in Toronto 2010 - german films

in Toronto 2010 - german films

in Toronto 2010 - german films


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in Toronto 2010

Special Presentations



Contemporary World Cinema

























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photo © Kordes & Kordes Film Produktion




16 Sept. 18:00 Visa Screening Room (Elgin)

17 Sept. 11:15 Varsity 8

19 Sept. 09:00 Bell Lightbox 1

Press & Industry:

10 Sept. 11:30 Scotiabank 8

15 Sept. 17:30 NFB

Special Presentations


On the eve of World War I, a 14-year-old German girl returns to her home on the Baltic coast, a place

uneasily shared by Germans, Russians and Estonians. While her morbid scientist father controls the family

with a cruel hand, the passionate young girl secretly nurses a wounded Estonian anarchist back to health –

at first an act of curiosity and then of defiance that could set off an uncontrollable chain reaction...

The Poll Diaries hauntingly evokes the atmosphere of a doomed society at the crossroads of the German and

Russian Empires in the early years of the 20th century.

Genre Drama, History Year of Production 2010 Director Chris Kraus Screenplay Chris Kraus Director

of Photography Daniela Knapp Producers Alexandra Kordes, Meike Kordes Co-Producers Danny Krausz,

Kurt Stocker, Riina Sildos, Chris Kraus Production Company Kordes & Kordes Film/Berlin, in co-production

with Dor Film/Vienna, Amrion/Tallinn, SWR/Baden-Baden, BR/Munich, ARTE/Strasbourg, Degeto

Film/Frankfurt, ORF/Vienna Principal Cast Paula Beer, Edgar Selge, Tambet Tuisk, Jeanette Hain,

Richy Müller, Enno Trebs, Erwin Steinhauer, Gudrun Ritter Length 129 min Format 35 mm, color, cs

Original Version German/Russian/Estonian/French Subtitled Version English Sound Technology Dolby Digital

Festivals Toronto 2010 World Sales Bavaria Film International · Dept. of Bavaria Media GmbH · Thorsten Ritter

Bavariafilmplatz 7 · 82031 Geiselgasteig/Germany · phone +49-89-64 99 26 86 · fax +49-89-64 99 37 20

email toronto10@bfint.de · www.bavaria-film-international.com

Already a noted scriptwriter before making his debut as a director, Chris Kraus scored a notable success

with his first feature, Shattered Glass (2002), which was awarded two Bavarian Film Prizes, among other

awards. His second film, Four Minutes (2006), was one of the most successful German films of the past years

and won over 50 German and international awards. Kraus is also a distinguished opera director (Premio

Abbiati for his Fidelio in Reggio Emilia). In The Poll Diaries, Kraus continues his tradition of introducing sensational

young talents to the movie-going public: after Hannah Herzsprung in Four Minutes, it is now the turn

of Paula Beer.

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photo © Andrei Alexandru


Kathy Bolkovac is a Nebraskan police officer and mother who, in 1999, goes out on a limb to work for the

United Nations as a monitor in post-war Bosnia. But her expectations of helping rebuild a devastated

country are dashed when she unveils a reality involving international complicity in sex trafficking, corruption,

and cover-up. Kathy is a fish-out-of-water in the confusing world of UN contingents, private contractors, and

diplomatic doubletalk, but now she must choose whether to turn against the institution she so passionately

believed in, and risk all to protect the innocent. Based on a true story.

Genre Political Thriller Year of Production 2010 Director Larysa Kondracki Screenplay Larysa Kondracki

Director of Photography Keiran McGuigan Producers Christina Piovesan, Benito Mueller, Wolfgang Mueller,

Celine Rattray, Amy Kaufmann Production Companies First Generation Films/Toronto, Barry Films/Berlin

Principal Cast Rachel Weisz, Vanessa Redgrave, David Strathairn, Nicolaj Lie Kaas, Monica Bellucci Length

95 min Format 35 mm, color, 1:1.85 Original Version English Sound Technology Dolby Festivals Toronto 2010

World Sales Voltage Pictures · 6360 Deep Dell Place · Los Angeles, CA 90068/USA · phone +1-323-464 8351

fax +1-323-464 8362 · email sales@voltagepictures.com · www.voltagepictures.com

Larysa Kondracki is a Canadian-born Ukrainian and studied Directing at Columbia University. She also

directed the evocative short Viko and completed with her writing partner Eilis Kirwan the screenplay

for Burning Rainbow Farm and is currently adapting the graphic novel Supermarket for director Justin Lin.

For The Whistleblower she spent two years researching the topic of sex-trafficking.



13 Sept. 14:30 Visa Screening Room (Elgin)

17 Sept. 18:00 Bell Lightbox 1

Press & Industry:

14 Sept. 11:30 Scotiabank 1

16 Sept. 16:30 Scotiabank 4

Special Presentations

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photo © X Verleih AG


Berlin, today. The very urban couple Hanna and Simon have lived together for years. Love, work, sex and daily

life have meshed into combative harmony.

