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Glenn “Turk” Edwards was named to two All-America first

teams in 1930.

Jerome Harrison was a consensus All-America selection in

2005, being named to seven All-America first teams.

all-aMerICa fIrst teaM

1930 Glenn “Turk’’ Edwards, t (by AP, NY Sun)

Mel Hein, c (by All-America Board)

Harold Ahlskog, g (by NY Post)

1934 Ed Goddard, qb (Liberty Mag.)

1935 Ed Goddard, qb (Liberty Mag.)

1936 Ed Goddard, qb (by UPI, Liberty Mag.)

1941 Dale Gentry, e (by NY Sun)

1942 Bob Kennedy, fb (by UPI)

1948 Laurie Niemi, t (by INS)

1956 Bill Steiger, e (by FWA-Look)

1961 Hugh Campbell, e (by All-America Board)

1964 Clancy Williams, hb (by AP, NEA, FWA-Look)

1965 Wayne Foster, dt (by FWA-Look)

1974 Geoff Reece, c (by Time Magazine, Walter Camp)

1977 Ken Greene, db (NEA)

1978 Jack Thompson, qb (by Sporting News)

1981 Paul Sorensen, fs (by Football News, NEA)

Pat Beach, te (by Sporting News)

1984 Dan Lynch, og (by AP, Football News)

Rueben Mayes, rb (by UPI, Football Writers)

1985 Rueben Mayes, rb (by Football News)

1988 Mike Utley, og (by AP, UPI, Football Writers, AFCA-Kodak,

Scripps-Howard, Football News)

1989 Jason Hanson, pk (AP, UPI, AFCA-Kodak, Football Writers,

Walter Camp, NEA, Sporting News, Football News

1991 Jason Hanson, pk (by UPI, Football Writers)

1992 Drew Bledsoe, qb (by NEA)

1994 DeWayne Patterson, de (by Football News)

1996 Scott Sanderson, ot (by Sporting News)

1997 Ryan Leaf, qb (by Sporting News)

2001 Lamont Thompson, fs (by AP)

2002 Jason Gesser, qb (by College Football News)

Rien Long, dt (by AP, FWAA,, Sporting News, ESPN)

Derrick Roche, og (by AFCA)

Marcus Trufant, cb (by ESPN)

2003 Drew Dunning, pk (Sporting News)

2005 Jerome Harrison, rb (by AP, FWAA, ESPN,,

Sporting News, College Football News,

2008 Cougar football MedIa guIde

Mike Utley was named to six

All-America first teams in 1988.

Drew Bledsoe was an All-American in 1992

while leading WSU to a Copper Bowl win.

all-aMerICa seCond teaM

1928 Mel Dressel, t (by NY Sun)

1930 Mel Hein, c (by NANA, AP)

Glenn “”Turk’’ Edwards, t (by NANA)

Elmer Schwartz, fb (by NANA)

1932 George Sander, hb (by AP, NEA, NY Sun)

1942 Bob Kennedy, fb (by AP)

1956 Bill Steiger, e (by AP)

1962 Hugh Campbell, e (by AP, UPI)

1965 Bill Gaskins, cb (by UPI, NEA)

1981 Pat Beach, te (by NEA)

Paul Sorensen, fs (by Sporting News)

1984 Dan Lynch, og (by Sporting News)

Rueben Mayes, rb (AP, Football News, Sporting News)

1986 Kerry Porter, rb (Sporting News)

Ricky Reynolds, db (Sporting News)

1988 Mike Utley, og (by Sporting News)

Steve Broussard, rb (by Sporting News)

1994 DeWayne Patterson, de (by AP)

Chad Eaton, dt (by UPI)

1996 James Darling, lb (by Sporting News)

1997 Ryan Leaf, qb (by AP)

2001 Lamont Thompson, fs (by Sporting News)

2002 Derrick Roche, og (by AP, Sporting News,

Marcus Trufant, cb (by AP)

2005 Jerome Harrison, rb (by Walter Camp, AFCA)

2006 Mkristo Bruce, de (by AP, Walter Camp)

all-aMerICa thIrd teaM

1928 Mel Dressel, t (by AP)

1930 Elmer Schwartz, fb (by AP)

1936 Ed Goddard, qb (by AP)

1941 Nick Susoeff, e (by AP)

Bill Sewell, qb (by AP)

1957 Don Ellingsen, e (by AP)

1960 Hugh Campbell, e (by AP)

1961 Hugh Campbell, e (by AP, UPI)

1988 Tim Stallworth, wr (by Football News)

1990 Jason Hanson, p (by Football News, AP)

1991 Jason Hanson, pk (by Football News)

1992 Anthony McClanahan, lb (by Football News)

1993 Anthony McClanahan, lb (by Football News)

1994 Chad Eaton, dt (by AP)

Mark Fields, lb (by AP)

1996 Scott Sanderson, ot (by Football News)

1997 Leon Bender, dt (by AP)

2006 Mkristo Bruce, de (,

2007 Brandon Gibson, wr (Phil Steele)

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