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Helen E Riegle - HER Design

Helen E Riegle

Designer & Principal, HER Design


Helen E. Riegle is designer and principal of HER Design, which makes chic and sustainable handbags and accessories,

each inspired by nature. After nearly two years in concept and development, Helen launched her first collection in 2004

with a clear goal: to promote greener living that embraces style. Helen is not your typical bag lady. Faced with limited

options that suited her tastes and needs, Helen carried few handbags... until she fashioned her own.

Deciding to start an ethical business that features eco-friendly and cruelty-free collections was less an epiphany than the

crossroads of her experiences and values. Helen grew up in the south of England. While she cites the pre-Raphaelites,

William Morris, and Owen Jones as having influenced her sensibility to nature and its beauty, she was also influenced by

her mother’s work as a floral designer, and by her brother, who expertly sketched landscapes and flora and is today a

renowned wildlife filmmaker in Britain.

Helen studied graphic design in Preston and then forged a career as a designer and creative director with various agencies

in England and the U.S. Through diverse international project work, most notably for museums, zoos, and aquariums, she

gained a deeper understanding of natural history and the living

world. From her travels—at times with a briefcase, at times with

a backpack—she gleaned new insights into the world we share.

With her eyes wide open to the possibility of celebrating nature

and making a difference through what we do, Helen resolved to

do something truly original and unconventional and to do it

responsibly. The culmination of these goals is making bags for

people who want to both look good and feel good through

what they carry.

Each day, Helen seeks to narrow the gap between her actions

and her aspirations. As a working mother, she understands

that children add to the challenge of doing better. But they also

fuel her inspiration. Outside the design studio, Helen can be

found—New England weather permitting—on walks or at the

beach. She lives in Marblehead, Mass., with Oliver, Genevieve,

and Christopher, her husband and business partner.

About HER Design

Challenge conventions. Live responsibly. Embrace style.

Our goal is to distinguish green from granola—to produce beautiful products that are stylish, functional, and eco-friendly


Since we started doing business in 2004, we have been producing unique, contemporary handbags and laptop bags

made from sustainable materials.

Core campaigns

“Can a handbag save the world?” / “Great bags for a good reason” / “Honor nature and your inner princess”

As customers reflect on what makes our high-style, responsibly made handbags different to conventional ones,

the handbag becomes the gateway for more meaningful change.


We love using novel materials and have most recently incorporated into our designs microsuede and woven polyester,

both made from 100% recycled content; Cradle to Cradle certified wool flannel; and recycled PET lining, which is made

from post-consumer soda bottles. We have also featured Treetap “wild rubber,” a sustainably made,fair-trade product

from the Amazon, as a leather substitute.


We manufacture in small or family-run factories that maintain high standards for their workers and conform

to fair labor practices. The majority of the collection is made in Costa Rica. We also use factories

in Massachusetts.


The effects of human activities know no geographic boundaries. The natural resources we

consume come from all over, and the pollution we generate circulates with the wind and

water. For this reason, we seek to support causes on all seven continents in the areas of

environmental protection and awareness, animal welfare, and improving children’s lives.

We commit two percent of gross sales to these causes, and contribute numerous bags

to fundraising events across the country. Among the organizations we have supported are

local activists (HealthLink), groups with national influence (Sierra Club), and global relief

organizations (UNICEF).

We are a proud member of Co-op America’s Business Network.

What they’re saying about us: our customers

“The bags are FANTASTIC! I love them – not only for their fabulous design and attention to detail but also the

environmental care that accompanies them. You are doing a great thing and people have already taken notice.”

– Shop, Charlestown RI

“I just purchased your ‘Leaf’ computer bag and wanted to tell you how wonderful it is! This may be the first time I have

taken time to send a note to praise a product.” – LF, Burlington VT

“I just wanted to tell you how simple and beautiful I think your bags are. Stunning.” – TW, Atlanta GA

“Thanks to Helen for offering such beautiful, unique, and inspiring purses.” – AM, Pasadena CA

“My new HER Design bag is just perfect! I never miss an opportunity to tell my friends what an eco- and socially friendly

product it is.” – EC, New York NY

“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your dedication towards changing the environment and making your vision

a reality.” – LN, Los Angeles CA

“I want a vegan handbag and have been searching all over. These are really the best looking bags I've found…. Thanks

for producing great products that respect the environment and animals!” – SP, Abilene TX

“Thanks for your integrity - it just gets stronger and stronger, and I can truly appreciate your honest efforts to build an

ethically superior business.” – Shop, Portland OR

“My laptop bag is absolutely fabulous! I know everyone will be asking me where I got it. It's so refreshingly different.”

– LB, Vancouver BC

“I look forward to carrying the first bag that fits the rest of my lifestyle but doesn't look frumpy.” – LP, Gig Harbor WA

HER Design LLC 114 Washington Street, Marblehead MA 01945 t:781 631 1491 f:781 658 2618

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HER Design LLC 114 Washington Street, Marblehead MA 01945 t:781 631 1491 f:781 658 2618

What they’re saying about us: the press

“Bold shapes, bright colors, and hip detailing are drawing celebrities like Helen Mirren – the Queen

herself – to these ‘green’ purses.”

– Gaiam Community, Dec 07

“Going green and being fashion forward are becoming one. The ‘Lily’ handbag would be the perfect everyday

bag for the ‘down to earth’ woman!”

– Handbags.com, Dec 07

“With so many handbags made from leather, fur accents, scales and skin, purses may not be a traditional

example of eco-friendly style, but designer Helen E. Riegle is changing the fashion world one tote at a time.”

– Blush Magazine, Jan 07

“Want to be eco and elegant? You can be both with handbags from HER Design.”

– KIWI magazine, Sep-Oct 06

“Love to be eco-chic but don’t necessarily want accessories that scream Eco-Conscious? I love my bags made

from billboard vinyl and candy wrappers, but sometimes I just want a purse that looks good. When I found

HER Design I got my wish.” – SheFinds, 8/7/06

“We are all huge fans. Chic and made from organic cotton canvas and tree-tapped wild rubber that is

like the softest leather.” – Ideal Bite, 6/9/06

“These bags have very clean lines and smart details.” – The Green Shopper, 2/23/06

Helen Riegle’s eco- and animal-friendly handbags are really too shockingly hip to pass up.”

– The Humane Society blog: Fashion Week, 2/9/06

HER Design LLC 114 Washington Street, Marblehead MA 01945 t:781 631 1491 f:781 658 2618

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Riva’s the Eco Store – Calgary


The Square Peg – Lochgilphead









www.eco-handbags.ca (CAN)

www.thenaturalstore.co.uk (UK)

HER Design LLC 114 Washington Street, Marblehead MA 01945 t:781 631 1491 f:781 658 2618

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