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Ica Bokförlag was founded in 1945 and is the leading nonfiction publisher in sweden. our books on cookery,

gardening, pets, handicrafts, interior decoration, natural history, popular psychology and health are both modern and

topical with modern layouts and beautiful pictures. we sell rights and arrange co editions at competitive prices.

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Party tiPs

– professIonal party tIps

for a sUccessfUl party

fixa festen – proffsens bästa

tips för en lyckad fest

160 pages, full colour throughout

This book is bursting with great tips for invitation

cards, food, drinks, table settings and

music – whether it’s for a cocktail party, a buffet,

a three-course meal with folded napkins, a

dessert buffet or a cake party.

The recipes are for food that is easy to make

and they contain clear instructions on what can

be prepared in advance.

The authors are all professionals in their

areas, accustomed recipe makers and party


There are also chapters with party tips,

recipes and food for late light suppers.

afternoon tea

afternoon Tea

Jan Gradvall, Liselotte Forslin & Bruno Ehrs

128 pages, full colour throughout

The British Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher,

Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron

might well be ages and opinions apart, but what

they do have in common is that they all love

afternoon tea!

The world is changing at a tremendous pace,

but this English classic remains timeless.

This book presents 35 different recipes for

delicious treats that can be served for afternoon

tea. The different recipes are presented with

tempting colour photos, mixed together with

interior and landscape photographs from


The book also contains a tea guide.

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180.000 copies sold in Sweden!

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Vegetariska kokboken

Inga-Britta Sundqvist

336 pages, full colour throughout

A bible for


now completely


Vegetarian food is hotter than ever! More and

more people are starting to take responsibility for

their own health and the planet by eating more

climate-smart vegetarian food. This book teaches

you about food and ecology, climate marking and

a climate-smart larder. It also contains a seasonal

guide to fruit and vegetables where you can simply

see which fruit and vegetables are in season.

New research findings on our health have

shown just how important individual nutrients

are for our bodies to be able to develop and

function optimally. Even more interesting are

the findings about important fatty acids and

which fat is best for cooking.

You can also read about detox, superfood,

ORAC values and top antioxidants for both fruits

and vegetables.

The main chapter is full of delicious vegetarian

recipes based on GI food, raw food and lacto &

vegan food. There are also seasonal recipes for

three weeks of meals as well as suggestions for

Christmas and summer buffets and party menus.

elegant Desserts

eleganta desserter

Göran Söderin

96 pages, full colour throughout

Elegant Desserts teaches how to end a good meal with style

too. The prized pastry chef Göran Söderin treats us to some

magnificent desserts that turn the final course into the highlight

of the meal.

This book serves both innovative modern creations and

updated versions of popular old classics. We feast on cold,

warm, chocolate, fruit, berries and caramel. And we do so

with elegant and stylish presentations.

Göran Söderin is an expert at beautiful designs and shares

some of his best tips with us as to how we can also be success-

ful at the dinner table. Become acquainted with the pastry

chef ’s skilful craftsmanship and learn how to create elegant

desserts full of finesse and wonderful flavours.

chef ramzi´s arabic


chef ramzis arabiska kokbok

Ramzi N Choueiri, Bruno Ehrs & Bo Masser

160 pages, full colour throughout

This is a bilingual cookery book based on the Arabic


Chef Ramzi is by far the brightest star in the Arab

world of cuisine. He is most famous for his cookery

programmes on television that are followed by huge

numbers of fans in many different countries.

This book contains a selection of his best recipes,

both in Swedish and Arabic; somewhat of a unique

phenomenon in the world of cookery books. Even

the ingredients have been adapted to what we have


The beautiful photographs in the book have all

been taken in Beirut.

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seVen seasons

in the kitchen

sju årstider i majas kök

Maja Söderberg

160 pages, full colour throughout

Maja Söderberg’s new book is inspired by

local produce from the different seasons and

includes everything from Thursday meals

and winter salads to harvest festivals and

rhubarb muffins; food that takes health, the

wallet, the climate and the environment into


In an age when fruit and vegetables in the

supermarket look the same all year round, it

is not easy to know what is actually in season.

