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ROBINSONS and the ROBINSONS ARCH device ... - Country Range


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ROBINSONS and the ROBINSONS ARCH device are registered trade marks of Robinsons Soft Drinks Limited.


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• Take a buTchers aT slow cooking

11 5 WAYS TO USE...

• counTry range sweeT chilli sauce



• by dancing on ice judge karen barber



23 On ThE RAngE

• wiTh nigel smiTh










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welcome to your new and improved stir it up!

as we welcome in the new year, we thought it was

time that we gave your favourite catering magazine

a fresh new look.

we’ve also introduced some new regular features,

which we hope you will find, not only interesting,

but useful to your business too.

meet our new country range development chef

nigel smith on page 23. each issue he’s going to

be cooking up some fabulous recipes in our new

on the range feature.

our reader survey last year also highlighted your

increasing thirst for more product information and

so, in response, we have created category Focus,

where, each issue, we will give you the lowdown on

a specific food or drink category. we’re launching

with hot beverages and you can find out all you

need to know on page 25.

09 25 43


• Food Trends 2011

19 Country range

Customer profile

• The merry harriers

25 Category focus

• hoT beverages



• caTering For older vegeTarians


• rise in school meals Take up For The

FirsT Time since 1970s


• “darling don’T ForgeT To Facebook us

a Table For Two”


• From cooking good To looking good

we’d love to know what you think of the new-look

magazine and would very much appreciate it if

you could send us a quick letter or email to share

your thoughts.

wishing you a happy and prosperous 2011!

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21 bAUMAnn’S bLOg


43 LEAdIng LIghTS

• masTercheF: The proFessionals

winner claire lara

January/february 2011 stiritup 03

Not everyone knows that

since October 2009 the

Cadbury hot chocolate range

has been Fairtrade certified

in the UK and Ireland.

Make sure you stock

our Best Sellers

*AC Nielsen Total Coverage

MAT W/E 27.03.10

• Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar

is now Fairtrade.

• Twirl is the No.1

chocolate bar in the

UK, worth over

£30 Million.*

• Wispa is the No.2

chocolate bar in the

UK, worth over

£27 Million.*



by roger rant



The last time I heard about

Tax Freedom Day - when

Britons begin working for

themselves rather than the

taxman - it was at the end

of May (don’t ask what it

is now).

meanwhile, whilst brits are working off

the debt, coping with sad (seasonal affective

disorder), recovering from christmas expense

etc. etc. we have to attract these people to eat

out of home. it can’t be easy, can it? but!

how better to easily cheer yourself up than

with a nice cup of coffee, some comfort food

or a quality restaurant experience. hold on,

what was that word? eXperience. That’s

the X Factor in catering, the sum of the parts

that is more than just the food.

You can email your letters to

1st new Year’S DaY

24th - 26th HoSpitalitY 2011

birmingham nec

24th - 26th eSSential cuiSine cHefS

team competition

birmingham nec

24th - 30th farmHouSe BreakfaSt week

25th BurnS nigHt

25th - 29th gooD fooD SHow

birmingham nec



hello, i think you may find these anecdotes a wee

bit amusing for your readers. i run a country pub

(The Three horseshoes in barrow, suffolk) and both

happened on the same day. a female customer

came in with her partner and ordered the drinks.

“Have you got a slimline lemonade please”.

“Sorry, no” i replied.

“Well, what slimline drinks have you got then?”

“Just slimline tonic.”

“O.k., I will have to have one of them”

“And what would you like to eat?”

“The full English Breakfast please!”

save 20 calories, and then eat 700 calories!

That same evening, another customer came in with

3rd cHineSe new Year

(year of the rabbit)

14th St Valentine’S DaY

21st - 27th national cHip week

28th - 13th fairtraDe fortnigHt



8th SHroVe tueSDaY

9th aSH weDneSDaY

13th - 16th ife - tHe international

fooD & Drink eVent

excel, london

13th - 16th pro2pac


royal victoria dock, london

17th St patrick’S DaY


her partner and ordered a burger, chips and baked

beans for him as well as something for herself.

after a couple of minutes, i asked them if

everything was alright.

“No, there is no mention of burger relish being

added to the burger on the menu, and my

partner is diabetic, so can’t have sugar”

so i looked at that tiny dollop of burger relish, then

at the pile of baked beans in tomato sauce with all

the sugar that contains, and gave a very polite apology.

you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose

your customers!

Bruce Burgeon, landlord of The Three

Horsehoes, Barrow, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

January/february 2011 stiritup 05



neW Year Jan-packed

Tips for boosting business

during caterers’ quietest

month of the year

The turkey bones have been boiled for stock; the

festive frills are back in the box and you’re toying

with the idea of renaming your establishment,

‘la marie celeste’.

Don’t you just love January?

if this year’s figures are anything like 2010’s - your

sales could sink by up to 50 per cent at this time

of year.

Figures in a report by industry forecasters

horizons reveal the snowstorms of 2010 caused

a sudden sales slide - while conversely the

takeaway market boomed.

says report author peter backman: “While each

year differs, January is always a slow month.

06 stiritup January/february 2011

Peter Backman

Do you have a functional

breakfast menu to satisfy

your over-nighting guests?

latest research from mintel shows that just

over two-fifths of britons now opt for foods

with added health and nutritional benefits

when doing their shopping.

The ’functional foods’ they buy, according to the

research, are primarily breakfast goodies - eggs

with added omega rich fish oils, yoghurt pots,

“Last year we had snow for two weeks - this

helped the fast food and home delivery market.

For example Domino’s sales went sky high.

“However restaurants have to work much

harder to entice people in using discounts,

special menus and themed nights. Marketing

should be stepped up during January,

particularly aiming to get regular clients in.”

some restaurateurs - such as stir it up columnist

mark baumann - choose to close their businesses

for part of january.

says mark: “We are all pretty tired from the

Christmas season, so we take a couple of

weeks off to rest and also give the restaurant

a deep clean.”

but while a january break suits some

establishments, there are still many things you

can do to survive the post christmas lull.

check out our tips . . .

Winter blues-buster 1:

a reported 79 per cent of brits go on a diet in

january each year - so offer customers a ‘new

year, new you’ menu, bursting with healthy

options, low fat sauces and puds.

Winter blues-buster 2:

This is the month to come up with discounts

and theme nights. what about ‘discount divas’,

offering a free glass of wine for the ladies with

each meal ordered?

Winter blues-buster 3:

don’t over-staff. work out the fairest way to cut

hours throughout the month of january so you

are keeping your workforce happy too.

yoghurt drinks and breakfast cereals, which claim

to help reduce cholesterol, boost the immune

system to fend off infections or aid digestion, as

well as similarly spiced-up spreads, water, juices

and milks.

with the market for functional foods predicted

to grow, to curry favour with your guests and

encourage their return, should you be making such

choices available to them?

says a mintel spokesman: “Just over two-thirds

of consumers claim to prefer to eat functional

foods rather than take vitamins and a fifth of

Winter blues-buster 4:

use cheaper ingredients and provide ‘sharing

dishes’ on your menu. Tapas and chinese sharing

plates are particularly popular with customers.

Winter blues-buster 5:

This is a good time to give your menu an overhaul

and let your customers know about it with a chalk

board on the forecourt or a sign in the window.

check your local supplier for special cheap food

deals and base your new dishes on this.

Functioning to Please

consumers claim to be buying more functional

foods now compared to a year ago.

“The healthy eating agenda has been a key issue

for the UK food industry with rising obesity levels

in adults focusing the Government’s attention on

the need to encourage consumers to maintain a

balanced and healthy diet.”

The functional foods market, according to the

report, has been enjoying healthy sales growth

with value sales increasing by 3.7 per cent

between 2008 and 2009 to reach £719million.


‘gung hei fat choi!’

Use your noodle and spice up

Chinese new Year

February 3 marks the

beginning of the Year of

the Rabbit on the Chinese

Lunar Calendar.

The chinese calendar is very different to the

western calendar, and the lunar chinese new

year calendar has names that are repeated

every 60 years.

chinese new year (also known as the spring

Festival) is the most important holiday in china

and millions of chinese families all over the world

celebrate it every year. chinese new year is all

about bringing prosperity and good luck, and the

tradition associated with this time of year lasts for

15 days. The celebrations begin with the customary

chinese new year’s eve family dinner and close

with the lantern festival.

you can create a taste sensation this chinese new

year with the latest additions to country range:

sweet chilli sauce and medium egg noodles.

use both to create this deliciously spicy dish...

chilli prawn noodles


• 300g raw peeled or Country Range

frozen prawns

• 1 red chilli, chopped

• 1 orange or red pepper, deseeded and sliced

• 150g sugar snap peas, sliced lengthways

• 4 spring onions, roughly chopped

• 2 tbsp Country Range sweet chilli sauce

• 3 tbsp soy sauce with a pinch of sugar

• 300g Country Range medium egg

noodles, cooked

• small bunch chives and coriander

• oil , for frying


• Heat one tablespoon oil in a wok or frying pan

and cook the prawns for one minute. remove.

