MILE HIGH VIEW - contrails

MILE HIGH VIEW - contrails


It Was a Very Good Month

By Col Stan Peterson

Along with fly-ins and air shows the month of

September always has us looking forward to

Midland’s Fina Airsho. This year is no different other

than we’re returning with a much improved aircraft

and seven new members, of which we are very proud.

The new members for this year are: Ben Anesi, Sean

Coppom, Clark Hearn, Lief Neilson, Andy Parks,

Anne Peterson, and Mark Weigand. This increase in

our membership should qualify the Mile High Wing

for special recognition at the Headquarters’ dinner

and awards on Saturday evening.

Along with preparation for the big air show, our

return to the International Radial Engine Exhibition

in Akron, CO, and the Scottish Festival at Estes Park,

September has kept me especially busy with

additional flights in our C-190 back to Des Moines

for the Iowa State Fair, and a trip to Grand Forks, ND

for a family wedding.

The IREE was again one of the highlights of our

summer events. The exhibition just gets better every

year. Better air demonstrations, (formally known as

aerobatics) more pyrotechnics with simulated WWII

ground skirmishes and simulated strafing and



runs. The weather was marginal in the

morning and threatened to disrupt the day’s events,

but by noon the sun was out and so were the crowds.

Our PX did well, thanks again to the Kalinowski

family and a little help from their friends. We

managed to get off a full load of revenue passengers

in the Cream Puff, and fun was had by all.




Keep ’Em Flying! October 2006

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American Airpower – A Proud Heritage

Above: Akron PX

Below: Stanley Hotel; Estes Park, CO

(Mark Weigand, Photographer)

Page 2 Mile High View – October 2006

Visitors Viewing C-45’s Wasp Jr. Engines (Mark Weigand, Photographer)

Radial Engine Cut-away Display

(Mark Weigand, Photographer)

Akron Flyin

CAF B-17 Sentimental Journey

(Mark Weigand, Photographer)

American Airpower – A Proud Heritage

Happy Returning C-45 Passengers

(Stan Peterson, Photographer) Mile High View – October 2006 Page 3

It Was a Very Good Month (From pg 1)

The Estes Park fly over started the morning with some

threatening s weather as well. We had staged the Cream

Puff at the Boulder Airport the day prior to the Estes Park

event; however, on the morning of the fly over at 9:00

o’clock Boulder AWOS was reporting a ceiling of only

200’ overcast. 1,000’ overcast would give us our required

VFR minimums, but we would need much better

conditions than that to reach Estes Park and conduct our

fly-by. Fortunately, the weather cleared rather rapidly and

we were able to complete 3 passes over the fairgrounds at

Estes right on schedule. The events paid well and so far

we’ve been operating in the “black.”

Another event that bears mentioning occurred toward the

end of August. On August 26 th , Boulder held their first,

“Boulder Airport Day.” We were invited and were given

an allocation of fuel for attending. We had been invited

the previous year to a Boulder fly-in, but this was a city

supported event and seemed to be more widely supported

and a much improved event, with sky divers and the Air

Force (helicopter) participating. The most rewarding

thing we received from this event was a beautiful 81/2” x

11” photo of our aircraft with a father and his young son

admiring the Cream Puff, and a thank you letter from

Boulder’s City Manager, Frank W. Bruno.


American Airpower – A Proud Heritage

Leif Nielson Preps Airplane

Cols S. Peterson & M. Kalinowski in Preflight Cks

Mullicoupe; Mark Holiday, Marilyn Taylor

Page 4 Mile High View – October 2006

Calendar of Events

Oct 7-8, 2006 – Fina-CAF AirShow

2006 at Midland, TX

Oct 14, 2006 – Fly-in:

10:00 a.m. at Platte Valley Airport

Oct 28, 2006 – Wing meeting:

10:00 a.m. at Platte Valley Airport

Nov 4, 2006 – Aircraft work day:

10:00 a.m. at Platte Valley Airport

Prinitable color Mile High View can be found at:

Mile High Wing, CAF

P.O. Box 471596

Aurora, CO 80047-1596

American Airpower – A Proud Heritage

Directions to Platte Valley Airport

Platte Valley Airport is 3 miles

northwest of Hudson, Colorado:

Take I-76 north to Hudson

and exit west on Highway 52.

At CR 41, turn right (north).

At CR 18, turn left (west).

At the Platte Valley Airpark sign, turn

left again.

Wing meetings are normally held on

the 3rd Saturday of the month at

10:00 a.m.

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