an Halen

While drummer Alex Van Halen still his signature histrionic screams on

sounds slightly compressed, especially “Somebody Get Me A Doctor.” Eddie

on the bass drum and snare, the

and Alex’s backing vocals are also

cymbals and toms are opened up, with much clearer and more prominent,

more space than before. Now, you can adding depth to these recordings. Vide,

hear him pounding the drumsticks on Anthony’s classic line “Come on Dave,

the side of the snares between beats give me a break” during “Unchained”

on “Hot For Teacher” as bottles tinkle in is more comical. Even the couple of

the background and roll down the floor, clunkers are much more palatable,

between the class talk and scrunching thanks to the increased fidelity.

of paper. Much like his brother’s guitar,

HD Tracks’ Lisa Hershfield says,

Alex’s drum set has a larger presence on

“all Van Halen transfers were from

this remaster.

the original EQ production analog

a full set, with a single collaged album

cover, instead of breaking them up as

individual albums with the associated

covers. The latter can be done with a

bit of extra effort, and will make it easier

when navigating on your music server.

What is appreciated is the $109 price

for six studio albums in 24/192. 24/96

is also available, but why bother when

the 24/192 files are so good? As David

Lee Roth once said, “Get the maximum

effort, get the full bug.” l

Moreover, David Lee Roth’s vocals tapes,” and after thorough listening

are full strength, whether cooing on “Ice and comparison to the originals, I have

Cream Man,” joking around on “And no reason to doubt her. The only odd

The Cradle Will Rock,” or delivering

decision is to release the records as


April 2013 97

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