• Tip in the chilli and pepper and cook for

two minutes.

• Add the spring onion and sugar snap peas

and cook for one minute, then add the sweet

chilli sauce, soy sauce, noodles and about

100ml water.

• Simmer for two minutes until the sauce is

syrupy, then stir in the prawns.

• Garnish with the chives and coriander.

country range Sweet chilli Dipping Sauce


country range medium egg noodles


January/february 2011 stiritup 07

neW Year

Ingredients for illustrations only

/®/designs/© Mars 2010

G eat taste,

n artificia s

Uncle Ben’s ®

and Dolmio ®

sauces are developed using only the best ingredients from around the world.

We don’t add artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, and our renewed range is only full of the

best ingredients. So you can rest assured they not only taste good, they’re good for everybody too

– try them for yourself!

For information on all our ranges and recipes contact us on 0800 952 0011


Take a butchers

at slow cooking

It could save you

“a small fortune”

caterers could chop thousands of pounds off their

annual food budget by slow cooking cheaper cuts

of meat, a top food author says.

Former chef cara hobday believes britain’s

butchers have a large part to play in helping

cooks select less popular - and therefore less

pricey - portions of meat.

says cara, who has just released her 23rd book,

ultimate slow cooker Favourites (ebury, £8.99):

“There is a small fortune to be saved using

alternative cuts of meat in the dishes.

“Most professional ovens have slow cook settings

which apply a small amount of heat over three

to 12 hours.

“As a result, the fibres in cheap cuts of meat

break down, providing a beautifully tender

taste at a low cost.”

here are some of our top reasons and

tips for firing up the slow cooker:

• Meat swap . . . for example compare £5 a kilo of

braising steak with £23 for a kilo of fillet steak

• You can save loads of energy cooking on slow

(two light bulbs worth for 12 hours)

• No boiling over or dried out pans. Liquid will not

evaporate - the same amount remains in the

pot from start to finish

• Convenient - no stirring needed leaving you

free to get on with other dishes/duties

• You can roast joints in a slow cooker

• The best slow cooking cuts include: beef shin,

mutton shoulder, ox cheek, pork knuckle,

neck, trotters and lamb shank, neck and

shoulder. you can afford to experiment when

you are slow cooking

• Using a slow cooker to make jams and

condiments actually speeds up the process

by softening fruit without drying it out. slice

fruit and slow cook on a low heat overnight to

make a great base

• You can cook dried bean, lentil and pea dishes.

To prepare the pulses, they’ll need to be soaked

overnight to soften and boiled for 10 minutes to

get rid of the toxins

meatball casserole with tomato sauce

(serves 6, prep time 20 minutes,

cooking time 4 hours on high/8 hours on slow)


400g minced beef

400g minced pork

1 egg, beaten

4 tbsp olive oil

1 onion, chopped

2 carrots, chopped

3 garlic cloves, chopped

1 celery stalk, chopped

1 tbsp tomato puree

100ml red wine

2 x 400g cans of chopped tomatoes

1 tbsp mixed herbs

1 tsp sugar

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper


• Mix together the beef, pork, egg and seasoning

in a large bowl. divide the mixture into 12 and

shape each piece into a meatball.

• Heat half the oil in a large frying pan over a high

heat and seal the meatballs, cooking them until

golden brown all over. Transfer them to the

slow cooker.

• Heat the remaining oil in the frying pan and

cook the onion, carrots, garlic, and celery for

five minutes until softened. Transfer to the slow

cooker. stir in the tomato puree, red wine,

chopped tomatoes, mixed herbs, sugar and

seasoning. cook for four hours on the high

setting or eight hours on low.

• Serve hot, with pasta.

January/february 2011 stiritup 09


the one

Stoptea Shop

Offer your customers a brand they

trust and the range they want.

From Everyday Tea to Speciality

Teas, Tea Deli, Infusions and

Green Tea, Twinings offers a true

one-stop-shop. All supported

by a wide range of branded

merchandise solutions.

And as market leader* with 300

years of blending expertise,

no-one knows tea better.

Speciality teaS 12 compartment box


For more information contact Twinings Customer Services on 01264 348 181

*Market leaders in Speciality Teas, Infusions and Green Tea (AC Nielsen UK Mat Value Share October 2010)

3 tier Stand

TW2583.indd 1 17/11/10 12:21:35

All the Chinese you need to

know this Chinese New Year

Quick and convenient to use

A range of classic authentic Chinese and Oriental sauces and noodles

Create the authentic cooking experience and provide a

superb menu choice

Products available include:

Sweet & Sour Sauce, Dark Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce,

Black Bean Sauce, Hoi Sin Sauce, Garlic Sauce, Spicy Szechuan Sauce,

Plum Sauce, Light Soy Sauce

Five ways

to use...

Country Range

sweet chilli


Spice up your dishes this winter with Country

Range sweet chilli sauce (12 x 700ml).

This thick, glistening red

sauce studded with red chilli

pepper flakes is the perfect

balance of spicy and sweet.

it makes the perfect dipping sauce

for chinese dumplings and spring rolls -

but is also incredibly versatile and can be

used as an ingredient in a whole host of dishes.

here are some examples:

• Use as an ingredient in compound butter. Whip

teaspoon of sauce into the butter then reform,

in plastic wrap or parchment paper, and chill

until it is firm enough to be sliced. melt on top

of meats and vegetables for a spicy ‘kick’.

• It can be used in marinades for chicken and

salmon. mix half a cup of sweet chilli sauce,

the juice of two large limes, zest of a lime, one

teaspoon of soy sauce and one teaspoon of

finely grated fresh ginger.

• Add a hint of spice to salads with this dressing:

combine four tablespoons fresh lemon

juice, three tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce,

½ teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon black pepper

and four tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

• Mix half a cup of sour cream with two

tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce to make a

delicious dipping sauce for sweet potato or

regular potato wedges. it can also be used as

a dip for chips and/or raw vegetables.

why not try this easy

recipe for sweet chilli

mushrooms with

halloumi cheese?



8 flat mushrooms

4 tbsp chilli flavoured or extra virgin olive oil

150g halloumi cheese, sliced

4-6 tbsp sweet chilli dipping sauce

rocket salad leaves to serve


• Heat the grill to high. Place the mushrooms

gill-side up on a grill rack, brush all over

with with the oil and season with salt and

ground black pepper. cook under the grill

for five minutes until the juices start

to run.

• Top with the halloumi cheese slices then

return to the grill and cook for a further

4-5minutes until the cheese is golden

and crisp. arrange two on four serving

plates and spoon a little chilli sauce over

each. serve with the salad leaves.

January/february 2011 stiritup 11

fiVe WaYs to use...




Ice queen Karen Barber

loves nothing better

than chilling out over

a nice home-cooked

meal with her family.

The much-loved judge on iTv’s dancing on ice,

which begins its sixth series on iTv on january 9,

keeps her cool in the kitchen by cooking up hearty

northern dishes, which were inspired by

her grandma and mum.

karen started figure skating when she was

14 and took gold in the uk national junior

championships and silver at the world

junior Figure skating championships.

with partner and fellow dancing on ice judge nicky

slater, she was the 1983 european bronze medallist

and they represented great britain at the 1980

by karen barber

winter olympics, placing 12th, and at the 1984

winter olympics, where they placed 6th.

The busy mum-of-two now works as an ice skating

coach and tours professionally, as well as her role

as judge on Torvill & dean’s dancing on ice.

karen, who lives in lancashire, has chosen to

share an old family recipe for pea and ham soup

with dumplings as her signature dish.

she explains: “Obviously I spend a lot of time

in ice rinks so I need something that will warm

me up!

“At first I tried to come up with something ‘posh’

This recipe

is very close to

my heart because

my grandma used

to make it... ”

karen Barber


for my signature dish but then I thought ‘No, we

should champion traditional cooking’. Food at

the moment is too fancy - but most people don’t

have time for that, especially if they’ve got children.

“This recipe is very close to my heart because

my grandma used to make it so it is one of those

things that I really associate with my childhood.

Now my mum makes it and my girls always fight

over who’s got the most dumplings!”

Pea and ham soup

with Dumplings

• Soak peas overnight with a teaspoon of

bicarbonate of soda

• Put a ham shank in a pan with salt and

bring to the boil, simmer for about an hour

• When the ham is cooked, take out of

the pan. give the peas a good rinse then

add to the ham stock. bring to the boil and

simmer for a couple of hours

• Slice the ham into chunks and put in with

the peas and check for seasoning

• Make dumplings with suet and a little

water, roll into small rounds and cook for

20 minutes

• Serve with crusty bread.