We need to become reacquainted with this

knowledge in order to be able to make climatesmart

choices, which is why each chapter in this

book starts with a seasonal climate pyramid

that takes into consideration the ingredients’

impact on the environment and climate during

the year.

Dividing the year into four seasons is far too

blunt an instrument when it comes to food. In

July, for example, we can enjoy ay least ten new

raw products that did not exist in June. To make

the climate pyramids more topical up-to-date

and useful, Maja has therefore divided the year

into seven seasons.

The health aspects weigh heavily in the pyramids

that have been developed in collaboration

with nutritionist Camilla Gard.

yoga fooD


Anna Gidgård & Cecilia Davidsson

80 pages, full colour throughout

After a yoga session, there’s nothing better

than being able to eat a meal that is organic

and full of nourishment. You’ll feel twice as

good and you’ll be giving your body the chance

to absorb all that delicious healthy food.

What is yoga food? The authors follow the

science of Ayurveda and describe it as delicious

vegetarian food that is bursting with nourishment

and free from sugar. It contains a lot of

vegetables and the dishes can be steamed,

roasted or even eaten as raw food. It is easily

digested and full of enzymes, antioxidants,

fibre and healthy lactic acid bacterium.

What all the recipes have in common is that

they are full of nutrients that make your body

feel great! Delicious food that makes you feel

good is often very simple.

19.000 copies sold

in two months in


6 kilos in 6 weeks

6 kilo på 6 veckor

Ola Lauritzson & Ulrika Davidsson

144 pages, full colour throughout

Do you need help to lose weight quickly

without feeling hungry or counting calories?

The book 6 Kilos in 6 Weeks will give you the

answer. It gives you straightforward and uncomplicated

instructions for menu plans that

are simple to follow, making it difficult to fail.

The secret to success lies in increasing the

body’s metabolism and reducing the fat cells’

ability to store fat. The menuplans have been

created to optimize the blood sugar curve and

control insulin levels and suit everyone looking

for a guaranteed and scientifically proven

method for losing weight rapidly.

raw fooD with

two weeks’ Detox

raw food med två detoxveckor

Ulrika Davidsson

128 pages, full colour throughout

42 degrees, that’s the limit. The food can’t be

heated any further when you cook raw food.

At higher temperatures many of the nutrients

are lost and toxics are freed that may otherwise

be stored in the body. The health effects of raw

food are enormous, the food you eat has no

additives, your digestion system will work

better and you will improve your mental

balance. But, above all, you will have more


You can achieve optimum effects from

eating raw food if you start by detoxing. The

health benefits of removing waste products

and toxics are huge. It is not unusual to have

your eyes opened to ordinary foodstuffs that

might not make you feel so good, such as

wheat and milk. After detox it’s much easier

to stop eating them.

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italian classics

Italienska klassiker

Bo Hagström, Robert Maglia & Tomas Yeh

128 pages, full colour throughout

Italian Classics takes us on a journey to sunny

culinary memories. It might remind us of sitting

down in a simple trattoria with checked cloths

and a fiasco of wine, allowing ourselves to be

seduced by spaghetti alle vongole and a rich

osso buco. For many of us, it was love at first


The food is all characterized by first class

ingredients, simplicity and pure flavours and

the vegetables and bread are served on a separate

plate so as not to compete with the meat or fish.

The sauces are used as flavouring rather than

accompaniments and while pesto or tomato

sauce might well be the most common of them,

why not try acciugata or salmoriglio too?

christmas canDy

anD cakes

Julens godsaker

Mia Öhrn & Ulrika Pousette

96 pages, full colour throughout

The pastry cook and cookery book writer Mia

Öhrn helps you choose from cakes, candy,

desserts, gingerbread houses, bread and buns.

In this book she presents about 40 of her very

best recipes, including both old favourites and

new ideas. The atmospheric pictures contribute

to the delicious aroma of Christmas throughout

the book.

faVourites from

nature’s larDer

Vilt med salming

– favoriter från naturens skafferi

Börje Salming & Bruno Ehrs

112 pages, full colour throughout

Börje Salming is not just a hockey legend and

one of the greatest sports heroes of our time,

he is also a true friend of nature and has been

ever since childhood. It’s somewhere he goes

to recharge his batteries, find energy and clear

his mind. He loves the barren and the wild

countryside of northern Sweden and every year

he spends one week hiking in the barren mountains

of Lapland where he hunts and fishes.