Then Hanna meets Adam. And Adam meets Simon. Unexpectedly, all three fall in love.

Contemporary World Cinema


Everyone remains oblivious to the other's affair. But the secret slowly begins to confuse all three lovers, and

it threatens to rupture their fragile relationship.

Three is an investigation into the emotional life of a generation that is trying to reconcile new possibilities and

old longings.

Genre Drama Year of Production 2010 Director Tom Tykwer Screenplay Tom Tykwer Director of Photography

Frank Griebe Producer Stefan Arndt Production Company X Filme Creative Pool/Berlin Principal Cast Sophie

Rois, Sebastian Schipper, Devid Striesow Length 119 min Format 35 mm, color, cs Original Version German

Subtitled Version English Sound Technology Dolby SRD Festivals Venice 2010 (In Competition), Toronto 2010

World Sales The Match Factory GmbH · Michael Weber · Balthasarstrasse 79-81 · phone +49-2 21-5 39 70 90

fax +49-2 21-53 97 09 10 · email info@matchfactory.de · www.the-match-factory.com

Born in Wuppertal in 1965, Tom Tykwer soon became interested in film. He worked as a projectionist and

booker in various independent arthouse cinemas for several years before he helmed his first feature film

Deadly Maria in 1993, followed by Winter Sleepers (1997), Run Lola Run (1998), The Princess and the Warrior

(2000), Heaven (2002), and Perfume – The Story of a Murderer (2006). In 2009, The International opened the

Berlin International Film Festival. His recent film Three, featuring Sophie Rois, Sebastian Schipper and Devid

Striesow, will be released in German cinemas in December 2010.



16 Sept. 18:00 Ryerson

17 Sept. 19:45 Varsity 8

19 Sept. 15:15 Scotiabank 1

Press & Industry:

13 Sept. 17:15 Scotiabank 3

15 Sept. 13:30 Scotiabank 3

9 •••

photo © Jörg Gönner/moneypenny


Contemporary World Cinema



37-year-old Simone decides to go out alone on New Year’s Eve. The next morning, she wakes up next to

a stranger in his car, and a few weeks later she discovers that she’s pregnant. By coincidence, she runs into

the stranger again – the handsome Hannes – and is surprised to find that contrary to her expectations,

he’s actually happy about the pregnancy and wants to live with her. Could this be the face of happiness?

While Hannes works in a hospital as a nurse in palliative care, tending to the dying with extraordinary

tenderness, Simone renovates their shared, little home. An attractive neighbor fuels Simone’s jealousy. The

larger Simone’s belly grows, the more extensively Hannes’ integrity warms the nest, the more oppressive their

little, homemade prison appears.

Genre Drama Year of Production 2010 Director Isabelle Stever Screenplay Anke Stelling, Isabelle Stever

Director of Photography Bernhard Keller Producers Sigrid Hoerner, Anne Leppin Production Company

moneypenny filmproduktion/Berlin Principal Cast Annika Kuhl, Stefan Rudolf Length 91 min Format

35 mm, color, cs Original Version German Subtitled Version English Sound Technology Dolby Digital

Festivals Toronto 2010 World Sales Media Luna New Films UG · Ida Martins · Aachener Strasse 24 · 50674

Cologne/Germany · phone +49-221-51 09 18 91 · fax +49-221-51 09 18 99 · email idamartins@medialuna.biz


Isabelle Stever was born in 1963 in Munich. After studying Mathematics in Berlin and New York,

she studied Directing at the German Academy of Film & Television (dffb) in Berlin. Her films include: the

award-winning features Portrait of a Married Couple (2002), Gisela (2005), and Blessed Events (2010). She

also contributed an episode to the omnibus film Germany ’09 (2009).



14 Sept. 21:45 Scotiabank 3

15 Sept. 14:45 AMC 3

19 Sept. 20:30 Scotiabank 11

Press & Industry:

11 Sept. 21:15 Scotiabank 11

16 Sept. 16:45 Scotiabank 11

11 •••

photo © Maryam Takhtkeshian / Twenty Twenty Vision Filmproduktion GmbH

Contemporary World Cinema


Recently released from prison, Ali makes the most of his return, amidst much talk of the upcoming elections

and promises of change. Despite working nights, he tries to spend the most time possible with his beautiful

wife and young daughter. To escape the stress of urban living, Ali retreats to his favorite pastime of hunting in

the secluded forest north of town. Tragedy strikes and Ali's wife Sara is accidentally killed in a police shootout

with demonstrators. After a long and frustrating experience at the police station, Ali's own search for his

missing six-year-old daughter ends in horror and pushes him over the edge. In broad daylight, overlooking

the busy city's surrounding highways, Ali randomly shoots and kills two policemen. After a high-speed car

chase outside of town, Ali flees into the northern forest where he is captured by two police officers. Ali is

resigned to his fate and watches quietly as the arguing policemen lose their way in the woods. Situations

complicate and the line between hunter and hunted becomes difficult to define...