January/february 2011 stiritup 13

ceLeBritY siGnature Dish

the marKet PLace




in the


Wrap Film






wrap Film systems (wFs) is underlining its

commitment to the environment with the launch of

new baco professional biowrap 100% biodegradable

cling film - the first of its kind in the uk.

made from polyethylene and completely food

safe, baco professional biowrap contains an

oxo-biodegradable additive allowing it to readily

biodegrade even in landfill, avoiding the need for

separation from other materials. once exposed

to a combination of heat, light and oxygen baco

professional biowrap will start to degrade and

will completely biodegrade in around two years;

that’s faster than the natural degrading process

of materials such as twigs and straw.

claire morgan, marketing manager at wrap Film

systems says: “All caterers are re-thinking

their approach to kitchen waste and recycling

and this launch demonstrates how Wrap Film

Systems continues to provide innovative solutions

for caterers. We are committed to developing

practical products that help them to manage and

reduce waste for the benefit of the environment.”

new baco professional biowrap can be used in

the same way as conventional cling film and it is

suitable for covering and wrapping all foods. it can

be used in the fridge, freezer and in microwave

ovens. each 350cm x 200 metre carton of baco

professional biowrap cling film advises the caterer

that for best results the cling film should be used

within 12 months of opening as the cling film will

begin to reach the final stages of its lifespan after

18 months.

14 stiritup January/february 2011

Muffins in

a Moment

Turn coffee breaks into one of your key profitmaking

times of day by adding a selection

of ‘treat me’ products such as muffins,

cookies and doughnuts to your mid

morning or mid afternoon menu.

readi-bake has created a range of

thaw and serve bakery products

to help caterers add extra value

to hot and cold drink sales with very

little extra work.

a new toffee and banana flavour muffin is the

latest addition to the readi-bake premium muffin

range, which also includes blueberry, raspberry

and white chocolate, double choc chunk, lemon

and poppy seed and also a reduced fat mixed berry

flavour for that perfect ‘guilt free’ muffin treat.

Make some dough

with Chicago Town!

with the erosion of the traditional eating timetable,

there is increasing pressure on pubs to provide

flexible menus to cater for the broadening range

of reasons and meal occasions behind eating

out. combine this with the fact that 90 per cent of

handheld snacks in the pub sector are driven by

pizza and you have a profitable opportunity at

your fingertips.

according to the latest figures from dr oetker - the

uk’s no.1 frozen branded pizza company which

owns chicago Town - over 90 per cent of brits now

eat pizza at least once a week.

in response they have launched

a range of branded frozen fresh

dough pizzas into foodservice to give

caterers the opportunity to benefit from

market trends.

The launch of bacoFoil professional 100%

recycled aluminium adds strength you can trust

to the Team green line-up.

This innovative foil for everyday use is made from

aluminium that has been reclaimed, re-processed

and recycled from car components, stadia

seating, railway sidings and even cookware. The

process uses 80 per cent less energy than the

production of foil from virgin aluminium.

served as whole pizzas or slices, the range

comprises 4 cheese, inferno, pepperoni and

chicken supreme, all of which have the distinctive

chicago Town sauce stuffed crust.

From freezer to oven to plate in

three minutes, pubs can make

around £5.00 profit on each

pizza by selling it for

£1 per slice.

Adding value with

green credentials

available in 45cm x 60 metre, bacoFoil

professional 100% recycled aluminium can

itself be readily recycled via local authority

collections along with other aluminium products.

both baco professional Team green products

come in impactful and tamper-proof robust

cartons. They are metal edged to ensure ease

of dispensing.

The future is

healthy for Aviko

Creamy, dreamy


caterers looking to indulge sweet tooths with one

of the top-listed desserts in foodservice can now

whisk up dreamy cheesecakes with help from

baking expert dr oetker.

The foodservice supplier has developed new

cheesecake base mix and cheesecake Filling mix

to bring more variety to dessert menus, whilst

giving caterers the freedom to add everything from

rich, hot fudge sauce to fresh fruit toppings to their

works of art.

creating cheesecakes with a creamy texture and

oaty base, the easy-to-use butter formulas simply

require water to make up 96 portions.

leading potato products supplier aviko has become

the first in foodservice to provide the whole of

europe and overseas markets with frozen potato

specialities prepared using pure sunflower oil.

From this month (january), aviko’s range of potato

specialty products will be made using 100 per cent

sunflower oil, and contain just 12 per cent saturated

fat compared to the 50 per cent saturated fat when

using traditional palm oil.

healthy potato products won’t mean a sacrifice in

flavour, as the new sunflower oil range will offer

the same signature taste and result synonymous

with aviko, enabling operators to meet the growing

demand for healthier menu options.



in the


Readi-Bake have launched

a new range of cupcakes

in three delicious flavours,

Chocolate Swirl, Zesty Lemon

and Strawberry Swirl.

These soft and moist sponge cupcakes

are filled and frosted for an indulgent

taste and luxury appearance that is

right on trend.

readi-bake cupcakes are suitable

for all types of food retail outlets; all

you need is a freezer to provide your

customer with fresh, tasty, appealing

treats for any time of the day and potentially

all day - so you never miss an opportunity as it

takes just 90 minutes to defrost at 15-20 degrees.


Crème Comes

Out On Top

For Muffins

The latest craigmillar crème cake mixes from csm

united kingdom, are perfect for making the most

delicious muffins. The easy to use mixes, in plain

and chocolate varieties, give bakers easy access

to the uk’s £70.5million muffin market.

muffins made using craigmillar crème cake

mix are incredibly moist and soft eating, giving

your muffins a real point of difference that your

customers will appreciate.

The mixes create a cake with a resilient crumb

structure that holds inclusions evenly through

the batter so you can confidently create a selection

of muffins with different and even quite chunky

inclusions such as real chocolate chips or large

fruit pieces that offer excellent, luxury appeal.

craigmillar crème cake mixes are available in

12.5kg bags and in two popular variants. both

mixes meet the Fsa 2010 sodium guidelines

when using the standard recipe.

chocolate crème cake mix is characterised by a

rich chocolate flavour and dark colour that is

delicious on its own or add chocolate chips, fruit,

nuts or dark cherry pieces to create menu variety.

Plain crème cake mix is the perfect ‘blank canvas’

for a variety of inclusions such as sultanas,

cherries, blueberries or raspberries. alternatively

drizzle with a fudge icing or decorate with sliced

nuts or fruit slices to give consumer choice.

Cash in on cupcakes

readi-bake cupcakes are

available in pack sizes of 12

January/february 2011 stiritup 15

the marKet PLace

countrY cLuB


Welcome to the Country Club

- exclusively for customers of the Country Range Group.


tHe ultimate

Slow cooker


by cara hobday (ebury press)

you’ve read the reasons why slow

cooking is great for saving money

(page 9)- and now here’s your chance

to win a brilliant new book packed

with 100 mouth-watering recipes to

cook up.

16 stiritup January/february 2011

comPetitions freeBies


the uLtimate sLoW

cooKer faVourites

reciPe BooK

choose from a light and tasty provencal pasta

sauce or seafood risotto, or rustle up a hearty

winter warmer such as creamy lamb and

cauliflower kashmir curry.

The author cara hobday is a food stylist, writer

and chef who has worked in kitchens all over

the world. she is author of eight other cookery

titles and the book’s beautiful photographic

illustrations were taken by her husband,

rob white.

for your chance to grab a free copy simply send an email titled ‘Slow cook

Book’, with your name, contact details and the name of your country range

wholesaler, to


Let’s drink to

these hot prizes

To celebrate the launch of our new category Focus feature, we’ve got two fabulous

prizes inspired by this issue’s topic: hot beverages.


an iPhone, horLicKs

reciPe BooK & Jar

of horLicKs

one lucky reader will scoop a

fantastic coffee queen thermos

worth £265.

