL56 9JY Call 01386701231

THURS QUIZ NIGHT at The Volunteer Inn, Ch.Campden 8.30pm 01386 840688

First WED Free MARTIAL ARTS LESSONS. Separate adult & children’s classes.

Chipping Norton Leisure Centre. 07977 560086,

THURS in April Thump Boxing - Exercise Class. No previous experience.

Drop into one of our mixed classes. 6.30 – 7.30pm.. Unit 6 Draycott

Business Village Draycott Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 9JY Call




LINE DANCING at Chipping Campden British Legion Hall at 7pm

WEDS WALK Easy/moderate walks. Start at 10am. 01451 860366



BELLY DANCING New beginners class. 11- 12.30 The Church

Room, Chipping Campden. Informal & relaxed classes for ladies of all ages,

shapes & sizes. 01608 663480


Duplicate Bridge. Upper Town Hall. Non members

welcome. Partners not necessary 01608 664456

First THURSFree MARTIAL ARTS LESSONS. Separate adult & children’s classes Stowon-the-Wold

Primary School. 07977 560086,

First THURSFree Self Defence / Jeet Kune Do Lessons for Men and Women

(Adults only) Stow-on-the-Wold Primary School 07977 560086





until July. Spinning Fitness Class (reservation required) exercise classes.

Suitable for all abilities. Fun exercise, great music!! 6.30 – 7.30pm.. Unit 6

Draycott Business Village Draycott Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 9JY Call


DANCE FUSIONAdult dance class, mixed styles. No experience necessary.

All Welcome. Ch.Campden Town Hall, 9.30-10.30 £4.50 (conc £2.50)

ACTIVE & ABLE Fitness & Falls classes for older people at Stow to Church

Rooms, Stow 01285 623450

THURS LINE DANCING at Ch.Campden Town Hall 2.30-4pm 01386 438537

Starts again 1st wk in September

FRI LINE DANCING: Willersey Village Hall, near Broadway 01386 438537



Art, Craft & Cake


Village Hall.

Saturday 23rd &

Sunday 24th July,

10am - 4.30pm.

An eclectic exhibition including pottery, paintings,

jewellery, stained glass and much more. Come and

enjoy the art and indulge in a slice of cake at the cafe.

Lunches also available. 01386 430038

Chastleton House

Jazz in the Garden

Sunday 31st July, 1pm until 6pm

Tickets - Adults: £10, Children: £5, Under 5’s: Free

Celebrate the English summer with a concert of vintage Jazz courtesy of Debbie Arthurs

and her Band! Don your summer finest, bring your own picnic, sit back

and soak up the sounds of a bygone age of glamour…

With special appearance by the Chastleton House Croquet Club.

Midsummer Garden Tours - Tickets £12.00

Friday 29th July and Friday 26th August, 6pm until 8pm

Families at Chastleton

Saturday 27th August, 10am until 12 noon

Tickets - Adults: £5, Children: £3, Under 5’s: Free

Numbers are limited for all events and pre-booking is required

please telephone 01608 674 981 or email

Chastleton House, Chastleton, near Moreton-in-Marsh, GL56 0SU

Sunday 10 July – Town Square

Local bands, dancers, vintage cars, street performers,

surprise guests, stalls, rides.... And much more.

1500 people came last year for a day of fun, entertainment and musical

performances to celebrate what makes Chipping Norton such a vibrant

community. Let’s do it again and bigger! The 2011 Festival will raise

funds to support specific community projects. This year the projects are:

Chipping Norton Silver Band

Highlands Day Centre

Youth projects

Stage line up includes: The Ric Sanders Band, Craig Ogden, The Retros,

Chipping Norton Silver Band, Cooper Black, Jady Mirro, King Eddie's

Revival Band, CHAOS, Arthur Taylor, St Mary’s School, Fiddlebop,

Silverthorne and Jane Gridley, The Reaper, Voice Box and CEROC dancing.

Entertainment: Rotary Vintage Car Display, Kids Fairground Rides, Face

Painting, Pig Roasts, Stalls Candy Floss & Ice Cream.

Plus over 30 stalls and exhibitors: including: Astronomy Soc,

Horticultural Soc, CN Leisure Centre, BBOWT, Hospital League of

Friends, Phoenix Trading, Natasha Field Jewellery, CN Tai Chi, Emma's

Trust, Churches Together, Bernwood Press, Community Police, The Lion’s

Club, Amnesty, Fire Brigade CN, The Theatre CN, Cancer Research,

numerous food outlets.

Sponsors Optimise, Travis Perkins, Owen Mumford, Rotary Club,

Barchester Homes, Sainsburys, Beales

Festival starts 11.30, finish 8.15 pm

The Festival is free - please help to support it by buying a lucky

programme and raffle tickets which will be on sale, before the festival, as

well as on the day. Thank you.

More details:


Hay Barn Spa, Daylesford Farm

Saturday 6th August 2011


For bookings please call 01608 731703

Pottery Painting Parties

For every occasion

Call Emily 07814978819 or visit



The Westcote

Traditional Country Fete

Saturday 20th August 2 – 6.00pm

Note the date in your diary for a

day of family fun!

On 14 May Mendelssohn’s dramatic oratorio

Elijah was given an electric performance by

Stour Singers & The Cherwell Orchestra

conducted by Richard Emms in St Edmund’s

Church, Shipston-on-Stour. The soloists,

Sarah Power (soprano), Sofie Almroth


soprano), Richard Dowling (tenor) made a fine trio alongside

the renowned Welsh operatic baritone, Jeremy Huw Williams

in the title role. He portrayed the Old Testament prophet so

vividly he had the capacity audience on the edge of their seats.