Genre Drama Year of Production 2009 Director Rafi Pitts Screenplay Rafi Pitts Director of Photography

Mohammad Davudikhaki Producers Thanassis Karathanos, Mohammad Reza Takhteshian Production

Companies Twenty Twenty Vision Filmproduktion/Berlin, Aftab Negaran/Tehran, in co-production with

ZDF/Mainz, ARTE/Strasbourg Principal Cast Rafi Pitts, Mitra Hajjar, Ali Nicksaulat, Hassan Ghaleoni,

Manoocher Rahimi Length 92 min Format 35 mm, color, 1:1.85 Original Version Farsi Subtitled Version

English Sound Technology Dolby Digital SR-D Festivals Berlin 2010 (In Competition), Edinburgh 2010,

Melbourne 2010, Toronto 2010 World Sales The Match Factory GmbH · Michael Weber · Balthasarstrasse

79-81 · 50670 Cologne/Germany · phone +49-2 21-5 39 70 90 · fax +49-2 21-5 39 70 910 · email

info@matchfactory.de · www.the-match-factory.com

Rafi Pitts was born in 1967 in Iran. In 1981, he fled the country and moved to Britain. He graduated in 1991

from Harrow College – Polytechnic of Central London with a degree in Film and Photography. His first short,

In Exile (1991), was presented the same year at the London IFF. His feature, Season Five (1997), was the first

Franco-Iranian co-production since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, and premiered in Venice. Sanam (2000)

was hailed by the French critics as “the Iranian 400 Blows”. His film It’s Winter (2006) premiered in Berlin.



12 Sept. 18:45 AMC 7

16 Sept. 18:15 AMC 7

19 Sept. 09:30 Bell Lightbox 2

Press & Industry:

9 Sept. 14:30 Scotiabank 9

13 •••

photo © Dreamer Joint Venture GmbH/Alsbrik, 2010

Contemporary World Cinema


12-year-old Chanda is a promising young student, growing up in a small farming town in South Africa. When

her baby sister suddenly dies, the neighbors become increasingly distant. Chanda's search for answers is met

with stubborn silence. In the face of resistance and hostility, Chanda sets out to confront a deeply engrained,

unspoken taboo.

Life, Above All is an emotional and universal drama about a young girl (stunningly performed by first-timeactress

Khomotso Manyaka) who fights the fear and shame that have poisoned her community. The film captures

the enduring strength of loyalty and a courage powered by the heart.

Genre Drama Year of Production 2010 Director Oliver Schmitz Screenplay Dennis Foon Director of

Photography Bernhard Jasper Producer Oliver Stoltz Co-Producers Greig Buckle, Thomas Reisser,

Dan Schlanger Production Company Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduktion/Berlin, in co-production with

Senator Film Produktion/Berlin, Enigma Pictures/Cape Town, Niama Film/Stuttgart Principal Cast Khomotso

Manyaka, Lerato Mvelase, Harriet Manamela, Keaobaka Makanyane, Tinah Mnumzana Length 105 min

Format 35 mm, color, cs Original Version Sepedi Subtitled Version English Sound Technology Dolby Digital

Festivals Cannes 2010, Giffoni 2010, Durban 2010, Toronto 2010 Awards Prix François Chalais Cannes 2010,

Best South African Feature Durban 2010 World Sales Bavaria Film International · Dept. of Bavaria Media

GmbH · Thorsten Ritter · Bavariafilmplatz 7 · 82031 Geiselgasteig/Germany · phone +49-89-64 99 26 86

fax +49-89-64 99 37 20 · email toronto10@bfint.de · www.bavaria-film-international.com

Oliver Schmitz was born in 1960 in South Africa and studied Fine Arts in Cape Town. Active both in

writing and directing, he has repeatedly treated themes from his native country. Among his award-winning

films are Mapantsula, Jo’Burg Stories (documentary), and Hijack Stories. He was invited to shoot a segment

of the episodic film Paris, je t'aime. His recent projects include the award-winning comedy series Türkisch

für Anfänger (TV) and Doctor’s Diary (TV).



12 Sept. 15:00 Varsity 8

14 Sept. 18:15 AMC 5

Press & Industry:

10 Sept. 21:15 Scotiabank 11

15 •••

photo © Pallas Film/Artur Bolzhurov

Contemporary World Cinema


They call him “Svet-ake” (“Mr. Light”). The electrician is responsible for bringing more than just light to the

people around him. Like moths, everybody is drawn to his kindness: those with short circuits in their

electricity, and those with short circuits in their marriage, those who have taken all the power in the city, and

those who have given up the will to live. He helps everyone and is everywhere. He doesn’t even shy from

breaking the law, rewinding an old and lonely pensioner’s electricity meter so that he doesn’t owe the State,

but rather the State owes him. The economic devastation of the country has had an enormous impact on the

working people and yet despite the upheaval they have not lost the ability to love, to suffer, to share their lives

with friends, and enjoy what they have… in particular our resilient electrician who possesses a wonderful and

open heart. He not only brings electric light (which is often out) to the lives of the inhabitants of this village,

but he also spreads the light of love, loyalty, life, and most of all, lots of laughter.

