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Dear colleagues,

We cordially invite you to the International

Conference on the Clinical Use of

Tomotherapy hosted by the University

Hospital Essen, University Duisburg-


In 2005, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

launched an initiative to

evaluate the new technological options of

tomotherapy and supported four centers

to investigate this technique. Results of

the evaluation phase will be presented

during the conference.

The conference will provide a forum to

discuss physical advancements and

challenges as well as broadened patient

treatment options using the Helical

Tomotherapy technology. New

possibilities in large and complex cancer

cases, image guidance, alternative

fractionation schedules, options in oligometastases

and comparison to other

intensity modulated techniques will be

some of the key topics of the conference.

We are looking forward to seeing you in


M. Stuschke S. Levegrün

C. Pöttgen A. Wittig

Scientific Program

Friday 10th Dec, 2010

14.00 s.t. Welcome

S. Levegrün, M. Stuschke, Essen

Proferred papers / invited speakers

Chairmen G. Sroka-Perez, S. Levegrün

14.10 Helical tomotherapy for prostate patients

in comparison with Shareplan step-and-

shoot IMRT serving as a back-up strategy.

G. Sroka-Perez, Heidelberg

14.25 Tomotherapy Delivery Quality Assurance

(DQA) with two different semiconductor

based 3D detector-arrays.

T. Hauschild, Bamberg

14.40 Dose Verification Using the Helical

TomoTherapy CT Detector Array

P. Read, Charlottesville, VA

14.55 Moving targets treated with helical

tomotherapy – impact of breathing motion to the

surface dose in the treatment of breast cancer.

M. Uhl, Heidelberg

15.10 From dosimetric comparisons to real stuff.

S. Yartsev, London, Ontario

15.25 Investigations of peripheral dose for

helical tomotherapy.

S. Lissner, Heidelberg

15.40 A comparison of image quality: MV CT, MV

CBCT and other IGRT techniques.



M. Fast, Heidelberg

Coffee break

Chairmen R. Schwarz, F. Sterzing

16.15 Tomotherapy in prostate cancer.

A. Fodor, Milano

16.45 Re-irradiation of recurrent head & neck


M. Stuschke, Essen

17.00 Breast cancer and funnel chest: comparing

of helical tomotherapy and three dimensional

conformal radiotherapy with regard to the shape of

pectus excavatum. M. Uhl, Heidelberg

17.15 Tomotherapy for soft tissue tumors of the

extremities. C. Pöttgen, Essen

17.30 Evaluating target coverage and normal

tissue sparing in the adjuvant

radiotherapy of malignant pleural

mesothelioma: Helical tomotherapy compared

with step-and-shoot IMRT.

F. Sterzing, Heidelberg

17.45 Craniospinal irradiation – Helical tomotherapy

vs. 3D-dimensional conformal radiotherapy.

G. Habl, Heidelberg

18.00 Helical tomotherapy for primary treatment

of prostate cancer – preliminary toxicity and

remission data.

R. Schwarz, Hamburg

18.15 Dosimetric comparison of image guidance

by megavoltage computed tomography

versus bone alignment for prostate cancer


J. Kalz, Heidelberg

18.30 End

19.30 Social Event: Erich Brost-Pavillon,

Zeche Zollverein (World Cultural Heritage),

Bus-Shuttle will be provided

Saturday 11th Dec, 2010

Proferred papers / invited speakers

Chairmen K. Herfarth, M. Stuschke

9.30 Bone marrow irradiation using


C. Han, City of Hope, Duarte, CA

10.00 Implementation, QA and safety of new

technology in radiotherapy.

K. Tournel, Brussels

10.30 – 10.45 Coffee break

Site reports

Chairmen M. Flentje, H. Schild

10.45 Clinical and physical evaluation of

tomotherapy – special focus: TBI and

head & neck tumors.

A. Grün, C. Stromberger, W. Wlodarczyk,


11.35 Clinical and physical evaluation of

tomotherapy – special focus: multiple

brain metastases and soft tissue


M. Stuschke, S. Levegrün, Essen

12.25 Clinical and physical evaluation of

tomotherapy – special focus: tumors

of the breast, thoracic wall and


K. Herfarth, K. Schubert, Heidelberg

13.15 Clinical and physical evaluation of

tomotherapy – special focus: prostate


M.N. Duma, S. Kampfer, Munich

14.05 End

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