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Circle Jerks in the 1981

Circle Jerks in the 1981 documentary The Decline of Western Civilization. Brett W Gurewitz aka Mr. Brett was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Woodland Hills, CA. He has been the guitarist, background vocalist and a songwriter for the punk band Bad Religion since 1979. He is the owner of music label Epitaph Records and its sister labels ANTI-, Burning Heart Records, Fat Possum Records and Hellcat Records. He is also a producer and engineer. Brett formed the band “Daredevils” and the band “Error” in 2003. He currently has a son and two daughters and is living with his wife Gina in Pasadena. THE OTHER F WORD | Page 10 of 18

Andrea Blaugrund Nevins (Director) Andrea Blaugrund Nevins was born and raised in that seedier version of New York, before it s glamorization by luxury-hungry Wall Street. Her teenage years coincided with the heyday of CBGB s and Trash and Vaudeville on St. Marks Place, but while she was far too sheltered to be part of that scene, she was keenly aware of the visual world around her, a fact she credits to spending much of her childhood partly deaf from ear infections and struggling to read despite dyslexia. She got into Harvard, likely because of her poetry and photography (wasn t her test scores), and continued to take visual arts classes, but majored in Social Studies, which taught her how to decipher societies and sub-cultures. Upon graduating, she quickly discovered what an undesirable skill set this was in the materialistic, go-go 80s. And while her school chums were earning six-figures in Gordon Gekko s New York, she put her degree toward the decidedly nonlucrative career of print, radio and finally, television journalism. She cut her teeth as a sports reporter in rural North Carolina, then moved to the world of public broadcasting under the tutelage of Susan Stamberg at National Public Radio s All Things Considered in Washington, D.C., went back down south for another tour of print duty at the Gainesville Sun, a New York Times paper, covering the environment and health in northern Florida, and then finally returned home to Manhattan to join Peter Jennings fledgling documentary unit at ABC News. Her tiny, walk-up apartment went largely unoccupied, however, because she pretty much lived on location for the next several years, in the more spacious, well-equipped facilities of various roadside Days, Comfort, Super 8 and Holiday Inns. From there, she helped produce the critically acclaimed and award-winning hours, “Peter Jennings Reporting: Guns,” “Peter Jennings Reporting: Men, Sex and Rape,” “A Line in the Sand: War and Peace,” and won an Emmy Award for her work on an ABC News/Time forum on the issue of gun control in America. She took a brief hiatus from long-form to senior produce a talk show for teenagers with the then-zeitgeisty Jane Pratt, which was fun, but short-lived, and then continued her documentary work writing, directing and producing biographies for A&E and Lifetime, among them, the CINE Golden Eagle awardwinning “Jesse Jackson: I am Somebody,” and the Cable ACE award-winning “Hillary Rodham Clinton: Changing the Rules.” It was about then she met her future husband, David Nevins, who tempted her with the idea of bougainvillea-filled Februarys, and, despite the fact that she never dreamed of settling anywhere but New York, she grabbed her suitcase and her dog, Lulu, and headed for Los Angeles. There, she continued her documentary work, helping create a TV magazine pilot for Scripps-Howard, THE OTHER F WORD | Page 11 of 18

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