Richard Emms galvanized his choir to respond likewise,

transmitting to all the emotions of the drama, from despair to

serenity, with such clarity that some experienced visitors in the

audience declared this to be the best Elijah they had ever


Stour Singers’ next concert, also in St Edmund’s, will be on

Saturday 3 December at 7.30pm featuring Handel’s Messiah.

Rehearsals start at 7.00pm on Thursday 8 September in the

Community Lounge at Shipston High School. New members are

always welcome - no auditions! If you have always wanted to

sing or especially to take part in Handel’s great work, now is

your opportunity. Please contact Vic Twyman on Tel: 01451

870361 for further details.




Two Rivers & Two Valleys - Friday 15 July – Moderate

Walk out along the beautiful Windrush valley for lunch at Naunton. Different

scenery as we return to the Slaughters along the Eye Valley. Pub lunch available or

bring a packed lunch. 5 hours, 9 miles.

Start: 10 am at St Mary;s Church, Lower Slaughter.

OS OL Map 45/165 225

A Remote and Beautiful Valley - Tuesday 19 July – Moderate

Explore some of the most beautiful and remote north Cotswolds, through woods

above the Hinchwick Valley, returning along the valley itself. Super views and big

skies. 2.5 hours, 5 miles.

Start: 10 am at Hinchwick – please park tidily on the grass verge. OS OL Map

45/145 301

PLEASE use appropriate footwear as some walks may be steep and muddy in places.

EASY - terrain is mainly level, MODERATE - includes some hills and rough ground,

STRENUOUS – may be rough under foot, ascents and descents may be steep. Sorry,

no dogs allowed except guide and hearing dogs.

Walks are free although any donations help to fund our conservation work and

improvement projects.

The Wardens run a full programme of guided walks throughout the Cotswolds.

More information online at or Tel: 01451 862000, ALSO

for any changes to arrangements (such as during bad weather).




The Rollright Stones have stood the test of time for over

5000 years and are one of the many jewels in the crown of

Chipping Norton’s rich history. If you have yet to visit them

or want to go somewhere for a relaxing time, make a point

of coming on a sunny day - bring a picnic and let the kids

run round while you enjoy the view across to the town

and Oxfordshire or, from the Kings Stone field, one of the

best views north into Warwickshire.

The presence of a Warden on site is proving to be a huge

bonus. We are planning a major clean up and repair

weekend over the 9th & 10th July , removing some

hazards and generally sprucing up the site – all volunteers

will be most welcome for what will be a lot of fun. We are

still looking to recruit more Wardens to deal with the

public at weekends - very rewarding, especially if the

weather behaves. We continue to attract people from far

and wide - the monuments are included in the ‘must see’

lists of the many tourists from around the globe.

If you would like to help out either as a Warden or

Volunteer please get in touch with Robin Smitten Wardens

& Volunteers coordinator 07527224411.

FIND THE ROLLRIGHT STONES north of the A44 (Chipping

Norton to Moreton in Marsh) and south of Long Compton.

Greystones Farm Nature Reserve

(& Salmonsbury Meadows SSSI)

Bourton-on-the-Water GL54 2EN. 01452 383333.

Booking for all events is essential as places are limited

3 July Wildflower Walk 1. A guided two hour walk to

learn more about the management of the farm and to see

the river side wildflower meadows. An event aimed at

adults with an interest in learning about wildlife in more

detail. More information will be given on booking. 2-4pm.

5 July An evening walk - Mammal Tracks & Signs An

evening walk introducing the mammals of the nature

reserve, and how to identify tracks and field signs of

resident mammals. This event is suitable for families with

children aged 6+, and is aimed at those with little or no

prior knowledge of mammal tracks and signs. 7-9pm.

6 July Wildflower Walk 2. A guided two hour walk to

learn more about the management of the farm and to see

the river side wildflower meadows. An event aimed at

adults with an interest in learning about wildlife in more

detail. More information will be given on booking. 6.30 -


17 July Archaeology - the history of Salmonsbury Camp

ancient monument. A guided walk with expert local

archaeologist Gail Stoten. The walk will last approximately

two hours and is taken at a leisurely stroll. Not suitable for

young children. Dogs must be on leads. 2-5pm.



Get Walking Keep Walking is a Ramblers

project aimed at helping people improve

their health and well-being by walking

regularly and locally. The North Cotswold region contains a

vast network of well-maintained footpaths and some of the

best views in the country. The walks provide opportunities to

explore the locality on foot, enjoying nature in all its glory

with a group of friendly people.

We have a no Dogs policy. More information on any walk

or a copy of the Group’s current walks programme can be

obtained from the Secretary : Tel. 01386 700847, email at or by searching for the North

Cotswold Group under “Local Groups” online at


Cotswolds Health & Fitness Club

01451 821320 |

Unit 4d Hawthorn Court, Bourton Industrial Park, Bourton on the Water, GL54 2HQ

Gym Open Day! Saturday 2nd July 8am – 3pm. Free trials and

consultations and no joining fee (worth £50!) with this publication.

The gym at Cotswold Health and Fitness Club is on the business park in

Bourton on the Water and was started in Jan 2008 by Alex Doggett.

The team has expanded into the next door unit which nicely fits in with

their ambitions to grow. Indeed, since they started, the personal

trainers have increased from two to four and the range of equipment

and services has increased dramatically.

One thing Alex always points out is that exercise should be enjoyable.

This gym is friendly and fun, yet professional with expert advice always

on hand. Along with personal training, the Cotswolds Health Club

offers gym memberships, vibration training, pilates, yoga and

integrated complementary therapy. Everyone who joins has their

programmes designed and monitored by one of four highly qualified

personal trainers.

If you really do not know where to start, but know you really should

make that first step, a gym can be a very daunting place, especially for

those lacking in confidence or experience. A personal trainer is a great

way to begin. Cotswolds Health and Fitness Club invite you to call in

and have a friendly chat about how we could help. In a few weeks, you

could feel far better able to deal with the stresses of everyday life as

well as feeling stronger and fitter than you ever have before.