Genre Drama Year of Production 2010 Director Aktan Arym Kubat Screenplay Aktan Arym Kubat,

Talip Ibraimov Director of Photography Hassan Kydyraliyev Producers Altynai Koichumanova, Cedomir Kolar,

Thanassis Karathanos, Marc Baschet, Karl Baumgartner, Denis Vaslin Production Companies Pallas Film/

Halle, Oy Art/Beshkek, A.S.A.P. Films/Paris, Volya Films/Rotterdam, in co-production with ZDF/Mainz, ARTE/

Strasbourg Principal Cast Aktan Arym Kubat, Taalaikan Abazova, Askat Sulaimanov, Asan Amanov, Stanbek

Toichubaev Length 80 min Format 35 mm, color, 1:1.85 Original Version Kyrgyz Subtitled Version English

Sound Technology Dolby Digital Festivals Cannes 2010, Locarno 2010, Toronto 2010 World Sales The Match

Factory GmbH · Michael Weber · Balthasarstrasse 79-81 · 50670 Cologne/Germany · phone +49-2 21-5 39 70 90

fax +49-2 21-5 39 70 910 · email info@matchfactory.de · www.the-match-factory.com

Aktan Arym Kubat was born in 1957 in Kyrgyzstan and started working as a production designer in

the 1980s. He wrote his first screenplay in 1995 and began directing in 1990. His films include: Where's

Your Home, Snail? (1992), Bus Stop (short, 1995), Hassan Hussen (short, 1997), The Adopted Son (1998),

The Chimp (2001), The Mother's Heaven (2010), and The Light Thief (2010).



10 Sept. 18:00 AMC 4

11 Sept. 09:30 AMC 3

Press & Industry:

9 Sept. 09:30 NFB

17 •••

photo © ma.ja.de fiction

Contemporary World Cinema


My Joy is a tale of a truck driver Georgy. He leaves his home town with a load of goods, but he is forced to take

a wrong turn on the motorway, and finds himself in the middle of nowhere. Georgy tries to find his way,

but gradually, against his will, he becomes drawn into the daily life of a Russian village. In a place where

brutal force and survival instincts overcome humanity and common sense, the truck driver’s story heads for

a dead end...

Genre Drama Year of Production 2010 Director Sergei Loznitsa Screenplay Sergei Loznitsa Director of

Photography Oleg Mutu Producers Heino Deckert, Oleg Kokhan Co-Producers Leontine Petit, Marleen Slot,

Joost de Vries Production Company ma.ja.de fiction/Leipzig, in co-production with SOTA Cinema Group/Kiev,

Lemming Film/Amsterdam Principal Cast Viktor Nemets, Alisa Slepyan, Vladimir Golovin, Olga Shuvalova,

Maria Varsami, Boris Kamorzin, Vlad Ivanov, Pavel Vorozhtsov, Dmitriy Bykovskiy Length 127 min Format 35

mm, color, cs Original Version Russian Subtitled Version English Sound Technology Dolby Digital Festivals

Cannes 2010 (In Competition), Karlovy Vary 2010, Kinotavr Open Sochi 2010, Sarajevo 2010, Toronto 2010

Awards Best Direction & Russian Film Scholars & Critics' “White Elephant” Award Sochi 2010

World Sales Fortissimo Film Sales · Van Diemenstraat 100 · 1013 CN Amsterdam/The Netherlands · phone

+31-20-6 27 32 15 · fax +31-20-6 26 11 55 · email info@fortissimo.nl · www.fortissimo.nl

Sergei Loznitsa was born in 1964 in Baranovichi in the former USSR. He grew up in Kiev, and in 1987

graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic with a degree in Applied Mathematics. From 1987-1991, he was

employed at the Kiev Institute of Cybernetics, working on artificial intelligence research. He also worked

as a translator for Japanese. In 1997 Sergei Loznitsa graduated from the Russian State Institute of

Cinematography (VGIK). He studied feature film making in the class of Nana Dzhordzhadze. From 2000 - 2008

he worked at the St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio. In 2001, he and his family moved to Germany.

A selection of his award-winning films includes: the documentaries Today We Are Going to Build a House

(1996), Life, Autumn (1998), The Train Stop (2000), Settlement (2001), Portrait (2002), Landscape (2003),

Factory (2004), Blockade (2005), Artel (2006), Revue (2008), and the feature My Joy (2010).



11 Sept. 18:15 Varsity 7

13 Sept. 14:15 AMC 4

19 Sept. 20:00 Jackman Hall – AGO

Press & Industry:

9 Sept. 12:00 NFB

19 •••

photo © Wolfgang Borrs

Contemporary World Cinema


When Rebecca returns to her grandfather’s house, she meets her childhood sweetheart Thomas again.