He finds his own food on his way. He grills

fish over an open fire, picks berries for extra

energy and savours the mushrooms and the

fresh air. In this book he treats us to his favourite

dishes from nature’s infinite pantry including

about fifty wonderful recipes using game in

the form of birds, fish and meat in addition to

mushrooms, root vegetables and berries. All

the recipes are spiced with a huge dose of the

unaffectedness of northern Sweden and served

with Bruno Ehrs’ exceptional photographs.

Börje also shares with us his own memories,

tips and thoughts – from the Swedish mountains

to the Canadian fishing waters.



glutenfria favoriter

Elisabeth Ekstrand Hemmingsson

64 pages, full colour throughout

If you suffer from celiac disease or have a friend

or relative who is intolerant to gluten then this

is the perfect book for you. This inspirational

book that is full of tips and recipes is also very

useful for dieticians, domestic science teachers

and people involved in child-care.

Gluten-Free Favourites contains newly composed

recipes for all kinds of food that celiac

sufferers might want. Dishes that are usually

made using regular flour have been turned into

gluten-free dishes in this book. The accompanying

texts have all been spiced with useful

and valuable information about ingredients,

techniques and in-depth knowledge about

gluten-free baking. The diverse pictures, many

of which were taken in wonderful outdoor

settings, are all the work of the author herself.

The book contains 40–45 recipes.

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cooking with kiDs

Laga mat med barn

Karolina Sparring, Lisa Flodin & Ulf Berglund

72 pages, full colour throughout

Cooking with Kids is a book that is bursting

with exciting flavours for all children from

the age of six.

The wide collection of recipes includes every-

thing from simpler snacks to quick lunches and

wholesome dinners, all of which have been

composed so that the kids can do most of the

work themselves without the help of an adult.

Many of the recipes are new varieties of old

classics and are based on simple home cooking

with great ingredients.

The children don’t need any previous experience

in the kitchen since the book is so clear

and instructive. The young cooks will be able

to develop their creativity and culinary flair as

well as their sense for well-made food without

unnecessary additives. And being able to eat

the food that they have cooked themselves

– well, that’s the highlight of the book!

baking with


baka med barn

Camilla Perez, Lisa Flodin & Charlie Drevstam

72 pages, full colour throughout

The aroma of freshly-baked bread is one of the

greatest pleasures our senses can experience

– and this book is heaped with recipes that we

can bake together with children over the age

of four.

the Pleasures

of ecological


ekologisk trädgårdsglädje

Peter Svensson & Håkan Aspnäs

144 pages, full colour throughout

This book provides you with inspiration, know-

ledge and ideas for ecological cultivation. It

gives you tips on things which are meaningful,

beautiful and pleasurable to cultivate and, not

least, tells you how to prepare your garden for

a rich and exciting animal life.

The book combines lasting efforts for the

environment with enhanced wellbeing for

yourself. The more times that passes between

gardening, the more beautiful your garden

becomes. It also means that your garden

becomes more ecologically balanced and, as

a result, more ecofriendly.

The objective of the book is to stimulate all

those of you who are interested in gardening

to lay out and care for your gardens on a more

long-term basis, and thereby ecological, and

to get people to understand how important

gardens are on our wellbeing.

be creatiVe

with concrete

betong med guldkant

Camilla Arvidsson & Malin Nilsson

128 pages, full colour throughout

The book shows you how to make beautiful

plates, giltedged bowls, forest animals, an outdoor

shower with a bench, small butterflies, a

castle for a real princess and, of course, masses

of pots with fine designs. There are easy projects

for beginners and advanced challenges for

those people more experienced in the hobby.

The final chapter contains detailed and richly

illustrated step-by-step descriptions.

The beautiful pictures in the book do not

just inspire you to make things out of concrete,

they also help you to furnish the garden’s rooms

and seating areas. A concrete pot filled with

delicate pale-pink flowers, for example, makes

the perfect eye-catcher wherever you decide to

place it.