The coffee Queen Thermos brews coffee

directly into a 2.2ltr thermos, and is

great for keeping the coffee warm whilst

retaining its taste and aroma, making

serving great coffee simple and flexible,

as you can serve it anywhere.


a fantastic coffee

queen thermos

Worth £265

to be in with a chance of winning, simply send an email titled ‘Hot Beverages

competition’, along with your name, contact details and the name of your

country range wholesaler, to:

closing date for all competitions: 28th February 2011. all winners will be notified by 31st march 2011.

postal entries for all of the competitions can be sent to: country range group, po box 508, burnley,

lancashire bb11 9eh. Full terms and conditions can be found at:

call on HorlickS to unwinD

The benefits of a milky drink before bed in helping you unwind are well documented

and original horlicks has been there to help the nation nod off since 1883.

now, renowned chef paul hartley wants to move

the malty favourite from the bedtime routine. he’s

determined to get us all cooking with horlicks by

following the simple, sweet and savoury recipes in

his latest book, ‘The horlicks cookbook’.

colourful and easy to follow with lots of fascinating

horlicks facts, the book details 40 tantalising

everyday dishes. The book is available from (rrp: £7.99) but we have

11 to give away. each book comes with a 2kg jar

of original horlicks but the reader whose name

is first picked from the competition hat will not

only receive their book and drink, but also a

high spec iphone!

for your chance to win, simply send an e-mail titled ‘Horlicks competition’, along

with your name, address, daytime contact telephone number and the name of your

country range wholesaler, to:

January/february 2011 stiritup 17

countrY cLuB

Rice Matters...

...for great quality and

all-round value

Buy any bag of

Tilda Easy Cook

Basmati 5kg or

Easy Cook Basmati

& Wild 3kg and

receive a FREE £5

JD Wetherspoon

voucher * !

*Offer valid from 10th January 2011 - 25th February 2011.

“Across all JD Wetherspoon pubs we have been known to

sell up to a quarter of a million curries in a 4 week period,

serving Tilda Basmati rice with every one of those dishes!

Testament enough to the Tilda brand I’d say.”

Paul Miller, The Welkin, JD Wetherspoon, Liverpool





From I.T. to

g and T

Peter and Angela Gatling

are the first to admit they

knew nothing about the

pub industry.

but it didn’t stop them from giving up their jobs

and re-locating with their three young daughters

to run their dream pub in the west country.

it has been a steep learning curve but, five years

on, it seems the savvy duo now know a great deal

- and have been named The good pub guide devon

dining pub of The year 2011 for their efforts.

“We were absolutely new to the trade,”

says peter. “I worked in IT for 20 years

beforehand so I knew nothing about

this industry.

We wanted our own business and to make a

change of lifestyle, and we have always liked

food and drink so it seemed an obvious choice.

“However, you can’t be emotional.

This is a business and we didn’t look at it

through rose-tinted spectacles. We had a

good look and fell in love with this place.”

The merry harriers dates back to 1492 and

was originally a devon longhouse. it stands in

the beautiful blackdown hills, clayhidon, and

was enough to lure the gatlings away from the

berkshire home.

“When we took it over it had a good reputation

for food but was regarded as a ‘specials

occasions’ pub because it was quite expensive,”

continues peter. “We have moved from being

an exclusive gastropub to an ‘Everyone

Welcome’ country pub. The previous owners

didn’t welcome children or dogs and they

closed the skittle alley, which were all very

negative messages.

“We have let it evolve over time. The important

thing is to make sure that what you are doing

is what the customers that you want, want you

to do. It’s all about attention to detail. The food

is the flagship but the wines, beers, atmosphere

and cleanliness are also extremely important.

“We serve local fish, meat and game and turn it

into something that our diners wouldn’t be able

to make at home. We order little and often of

things that sell so there is very little wastage.”

all their hard work and efforts have culminated in

scooping The good pub guide devon dining pub

of the year title.

peter adds: “The awards are the Oscars of

the pub trade and the reviews are written

by customers for customers. It’s the most

independently read guide in the pub trade.

“Devon has about 1,500 pubs and 57 of them

are featured in the guide so to pick us was very

overwhelming. It is a wonderful reward for all

of the hard work of the team.”

The merry harriers’ team of chefs use a wide

selection of country range products and peter is

a particularly big fan of country range butter. he

says: “There are different types of butter with

different fat contents and if the constituency is

wrong, it splits. The CR butter is really good.

If you are cooking from scratch, it’s a quality

product. I’m also a big fan of the cleaning

products. In fact, during our last EHO visit, the

inspector commented on how good the products

are. He was really impressed.”

January/february 2011 stiritup 19

customer ProfiLe

Away from

home, busy

day ahead?

For a great



With more and more operators recognising Breakfast as an opportunity

for extra profit, it’s crucial your breakfast menu meets the demands of

your customers – quality, choice and value.

Seeing the brands that your customers

know and love reassures them of the

quality of your menu and signals that you

care about the food you serve.




Trademark(s) owned by Ajinomoto

Co. Inc., Tokyo, Japan, used under

licence by HP Foods Limited

Product Case Size Code

HP Brown Sauce 8 x 285g

Heinz Tomato


10 x 342g

Heinz Beanz 12 x 840g

Baumann’s Blog

Mark Baumann is a regular Stir it up columnist. He is the owner of the

acclaimed Baumann’s Brasserie in Coggeshall, Essex, was elected as a

Master Chef of Great Britain in 2003, is a regular TV chef - and is a proud

customer of the Country Range Group. Each issue, he shares anecdotes

about life in his chaotic world of catering…

The last couple of months

of last year were manic! I

was inundated with requests

for TV and fundraising

work, and it’s very hard

to say no.

First up was the oysterFest in colchester which

is an annual event attended by 250 dignitaries.

it’s full of pomp and ceremony and i kind of

underestimated how posh it would be. i was one

of three guest speakers.

i went to holland with jean-christophe novelli (jc)

judging on their version of masterchef, which was

an excellent experience and very well put-together.

i’ve also been in cumbria doing a great northern

air ambulance fundraiser, where we worked with

students from the local college to cook a meal for

the event.

i appeared on bbc essex as part of children in

need, doing ready steady cook in front of an

audience of around 600 people. we won but i

caused a bit of a food fight! it was all a bit too

boring and staid so i ‘splatted’ the presenter - but

she wasn’t very happy because i ruined her top!

my final destination last year was moscow, which

was a truly amazing place. jc and i were invited

do some master classes and a dinner for 220 of

the russian elite - gymnasts, singers, actors, the

equivalent of our a-list here - in the most incredible

hotel. i have to say the systems out there are

bizarre and the maitre d’s are totally useless. They

are a long way behind this country in terms of

hospitality. everyone was smoking and, when we

arrived the chefs were all asleep in the kitchen, and

had to be woken up!

This year we’ve been invited to do a demo on the

new Qe2 in april, which we’re very excited about

and a return to russia, this time to st petersburg, is

looking likely.

all in all, i was away from the brasserie for

longer than i would have liked but i’m lucky that i

don’t get

caught short!

in these difficult economic times there are shortlength

toilet rolls being sold as full-length rolls.

rest assured that all country range professional

brand products offer you value for money and

peace of mind.

have a great team who allow me to go off and do

my thing. i made it back for the big christmas and

new year rush, which leads me on to wishing you a

very happy and prosperous new year!

happy cooking!



look out for the ‘soft Tissue standard’ logo on

country range paper products as your guarantee

of quality.

call your country range wholesaler, today to

ensure you beat the cheats and get the most

out of every roll.

it will save you money!

January/february 2011 stiritup 21



add value

Marinades that provide exceptional flavour with an authentic aroma

that will take your dishes on a journey across the East and beyond.


166 servings

per case

(c/s = 2 x 1.25 litres)

Suitable for Coeliacs & Vegetarians

Tenderises and penetrates meat,

ideal to flavour fish and vegetables

Major Mini Pork Ribs*

Major Spicy Turkey Soup*

11 flavours for all seasons

For further information on how we can add value to your kitchen call

our Customer Services free on 0800 58 77 333, quote STIR111

Brian Eastment, Exec.

Development Chef of Major Int.

shows why Major Marinades

are winners in the kitchen.

Great taste with a great profit

The costing guide below gives an idea of the kind of margins that can be

generated from our recommended recipes.

Suggested Selling Price £3.25

VAT @ 20% £0.65

Net Selling Price £2.60

Ingredients Costs:

Cooked Diced Chicken Meat 45g = .18p

Mayonnaise 19g = .04p

Major Oriental Mari-Base® Marinade 3.7g = .005p

Soy Sauce - Low Salt 1.8g = .01p

Five Spice Seasoning 0.4ml = .005p

Chives – Chopped 1.5g = .01p

Flaked Almonds 7.5g = .06p

Mango - peeled & thinly Sliced 22.5g = .05p

Coriander To Garnish = .02p

Dried Chilli Flakes To Garnish = .02p

Total Costs of filling (100g) 40p

Approx Cost of Baguette 30p

Total Costs 70p

Oriental Coronation

Chicken Baguette

10 covers


Cooked diced chicken meat 451g

Mayonnaise 190g

Major Oriental Mari-Base® Marinade 37g

Soy sauce – low salt 18ml

Five spice seasoning 4ml

Chives – chopped 1 tablespoon

Flaked almonds 75g

Mango – peeled & thinly sliced 225g

Coriander – chopped to garnish

Dried chilli flakes to garnish


1. Mix together the mayonnaise, soy sauce, Major

Oriental Mari-Base® Marinade and the five spice

seasoning. 2. Stir in the chopped chives, flaked

almonds and mango. 3. Toss the chicken into the

mixture until well coated. 4. Garnish top of baguette

with chopped coriander and chilli flakes.