Ed Shaw (personal trainer) has been with Alex since Jan 2008. He was

educated at Cheltenham College, went to Nottingham Trent University

where he read Sports and Science with Coaching. He like the other

trainers has REPs to level 3. Ed also uses the InterX machine which is

widely used by physiotherapists especially in the USA. This device has

been used to treat a wide range of painful conditions; bruising, painful hip

joints, bad back and many more. Ed’s training of Adam Henson on Country

File (BBC) was widely seen by many. Ed can be reached on 07727020160.

A newcomer to the expanded gym is Ken Hurst-Earl BCMA, a

practitioner of 18yrs experience in the field of complementary

healthcare. Ken is the founder of Soma Healthcare which includes a

range of therapies including Acupuncture, Allergy Testing and

Treatment, Connective Tissue Treatment and Bowen/NST. This enables

him to take a much broader view and treatment approach than would

otherwise be possible with a single discipline. He is also the developer

of Soma Release, specializing in the relief of pain and restriction

caused by trauma and postural problems. Ken is currently offering free

consultations for anyone interested in exploring how these therapies

may help them. You can contact Ken on 07773333673 or

Their latest use of some of the extra space was to invite Dr Peter Dean

(a local water colourist who took over the space in Talbot Court to help

out the tenant) to exhibit his work. The upstairs waiting room walls are

covered with local scenes, doors (something Peter has been

concentrating on recently) and Venetian scenes. The exhibition is being

installed this week, so come and visit. There is no entrance fee and you

get a chance to see the gym.

To get there go into the Industrial Park in Bourton, go down to Travis

Perkins, turn right after 50yds. The gym is in the far left corner of the

estate next to Stow Physiotherapy. A more detailed map is available on

our website.

Ed Shaw Alex Dogget





TUE ~ SAT Until 8:00pm

Serving All your Favourites

Come and Enjoy a Relaxing Glass of Wine after Work


Don’t Forget our Beautiful Garden ~ Weather Permitting!

3~4 Church Street Stow~on~the~Wold

The UK’s most vibrant youth music festival! Inspirational

performances of jazz, orchestral, rock, folk and world, urban,

wind and brass, pop, choral and chamber music. Plus workshops,

conferences, commissions and brand new collaborative projects.

337 young talented musicians aged 5-20 from Gloucestershire

have been invited to perform live to audiences in venues

including Symphony Hall, Town Hall, HMV Institute, Birmingham

Conservatoire, and the Museum and Art Gallery. From A-Z they

are Dragon Piano Trio, Gloucestershire Youth Brass Band,

Gloucestershire Youth Jazz Orchestra, Gloucestershire Youth

Orchestra String Section, Gloucestershire Youth Wind

Orchestra, Leckhampton School Infant Choir, South

Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra and The Dragon School

Chamber Choir and Orchestra.

A range of workshops will be available for the young performers

to work with The National Youth Orchestra, National Youth Brass

Band, National Youth Choir, National Youth Jazz Collective,

National Children’s Orchestra, National Youth Music Theatre and

the South Asian Music Youth Orchestra.

Box office 0121 780 3333

For further details visit

Barks & Purrs proudly presents quality

clothing and accessories for Dogs and Cats.


You will enjoy a visit to our beautifully designed shop and if

there is anything particular you need we will buy it in for you.

It will be our pleasure.

OPEN Monday to Saturday 10h30 to 17h30, Sunday 11h00 to 16h00

Digbeth Street, Stow on the Wold

GL54 1BN

01451 830010

Online shop ˆ free UK delivery



For all your

sewing needs

- New curtains

- Roman blinds

- Cushions

- Alterations to curtains

and clothing

- Advice

Call Jackie on:




• Dedicated • Adaptable

• Practical • Reliable

• Design • Construction

• Planting • Water Elements

• Knowledgeable Maintenance

• No VAT

We can help with your garden whatever the size.

Contact David or Elf on:

Tel: 01993 830733 • Mobile 0775 409 8469

Patricia Cook


for every occasion

01451 830450



We offer a full range of Building Services including:

Design and Fit of Kitchens & Bathrooms including

tiling, flooring and decorating; Extensions, New

Builds and Renovations;

No Job too Big or too Small!

Over 40 years experience within commercial and private

market together with an impressive portfolio of clients

Competitive Rates. Fully Insured. High Quality of Workmanship.

For a free no obligation quotation, please call

07894 320015 / 0560 279 8147

Call for parents to join Maternity Committee

NHS Gloucestershire is asking expectant parents or those

with children under the age of 3 years to join the

Gloucestershire Maternity Services Liaison Committee

(MSLC). “We want to hear from mums and dads from all

walks of life. The committee only meets four times a year so

it isn’t a big commitment but it can help make a difference

to local maternity services.”

Any expectant parent or parent with a child under the age

of 3 years or who wants to be part of the Gloucestershire

MSLC should contact:

Caroline Smith on 08454 221514 or for further information.

Are you a fan of Radio Drama?

Our innovative audio drama ‘THE FALLING SKY’ can

be heard at a number of villages over the summer….

“Twelve extraordinary months

in the life of an English village.”

Starring Stephanie Cole and Julian Glover the play was first

performed on a regular rural tour in 2007 and recorded in 2010

and is specially designed to be listened to as part of a guided

walk around your village - a captivating drama played out in

familiar surroundings - a unique opportunity for rural

community audiences to experience this original and absorbing

new approach to touring theatre. ( c.100 mins)

If you're interested in

hosting the show in your

village please contact us

on 0115 927 2334.