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the garDen of senses

sinnenas trädgård

Yvonne Westerberg

160 pages, full colour throughout

Is there any connection between the huge increase in

interest in gardens and the demands that more and

more people have on them? Can the garden act as an

antithesis to today’s stressful lifestyles? Does the garden

provide us with an outlet for pleasure and creativity?

Does it give us meaning and purpose? Yes, probably,

because nature and gardens remind us of things which

otherwise seem so remote in our hectic lives.

Besides the garden itself, this book is also about our

meeting with nature and how it affects us. Things like

a walk in the woods, a hike in the mountains, a moment

on the balcony, a view from a window and some time

spent pottering around in the garden give us pleasure

and make us feel as though we have conquered a little

bit of the countryside.

Healing Gardens focuses on how the author created

and designed the Garden of Senses and Haga Health

Garden for people with special needs. It is thanks to

Yvonne that these gardens exist and in this book she

generously shares her experiences from the very first

idea to the completed gardens.

12 • forma books agency • sweden • nonfIcTIon 2011

outDoor rooms

Under bar himmel

Ulrika Grönlund

96 pages, full colour throughout

Would you like your garden to be a place where

you can socialize, an inviting oasis where you

can eat, sunbathe, read or rest? If so, then you

should focus on the outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor Rooms shows outdoor life at its best

with different gardens where the living room

has been moved outside. Whether you have

a small courtyard or a large garden there are

suggestions and ideas for outdoor rooms,

a south facing sundeck, a west facing eating

area, an east facing outdoor room and a north

facing meditation room.

Outdoor Rooms emphasizes the importance

of spots for different purposes and seasons.

The book also tells you about lighting and

different garden surfaces – important ingredients

for creating wonderful outdoor rooms.

Problem horses


Lisbeth Johnson, Marie Haglumd & Ulf Owenede

128 pages, full colour throughout

This book is perfect for anyone wanting a better picture of what

a problem horse actually is. It presents some of the horses that the

author has worked with over recent years and shares the experiences

that the owners of these horses have had and how they have worked

to change their horses and themselves. In order to change a horse’s

behaviour you often have to make just as many changes yourself.

The book contains a number of case studies.

getting a cat

att bli med katt

Susanne Hellman Holmström

128 pages, full colour throughout

This is an inspirational cat book for the modern cat person. It

will tell you which cat would suit you taking into consideration

your personality and lifestyle.

The book contains masses of tips and pictures that show you

how to do things like giving your cat a bath without getting

clawed, clipping its claws and brushing it. Indoor or outdoor

cat? is a hot discussion and in this book we analyze the pros and

cons of both.

How can you make your home more cat-friendly? What’s it

like having a whole hoard of cats at home, and what should you

do if they start fighting? Many cat-owners take their cats on

holiday with them, perhaps that’s something you’ve thought

about doing too but haven’t done because you’re not sure about

how to go about it.

working equitation

working equitation

Eva Eternell Hagen

128 pages, full colour throughout

Working Equitation is perfect for riders of all levels. It is particularly

good for training at riding school level. The sport develops

and improves the rider’s balance, seat, aids, coordination,

planning of good bridle paths and adjusting tempo. The horses

benefit from all-round training with dressage, obedience and

environment training and work.

If you go back to the Olympic Games in 1912, this equestrian

discipline was primarily a competition for the military. Working

Equitation is an even older form of riding and has its roots in

Southern Europe with cattle, fieldwork and farm work and

in war.

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modern kalligrafi

Cecilia Skogh

120 pages, full colour throughout

Calligraphy, which means “to write beautifully”,

is a wonderful art that is becoming

increasingly popular in an age when we do

most of our writing on computers.

Cecilia Skogh completed her education at

the Roehamton Institute in London in 1990

when she started working as a calligraphist

in Stockholm. She has continually searched

for different ways of developing calligraphy

and she has found her own style that is both

expressive and modern. “Beautiful diplomas,

signs and letters of tribute are often what

spring to mind when you think of this fine art,

but it is so much more”, says Cecilia Skogh.