Cash Gross profit £1.90

As % of net sales profit 73%

All prices & weights based on a 100g portion

All ingredient costs are based on local

supermarket prices as of 19.11.2010

*Contact us for free recipes

oN thE


To coincide with our new

look, Stir it up is delighted

to announce that we also

have a new columnist, who

will be cooking up some

delicious dishes from the

Country Range kitchen.

nigel smith has worked with a host of renowned

chefs, including albert roux, paul heathcote and

anton edelmann. he is currently chef/patron at

The villa, wrea green, near preston in lancashire,

where his celebrity diners include footballer steven

gerrard, boxer ricky hatton and chefs michel roux

and jean christophe novelli.

nigel has hosted his own Tv series and has won

numerous awards, including hi-life dining awards’

best north west restaurant 2010 and the good

Food guide’s taste of britain award.

in addition, nigel is currently working with the nhs

on specialised projects at preston and chorley

hospitals, having achieved excellent results at

blackpool hospital in 2009/10.

each issue, nigel will be road-testing one or more

country range products and demonstrating their

versatility with a fabulous recipe for you to try.

he is no stranger to country range products,

having been a devotee for the last five years.

he says: “The products are fabulous and it

is very difficult to single one out. I have to

admit, however, to being a big fan of Country

Range mayonnaise. It’s wonderful! I love the

creaminess and how comparable it is to the large

brands. It has a great flavour and the price is

amazing too.

“I also really like the tomato and basil sauce

- it’s very fresh and exudes the flavour of

tomatoes. It’s perfect for lasagne and pasta

dishes or for bulking up a tomato soup.”

nigel is extremely pleased to be working with

the country range group and making regular

appearances in stir it up.

“I always read Stir it up magazine - it’s a

great trade journal and very informative - and

I’m delighted and very excited to be working

with Country Range. Their fantastic variety

of products enables anyone from the smallest

catering outlet to the largest business to

confidently order everything they need from

one dependable and dynamic company.”


January/february 2011 stiritup 23

on the ranGe

100% Rainforest Alliance Certified

Beverages from Country Range

With 92% of

consumers willing

to pay extra for a

product perceived to

be ethical 1 , our range of

100% Rainforest Alliance

Certified tea and coffee will

improve your margins whilst giving

your customers a feel good factor.

New Country Range 100% Rainforest Alliance

Certified, roast and ground filter coffee is sweet

but well-balanced with toasted almond notes and

cost-effectively delivers the perfect pick me up without

damaging the ecosystem where the beans are grown.

Our range of tea is sourced from one of the world’s first 100% Rainforest

Alliance Certified tea estates to offer a premium blend Kenyan tea. The

enveloped tea bags are perfect for front of house or as part of a room service tray.

Point of sale material for our 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified product portfolio

is available on request.

0845 519 6181

Country Range 100%

Rainforest Alliance Certified

range comprises:

Roast & Ground 50 x 60g

Filter Coffee

Teabags 1100’s

Enveloped String 250’s

and Tag Teabags

String and Tag 250’s


1 Feel Good Research – 2008



Hot drinks sales continue to rise in spite of

the recent recession and increased prices.

The hot beverages market is up 7.2

per cent, adding £110.7million to the total value

of £1.6million. while hot chocolate and malted

drinks have struggled, tea and coffee sales are

soaring but consumers are demanding more

and more choice.

Tea Time

Tea prices may have reached record levels

worldwide, but this has not quashed britain’s

thirst for its daily cuppa.

Tea remains the biggest seller, accounting for 34

per cent of market share (coffee is 17 per cent)

and Tetley remains the brand leader, followed by

pg Tips then Twinings, Typhoo and yorkshire Tea.

of the 145 million cups drunk each day in the uk

only 10 per cent are consumed away from home.

Tea consumption habits (Tetley)




Green tea


fruit anD herBaL

sPeciaLitY tea



reD tea


of consumers

DrinK eVerYDaY tea

However, 25 per cent of tea drunk

is not everyday tea. are You

catering for this sizeable chunk

of the market?

according to Twinings Foodservice, demand

for premium teas is growing and this offers a

significant profit opportunity. They suggest

offering a range of speciality Teas, infusions

and green Teas to maximise profit potential

from high margin products. Twinings’ new

infusions range offers a selection of herbal &

Fruit infusions, green & white Teas made from

only 100% natural ingredients, perfect for

today’s health-conscious consumers.

a range of free pos materials are available to

caterers to help maximise sales at a premium

price point.


tea remains

the biggest seller,

accounting for

34 per cent of

market share

January/february 2011 stiritup 25

hot BeVeraGes

*TNS Brand Tracker 2009

† IRI MAT 14 Aug 2010

They get the coffee

they love. You get

their loyalty.

When you’re serving NESCAFÉ ® coffee you’re

unlocking the flavour of 100% pure coffee.

NESCAFÉ ® Original delivers the full-flavoured

taste the nation loves. Serving it will encourage

your customers to keep coming back for more.

Whatever your needs, you’ll find the perfect

coffee solution in our comprehensive range.

The NESCAFÉ ® Coffee difference:

• Britain’s No. 1 coffee *

• Over 16,000 cups enjoyed every minute †

Range of formats, including stickpacks

and decaff variants, to satisfy every

consumer need

• NESTLÉ ® is investing over £200 million in

coffee projects over the next 10 years to

make a difference to everyone, from farmers

to consumers

For professional advice to grow your business,

call us today on 0800 745 845 or visit

® Reg. Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.




Café-style coffees are now

the norm and consumers are

clamouring to get their hands

on their next cappuccino,

latte, americano, mocha,

macchiato or frappuccino!

last year the total roast and ground segment grew

by 12 per cent to £165million and instant coffee

was valued at £671million and is currently growing

at 4.6 per cent. nescafé is currently the largest

coffee brand in the uk enjoying over 82.8 per cent

market share in the out-of-home market.

bean to cup machines (which grind the coffee on

demand for each cup) ensure fresh-tasting coffee

and are becoming the norm in coffee shops where

individual servings are required. however, filter

coffee is still the preferred option when catering for

large numbers, such as conference or banqueting

when speed of service is paramount.

The future of cafés in the uk is bright and it is

predicted that over 800 new coffee shops will

open in the next three years. although big branded

chains are growing, this is not to the detriment

of quality independents, which remain a key

component of the market. according to him! Food

to go 2010 study, 39% of coffee shop customers

would buy a meal deal if there was one available.

so bundle in a cake or snack according to the

time of day and encourage customers to trade-up

their purchase.

according to a recent survey by nestlé professional

on out of home trends in coffee consumption,

there is an increase in demand for great tasting

‘cafe-style’ coffees, and the need to ‘raise the

bar’ on the quality of hot beverages served in the

workplace. also trusted consumer brands are

preferred, generating ‘feelgood’ factor amongst

employees. ‘spoon to cup’ products, such as

nescafé latte and cappuccino, will help you

capitalise on current trends without the need

for investing in new machinery.

hotels capitalising

on coffee culture

hotels are also starting to capitalise on the coffee

culture - and not just at mealtimes.

savvy hoteliers are creating cafés in their lobbies

and bars to tempt customers - both guests and

people walking in off the street - at all hours

of the day.

it makes sense to utilise the space to its full

potential and there is an enormous mark-up on

hot drinks, although obviously there is the initial

investment in equipment to take into consideration.

estimates show that staff training and equipment

costs between £3-4,000 but if you can

sell 50 cups of coffee a day at £1.50,

you can make a return of

around £23,000 a year,

so it’s definitely

worth considering...

last year

the total roast

and ground segment

grew by 12 per cent

to £165million

pubs are also turning to hot beverages to help

them to boost their profits but getting your

offering right is essential. here are some

key points to bear in mind:

• Make sure you are catering for the right market

• Don’t over-complicate your menu - six

expresso-based drinks and six teas and

infusions are ample

• Check what your competitors are offering and

how much they charge

• Never undersell yourself - people expect to

pay around £2 for a decent coffee

• Highlight the fact that your coffee is

Fairtrade etc.

• Make sure your customers know about your

offering, via a blackboard or pos materials

(many brands offer free pos)

• Introduce a coffee/hot drink of the month to

keep your menu fresh

January/february 2011 stiritup 27

hot BeVeraGes

We only buy beans for our Kenco freeze dried coffee

range from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

Rainforest Alliance certification helps to ensure a

decent wage for workers, access to education for

their children, and protection for the environment.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do and the Kenco brand is

your reassurance of this promise. We offer Kenco freeze dried coffee

in a range of convenient catering formats designed to meet the needs

of any environment.

