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The $399 T350 is the top-of-therange

headphone in the Cavallino collection,

and its attractive tan-colored

leather skin wrapped around its aluminum

body is an instant head turner.

Those feeling more incognito can

choose the all-black model. But when

you are wearing something from Ferrari,

why not attract a little attention?

While the T350s are considered

full-size headphones, they are

not circumaural (around-the-ear).

Instead, they feature ear cushions

that rest on the ear (and are thus

called supra-aural). For this reason,

their passive noise isolation is quite

good. The headphones also employ

rather impressive active noise

cancelation (ANC) for even better

ambient noise rejection—maybe not

as good ANC as some models from

Bose, but it’s better than most ANC

models I’ve experienced. But, as

with all ANC headphones, do expect

some hiss when the circuit is engaged.

The T350 requires a pair of AAA

batteries to operate, because a passive

mode is not present. Luckily, the

T350 sports a ridiculously long battery

life. I use the included alkaline

batteries for a couple of hours before

bed nightly for over two weeks before

the battery light turns amber,

indicating that the juice is low. Those

using rechargeable batteries should

consider that the charge stamina will

suffer slightly if you do.

Like most modern headphones,

the T350 is Appledevice

friendly, thanks

to its removable

audio cable with

3.5-mm plug

and integrated


and remote—

but the designers

didn’t stop

there. The T350

also comes with

cables that will work

with your Windows,


Dynaudio Wireless High-End

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All there is.

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