“Calligraphy gives us the possibility to intensify

and express the word, to adorn, embellish and,

above all, to practise a living form of art.”

The book contains a collection of experiences

and facts on the craft such as tools, letter styles,

layout and areas of usage as well as plenty of

inspiration with plenty of pictures and guidance

for your own creations.


Luffarslöjd och andra trådarbeten

Gert Ljungberg & Petronella Ljungberg

64 pages, full colour throughout

Wirework is now back in art and craft shops

in the form of beautiful candlesticks, baskets,

napkin rings, egg cups and hooks. The equipment

and material needed for wirework is

simple and inexpensive. In fact, all you need

is a few pairs of pliers and some wire.

The book contains step-by-step instructions

for about 25 models of varying degrees of


meDieVial stitches

maskor och medeltid

Anna-Karin Lundberg

144 pages, full colour throughout

Inspired by the late medieval church painter

Albertus Pictor and his contemporaries, the

author has created a unique collection of

knitting patterns for sweaters, cardigans,

jackets and waistcoats. There are 20 patterns

for exciting projects of different degrees of difficulty.

The technique, straight stitch on right

needles and never more than two colours at

a time, is quite easy to learn if you know something

about reverse and straight stitching.

A great deal of importance has been placed

on the abundance of pictures. The book starts

with a brief description of church paintings

and their creators.

At the end of the book there are detailed descriptions

and pictures of the techniques that

are used together with a list of abbreviations,

care instructions and yarn information.


patterns inspired

by old church


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embroiDer more

brodera mera

Monica Zetterström & Nisse Peterson

120 pages, full colour throughout

Embroider More contains about fifty wonderful

pieces of embroidery to inspire you. The book is

complete with patterns and instructions for garn

and material. Detailed pictures and clear pattern

designs supplement wonderful in-situ pictures.

Patterns for cross-stitch, satin stitch and stem

stitch make this book suitable for both beginners

and the more experienced. Instructive drawings

show and explain the stitches and embroidery


Monica Zetterström is a textile designer who

trained at the University College of Art and Design

in Sweden. She has devoted her entire professional

life to embroidery.

christmas crafts

Julboken – Pyssel, pynt, blommor

Kristina Strand

128 pages, full colour throughout

With Christmas approaching, the long dark evenings

are a perfect time to be inspired by Kristina

Strand’s book Christmas Crafts. It contains everything

you need to get into the spirit of Christmas

– Christmas cards, advent candlesticks, Christmas

stockings and Christmas garlands.

Since Kristina is trained as a fl orist there are, of

course, plenty of floral decorations and garlands

that are suitable for indoors and outdoors. The

colour scale is dominated by white and silver, but

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of

red. If you have a sweet tooth you will be pleased

with the delicious recipes for Christmas sweets.

knits for kiDs

sticka smått

Paula Hammerskog & Eva Wincent

128 pages, full colour throughout

This book has a range of modern and classic

clothes for children in a variety of styles. Some

of the classic patterns have a retro feel which

never goes out of date. In total, there are about

40 patterns suitable for babies and children up

to the age of 10.

All the inspirational patterns are presented

together with knitting instructions and beauti-

ful pictures, and the book also has a section that

describes the basics for more amateur knitters.

new weaVes

– classIc patterns In new forms

nya vävar – klassiska mönster i ny form

Birgitta Bengtsson Björk, Tina Ignell &

Bengt-Arne Ignell

144 pages, full colour throughout

This book presents a whole new concept –

basic weaving techniques are combined with

new, modern design.

In an educational yet fun way the different

weaving techniques are explained as well as how

easy it is to vary the same pattern in completely

different qualities.

The rich illustrations show how the weaves

work in contemporary and modern settings.

The book provides a wonderful source of

inspiration for both individuals and weaving


nonfIcTIon 2011 • forma books agency • sweden • 17


– fUn exercIses and

creatIve InsIghts


– lekfulla övningar och kreativa insikter

Johan Ramberg

128 pages, full colour throughout

This book is perfect if you’re looking for a

fun way of brushing up your watercolour


The book teaches you simple ways of creating

skies, painting apples, producing simple

characters and a lot more besides, and, hopefully,

through this new creative insight, you’ll

discover the pleasure of watercolour painting

and be inspired to carry on.