Thomas leaves his girlfriend Rose and their love picks up where it left off, until Thomas dies in a car accident.

Devastated, the young woman contemplates suicide until she finds consolation in the idea of cloning.

Although society does not fully accept it yet, she plans to give birth to Thomas, bringing her lost love to

life (again). Living in Rebecca’s grandfather’s remote old house, Thomas grows up believing his father died in

an accident. Rebecca never mentions cloning. In spite of their secret, Rebecca and Thomas lead an almost

normal life until Rose finds out about them...

Genre Drama Year of Production 2010 Director Benedek Fliegauf Screenplay Benedek Fliegauf Director

of Photography Peter Szatmári Producers Gerhard Meixner, Roman Paul, Andràs Muhi Production

Companies Razor Film Produktion/Berlin, Inforg Stúdió/Budapest, in co-production with A.S.A.P. Films/Paris,

Boje Buck Produktion/Berlin, ARTE France Cinéma/Paris, ZDF/Mainz Principal Cast Eva Green, Matt Smith,

Peter Wight, István Lénárt, Hannah Murray Length 107 min Format 35 mm, color, 1:1.85 Original Version

English Sound Technology Dolby Digital Festivals Locarno 2010 (International Competition), Toronto

2010 Awards “Environment is Quality of Life” Prize Locarno 2010 World Sales The Match Factory GmbH

Michael Weber · Balthasarstrasse 79-81 · 50670 Cologne/Germany · phone +49-2 21-5 39 70 90

fax +49-2 21-5 39 70 910 · email info@matchfactory.de · www.the-match-factory.com

Born in 1974 in Budapest, Benedek Fliegauf never attended film school. He worked as an assistant

director for television and continued on the path toward directing, screenwriting, set design and sound

engineering. Womb is his fourth feature film. With his three previous features, he became one of Hungary's

most internationally-recognized young directors. His 2007 feature Milky Way won Locarno's Golden Leopard

for Filmmakers of the Present and Barcelona (L'Alternativa) Independent Film Festival's Feature Film Prize.

Dealer won the Berliner Zeitung Audience Award at the 2004 Berlin Film Festival, as well as several Best

Director prizes (Mar Del Plata, Wiesbaden, Lecce). His debut feature Forest won the Wolfgang Staudte Prize

and the Gene Moskowitz Critics Prize at the 2003 Berlin Film Festival.



14 Sept. 19:00 Scotiabank 3

15 Sept. 18:00 AMC 6

18 Sept. 09:45 Scotiabank 2

Press & Industry:

13 Sept. 09:30 Scotiabank 13

16 Sept. 12:30 Scotiabank 8

21 •••

photo © Pandora Film Produktion




Ellen must face some new turns in life. Although her job as a flight attendant keeps her rotating around the

globe, she finds her private life has become a placebo, lending the sensation of security she needs so badly.

She even suffers a panic attack whilst on duty, causing her to disembark and abandon an airplane that is

preparing to start. As she crosses the airfield, she knows instinctively that she is leaving her old life behind.

Driven by a sense of alienation, Ellen seeks a place to belong and in doing so, becomes a tourist in the lives

of the people and groups she encounters. Ellen becomes acquainted with a group of young activists. Amongst

them is Karl. The two are instantly drawn to one another. They set out on a crusade to destroy the industry

of animal torture and liberate as many of its victims as they can. Yet however unbalanced this situation has

become, Ellen finds she’s growing stronger. Inwardly matured and convinced that there must be a specific

place in the world where she is needed, Ellen is ready to venture a new beginning...

Genre Drama Year of Production 2010 Director Pia Marais Screenplay Horst Markgraf, Pia Marais Director of

Photography Hélene Louvart Producers Claudia Steffen, Christoph Friedel Production Company Pandora Film

Produktion/Cologne, in co-production with WDR/Cologne, ARTE/Strasbourg Principal Cast Jeanne Balibar,

Stefan Stern, Georg Friedrich, Julia Hummer, Alexander Scheer, Eva Löbau, Clare Mortimer, Ian Roberts,

Jasna Bauer, Patrick Bartsch Length 95 min Format 35 mm, color, 1:1.66 Original Version German Subtitled

Version English Sound Technology Dolby Digital Festivals Locarno 2010 (International Competition), Toronto

2010 World Sales The Match Factory GmbH · Michael Weber · Balthasarstrasse 79-81 50670 Cologne/Germany

phone +49-2 21-5 39 70 90 · fax +49-2 21-5 39 70 910 · email info@matchfactory.de · www.the-match-factory.com

Pia Marais grew up in South Africa, Sweden and Spain. She studied Sculpture and Photography in London,

Amsterdam and Düsseldorf before going on to study Film at the German Film & Television Academy (dffb) in

Berlin. She made several shorts, including Loop (1996), Deranged (1998), Tricky People (1999), and 17 (2003).