New Perspectives Theatre Company,


T: 0115 927 2334

The Mark Jones Memorial Golf

Tournament & Auction

On Friday, 27th May, the Mark Jones Memorial Golf

Tournament & Auction took place at the Chipping Norton

Golf Club, Chipping Norton in aid of Pancreatic Cancer UK

and the John Radcliffe Hospital (Oncology Unit). It was a

fantastic day and evening with 56 golfers and around 80

in attendance in the evening. There was live

entertainment, a great buffet and a fantastic raffle and

Auction, raising almost £7000.00 for the evening. Please

go online for information on next year's event, date and

time (

Thank you to all for your support, encouragement and


Gayle Eastell, Organizer

Mark Jones Memorial Golf Tournament & Auction

16a London Road

Chipping Norton, OXON OX7 5AX 01608 642242

Moreton-in-Marsh Bowls Club

From Pat Wainwright (

*An important message from Mike Wainwright:

“Moreton-in-Marsh Bowls Club wishes to apologise

unreservedly to the fire-fighters of Moreton-in-Marsh

Retained Fire Station for having attributed recent help in

the watering of the Club`s new green to The Moreton Fire

College. During the extended period of dry weather in

March and April it was , in fact , the Retained Fire Station

which came to the Club`s rescue on several occasions.

The newly-laid turf may well have died without these

welcome interventions and our sincere thanks go to all

who helped avoid this potentially disastrous situation.”

Brenda Dix and Peggy Harrison

Brenda and Peggy represented Moreton-in-Marsh Bowls

Club in the 2011 County Ladies Pairs. They were

successful in the first two rounds of the competition, on

both occasions beating teams from Bishops Cleeve. This

took them through to the last 16 of the competition in

which they played a pair from Stroud at Gloucester Spa

Bowls Club. In a close match Brenda and Peggy won their

way through to the last eight of the competition where

they came up against a very strong pairing from

Cheltenham Whaddon. The Cheltenham pair came out

on top and subsequently won their way into the final.

However, Brenda and Peggy should be congratulated on

their achievement in getting so far in the County


New Bowling Clubhouse gets even higher

Photo sent in by Bill Goldie.

“I took the attached photo of workmen putting

the (appropriate) weathercock up on the new

Bowling Club building behind Redesdale Place in

Moreton. It seemed a milestone of sorts so I

thought you might find it of use at some time.”





All Electric work undertaken. Reliable and tidy

Professionally qualified Contractor.

• New installations

• Rewires

• Lighting

• Sockets

• Night storage heaters fitted and repaired

• Distribution boards/fuse boxes renewed

• Showers

• Cookers

• Intruder alarms

• Security lighting

• Garden lighting and outdoor sockets

• Fault finding and repairs.


0797 435 3863

01608 644842



Visit Our Fireplace

Stove Studio and View

Over 50 Displays and

Fire Accessories.......

• Chimney and Flue Specialists

• Contemporary and Traditional Wood Burners

• Multi Fuel and Gas Stoves

• Fire Place Surrounds and Accessories

• Chimney and Fire Place Construction

• Regsitered Installation & Service Specialists

Most Major Brands Available.

Show Room Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday 10am - 3pm, Sunday Closed.

Bank Holidays (normal weekday opening hours)

Tel: 01608 682628 | E-mail:

10 Blackwell Business Park, Shipston on Stour, Warks, CV36 4PE.




Huge Collection of Wall & Floor Tiles

Available to the Public & Trade

Travertine, Limestone & Slate

Ceramic & Mosaics – Oak Flooring

Home visits can be arranged to

bring a selection of products &

to give advice

Full fitting service by our

experienced tilers

Complete bathroom refurbishment


100sq.ft. boarding +

loft ladder supplied

& fitted £289

Prices to suit all budgets

Tel: 01608 652825

• Loft conversions

• Velux windows

• Loft ladders

Supplied & fitted from £95

Free quotes

& Friendly Advice

0800 4488280

07702 702719



Secretary Chairman Treasurer Vice Chairman

Martin Jones Tim Sedgley Graham Rees Paul Luker

2 Devonshire Terrace 6 St Pauls Court 5 Fosseway Drive 5 Grays Lane

Hospital Road Moreton- in-Marsh Moreton-in-Marsh Moreton-in-Marsh

Moreton-in-Marsh Glos GL56 0ET Glos GL56 0DU Glos GL56 0LP

GL56 0BL 01608 652696 01608 650611 01608 651737

01608 650955

Changing Room Official Opening

Twenty months ago we started the task of fundraising £65,000

and then building new changing rooms at our London Road

Ground following the fire and vandalism the destroyed the

original building. This sum that seemed a huge challenge at the

time was raised thanks to the generosity of local charities and

individuals plus the fantastic support of the people of Moreton.

The response, in terms of giving both money and time was

heart warming and the work is now complete. We have so

many to thank and we are holding a day of celebration at the

Ground on:

Sunday 17th July ( between 12 midday and 5pm)

There will be food and a Bar available alongside a community

Six A Side and children’s activities. The official opening will take

place at 3pm.

Honours for Club Members

At our end of season awards the Warners Budgens

Sportsman’s award was given to our vice chairman Paul Luker

in recognition for all his work in managing the building project

as well as being involved with our new Colts team and helping

out several of our junior teams.

Right: Gary Barnet

receiving The Chairman’s

Trophy from MR

Chairman Tim Sedgely

Left: Paul Luker recieving

Warner Budgens

Sportsman Award from

Darren Honour of

Moreton Store

The Chairman’s Award for dedication to the club went to our

First Team Manager Gary Barnet for his achievements in taking

our team to two promotions in four years and his development

of local players to play some great football at a high standard.

Moreton Rangers Pre Season Friendlies.