At Kenco, we’ve dedicated ourselves to coffee pleasure

for over 80 years. So you can be sure that the coffee

you choose is specially selected and carefully blended

to give a delicious coffee experience.


hot chocolate

and malted drinks

According to Mintel, the hot chocolate market

grew by 20 per cent between 2007 and 2009

and is now worth just under £100million.

by contrast, once-iconic malted drinks saw sales

decline by 12 per cent between 2005 and 2009.

Their research shows that both hot chocolate and

malted drinks are often viewed as an “occasional

drink” as they are heavier and more calorific than

tea or coffee.

cadbury still claims the no 1 spot with their hot

chocolate portfolio valued at £41million, and new

variants are being introduced to combat these

consumer perceptions. low calorie cadbury

highlights, for example, targets the female

population and is currently worth £9.5million.

similarly, aero is lighter and bubblier than

traditional hot chocolate.

The malted drinks segment is dominated by

horlicks with a 65 per cent share.

malted drinks are a popular choice amongst the

over 65s and care caterers can capitalise on this

market by including a malted drinks offering to

residents. many hoteliers are also missing the

opportunity to offer individual sachets of malted

drinks on bedroom trays or include them on their

room service menu. horlicks have also published

a recipe book containing 40 sweet and savoury

dishes that feature horlicks.

Current trends

• Ethical offering

more and more consumers are making informed

choices about the tea and coffee they drink

and, in response, many cafés and restaurants

now include a sustainable/ethical option on their

hot drinks menu such as Fairtrade or those

sourced from rainforest alliance certified farms.

with 92 per cent of consumers willing to pay

extra for a product perceived to be ethical,

this is a trend that can work positively for

caterers’ margins.

• Quality own brand ranges are also thriving.

country range was the first brand in foodservice

to offer a tea that is 100% sourced from

rainforest alliance certified farms. with the

range now including 1100s, envelope Tea, string

& Tag teabags and roast and ground Filter

coffee, country range offers caterers the largest

range of 100% rainforest alliance certified Tm

hot beverages in foodservice.

martin ward, country range group purchasing

manager, says: “When brand isn’t important

but provenance of offering is, our Rainforest

Alliance Certified TM products offer quality,

exceptional value and better margin opportunities,

without compromising on taste. We also

provide PoS material to help you highlight

your sustainable offer.”


Soya milk-friendly products

in response to the growing trend for dairyfree

diets, Tetley have launched a new

blend of tea created specifically to work

perfectly with soya milk.

January/february 2011 stiritup 29

hot BeVeraGes

Coffee Prophet

The UK coffee market is the most developed in Europe –

representing 42% of the total European market.*


So it’s crucial that now – more than ever – you maximise the sales opportunities available.

At Kerry Foodservice we’ve developed a unique, solution-led approach to help caterers and

end-users make the most of the UK’s café culture, featuring a range of core products:

• DaVinci Gourmet Coffee Syrups – for adding flavour shots to drinks,

from a Hazlenut Latte through to a Vanilla Frappe

• Caramel, Chocolate, Strawberry & White Chocolate Sauces

• Frappe Mixes – available in Coffee & Vanilla Flavours

• B-Ravi Fruit Frappe Mixes – ideal for refreshing summer drinks

(or as an all-year alternative to traditional soft drinks)

• The unique V*Go range of Porridge Pots

Discover more about Kerry Foodservice and our brands: Email:

*Source: Allegra

evolving food

hot beverages


Under the brand Coffee

Queen, Crem International

UK Ltd sell a large range

of Filter coffee machines

starting with the Original

through to the Serving


original is a complete series of classic coffee

machines that for decades have earned a

reputation in cafés, restaurants, hotels and other

environments where guests are served a good

coffee. models featured in this range are the m2,

dm4 and Thermos.

serving concept is a range of ‘bulk’ brewers which

cater for greater numbers of customers such as you

might find at a university canteen, sporting events

and large social gatherings. They still use filter

coffee but some, like the double Tower, can brew

up to 10 litres of coffee in about 7 minutes. The

coffee is served through a serving station which,

if required, can be branded with a company logo

to really make a big impression. models featured in

this range are the single Tower, double Tower,

single and double cater and mega gold.

The great thing about filter coffee is that it is

making quite a resurgence after many years in

which espresso coffee has led the way. in fact

many of the worlds coffees, such as the county

range 100% rainforest alliance certified Filter

coffee, do not lend themselves to espresso

brewing. Filter coffee typically costs around £1.10

per cup versus around £2.75 for an espresso,

making filter an attractive proposition on a sales

strategy based on a cup.

The basic m2 costs £200.00, Thermos £265.00,

single cater £666.00, double Tower £1995.00.

Discounts of up to 30 per cent are available for

Stir it up readers to support the launch of the

country range 100% rainforest alliance certified

filter coffee.

our orDer Hotline

David russell - 07557-035686

- quote Stir it up when ordering to secure your discount.



January/february 2011 stiritup 31

hot BeVeraGes aDVertoriaL

“You wash, I’ll dry!”


*While stocks last



Our FREE tea towel makes short work of the drying-up.

So make sure you get your hands on a ‘Tetley Tea Folk’ tea towel,

FREE inside every promotional case* of Tetley for Caterers 2x1100s.

That’s better. That’s Tetley.

hot beverages


The One Stop Shop

for Premium Teas

Consumers are increasingly

looking for something

different when purchasing

tea out of home; as a result

Speciality teas such as

Traditional English and

Earl Grey are Twinings’

most popular blends

and a ‘must-have’ on

all beverage menus.

caffeine free alternatives are also growing in

popularity with infusions such as peppermint

and cranberry, raspberry & elderflower, and

naturally caffeine free redbush all moving into

the mainstream, reflecting a trend towards a

healthier lifestyle and more varied tastes.

Twinings has the widest range of premium teas

in the out of home market; from everyday Tea to

speciality Teas, loose Tea rituals, and Tea deli

mesh bags, and jacksons of piccadilly Fairtrade

Teas, Twinings offers a true one-stop-shop for all

your tea needs. with over 300 years of market

leading expertise, and with an unrivalled

reputation for quality and innovation, no-one

knows tea better than Twinings.

new Twinings Tea deli

new Twinings Tea deli is the easy way for

operators to put on a loose tea experience without

the preparation needed for a loose tea service.

consumers seek a premium experience when out

of home and Twinings Tea deli offers loose tea in a

mesh bag, which delivers the ceremony associated

with loose tea, and instantly gives your tea service

a more premium feel and will naturally demand a

higher price. Twinings new premium tetra mesh

range ‘Twinings Tea deli’, bridges the gap for outlets

looking to take the next step from a standard tea

bag offering. operators can choose from six rare

and unusual 2nd flush and single estate loose

tea blends including english breakfast, signature

earl grey, 2nd Flush assam and great Taste award

winner, gunpowder, green Tea and mint.

research reveals

that 75% of

purchasing decisions

are made at point

of purchase


marketing your perfect serve

with research revealing that 75% of purchasing

decisions are made at point of purchase,

Twinings understands the need to promote a

range of teas to consumers, and has a variety

of merchandising solutions to suit all outlets.

Twinings offers a comprehensive range of branded

crockery and merchandise solutions including

menus, tent cards, posters, tea stands and

compartment boxes to help you promote

your tea service and give it a premium feel.

Twinings’ promotional calendar, available at, has been developed to

help caterers promote a range of Twinings teas

and infusions throughout the year, point of sale

is available to download where you can print

off monthly posters promoting a tea of the month,

as well as show support for events such as

Fairtrade Fortnight.

January/february 2011 stiritup 33

hot BeVeraGes aDVertoriaL

A-peeling potatoes!

A few things you never

knew about chips...

• Fish and chips are a big hit at celebrity

weddings. Fans include steven gerrard and alex

curran, wayne rooney and coleen, myleene

klass and graham Quinn, and john Terry and

Toni poole to name just a few.

• The fish and chip shop market is worth

£1.2billion - that means £1 of every £100

spent on food is spent in a chippy!

• Eight out of 10 households buy frozen chips

each year, so most of us have a bag in

the freezer.

• Over half a billion meals containing homemade

chips are eaten each year.

• A portion of chip shop chips contains less fat

than a prawn mayonnaise sandwich.

• A portion of oven chips will provide a third of

your recommend daily amount of vitamin c.

• A serving of oven chips with three fish fingers

contains one third of the saturated fat found in

a serving of lasagne.

