Helen E Riegle - HER Design

Helen E Riegle - HER Design

Helen E Riegle - HER Design


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<strong>Helen</strong> E <strong>Riegle</strong><br />

<strong>Design</strong>er & Principal, <strong>HER</strong> <strong>Design</strong><br />

Biography<br />

<strong>Helen</strong> E. <strong>Riegle</strong> is designer and principal of <strong>HER</strong> <strong>Design</strong>, which makes chic and sustainable handbags and accessories,<br />

each inspired by nature. After nearly two years in concept and development, <strong>Helen</strong> launched her first collection in 2004<br />

with a clear goal: to promote greener living that embraces style. <strong>Helen</strong> is not your typical bag lady. Faced with limited<br />

options that suited her tastes and needs, <strong>Helen</strong> carried few handbags... until she fashioned her own.<br />

Deciding to start an ethical business that features eco-friendly and cruelty-free collections was less an epiphany than the<br />

crossroads of her experiences and values. <strong>Helen</strong> grew up in the south of England. While she cites the pre-Raphaelites,<br />

William Morris, and Owen Jones as having influenced her sensibility to nature and its beauty, she was also influenced by<br />

her mother’s work as a floral designer, and by her brother, who expertly sketched landscapes and flora and is today a<br />

renowned wildlife filmmaker in Britain.<br />

<strong>Helen</strong> studied graphic design in Preston and then forged a career as a designer and creative director with various agencies<br />

in England and the U.S. Through diverse international project work, most notably for museums, zoos, and aquariums, she<br />

gained a deeper understanding of natural history and the living<br />

world. From her travels—at times with a briefcase, at times with<br />

a backpack—she gleaned new insights into the world we share.<br />

With her eyes wide open to the possibility of celebrating nature<br />

and making a difference through what we do, <strong>Helen</strong> resolved to<br />

do something truly original and unconventional and to do it<br />

responsibly. The culmination of these goals is making bags for<br />

people who want to both look good and feel good through<br />

what they carry.<br />

Each day, <strong>Helen</strong> seeks to narrow the gap between her actions<br />

and her aspirations. As a working mother, she understands<br />

that children add to the challenge of doing better. But they also<br />

fuel her inspiration. Outside the design studio, <strong>Helen</strong> can be<br />

found—New England weather permitting—on walks or at the<br />

beach. She lives in Marblehead, Mass., with Oliver, Genevieve,<br />

and Christopher, her husband and business partner.

About <strong>HER</strong> <strong>Design</strong><br />

Challenge conventions. Live responsibly. Embrace style.<br />

Our goal is to distinguish green from granola—to produce beautiful products that are stylish, functional, and eco-friendly<br />

Background<br />

Since we started doing business in 2004, we have been producing unique, contemporary handbags and laptop bags<br />

made from sustainable materials.<br />

Core campaigns<br />

“Can a handbag save the world?” / “Great bags for a good reason” / “Honor nature and your inner princess”<br />

As customers reflect on what makes our high-style, responsibly made handbags different to conventional ones,<br />

the handbag becomes the gateway for more meaningful change.<br />

Innovation<br />

We love using novel materials and have most recently incorporated into our designs microsuede and woven polyester,<br />

both made from 100% recycled content; Cradle to Cradle certified wool flannel; and recycled PET lining, which is made<br />

from post-consumer soda bottles. We have also featured Treetap “wild rubber,” a sustainably made,fair-trade product<br />

from the Amazon, as a leather substitute.<br />

Manufacturing<br />

We manufacture in small or family-run factories that maintain high standards for their workers and conform<br />

to fair labor practices. The majority of the collection is made in Costa Rica. We also use factories<br />

in Massachusetts.<br />

Giving<br />

The effects of human activities know no geographic boundaries. The natural resources we<br />

consume come from all over, and the pollution we generate circulates with the wind and<br />

water. For this reason, we seek to support causes on all seven continents in the areas of<br />

environmental protection and awareness, animal welfare, and improving children’s lives.<br />

We commit two percent of gross sales to these causes, and contribute numerous bags<br />

to fundraising events across the country. Among the organizations we have supported are<br />

local activists (HealthLink), groups with national influence (Sierra Club), and global relief<br />

organizations (UNICEF).<br />

We are a proud member of Co-op America’s Business Network.

What they’re saying about us: our customers<br />

“The bags are FANTASTIC! I love them – not only for their fabulous design and attention to detail but also the<br />

environmental care that accompanies them. You are doing a great thing and people have already taken notice.”<br />

– Shop, Charlestown RI<br />

“I just purchased your ‘Leaf’ computer bag and wanted to tell you how wonderful it is! This may be the first time I have<br />

taken time to send a note to praise a product.” – LF, Burlington VT<br />

“I just wanted to tell you how simple and beautiful I think your bags are. Stunning.” – TW, Atlanta GA<br />

“Thanks to <strong>Helen</strong> for offering such beautiful, unique, and inspiring purses.” – AM, Pasadena CA<br />

“My new <strong>HER</strong> <strong>Design</strong> bag is just perfect! I never miss an opportunity to tell my friends what an eco- and socially friendly<br />

product it is.” – EC, New York NY<br />

“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your dedication towards changing the environment and making your vision<br />

a reality.” – LN, Los Angeles CA<br />

“I want a vegan handbag and have been searching all over. These are really the best looking bags I've found…. Thanks<br />

for producing great products that respect the environment and animals!” – SP, Abilene TX<br />

“Thanks for your integrity - it just gets stronger and stronger, and I can truly appreciate your honest efforts to build an<br />

ethically superior business.” – Shop, Portland OR<br />

“My laptop bag is absolutely fabulous! I know everyone will be asking me where I got it. It's so refreshingly different.”<br />