Sat 9th July Home v Halesowen Town K.O. 3PM

Sat 23rd July Home v Alveston K.O.3PM

Tues 26th July Home v Gloucester City






Huge Collection of Wall & Floor Tiles

Available to the Public & Trade

Travertine, Limestone & Slate

Ceramic & Mosaics – Oak Flooring

Home visits can be arranged to

bring a selection of products &

to give advice

Full fitting service by our

experienced tilers

Complete bathroom refurbishment

Prices to suit all budgets

Tel: 01608 652825


100sq.ft. boarding +

loft ladder supplied

& fitted £289

• Loft conversions

• Velux windows

• Loft ladders

Supplied & fitted from £95

Free quotes

& Friendly Advice

0800 4488280

07702 702719

Stow on the Wold Cricket Club

Reports from Ashley Andrews,Capt.

Saturday 28st May vs Oakridge – LOST

Stow welcomed Oakridge this week and were up against a

team with a lot of experience in division 1. Stow won the toss

and chose to bowl and this looked to be a good decision as

things got off to a great start. Dan Heaps dismissed both

openers for low scores and bowled very tightly. He ended with

10-3-20-2 after a superb bowling display. He was backed up by

Dan Smith who ripped through Oakridge’s middle order taking

3 wickets for 24 runs. Stow bowled extremely well and didn’t

give any runs away. Louis Millar and Albie Griffin both took 2

wickets each at the end of the innings to bowl Oakridge out for

a low score of only 87.

The lads were confident in reply but didn’t start well loosing

two wickets in the third over. A small partnership between

Chris Heaps, 17, and Ben Close, 18, steadied things but both

fell cheaply. Resistance from Dan Heaps who got 21 looked to

help things but once he was out things went from bad to

worse. Stow threw wickets away and needed 8 runs to win with

the final two batsmen at the crease. They got it down to 1 run

to tie before Oakridge

took the final wicket

leaving the lads

gutted, loosing by 1

run! A disappointng

end to a very close

nervy game.

Sunday 29th May

vs Naunton – WON

After a disappointing

defeat the day before

Stow looked to build

confidence in this

friendly against

Naunton. Stow won

the toss and chose to

bat. Both openers

went early but a

quick 18 from Jack

Robson got Stow

going. A solid partnership between Dan Smith and Ashley

Andrews really got Stow scoring before Dan was finally bowled

out for 45. Ash went on to hit 102, accompanied by Kieran

Shoemark who hit a good 16 not out on debut to give Naunton

a target of 239.In reply Stow’s opening bowlers kept things

tight and both picked up a couple of wickets. Albie Griffin took

2-5 and Sam Webley 2-34 to put Stow in a commanding

position. A good partnership in the middle order for Naunton

helped them get to 100 but once Chris Heaps took their

wickets (2 for 23) Stow bowled Naunton out for 128.

Saturday 4th June vs Adlestrop – LOST

This week Stow faced the current league champions in

Adlestrop. Stow won the toss and chose to bowl and didn’t

have much joy to begin with. Adlestrop got to 20 overs without

losing a wicket and scoring 67 runs (a run rate that wasn’t too

high, but not loosing any wickets was a big bonus for them).

Stow finally took a wicket and from then batsmen fell at regular

intervals thanks to Louis Millar who took 3-43. Adlestrop

increased the run rate but some good death bowling limited

Adlestrop to 157 - a challenging total.

Stow got off to a good start with Max Fisher hitting a solid 30 at

the top of the order. Stow lost a few early wickets but John


Sat 2 Sherston Magna A League

Sun 3 Naunton H

Fri 8 Guiting H

Sat 9 Williamstrip A League

Sun 10 Bayshill H

Sat 16 NATS H League

Sun 17 Coln Valley H

Sat 23 Oakridge A League

Sun 24 Chipping Norton H

Sat 30 Adlestrop H League

Spectators are welcome at all SCC’s matches, particularly those at home.

Robson came in and steadied

things along with 27, with

Ashley Andrews scoring a

quick 35. With 5 overs to go

Stow needed to up the run

rate and some big hitting from

Ben Close and Ashley

Andrews put Stow on the

brink of stealing victory from

Adlestrop. But some good

bowling got both of them out

and the lower order of the

team collapsed. Stow lost by a

narrow 6 runs after scoring

151. Another very close

defeat for the second week

running against a team

challenging for the league


Sunday 5th June vs Chipping Norton – WON

The team has always done well in the annual friendly against

Chippy and things didn’t change. Stow lost the toss and were

asked to bat. Ben Close and Dan Smith opened well until Ben

fell for 27. Jack Robson then came to the crease, playing some

great shots before being dismissed for 49, missing his first ever

50 by one run! Some huge hitting by Smitty saw him hit his

maiden hundred for the club and he was the rock of this

innings, ending 110 not out. The team finally ended on 248-5.

In reply the opening bowlers got stuck in straight away. Albie

Griffin took 2-10 and Sam Webley 3-17 blew away Chippy’s top

order between them. The bowling changes didn’t ease things

up for Chippy with Ashley Andrews taking 3-19 to remove the

middle order. A lower order partnership for Chippy saw them

get to 120 before finally being bowled out. An enjoyable game

(with good on field jokes from Craig Hughes) and a good

performance by the team against a good bunch of lads at


Friday 10th June vs Coventry Ramblers - Cancelled

Saturday 11th June vs Barnsley – Cancelled

Saturday 18th June vs Chedworth - Cancelled



Clubs, News & Reports

Local Clubs, Societies, Associations & Charities


Chadlington Flower Club

Julie Thompson Tel: 01608 676368

Chipping Norton Bridge Club

Jack Viney Tel: 01608 641454

Chipping Norton Historical Research Group

Jan Cliffe Tel: 01608 641057

Chipping Norton Lions Club

Martin Guy Tel: 01608 641154

Ch.Norton Museum & History Society

2nd Mondays 7.30pm, September to May

Methodist Hall, West Street, Chipping Norton.