After several engagements in the film business as a casting director and assistant director, she made her

feature debut with The Unpolished (2007), which screened at many film festivals and won various prizes,

including the Tiger Award in 2007 in Rotterdam. Her second feature film At Ellen's Age (2010) was developed

in the Résidence du Festival de Cannes.



17 Sept. 22:00 Bell Lightbox 3

18 Sept. 21:15 Scotiabank 3

19 Sept. 15:00 Jackman Hall – AGO

Press & Industry:

10 Sept. 19:00 Scotiabank 11

23 •••

photo © Arno Roca

It came from the sea… to fuck the dead back to life.


Emerged from the Pacific Ocean, an alien zombie gets picked up by a surfer in a truck. On the way to

Los Angeles, a severe accident occurs and the surfer gets killed. The alien zombie fucks the dead man back

to life. When the creature enters the city, it becomes increasingly unclear whether he really is a zombie or

a schizophrenic person who is suffering from delusions. Like some kind of dark savior, the alien zombie

proceeds to find various dead men and fuck them back to life...

Genre Erotic, Fantasy/Science Fiction, Horror Year of Production 2010 Director Bruce LaBruce Screenplay

Bruce LaBruce Director of Photography James Carman Producers Bruce LaBruce, Arno Rok, Robert Felt,

Maciek Dziekiewicz, Damian Todaro, Jürgen Brüning, Jörn Hartmann Production Companies PPV Networks/

New York, Wurstfilm/Berlin, Dark Alley Media/New York Principal Cast François Sagat, Rocco Giovanni,

Wolf Hudson, Eddie Diaz Length 63 min Format HDCAM, color, 16:9 Original Version English Sound

Technology Stereo Festivals Locarno 2010, Toronto 2010 World Sales Raspberry & Cream · Nadja Jumah

Prinzessinnenstrasse 16 · 10969 Berlin/Germany · phone/fax +49-30-61 50 75 05 · email nadja@raspberryand

cream.com · www.raspberryandcream.com

Bruce LaBruce is a writer, filmmaker, and photographer based in Toronto. In 1991, he released his first

feature film, No Skin Off My Ass – an exploration of the sordid relationship between a hairdresser and a mute,

handsome young skinhead. His follow-up feature Super 8 1/2 is a cautionary biopic about LaBruce’s rocky rise

to cult stardom. Hustler White, made in collaboration with photographer Rick Castro, was released in 1996

and premiered at Sundance. In 1998, LaBruce shot his first porn movie in London, Skin Flick, following a gang

of neo-Nazi which breaks into the home of a bourgeois gay couple. In 2004, he made another film about

Germans adopting the culture and politics of the left wing movements of the 1970s, The Raspberry Reich,

followed by Otto; or, Up with Dead People, among others.



16 Sept. 21:45 Bell Lightbox 2

18 Sept. 16:00 AMC 9

19 Sept. 20:30 AMC 10

Press & Industry:

14 Sept. 13:15 Scotiabank 9


25 •••

photo © Helga Fanderl










In this triptych, the filmmaker evokes the portrait of a man, capturing his gazes and gestures at different

moments and sites. The original silent Super 8 films are in-camera-edited and have been blown-up to 16 mm.

Genre Experimental Short Year of Production 2010 Director Helga Fanderl Length 7 min Format 16 mm,

b&w, 1:1.33 Original Version silent Festivals Toronto 2010 World Sales Helga Fanderl · Sonnenweg 84

60529 Frankfurt/Germany · email h.fanderl@gmail.com · www.helgafanderl.com

Helga Fanderl was born in 1947 in Ingolstadt. She studied German and Romance Languages and

Literature in Munich, Paris and Frankfurt, followed by art school studies in Frankfurt and New York.

Her work is represented in museums, galleries and cinemas around the world. Today, she lives and works

in Frankfurt and Paris.


11 Sept. 16:30 Jackman Hall - AGO

27 •••

photo © James Benning/schaf oder scharf film


Ruhr is James Benning's first film shot outside the US and presents the American artist's perspective on the

Ruhr district in Germany, a region formed by coal mining, industrialization and its working class inhabitants.

Using Duisburg as his starting point, Benning sets out on small trips to explore the area and the relationship

of labor, culture and art – culture emanating from labor, labor generating culture, and art completing the

societal definition of culture. Filming took place at a steel plant in Duisburg as well as at the “Bramme für

das Ruhrgebiet”, a monolithic sculpture by Richard Serra positioned on a former mining dump in Essen.

Benning also visited the Friday prayer at the Duisburg mosque in Marxloh and took a look at everyday life in

a small back road in Essen. Every scene adheres to a rigid framework, a matrix of processes whose specific

rhythms compartmentalize time and thus help interweaving history and change with the narrative structure

of the film. Ruhr is more than a portrait of a region subject to structural change and an example of the

paradigm shift in the cultural history of labor. It is also an hommage to the Ruhr district and its people,

to those who work to form their region's culture.