– LB, Vancouver BC<br />

“I look forward to carrying the first bag that fits the rest of my lifestyle but doesn't look frumpy.” – LP, Gig Harbor WA<br />

<strong>HER</strong> <strong>Design</strong> LLC 114 Washington Street, Marblehead MA 01945 t:781 631 1491 f:781 658 2618

In The Media<br />

Feb 8 2008 The Green Set – “It’s H.E.R. Time” (WEB)<br />

Feb 3 2008 Trendinista – “Handbags: Always Look on the Bright Side” (WEB)<br />

Jan 29 2008 Environmental News Network – “Giving: It’s the New Getting at Sundance” (WEB)<br />

Dec 14 2007 Handbags.com – “Meet <strong>Helen</strong> E <strong>Riegle</strong>: Eco-Friendly Handbags!” (WEB)<br />

Dec 13 2007 Green Living Online – “12 Days of Green Shopping: Fashion Accessories” (WEB)<br />

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Spr/Sum 2007 Northshore Magazine – “Scene” (PRINT)<br />

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Jun 30, 2006 FOX25 Morning News – “Zip Trip: Marblehead” (TV)<br />

<strong>HER</strong> <strong>Design</strong> LLC 114 Washington Street, Marblehead MA 01945 t:781 631 1491 f:781 658 2618

What they’re saying about us: the press<br />

“Bold shapes, bright colors, and hip detailing are drawing celebrities like <strong>Helen</strong> Mirren – the Queen<br />

herself – to these ‘green’ purses.”<br />

– Gaiam Community, Dec 07<br />

“Going green and being fashion forward are becoming one. The ‘Lily’ handbag would be the perfect everyday<br />

bag for the ‘down to earth’ woman!”<br />

– Handbags.com, Dec 07<br />

“With so many handbags made from leather, fur accents, scales and skin, purses may not be a traditional<br />

example of eco-friendly style, but designer <strong>Helen</strong> E. <strong>Riegle</strong> is changing the fashion world one tote at a time.”<br />

– Blush Magazine, Jan 07<br />

“Want to be eco and elegant? You can be both with handbags from <strong>HER</strong> <strong>Design</strong>.”<br />

– KIWI magazine, Sep-Oct 06<br />

“Love to be eco-chic but don’t necessarily want accessories that scream Eco-Conscious? I love my bags made<br />

from billboard vinyl and candy wrappers, but sometimes I just want a purse that looks good. When I found<br />

<strong>HER</strong> <strong>Design</strong> I got my wish.” – SheFinds, 8/7/06<br />

“We are all huge fans. Chic and made from organic cotton canvas and tree-tapped wild rubber that is<br />

like the softest leather.” – Ideal Bite, 6/9/06<br />

“These bags have very clean lines and smart details.” – The Green Shopper, 2/23/06<br />

“<strong>Helen</strong> <strong>Riegle</strong>’s eco- and animal-friendly handbags are really too shockingly hip to pass up.”<br />

– The Humane Society blog: Fashion Week, 2/9/06<br />

<strong>HER</strong> <strong>Design</strong> LLC 114 Washington Street, Marblehead MA 01945 t:781 631 1491 f:781 658 2618

Select retailers of <strong>Helen</strong> E <strong>Riegle</strong> fashion accessories<br />

CA<br />

All Shades of Green – Los Angeles<br />

Beauty & Wisdom – Santa Monica<br />

greenROHINI – Sherman Oaks<br />

CO<br />

Dwell On – Basalt<br />

Kenai Shoes – Breckenridge<br />

FL<br />

Exit Art – Longboat Key<br />

Juno & Jove – Sarasota<br />

Magnolia – Tampa<br />

ME<br />

Terracotta Stylish Stuff – Ellsworth<br />

Heart to Heart – Houlton<br />

The Kimball Shop – Northeast Harbor<br />

MA<br />

Artwear – Arlington<br />

Envi – Boston<br />

Greenward – Cambridge<br />

The Store @ DeCordova – Lincoln<br />

She – Marblehead<br />

Red Mannequin – Oak Bluffs<br />

Adlumia – Orleans<br />

MN<br />

Birch Clothing – Minneapolis<br />

NY<br />

Richard Oliver House – Bedford Village<br />

Cow Jones Industrials – Chatham<br />

Subdivision Boutique – Long Island City<br />

OH<br />

Park + Vine – Cincinnati<br />

OR<br />

Greenloop – Portland<br />

RI<br />

Mills Creek Natural Market – Charlestown<br />

TN<br />

Gild the Lily – Memphis<br />

TX<br />

Wildflower Organics – Austin<br />

VT<br />

Danform Shoes – Colchester<br />

VA<br />

Elsie Garden – Charlottesville<br />

Green Alternatives – Norfolk<br />

Alchemy – Richmond<br />

WI<br />

A. Boutique – Appleton<br />

Next Door – Brookfield<br />

A Stone’s Throw – Madison<br />

CANADA<br />

Riva’s the Eco Store – Calgary<br />


The Square Peg – Lochgilphead<br />


www.careerbags.com<br />

www.cocosshoppe.com<br />

www.eBags.com<br />

www.eConsciousMarket.com<br />

www.poshorganic.com<br />

www.recycledthreads.com<br />

www.thegreenloop.com<br />

www.eco-handbags.ca (CAN)<br />

www.thenaturalstore.co.uk (UK)<br />

<strong>HER</strong> <strong>Design</strong> LLC 114 Washington Street, Marblehead MA 01945 t:781 631 1491 f:781 658 2618

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