Chipping Norton Postcard Club

Brenda Morris Tel: 01608 643779

Chipping Norton Probus

3rd Tues at The Crown & Cushion 11am

Sec.Geoffrey Norris. 01608 676997

Chipping Norton Rotary Club

Mons 7/ 7:30pm. at The Mason's Arms, Swerford, OX7 4AP.

David Haine 07889 609221 / 01608 643964

Chipping Norton Society

Jill Thorley, 01608 643219

Chipping Norton Railway Club

Alan Brain Tel: 01608 641586

Chipping Norton Scrabble Club

Sarah Turner Email:

Cotswold Investment Club

Meets 1st Tues of each month. Jeremy Main 01608 658675

Friends Of The Town Hall.Chipping Norton

Jackie Haworth 01608 641368

Inner Wheel

Terry Howes, 01608 642423

Kingham & Daylesford Rotary

Fortnightly Weds. Paul Jackson 01608 658500

N.Cotswolds Bee-Keepers Assoc

Julie Edwards 01608 659396

N Cotswold CAMRA


Alan Lamb 01386 701603

N Cotswold Disabled Club

Joan M Oughton 01451 830580

N Cotswold National Trust

Sec Pat Poulton 01608 651373

N Cotswold Probus Club

2nd & 4th Thurs mornings Sec: James Grafton 01608 684181

N Cotswold U3A

Contact Jenny Stanfield 01451 824338

Oddfellows (CN Branch) a social group.

3rd Wed/.M at the Lower Town Hall, Market Street.

Dave Talbot, 07815 099 884,

Over Norton History Group

Jan Cliffe Tel: 01608 641057

Round Table

Gavin Southwell Tel: 01993 730888

Rural living Group

Betty Bryan Tel: 01608 674255

Royal British Legion

Michael Dixon Tel: 01608 643755

RBL (Women’s Section)

Betty Hicks Tel: 01608 642551

Scottish Country Dance Group

Brenda Parsons 01451 831876

Shipston on Stour ‘The Literary Society’

Meets on the last Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm at the George Hotel.

Tel: 01295 680628 or 01608 663482.

Single File

Single, divorced, separated and widowed people aged 50-70.

Meets fortnightly on Friday evenings at The Chequers.

Daphne Lever, 01295 788474


Val Carpenter, 01608 641452

Trefoil Guild

Betty Gardener, 01608 641664

The Theatre Friends

Heather Leonard, 01608 643691

Twinning Association

Jo Graves, 01608 643976

WI-Chipping Norton

Prudence Chard, 01608 642903

WI-Over Norton

Becky Pearman, 01608 643463


Mary Smith, 01608 642577

Weavers Spinners & Dyers Club

Rose Kirkcaldy Tel: 01295 253789

Wine Appreciation Club

David Megson Tel: 01608 645382

Wychwood Old Time Dance Club

Margaret Pitman Tel: 01993 810897

Outdoor Activities

Angling Society

Robert Jarvis Tel: 01608 643494

Banbury Ornithological Society

Frances Marks Tel: 01608 643494

Banbury Ornithological

Francis Buckle 01608 644425


Reg Tipping Tel: 01295 251673

Cotswold Voluntary Wardens

Wendy Lines Tel: 01608 642360

Rambles Association

Peter Barbour Tel: 01608 641081

Rambling Club

Liz Desbrow Tel: 01608 641222

Woodstock & Ch.N.Green Gym

Wychwood Forest (Friends of)

Stuart Fox Tel: 01993 832004


Athletics Club

Allen Souch Tel: 01865 372484 / 0798 1089457

Chipping Norton Badminton Club

Jeff 01608 642006 / Ant & Sheila 01608 646687

Chipping Norton Bowls Club

Greystones Leisure Centre Tel: 01608 644154

Chipping Norton Rugby Football Club

Andy Dawson Tel: 01608 683352

Chipping Norton Cricket Club

Graham Beacham Tel: 01608 810047

Chipping Norton Easy Riders – Cycling Club

Jill Reynolds Tel: 01608 642667

Chipping Norton Town Football Club

Sean Robson Tel: 07879635212

01608 645311 & 01608 642562

Chipping Norton Golf Club

Sec. Lindsay Dray Tel: 01608 642383

Chipping Norton Skater Hockey Club

Contact Louise Murphy on 01608 644091 for details.

Chipping Norton Hockey Club

Clive Briant Tel: 01608 677913

Chipping Norton Pistol & Rifle Club

John Chaplin Tel: 01608 641245

Little Compton Bowls Club

All Year Club. Play stars April. Sue Grantham 01608 642859

Riding for the Disabled

Ann Nobbs Tel: 01869 338404

Tae Kwon Do Association of GB


Bledington Music Festival

Chipping Norton Choral Society

Roger Stein Tel: 01295 721522

Chipping Norton CHAOS (Amateur Operatic)

Martin Hannant 01608 643653

Chipping Norton Circle Dance)

Susie Straw Tel: 01295 788398

Chipping Norton Creative Arts Society

Kathee Coonerty Tel: 01993 891312

Chipping Norton Folk Club

Peter Allum Tel: 01608 642296

Hook Norton Film Society

Harry Smith Tel: 01285 737417

Kingham Choral Society

Derek Woods 01608 658738

Nortonians Amateur Dramatic Society

Andrew Pitman 01993 830930

North Cotswold Chamber Choir

Shauni McGregor Tel: 01608 642352

Naunton Music Society

Barbara Steiner 01451 850897

Salford Players (Drama Group)

Doreen Herrington Tel: 01608 642853

Society of Recorder Players

Jenny Graham-Brown Tel: 01285 740156

Stow Youth Singers (Ages 9+)

Linda Green – 01451 830327

Fridays Term Time, 6 – 7pm at St Edwards Church, Stow

Community Groups

British Heart Foundation

John Hunt Tel: 01608 642556

Breathe Easy Groups (British Lung Foundation)

01451 822102/810520

CHART-Transport Group

Eve Coles, 01608 643570

Chipping Norton Leisure Centre

Burford Road OX7 5DY Tel: 01993 861951

Chipping Norton ‘The Lido’

Tel: 01608 643188

Cotswold Volunteers (a local charity helping disadvantaged people)

Jane Winstanley CEO 01285 658802

Gateway Club (social club for learning disabled adults)

2nd & 4th Weds/M at Rugby Club, Greystones, 7-9 pm.