• A staggering 255million fish and chips meals

are sold each year.


national Chip Week

21st - 27th February

country range’s delicious freeze chill fries are

available in three sizes:

• 11 x 11mm (7/16”)

• 13 x 13mm (9/16”)

• 9 x 18mm (Steak cut)

Fair Enough for

business growth

Catering for your more ethicallyminded

customers could be

good for business, according

to the UK charity behind the

Fairtrade mark.

some 74 per cent of britons now recognise the

mark and know what it stands for, claims its

originators the Fairtrade association.

it works primarily with smaller Third world

producers, tackling the injustices in conventional

trade to help them achieve a fairer price for their

crops, including tea, coffee, cocoa, sugar and

bananas among a diverse range of other produce.

goods from its producers are then Fairtrade marked

and latest figures, based on value sales for 2009,

show that they totalled just under £800million in

the uk, representing growth of 14 per cent.

says james bennett, of the Fairtrade association:

“An increasing number of people are making a

conscious effort to choose Fairtrade goods and

indications suggest that despite the credit crunch,

Fairtrade marked products are continuing to

show sales growth.

“We now have a total of 4,500 products bearing

the Fairtrade mark. As well as the more usual

teas and coffees, included in these and of

particular interest to the hospitality trade are

wines, vodka and bar snacks such as nuts. All

Cadbury branded chocolate bars are now made

with Fairtrade cocoa and so have the Fairtrade

mark on pack. It’s great to have the support of

big companies but it’s also important to have

support at all levels to continue to highlight the

Fairtrade message to the public.”

continues james: “We believe selling Fairtrade

marked produce now works both ways in that

it helps us to continue to help the producers but

also, with more and more consumers supportive

of the Fairtrade ethos, offering Fairtrade goods

is an increasingly sound business proposition.”

The foundation is currently planning for its annual

big awareness event, Fairtrade Fortnight, which

runs from February 28th until march 13th. For

further information on this and the foundation’s

work, including its marked products, log on to

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fooD anD inDustrY neWs

Must Stock Aviko Lines! Lines Lines!

Super Crunch

• Outstanding crunch & crispness

• Natural starch coating ensures perfect crispness

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Super Long

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Super Mash

• Delicious & convenient creamy mash potato

• Easy to use individual cubes help with portion control & waste

• Endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs – who had this to say...

“An excellent alternative to our homemade mash, no wastage

and a consistent product.”

Veggie Burger

• Mashed potato, fresh onions, carrots, sweetcorn, peas and

broccoli in crispy breadcrumbs – delicious!

• Generous portion size which can be oven cooked,

grilled or deep fried

• Perfect as a tasty veggie option

Roast Potatoes

• Great tasting roasties with a fabulous taste, texture & appearance

• In a blind taste test they beat the market leading brand hands down!*

• Endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs – who had this to say...

“They taste great and are the closest thing to making it from scratch.”

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*Blind tastes test carried out in June 2010 with 10 Craft Guild Members. Both brands were prepared

adhering strictly to the instructions on-pack and tasted blind to eliminate bias.

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Potato Fact Essentials No. 1

Share our passion for potatoes


Catering for

older vegetarians

A charity charged with

improving the quality of life

for older vegetarians and

vegans has issued some tips

for care home cooks.

vegetarian for life provides nutrition and catering

advice to chefs working in the welfare sector,

as well as facilitating caterer training courses

in conjunction with the renowned cordon vert

cookery school of the vegetarian society.

Tina Fox, the charity’s company secretary, claims

a quarter of the uk’s care homes have at least

one resident who is vegetarian or vegan.

in spite of this, Tina claims many caterers struggle

to provide imaginative vegetarian alternatives for

their non meat-eating residents and rely too heavily

on cheese-based dishes.

“There is often an over-abundance of cheese,”

she says. “But it is high in fat so it isn’t healthy

to eat it in every meal. As an alternative,

caterers should look at other sources of protein

such as pulses and lentils.

“Also a lot of caterers are still not familiar with

meat alternatives, such as Quorn and soya

mince, and they sometimes don’t know what to

do with them. You can make all of the usual

dishes, such as Spaghetti Bolognese and cottage

pie, with soya mince and research has shown

that cooked minced meat can get caught in

The elderly should be given a

regular supply of hot drinks and

at least one hot meal a day to keep

them safe during the bitter winter

months, says the National

Association of Care Catering.

in order to help pensioners be as prepared as

possible for the winter months the nacc has

been working with local authorities to develop

new guidelines which will be sent out to the

uk’s 12million pensioners.

the throats of older people whereas soya mince

breaks down better so it is a great for nonvegetarians


Tina also urged care home caterers to think

about the texture of the dishes they provide.

“Vegetarians and vegans don’t often get pies

and crumbles. I appreciate that some older

people need softer food that is easy to swallow

but not everyone does. It must be awful to be

served baby food every day!”

Finally she advised cooks to use herbs and spices

to liven up dishes, where appropriate, particularly

for their younger residents.

she said: “A lot of vegetarians in care homes

are of an age when they have gone through

the war and they are really tough characters.

This age group tends to like quite plain food

but in the 1960s and 70s there

was a greater number of

vegetarians and this

generation have been

exposed to more

world cuisine and

are therefore more

adventurous in their

tastes. This will be

reflected in the types

of dishes they will like

when they come to live

in care homes.”

for more information visit

nACC launch their ‘keep well in winter’ campaign

recommendations include:

• Aim to provide at least one hot meal a day

and give hot drinks regularly throughout

the day

• Provide a hot drink before bedtime

• Prepare a thermos flask of a hot drink to

have by residents’/patients’ beds

derek johnson, nacc chairman, says: “Winter is a

time when everyone’s health can suffer. However,

illness like flu and pneumonia can lead to serious

complications for older people so it is really

important to ensure their health is in good check

Tina Fox

and they are eating well.

“Good nutrition is even more vital during the

winter months and we hope these guidelines

will provide carers

with the information

they need to help

the elderly to

stay in good

health this


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heaLth anD WeLfare



Rise in school meals

take up for the first

time since 1970s

- as School Food Trust is axed as government quango

38 stiritup January/february 2011

Uptake of school meals has

gone up for the first time

since the mid-1970s.

The latest figures reveal that the proportion

of children eating a school lunch in primary

and special schools rose by 2.1 per cent to

41.4 per cent.

The number of children eating school lunches

in secondary schools currently stands at 35.8

per cent - up 0.8 per cent on the previous year.

The news came as it was announced that

the school Food Trust will be axed as a nondepartmental

public body with effect from april

2011 and will therefore no longer be funded by

the department of education. it will continue to

be a charity and will establish a separate

community interest company.

before the Trust was established, meal numbers

had been declining almost every year since the


school Food Trust chairman, rob rees, said:

“Over the last few months we have been

working closely with the Government to develop

a realistic and achievable plan to build upon

the improvements in school food which have

taken place in recent years.

“Since it was established, the Trust has

developed an enormous amount of expertise

in school food and food education, working

with schools, local authorities and other groups

to make sure that school lunches are wholesome,

tasty and affordable, and to increase the

number of children eating them. Numbers are

now climbing and a recent survey of parents

suggested that this is leading to children eating

a wider range of foods at home.

“We are confident that our new status as a

Community Interest Company and charity

means we will be able to work with everyone

involved in children’s food and drink to inspire

improvements in food and education and give

our young people a great start in life.”

For restaurant marketing

manager Isobel Gibbions

it was something of a

tumbleweed moment.

“I’d suggested we put our two venues on

Facebook,” she says, “but there were some

raised eyebrows and doubts at first.”

like many successful organisations with a tried

and trusted marketing strategy, the old phrase

‘better the devil you know’ often raises its horned

head. but as isobel points out, Facebook works -

and it is free!

with the backing of her managing director, craig

lynch, isobel set about making a business

Facebook page for their two derbyshire outlets;

brampton manor country club and The Fox and

goose inn.

using their personal Facebook friends list, isobel

and colleagues invited people to become ‘fans’ of

the two picturesque venues.


at least once a week, isobel updates the Facebook

page to notify ‘fans’ about an event, knock-down

food deals, or special offers on at the leisure club.

and so far both fan pages have proved a hit, with

hundreds signing up to follow weekly events.

says isobel: “We get a lot of calls as a result

of our Facebook updates. Many want to book

a table or enquire about the health club - and

some want to do that online.”

For anyone daunted by the prospect of joining

Facebook, isobel says: “Once you have set up

your page, it is easy to update yourself. Initially

we had to enlist a little bit of help, but once you

are up and running it is pretty straight forward.”

an increasing number of businesses are reaping

the rewards of using social media to promote their

events. as country range customer isobel explains:

“To anyone who is unsure of whether to set up a

Facebook page, I would say, keep an open mind.