Painting in watercolour is all about unleashing

your imagination and being bold

enough to experiment. Although the final

result is difficult to predict, since the technique

is largely governed by the flow of the water and

the quality of the pigments, this book is full of

practical tips that help you succeed.

18 • forma books agency • sweden • nonfIcTIon 2011


– classIc technIqUes

and new Ideas

Teckning – klassiska tekniker och nya idéer

Johan Ramberg

128 pages, full colour throughout

Drawing is a book for anyone wanting to

rediscover the pleasure of drawing and it

helps people to develop drawing techniques.

It is never too late to brush up your vision

and improve your technique.

Different tools enable you to express yourself

in different ways and this book will help

you to become reacquainted with lead and

ink as well as charcoal and chalk. The book

will take you from the beauty of pure lines

to the enormous wealth of the scale of grey

and on the way you will learn a great deal about

perspectives, drawing techniques, figure draw-

ing, designs and much much more besides.

20 mushrooms

– pIck, cook, enJoy

matsvamp – plocka, laga, njut

Monica Swenson

96 pages, full colour throughout

This is a perfect recipe book for anyone who

loves mushrooms picked from our forests that

are a huge larder of wholesome vegetarian

food. The recipes have all been created using

a selection of our most common mushrooms.

Correctly cooked, mushrooms are a delicacy!

The recipes are all for four people, are simple

to make and can be served as starters or main


The book contains 20 of the author’s best

and most popular recipes and also includes

pictures of the mushrooms, where they can

be found and simple descriptions of the different

species. It also contains plenty of good

tips and great advice alternated with colourful

pictures taken straight from the countryside.



Ingmarie Nilsson

112 pages, full colour throughout

This book helps you to plan your training, in

terms of equipment, training programmes and

alternative training. Variation is important so

that you do not tire of the form of exercise you

have chosen, which is why you ought to take up

some other form of exercise too, thus avoiding

injuries and enabling you to train despite an


The author, Ingmarie Nilsson, has been

running for as long as she can remember and

running is still an important part of her life.

In the 1990s she was a professional runner

and her victories include many large International


nonfIcTIon 2011 • forma books agency • sweden • 19


with chilDren

resor med barn

Katarina Markiewicz

144 pages, full colour throughout

Children see the world with different eyes

to adults and travelling with them can be

incredibly enriching. There are, however,

many practical things to consider for the

journey to go well and be relaxing. This book

is full of concrete tips from both professionals

and parents who are seasoned travellers –

about travelling by train, plane, car and ferry,

child-friendly destinations, practical gadgets,

culture crashes, travel games and much more

besides. Insurance and first aid kits are given

thorough reviews as well as different forms

of accommodation.

There are specific chapters on eco-friendly

travelling and travelling together with family

and friends. The book ends with a list of useful


20 • forma books agency • sweden • nonfIcTIon 2011

tasty fooD

for toDDlers

mums för de minsta

Linda Hallberg

144 pages, full colour throughout

A book for parents of children up to the age

of three. The book is full of facts, tips and

ideas about everything from breastfeeding

to allergies. It is a book that is based on science

but which inspires you to cook your own

delicious food for your children.

The book contains factual chapters with

information about the most common food

allergies/intolerances and suggestions on

replacement products, advice on fat and

vitamins and, last but not least, how to get

your children to try new things.

outDoor kitchens


Hans-Gunnar Samuelsson

96 pages, full colour throughout

This book is full of ideas on planning your

kitchen, including choices of materials and

things to consider when deciding on the

location of the kitchen as well as drawings and

instructions for building your dream kitchen.

There are also some examples of finished

outdoor kitchens as well as advice on barbecues,

smoke boxes, terrace heaters and anything

else that might make your outdoor cooking

experience even better.

The sketches and pictures will provide you

with all the inspiration you need to create a

space for socializing and cooking that will

bring pleasure to you and your family and

friends for many years to come.

Do it yourself

– a girls’ guiDe

Lilla gummans gör-det-själv-guide

Karin Adelsköld & Johanna Ögren

128 pages, full colour throughout

How do you change tyres, drill holes in tiles

and clean drains?