Sara McCrea, 01608 683334, Jane Nolan, 01608 643855

Lawrence Home Nursing Team

Jenny Nolan, 01608 641549

Mind in Chipping Norton (people with mental health difficulties)

Di Taylor, 01608 645296

Multiple Sclerosis Society

Carol Owen, 01993 880099

Oxfordshire Association for the Blind

Bradbury Lodge OX1 4XL.

Tel: 01865 725585

Hailcorns Tenants & Residents Association

Keith Clandfield, 01608 642327

National Childbirth Trust

Tel; 0870 444 8707

N Cotswold Community Radio

Old Police Station, Chipping Campden,

N.Cotswolds Friendship Centre (Within Age UK)

1st Wed monthly. Colin: 01993 842820/01608 650868.

N Cotswold Support Gp – Parkinson’s UK

Mike Winter 01451 831194

RNLI Chipping Norton Branch

Mike Howes Tel: 01608 642423

Save the Children Fund

Catherine Kimmance Tel: 01295 810189

The Stroke Club (Part of Age UK)

Caroline Seguro 01452/

Local Authorities

Chipping Norton Town Council

The Guild Hall, Chipping Norton OX7 5NJ

01608 642341

Chipping Norton Visitor Point

19 High Street

(Mar-Sept. 01608 644379) (Oct-Feb 0199381327)

Chipping Norton War Memorial Hospital

Horse Fair OX7 5AJ Tel: 01608 648450

County Cllr Hilary Hibbert-Biles

H.Tel:01993 831822 / Mob:07793 935655

District Councillor Eve Coles

Tel: 01608 643570

District Councillor Patrick McHugh

Mob:07980 117405

District Councillor Annie Roy-Barker

Tel: 01608 644107

West Oxfordshire Council Offices

The Guildhall, Middle Row, OX7 5NH

Open: Mon – Thurs. 08:45 – 13:00 & 14:00 – 16:00

Fri. 08:45 – 13:00 & 14:00 – 16:00.

Oxfordshire County Council

County Hall New Road OX1 1ND

Tel: 01865 792422

Children & Youngsters

Chipping Norton Air Training Corps

Steve Taylor 01608 641299

Chipping Norton Army Cadets

Clare Watts 07383233272

Chipping Norton Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

Ian Bushrod, Group Scout Leader, 07831 127120

Chipping Norton Brownies 1st CN

Tracey Shadbolt Tel: 01608 645563



Local Clubs, Societies, Associations & Charities

Children & Youngsters

Chipping Norton Crusaders (11-13)

David Radcliffe Tel: 01993 831472

Chipping Norton Crusaders (14+)

David Radcliffe Tel: 01608 646202

Chipping Norton Guides 1st CN

Tracey Shadbolt Tel: 01608 645563

Chipping Norton Scouts & Cubs 6th CN

Paul Davison Tel: 01608 642373

Chipping Norton CN Rainbows

Alison Dunbar Tel: 01608 644480

Chipping Norton Pre-School

Tel: 01608 643376

Chipping Norton St Mary’s Toddler Group

Julie Jennings Tel: 01608 643796

Churchill Play Group

Tel: 01608 659502

Noah’s Ark Toddler Group

Justine Fowler Tel: 01608 659853

Children’s Art Club (ages 4-12)

After school, Saturdays and holidays

Gill Parkes: 01386 700991

Methodist Junior Church Club

Sec: 01608 643847

Monkey Music (pre-school music classes)

Tues. afternoons 01242 890200 or

Key Information

Childline 0800 11 11

Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111

Chipping Norton Police Station

London Road, OX7 5AW Tel: 0845 8505505

Chipping Norton West Street Surgery

West Street OX7 5AA

Appointments Tel: 01608 642529

Prescriptions Tel: 01608 645999

All Other Calls Tel: 01608 644655

Chipping Norton White House Surgery

Horse Fair OX7 5AL

Appointments Tel: 01608 642742

First Responders (St John’s Ambulance)

Tel: 01865 378228

John Radcliffe Hospital Casualty

01608 644655

N Cotswold St John Ambulance & St John Cadets

(from age 10) Meets at Bourton 7-9pm Thurs 01451 820570



July 30th 1 - 4 pm

Last year was a huge success with bargains galore

and some surprising sales results!

From antique and modern furniture, paintings, china, jewellery,

books - to sporting goods, toys and really useful household items!


50 / 50 or donations.

Receiving goods: (Town Hall)Friday 29th 10 am-8 pm.

Viewing: Friday 2-8 pm/ Saturday 10 -12 noon.

AUCTION: Saturday 30th 1 - 4.30 pm.


Contact: Rob on 01608 643800



FREEPHONE 0800 1955 640

INSTRUCTOR 07977 56 00 86






Business Associations & Groups

British Heart Foundation

John Hunt Tel: 01608 642556

Breathe Easy Groups (British Lung Foundation)

01451 822102/810520

CHART-Transport Group

Eve Coles, 01608 643570

Chipping Norton Leisure Centre

Burford Road OX7 5DY Tel: 01993 861951

Chipping Norton ‘The Lido’

Tel: 01608 643188

Cotswold Volunteers (a local charity helping disadvantaged people)

Jane Winstanley CEO 01285 658802

Gateway Club (social club for learning disabled adults)

2nd & 4th Weds/M at Rugby Club, Greystones, 7-9 pm.