“Just because you may not use Facebook

yourself, you need to think about what your

target market is using. These days people sit at

home and socialise on Facebook, they talk on

the site, it is just like chatting on the phone.


“We are getting a lot more customers as a result

of our Facebook page. And that is for both the

restaurants and leisure club.”

isobel advises nominating one trusted member

of staff to update the Facebook site - which will

incorporate a link to your company website and

location details.

she says: “It is important to remember that

if you are using Facebook for business, there

needs to be some protocol.

“For example there were a few hiccups when

we first started our site. There was a little bit

of banter between male staff - a bit of bravado

going on - and I had to point out that

customers could see that and that it wasn’t

professional behaviour.

“As for your status updates, you obviously can’t

stop people commenting on your wall, but you

can be careful how you provoke their responses.

“If you post something provocative you are

going to expect a provocative response.


“darling don’t forget to

facebook us a table for two”

growing number of customers want to book online

We are

getting a lot more

customers as a

result of our

Facebook page

isobel gibbions

if you are interested in setting up your own

facebook page and need advice, you can

contact isobel at ‘let’s Do facebook’ on

07791 962256 or

email :

So it’s a case of being careful and using it


isobel says she has been able to slash her media

budget - but stresses you shouldn’t be too quick

to put a stop to conventional advertising methods.

marketing mix

“You have got to have a good marketing mix,”

she says. “You can’t just suddenly only do

one thing.

“We also have Twitter, but there is a different

user. For example Facebook targets our market

for Brampton Manor and Leisure Club. Twitter

is better suited to our other venue, the Fox and

Goose, slightly older, maybe a slightly higher

end market.

“It is all experimental. At the moment I am

concentrating on making Facebook work better

for us and by that I mean using it more.

“It is a place where you can be as creative

and innovative as you want.”

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aDVice from the exPerts


From cooking good

to looking good

- The food presenting secrets which can boost your sales

by food writer cara hobday

A pretty plate of food

doesn’t just get the juices

flowing ... it works to

attract us on the most

primal of levels.

even half a million years ago our cave-dwelling

ancestors would only eat grubs which looked good;

knowing it was safe, healthy and not going to leave

them frothing at the mouth.

Those instincts remain in the human brain today

and that’s one of the reasons why every chef

should know how best to present their plates.

whether you are using moulds to present your

mash or rice, or piping your pureed vegetable in

patterns, there are hundreds of ways you can

make your food look good enough to eat.

so grab your peeler, blender and deep fat fryer

for some clever insider tricks ...

1. Thinly slice your vegetables (this works well

with potato, swede, parsnip, sweet potato),

by hand or with a julienne peeler

2. blanch in boiling, salted water for 30 seconds,

drain well and plunge into a bowl of iced water

3. stir fry in a little oil until aromatic and tender

but not browned

4. when cool enough to handle, work quickly

draping over the palm of your hand rolling

them into a ball before topping with your meat

and sauce

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spaghetti of vegetables




1 2 4

chocolate cups

2 3 4 5

illustrations courtesy of food presenting Secrets by cara Hobday & Jo Denbury

(apple, £14.99), photography by rob white. Dozens more tips available in this book.


noodle nests

1. cook egg noodles in boiling salted water and

remove from the pan with a wire draining spoon

2. Form noodles into a ball and place a basil leaf

on top. set aside until you are ready to serve

3. To fry, test the oil with a piece of noodle, when

it sizzles it is hot enough. use the wire draining

spoon to hold the noodle nest on to the base of

the pan so that a flat bottom is formed. when

the next is golden, use the wire draining spoon

to lift it out of the hot oil

4. drain off the excess oil on plenty of paper

towels. add your filling and serve hot!

1. melt a batch of chocolate. make sure the muffin

cups are clean and dry

2. using a paintbrush, coat the inside of the muffin

cup, reaching into the pleats right to the top of

the paper’s edge but not over it

3. melt a second batch of chocolate and paint

a second coat over the first coat, which will

strengthen it when removed from the cups

4. once cooled and dried, to unmould the cups,

hold them very lightly and use a toothpick to

gently prise the paper away from the chocolate

gently working the toothpick all around the cup

5. Turn the cup upside down on a plate (or store

in an airtight container for up to seven days)

and serve with your preferred filling, dusting

with cocoa powder to finish

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aDVice from the exPerts



MasterChef champ 2010

Claire Lara has just

finished the latest round

of press interviews . . .

and she’s feeling guilty.

a passing comment about her mum’s cooking has

made headlines in most of the morning’s newspapers.

“I’d said that once my mum found oven chips

there was no looking back,” cringes claire. “I feel

a bit guilty now. Although my mum didn’t cook

much, she did make the odd mince and mash

and dishes like that.”

it was watching her mum cooking that sparked

claire’s culinary curiosity. “From an early age

I wanted to find out what else could be made

with everyday ingredients.”

her winning plate on masterchef: The professionals

was a little more complex than any early

cooking attempts.

it was a mouth-watering menu which started with

crispy-skinned sea trout served with apple puree

and caper with cider beurre blanc, followed by

roasted boneless pigeon breast on mashed potato,

peas and pancetta with quince jelly and a red wine

sauce. dessert was a raspberry and white

chocolate millefeuille with lemon thyme discs

and fresh raspberries.

2011 is going to be a busy year for the 30-year-old

chef originally from moreton on the wirral, merseyside.

in addition to accepting a work placement at michel

roux jnr’s at le gavroche, she has recently given

birth to baby son george.

but if there is one thing claire and her French chef

husband marc do not shy away from it is hard work.

here claire tells the inspiring story of her journey

from canteen cook to winner of masterchef: The


How did you start your professional

cooking career?

just before the age of 16 i joined a yTs (youth

Training scheme) scheme in catering where i met

maggie rimmer, a fantastic lady and massive

inspiration to me.

she got me a placement at the nearby cadbury’s

factory canteen from half seven in the morning

until half three in the afternoon. one of the chefs

there got me job at a hotel in the evening working

5.30pm until 11pm. my mentor maggie would come

out to me during working hours to complete my

theory. i didn’t think about the long hours i just

loved the work and couldn’t believe i was getting

paid for it!

what was your first job abroad?

because things were going well on the yTs scheme

they offered me a chance to work in belgium. i

absolutely loved it there and i developed a taste for

working away. Then just before my 19th birthday

i got the opportunity to work in paris thanks to

the recommendation of another chef who knew i

was passionate and hard working. it was at albert

roux’s english restaurant ‘berties’, in paris. i met

albert a couple of times; he was the executive chef

there. he asked me if i was going to teach people

the ‘mersey French’. i mainly taught them how to

swear in english!

Claire with

husband Marc &

baby son George

You met your husband in france?

albert left a year later and his replacement brought

marc to work with him. Together marc and i worked

long hours, starting at 7.30am - 8pm with a

brief break about four then back on service until

midnight. you can’t do it half heartedly. There is

little chance to meet anyone outside the industry!

what did you learn from your time in


They have a real respect for produce and realise

you don’t have to go very far to get a good meal. if

you visit the supermarkets there for example there

is only a tiny selection of ready meals.

Did you notice change on the British

culinary scene when you returned

to england?

when i first went to France i was 19 and came back

aged 24. i saw a massive change in the food being

served in liverpool and london. now we can hold

our own in europe

and we can be

proud of british

produce and

british cooking.


why did you and marc decide to come

back to england to work?

in england, and i think marc would probably agree

with me, you get more opportunities at a younger

age. in France our head chef was 35 - it was his first

position in overall charge - whereas in britain you

can reach that post at a much younger age.

what was your first job back in the uk?

i spent three years at the london carriageworks

before leaving to help open panoramic in liverpool

- the uk’s tallest restaurant located on the 34th

floor of beetham’s west Tower. i was the pastry

chef and marc was the head chef and we worked

from 7am until 1am, seven days a week. Towards

the end i was physically destroyed. so we decided

to move on from there. as a chef you never stop

learning wherever you are.

where were you working when you

applied for masterchef last December?

after the frantic pace of panoramic, i took the head

chef post at a loose leaf tea shop making lots of

chutneys, pickles and jams and learning how to

match puddings to teas. i also started teaching

two days a week at liverpool community college.

How would you describe your time

on masterchef?

i felt like a fish out of water. i was amazed at getting

through every stage. i also fell pregnant during

filming - marc and i had been trying for 10 years

- i just assumed i couldn’t have kids! i’m used to

multi-tasking and sleep deprivation so

i will hopefully be ok!

any advice for aspiring chefs?

Try to work abroad, you are even more focused and

passionate away from home and it is good to learn

how other kitchens work.

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LeaDinG LiGhts

• B ritvic ’ s b iggest e ve r consume r promotion

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