The speakers reproduce the

other end of the spectrum

with equal ease and precision.

The cymbal strikes in Norfolk

& Western’s “Letters Opened

in the Bar” illustrate a gentle

ring and delicate decay.

Further listening with

recent Blue Note releases

on XRCD confirms the ease

with which the Xeo 3s handle

acoustic instruments. The

gentle vocal styling present on

Jakob Dylan’s first solo effort,

Seeing Things, combined

with the acoustic guitar on

the opening track, “Evil is

Alive and Well,” demonstrates

the large sound space these

speakers can reproduce

without losing the delicacy

of the track to wireless


The only restriction to the

Xeo system is the 24-bit/48kHz

limit of incoming files; for

now, those with major highresolution

music collections

will not be able to enjoy fullbandwidth

audio with a Xeo

system. The Dynaudio Xeo 3

speakers present great value,

fantastic sound and excellent

build quality to the music

lover who is perhaps not

ready to go for a full-blown

audiophile system, but who is

dissatisfied with the similarly

priced wireless offerings from

Sonos, B&O and Bose. In

this respect, the Dynaudio

Xeo 3 is miles ahead of the

competition in terms of its

natural delivery and tonal



Additional Listening

By Jeff Dorgay

Of course I had to torture these speakers with some

Iron Maiden, Slayer, Van Halen and Zeppelin just to see

if they could take it. And like the Confidence C1 IIs I’ve

been using as a reference in room two for a year now,

these tiny Danish marvels rock the house—or in this

case, my desk. Using the Xeo 3s on either side of my

30-inch Apple Cinema Display makes me wonder why

anyone would ever want a pair of headphones.

The mix is immersive, with the stereo image unfolding

between me about a foot in front of my head, as

I blast David Lee Roth’s “Ice Cream Man,” and then

quickly segue to Maiden’s “Powerslave.” The small,

wireless Dynaudios provide fatigue-free listening during

long photo-editing sessions, and underline just how

much they have in common with the Confidence series.

This is where you can really reap the benefit of a compact

speaker produced by a major speaker company

that builds its own drivers, and that possesses extensive

research and design capabilities. The technology

trickle down is tough to ignore.

Even if the Xeo 3s don’t turn you into a soundcrazed

audiophile right away (but they just might), don’t

forget that analog input. It’s a great way to augment the

sound of your television, or perhaps sneak a turntable

into the mix. Plugging the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon table

(paired with the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge and Lounge

MM phonostage) into the Xeo expands my desktop/

small-room experience tremendously. Spinning some

of my favorite albums in this space has me forgetting all

about the high-res files on my Mac mini.

Everyone on the TONEAudio staff who had a

chance to play with the Xeo 3s agrees that they are

excellent in every way, from their subtle aesthetics to

their ease of setup and use. We are happy to award

them one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2013. l


Dynaudio Xeo 3

Wireless Speakers


$1,950 per pair

$350 for the Xeo wireless


$350 per pair for optional

Dynaudio Stand 3X

$85 per pair for optional

Dynaudio SF1 speaker foot






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