Quality Translation - Transcript

Quality Translation - Transcript

Quality Translation - Transcript


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Quality Translation

Global Cooperation

G l o b a l e K o m m u n i k a t i o n

· Communiquer avec le monde entier · Global Communication

Group of Translators

· Comunicare con il mondo intero ·

Technically and stylistically accurate

A perfect translation requires a combination of encyclopae-

dic knowledge, language flair and long-standing experi-

ence. At TranScript, complex technical texts are translated

by polyglot experts from the relevant field of knowledge

and where necessary sent to a professional translator for


If you need any further proof, please consult our list of refer-

ences. Our customers are convinced of our knowledge and

language skills and impressed by the cost benefit ratio, the

smooth order processing and the adherence to schedule.

But why not try our service for yourself?

Advertising – not lost in translation

In today’s globalised world, brands and products can only

succeed on the international markets if the message they

convey is consistent. Which means that the content and

style of taglines and advertising copy composed in one

language must function at an equivalent level in other


Our smart translators and our polyglot copy-writers will

take the essence of your advertising message and adapt it

to the target language expressively and effectively. At the

TranScript Group of Translators, nothing is lost in trans-


Group of Translators

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