Genre Documentary Year of Production 2009 Director James Benning Screenplay James Benning Director

of Photography James Benning Producer Zorana Musikic Production Company schaf oder scharf film/Berlin

Length 120 min Format HDCAM, color, 1:1.78 Original Version no dialogue Sound Technology Dolby SR

Festivals Duisburg 2009, Rotterdam 2010, CCCB Barcelona 2010, Buenos Aires 2010, It’s All True Sao

Paulo/Rio de Janeiro 2010, Indielisboa 2010, Era New Horizons Warsaw 2010, Toronto 2010, New York Film

Festival 2010, Vancouver 2010 World Sales schaf oder scharf film · Zorana Musikic · Gleimstrasse 27 · 10437

Berlin/Germany · phone +49-30-41 99 66 13 · email zorana@schafoderscharf.de · www.schafoderscharf.de

James Benning was born in 1942 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is the son of German immigrants and

studied Film at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Working as an independent filmmaker, Benning’s

films focus on a sense of place, and are often built from long, unedited takes. His films include: California

Trilogy - El Valley Centro (2000), Sogobi (2001), Los (2001), 13 Lakes (2004), Ten Skies (2004), One Way Boogie

Woogie/27 Years Later (2005), Casting a Glance (2007), and RR (2007). In addition to his film work, Benning

has held professorships at Bard College and Northwestern University. Since 1987, he has taught filmmaking

and experimental sound at the California Institute of the Arts.


11 Sept. 21:15 Jackman Hall - AGO


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Further German-International Participants at TIFF 2010

Special Presentations

CIRKUS COLUMBIA by Danis Tanovic


German Producer: Razor Film/Berlin

World Sales: The Match Factory/Cologne

DEEP IN THE WOODS by Benoît Jacquot (FR/DE)

German Producer: Egoli Tossell Film/Berlin

World Sales: Films Distribution/Paris

Contemporary World Cinema

22ND OF MAY by Koen Mortier (BE/DE/NL)

German Producer: The Post Republic/Berlin

World Sales: CCCP Epidemic/Brussels

BLACK OCEAN by Marion Hänsel (BE/FR/DE)

German Producer: Neue Pegasos


World Sales: Doc & Film International/Paris


by Bent Hamer (NO/DE/SE)

German Producer: Pandora Film Produktion/Cologne

World Sales: The Match Factory/Cologne


by Eran Riklis (IL/DE/FR/RO)

German Producer: Pallas Film/Halle

World Sales: Pyramide International/Paris


by Saverio Costanzo (IT/FR/DE)

German Producer: Bavaria Pictures/Munich

World Sales: Le Pacte/Paris


by Kornél Mundruczó (HU/DE/AT)

German Producer: Essential Filmproduktion/Berlin

World Sales: Coproduction Office/Paris

City to City

10 TO 11 by Pelin Esmer (TR/FR/DE)

German Producer: Bredok Film Production/Berlin

World Sales: Sinefilm/Istanbul

SEPTEMBER 12 by Özlem Sulak (TR/DE)

German Producer: Galerie Antje Wachs/Berlin

World Sales: Özlem Sulak/Hanover




German Producer: Neue Mira


World Sales: Mandragora International/Paris


by Nanouk Leopold (NL/DE/BE)

German Producer: Coin Film/Cologne

World Sales: Films Distribution/Paris


by Michelangelo Frammartino (IT/DE/CH)

German Producer: Essential Filmproduktion/Berlin

World Sales: Coproduction Office/Paris


by Douglas Gordon (GB/DE/FR)

German Producer: Lost But Found Film/Berlin

World Sales: Lost But Found Film/Edinburgh



by Juanita Wilson (IE/MK/SE/DE)

German Producer: WMG Film/Berlin

World Sales: Octagon Films/Bray



by Patricio Guzmán (FR/DE/CL)

German Producer: Blinker Filmproduktion/Cologne

World Sales: Pyramide International/Paris



by Apichatpong Weerasethakul (TH/GB/FR/DE/ES)

German Producers: Geißendörfer Film- und

Fernsehproduktion & The Match Factory/Cologne

World Sales: The Match Factory/Cologne

Further German-International Participants at TIFF 2010

Real to Reel


by Werner Herzog (US)

Producer: Creative Differences Productions/

Los Angeles

World Sales: Submarine Entertainment/New York


LEONA ALONE by Oliver Husain (CA)

Producer: Oliver Husain/Toronto

World Sales: Oliver Husain/Toronto

Future Projections


IN ELEVEN DECADES by Harun Farocki

Producer: Harun Farocki Filmproduktion/Berlin

World Sales: Harun Farocki Filmproduktion/Berlin

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Ankica Jurić Tilić Croatia

Robert Budreau Canada

Janine Jackowski


Matti Halonen



Andrzej Jakimowski Poland









24 producers from Europe and Canada

at the Toronto International Film Festival®





T r i s h


10 – 12 September 2010

Reinier Selen

The Netherlands















Czech Republic










Hopland Eik






With the support of MEDIA International ® Toronto International Film Festival is

a registered trademark of the Toronto

International Film Festival Inc.