A fun and informal book for those of you

who dislike instruction manuals and who are

tired of asking other people for help.

There’s no doubt that girls can do most

things themselves – whether it’s changing

oil in the car, wallpapering or updating the

computer with the latest antivirus software.

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winDows anD Doors

in olDer houses

fönster och dörrar på äldre hus

Liselotte Jarnerup Nilsson

112 pages, full colour throughout

Do as little as possible! That’s what the experts say to

people who want to renovate and restore old houses.

And that particularly applies to windows and doors.

There are far too many examples of failed attempts,

where people haven’t taken the architecture and age

of the house into consideration. That is something

that this book aims to put right.

Windows and Doors in Older Houses aims at

getting homeowners to preserve the buildings old

windows and doors instead of replacing them. In

the book, which is a mixture of facts, history and

practical DIY tips, the reader is given the necessary

knowledge and tools to succeed in renovating and

maintaining the windows and doors in the building.

The book is richly illustrated with both photos and

illustrations that show characteristic differences in

design and features over the years and how to go about

doing the practical renovation and maintenance work.

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Ingald Andersson

192 pages, full colour throughout

Perhaps you need a new gate, a new patio or a

new roof over your front door? Well, why not

build it yourself? Building things for outdoor

use is a rewarding pastime since it is usually

easy enough for an amateur carpenter to


With the right planning you will be able

to create space to play, have parties, relax and

store things. You do not necessarily need to

take on large projects; perhaps you even have

some smaller items in the garden that need

looking over, like your letterbox or rubbish bin.

This book is full of inspiration, concrete tips

and advice for all your building projects, both

small and large. It is a well-filled bank of ideas

and a goldmine for amateur carpenters to dig


giVe your kiD’s

room a makeoVer

fixa barnrummet

Maria Bannura & Lotta Axelsson

112 pages, full colour throughout

As your children grow their rooms need changing.

The requirements of a two-year-old are very different

from a teenager.

This inspirational book shows you simple ways of

turning your toddler’s room into a school child’s room

and then into a teenage room. It includes a series of

photos that shows how one and the same room can be

changed for children of all ages, from babies to teenagers.

The book is bursting with fun solutions that are

quite inexpensive and do not require special tools.

A lot of the furnishings can also be reused. There are

many suggestions for decorative features and different

ways of creating storage and renewing old things. The

different projects are presented together with shopping

lists and step-by-step instructions that are accompanied

by illustrations or photos where necessary.

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a new kitchen

nytt kök

Jesper Wasling

96 pages, full colour throughout

This book contains everything you need to know about

renovating your kitchen, including facts, practical tips and


Gradually your kitchen will evolve from a plan to completion,

and on the way you will learn how to plan for

electricity and water, laying a floor, tiling, installing kitchen

cabinets and sink units and a lot more besides. Each stage

of the work is complete with detailed instructions and


the tiling guiDe

kakel, klinker & mosaik

Hans-Ove Ohlsson & Anders Jeppsson

96 pages, full colour throughout

The book is a compilation of everything you need to know

about working with wall and floor tiles, mosaics and glass


Apart from all the facts and instructions, the book is also

a source of inspiration for anyone planning to renovate a

kitchen or bathroom or lay floor tiles in the hall. It also tells

you about the rules that apply with regard to work that

needs to be carried out professionally, particularly from an

insurance company’s point of view.

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Design Projects

for eVery room

fixa hemma

Sofie Sjöström, Ulrika Ekblom & Göran Ekeberg

128 pages, full colour throughout

Through clear descriptions and illustrations you’ll find it

easy to carry out the projects in this book and the beautiful

pictures will inspire you to get started.

The author gives you tips on how to make or sew unique

and functional items for every room in the house.

more garDen wooDwork

snickra mera till din trädgård

Anna & Anders Jeppsson

128 pages, full colour throughout

Many devoted amateur carpenters can never have too many

ideas and too much inspiration for their gardens. This book

presents about 40 completely new and fresh projects to get

their teeth into!