Sara McCrea, 01608 683334, Jane Nolan, 01608 643855

Lawrence Home Nursing Team

Jenny Nolan, 01608 641549

Mind in Chipping Norton (people with mental health difficulties)

Di Taylor, 01608 645296

Multiple Sclerosis Society

Carol Owen, 01993 880099

Oxfordshire Association for the Blind

Bradbury Lodge OX1 4XL.

Tel: 01865 725585

Hailcorns Tenants & Residents Association

Keith Clandfield, 01608 642327

National Childbirth Trust

Tel; 0870 444 8707

N Cotswold Community Radio

Old Police Station, Chipping Campden,

N.Cotswolds Friendship Centre (Within Age UK)

1st Wed monthly. Colin: 01993 842820/01608 650868.

N Cotswold Support Gp – Parkinson’s UK

Mike Winter 01451 831194

RNLI Chipping Norton Branch

Mike Howes Tel: 01608 642423

Save the Children Fund

Catherine Kimmance Tel: 01295 810189

Local Business Directory

Stow Times, Moreton Times, Bourton Times and Chipping Norton Times new BUSINESS DIRECTORY.

Animals & Pets

DIAL-A-DOG-WASH Mobile Grooming Parlour

01993 845360 / 07754 039665

Dog Walking/ Sitting Service

Telephone Carol 01451 820661



Secluded B&B; 5 mins from train station & Moreton town centre


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

GRIMEBUSTERS 01993 868924/ 07778 298312

Professional service at unbeatable rates



For all your foot health needs. 01451 822540

Clothes & Curtain/Alterations

BERNIE’S ALTERATIONS – 35 yrs experience

Tel 01451 833831 or 07768 305427

How to Use a SEWING MACHINE or How to Make

Curtains, Cushions, Blinds or Clothes•Ring Sue on 01608 644877



More than just Flowers

1 Oxford Street, Moreton-in-marsh, GL56 0LA Tel 01608 650630

Stow Roses – The Flower Shop

01451 832277

Hair & Beauty

BELLISSIMA BEAUTY Treatments and make-up for all occasions.

01451 810489/07780 684134

Health & Fitness

PHYSIOTHERAPY – Orthopaedic & sports injury specialists.

MCSP HPC Reg. Spinal & joint pain. Acupuncture.

Bourton-on-the-Water. 01451 822660

PILATES 4 U - Tel Robert - 07500 188 445

Bourton on the Water, Northleach, Aldsworth, Wyck Rissington

House & Home


Carpets supplied & fitted at below shop prices.

Shop at Home Service.

Call: 0790 9991216any time.

Stow Times, Moreton Times, Bourton Times and

Chipping Norton Times are building a

Local Business Directory

Entries are included for a calendar year (content can be changed within the

year) and priced per business.


• 2 lines (approx 10-15 words) £70 for a year – in black, greys & white | 2 lines

framed (approx 10-15 words) £90 for a year – in black, greys & white

• 3 lines (approx 10-20 words) £90 for a year – in black, greys & white | 3 lines

framed (approx 10-20 words) £110 for a year – in black, greys & white

• 4 lines (approx 10-25 words) £110 for a year – in black, greys & white | 4

lines framed (approx 10-25 words) £130 for a year – in black, greys & white

• Business card sized Box £220 for a year – in colour



07789 175 002 e:

Learning & Tuition




Tel 01608 686900



Adult & Young Pupils Welcome 01608 642025

Pest Control Services


Commercial, Agricultural Tel 01608 642531/07788 668740

Property & Garden Services

Batsford Timber Ltd – Fencing & Sheds

01608 651096.

Brian Halling - Window Cleaner

01608 651406 | 07969 934230

Dovedale Services – Mowing/Landscaping/Decorating

Mark Penfold 01386 700165/07811 217043

FREEMAN & GREEN. General Builders. 01608 644933

07884170909/ 07903800555 e:

TREE CONNECTION.CO.UK - Climbing tree surgeon

Fully insured & qualified. Free quotes.

07588417514 (E)

Professional Services

Just Wills - Will Writing Service.

Your instructions are taken in the comfort of your own home.

From £47.50 single will £80 joint/will. No payment until your will

is produced. 01608 643142 or

Taxi/Private Hire


8-seater – 01993 822271

Local - Long distance - Airports

M.H TAXIS – your Local Taxi Service

Tel 0777 993 9415


John Whateley 01386 701806/07855 824 788

STOW TAXI SERVICE – 07887 714047

Talk to us*

about advertising

your business

07789 175 002

*Stow Times, Moreton Times,

Bourton Times, Ch.Norton Times


Matt Matt Matt Fergyson



Dry Dry Dry Stone Stone Stone Walling



01451 01451 01451 851927 851927 851927 / / / 07792 07792 07792 331241




Electrical Problem? We can help!

Jobs of all sizes undertaken.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).


07798 602113 |

07538 538534 |


2 line entry @ £70 a year, 11,500 copies a month



Put your business into every house* in the community –

from Adlestrop to Bourton on the Hill, Condicote to Fulbrook,

Chipping Campden to Chipping Norton, Moreton in Marsh to

Naunton the Swells and Bourton on the Water, and Stow on

the Wold to the Wolfords, the Comptons and the Rissingtons.


If your advertisement catches the eyes of only 1%

of our readers, that is 300 people

All advertisements appear automatically in all 4 editions

* In most communities. For areas currently without deliverers

we deliver copies to key centres for personal collection.

We are currently offering up to 20% discount for prepared

artwork and multiple bookings.


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