Sponsored by

EFP is supported by

www.tiff .net

Associated EFP members: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Czech Film Center, EYE Film Institute Netherlands, Film Fund Luxembourg, Finnish Film

Foundation, German Films, ICAA/Spain, Irish Film Board, Magyar Filmunió/Hungary, Norwegian Film Institute, Polish Film Institute, Unifrance

With the aim of exchanging creative energy, experience and

talents and promoting the co-production of international

film projects, 12 European and 12 Canadian producers will

be meeting for the new initiative entitled PRODUCERS LAB

TORONTO. Created by the European Film Promotion (EFP)

in collaboration with the Ontario Media Development

Corporation (OMDC) and the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the program will be launched this year

during the Toronto International Film Festival. Regarded as the key gateway to the North American market,

TIFF has always been important for European films. The MEDIA International program of the European Union

is supporting the initiative financially.

The program is designed for independent producers with a track record of successful project development

and production. Besides demonstrating a strong motivation in co-producing with Canada or Europe, they

all have experience in international co-productions and have a project ready to pitch. The EFP network

selected the European participants from the group of EFP’s PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE between 2006-2009.

The participants from Canada were chosen by OMDC and TIFF. Janine Jackowski is this year’s participating

producer from Germany.

Besides various networking opportunities, the three-day event includes pitching sessions, one-to-onemeetings

and case studies of completed European/Canadian co-productions, analyses and presentations

of financing sources and co-production structures.

Janine Jackowski studied Production and Media Studies at Munich's University

of Television and Film from 1998-2002, producing a number of shorts during her studies.

In 2000, she founded Komplizen Film with director Maren Ade and produced The Forest for

the Trees in 2003. Ade's graduation film was nominated for the German Film Award, won

a Special Jury Award at Sundance and was successful at numerous festivals. Janine has

also produced two films by Sonja Heiss: the Short Tiger-winner Christina Without and her

feature debut Hotel Very Welcome. In 2008, she produced Du bruit dans la tete by Vincent

Pluss and Maren Ade's second feature Everyone Else, which won two Silver Bears at the 2009 Berlinale

(Best Actress and Grand Jury Prize) as well as the FIPRESCI Award and Best Director at the Buenos Aires

International Film Festival. This year saw Janine producing Ulrich Köhler's latest feature The Sleeping

Sickness in Cameroon.

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German World Sales Companies at TIFF 2010

Bavaria Film International

email in Toronto: toronto10@bfint.de

Thorsten Ritter · 14-19 September

mobile +49-172-8 58 70 14

email thorsten.ritter@bavaria-film.de

Stefanie Zeitler · 8-15 September

mobile +49-172-8 58 70 43

email stefanie.zeitler@bavaria-film.de

Sebastian Kiesmüller · 8-15 September

mobile +49-172-4 63 09 30

email sebastian.kiesmueller@bavaria-film.de

Beta Cinema

Dirk Schürhoff · 9-14 September

mobile +49-170-6 38 48 06

email dirk.schuerhoff@betafilm.com

Andreas Rothbauer · 9-16 September

mobile +49-151-54 45 89 21

email andreas.rothbauer@betacinema.com

EEAP Eastern European Acquisition Pool

Alexander van Dülmen · 10-14 September

mobile +49-163-8 87 75 00

email avd@eeap.eu

Films Boutique

Jean-Christophe Simon · 9-15 September

mobile +49-173-5 91 57 67

email simon@filmsboutique.com

Laura Inoka · 9-15 September

mobile +49-177-7 99 99 07

email laura@filmsboutique.com

K5 International

Daniel Baur · 9-15 September

Oliver Simon · 9-15 September

email info@k5international.com

M-Appeal / Raspberry & Cream

Nadja Jumah

Anne Wiedlack

The Match Factory

Michael Weber · 11-17 September

Brigitte Suárez · 9-16 September

mobile +49-172-8 55 61 95

Philipp Hoffmann · 9-18 September

mobile +49-172-1 78 81 53

Anne Götze · 9-17 September

mobile +49-172-8 51 21 09

Media Luna New Films

Ida Martins · 10-17 September

mobile +1-310-8 71 05 79

mobile +49-170-9 66 79 00

email idamartins@medialuna.biz


Credits are not contractual for any of the films mentioned in this publication.

Screening schedules are subject to change.

Unfortunately we could not include film titles and screening times which

were announced after this publication went to press.

This brochure is published by:

German Films Service + Marketing GmbH

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80331 Munich/Germany

phone +49-89-59 97 87 0

fax +49-89-59 97 87 30

email info@german-films.de


German Films in Toronto

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Sales & Industry Area

King Ballroom

Christian Dorsch, mobile +49-171-834 6663

Oliver Mahrdt, mobile +1-917-495 5887

Martin Scheuring, mobile +49-160-93 11 96 57

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