With clear instructions and drawings, carpenters, however

skilled or handy they are, are guided past all imaginable

pitfalls towards a final result that they can feel proud of.

The pleasant photographs offer inspiration and show how

the completed product should look. The projects vary in

degrees of difficulty and size – from a simple flower bench

to a useful shed or guesthouse.

renoVating your

house into the home

of your Dreams

renovera från typhus till drömhem

Görel Bockasten

144 pages, full colour throughout

This book highlights all the potential of an older

home, even with small rooms with drab wallpaper

and poor light. Imagination and creativity are often

more important than money when renovating

and rebuilding. And the satisfaction of creating

a home that meets your own needs and wishes is


In the book you can follow how Görel Bockasten

totally renovates a house from the 70s. She has

masses of ideas and suggestions for solutions for

the interiors and exteriors of several different

types of houses. You are given concrete advice on

what to consider before getting started, what you

can do yourself and when you should employ an

expert in addition to the advantages and disadvantages

of different solutions.

Join Görel on a journey where traditional houses

are transformed into modern and personal dream


nonfIcTIon 2011 • forma books agency • sweden • 25

etween heaVen

anD earth

mellan himmel och jord

Benny Rosenqvist and Ingrid Carlqvist

200 pages

Between Heaven and Earth has an important message

that can be summarized in just one sentence:

Our thoughts can totally change our life. The sequel

to The Light People is here.

While The Light People answered many questions

about the other side, this book focuses on the life

you’re living right now. It’s a book that wants to

make you think, make you question your behaviour,

to see through manipulations and teach you to look

upon problems as challenges and opportunities.

Benny Rosenqvist demonstrates the importance

of breaking old patterns of thought and being able

to forgive not just others but also yourself. In his

new book he gets to the bottom of things that can

cause worry in life and talks about everything from

parenting, sex roles, friendship, timing and depression

to the meaning of life.

26 • forma books agency • sweden • nonfIcTIon 2011

harmonious hormones

– for women 40 +

Harmoniska hormoner

Marlene Gustawson & Lotten Odh

144 pages, full colour throughout

Have you ever reflected over just how much impact your

hormones have on you and your well-being?

This is a book for women aged between 40 and 60

that teaches about your hormones and how you can

influence the hormone balance in your body without

synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Particular importance is placed on the significance

that growth hormones have on healthy aging. Almost

all tissue is affected by this hormone, which both builds

and repairs. In our early 20s the level of natural growth

hormone starts to diminish and at 30 it decreases by

1–3 % per year. If we are overweight the process goes

even faster. In USA it is popular to have growth hormone

injections, but in this book the authors show that it is

possible to achieve similar results by eating, sleeping

and training correctly.

The book’s 3-week programme follows you from

morning to evening with daily insights followed by

tips on lifestyle, diet, sleep, exercise during the day and

recipes containing plenty of herbs and other wholesome

foods that will keep your hormones in balance all

day long.

start wooDworking

snickra – din första faktabok

Berndt Sundsten & Jan Jäger

48 pages, full colour throughout

This book teaches you everything you need to

know about making things out of wood using

hand tools. You will learn about different kinds

of wood and different tools and there are clear

texts and pictures that describe about twenty

things that you can make yourself.

You will find both simple and more advanced

objects, some of which are useful and others that

are just decorative. Many of them will also make

great gifts that you can give away.

The degrees of difficulty are represented with

saws, where objects with just one saw are easy to

make and those with three saws being the most

difficult. If you get yourself some tools and wood

and start making things you will have a hobby that

you can enjoy for many years. The more things you

make, the better you will be.

my wilDerness

surViVal guiDe

Vildmarksliv – din första faktabok

Berndt Sundsten & Jan Jäger

48 pages, full colour throughout

This book teaches you important things like

how to cook, camp and light fires out in the great

outdoors. By reading this book you will be well

prepared for going out into the countryside to

experience the feeling of freedom and adventure.

You can also learn about some fantastic gadgets

and useful equipment that could come in need

in the great outdoors. It is good to know how to

handle different situations in the best possible way

since you are the most important tool you could

possibly have and be prepared for the unexpected.

nonfIcTIon 2011 • forma books agency • sweden • 27

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