Mangan Menu -

Mangan Menu -

Sinigang na Sugpo sa Camias

Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon Sa Miso

Prito Paborito

Inihaw Pyesta

Steamed Vegetables

Rice Plain Rice

Tiger prawns cooked in tamarind based stock,mashed

camias,okra, raddish,mustard leaves and finger chili

Poached salmon head in miso tomato based stock and

tamarind puree garnished with raddish mustard leaves

and finger chili

A lavish platter of all fried milk fish rolls,pork belly

cracklings,quails,tilapia, chicken legs,and dried salted

fish.These fried stuff are served with lechon

sauce,catsup,sukang sasa,and pickled shredded


A feastful indulgence to a platter of grilled eggplant,pork

belly,milkfish, mussels, pan grilled prawns and chicken

barbecue served with mustard leaves and soy based

dipping sauce and fermented shrimp rice paste

A perfect vegetarian delight comprising of freshly

steamed native aubergines,bitter gourd,okra,string

beans,patola,upo and sweet potato tops served with an

array of dipping sauces.






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