hanit® - Hahn Kunststoffe GmbH


hanit® - Hahn Kunststoffe GmbH

hanit ®

– the material from recycled plastics

The economical alternative for industrial applications!

Innovative product solutions

for civil and water engineering

Industrial developments require constant innovation. Our recycled material hanit ® today increasingly

replaces the traditionally used materials wood, steel, metal, concrete and virgin plastics.



Plastic profiles and precast elements made from hanit ®

– the economical and environmental product of choice!

Industrial developments require constant

innovation. Due to the very good

price-performance ratio our material

hanit ® is today increasingly replacing

the traditionally used materials wood,

steel, metal, concrete and primary


Our hanit ® products have already sur-

prised many customers and offer users

a whole range of benefits. The hanit ®

material consists of recycled plastics,

to be more precise, polyolefin mixtures.

The main components of these blends

are polyethylene (LDPE/HDPE) and

polypropylene (PP). Through utilisation

of these high-quality recycled raw

materials (material purity level > 95%),

expensive new material is replaced.

Especially suitable for civil and water

engineering, where demands are being

made increasingly for robust, thick

Construction drawing sheet piling

walled and particularly durable product

solutions, our profiles and precast

elements made from hanit ® often

provide a more economical solution

and a technical advantage. Primarily,

hanit ® products are distinguished by








their resistance to oils, alkalis, acids,

seawater and to micro-organisms, as

well as being stable and crack resistant.

In addition, the profiles and precast

elements are simple to work with and

are maintenance-free.

Technical data in an overview hanit ® - Quality 1 hanit ® - Quality 3

Tensile modulus

of elasticity



10 measurements





10 measurements

527-1 MPa 405.2 94.6 742.2 61.5

Breaking stress 527-2 MPa 12.06 2.29 9.8 2.84

Nominal elongation

at rupture

Tensile stress at


Elongation at


527-2 % 151.4 78.3 11.09 2.51

527-2 MPa 15.25 0.44 12.64 1.44

527-2 % 21.39 0.84 9.18 1.96

Tensile strength 527-2 MPa 14.8 0.83 12.64 1.44

Elongation at

tensile strength

Flexural modulus

of elasticity

Flexural stress

at 3.5% outer

fibre strain

Flexural Stress

at Fmax

527-2 % 138.2 85.9 9.18 1.96

178 MPa 269.2 84.4 641.8 50.4

178 MPa 10.09 1.48 18.42 0.69

178 MPa 13.66 1.76 21.87 0.82


Material resistance


Rot resistant

All year use possible

Low weight

Installation without heavy


Faster mounting

Reduced workload

Simple processing

Easy to process mechanically

(drilling, sawing, nailing)

Simple adjustment possible on site

Splinter-proof, lower risk of injury

compared to traditional materials

Deflection f [mm]









Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Ffailure of steel

without plastics


Long service life

Intermediate lengths on request


Made from high-quality recycled

plastics (polyolefins)


Very cost-effective

Ideal construction material,

especially for rugged profiles and

precast elements


No chemical preservatives added

Environmentally sustainable

Fully recyclable

German ecolabel “Blue Angel”

Neutral in water

Non-pollutins (harmless as per

DIN 71, Part 3 Playground


Dimensions: 690 x 547 x 54 mm



0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 15 16 18 20 25 30 35

Load F[kN]


Electrically non-conductive

Fire behaviour: Fire Class B2

(DIN 4102)

Pressure resistant

Low thermal conductivity, the

thermal conductivity value is about

0.23 [W/mK]

Continuous operating temperature:

-20 to +50°C

Waterproof (hydrophobic)

Resistant to oils, alkalis, acids and


Resistant to micro-organisms


High splinter resistance

Material is fully pigmented

Various bending tests show a consistent

product quality, which can also cope with

high static requirements.

Test: Material hanit ®

with two steel


Dimensions: 50 x 20 x 2 mm

Installation position: unfavourable

bending axis

Loading: line load



Benefit from our expertise

– in the development of new product solutions!

Due to rising population density, industrialisation

and the elevated demands

placed on it by environmental protection

water engineering faces increasingly

complex tasks. Innovative solutions are

required to address these challenges.

One solution is the increased use of


The use of plastic materials leads to

new innovative solutions. Many technical

developments in civil and water

engineering would not be possible

without the specific application of these

new materials. Therefore, new applications

are constantly being developed in

the fields of civil and water engineering.

Above all, traditional materials like concrete

can frequently be cost-effectively

replaced by the lighter but still robust

hanit ® material made from recycled


Technical progress and material developments

go hand in hand. Recycled

materials, such as hanit ® and profiles

as well as precast elements derived

from it are thereby pioneers for economic

and environmental progress.

From an idea to a finished product -

all under one roof!

With your input, our development team

can offer the best technical and most

economical solution.

Our strength is the individual development,

design and manufacture of

system solutions customised to your

requirements. We can strengthen products

with various steel reinforcements,

if desired. Moreover, we can source

and supply additional components to

be added to your product for a one-stop

shop process.

Through product-related compounding

and utilising specially developed techniques,

we are able to produce robust

and durable finished parts with a wall

thickness from 6 mm.

Our in-house mould and tool making

furthermore allows the production of

prototypes and small series.

Profiles and precast elements made

from hanit ® - economical and ecological!

Waste water shaft

Plastic profiles and precast elements made from hanit ®

– The economically and ecologically correct product choice!

Boardwalk and slope protection from hanit ®

Selected hanit ® profiles and precast elements for civil and water engineering

Product Areas of Use and Application Possibilities

Boardwalks (Planking)

Inlet box Sewage or drainage technology, canals

Spacers Canals, canal renovation

Boardwalk construction (boat, swimming and beach walks), jetty floating platforms and

bodies, pontoons, (swimming) islands, bridges, land bridges, walkways, lock construction

Sheet piling Shoreline stabilisation, trench construction/trench shoring, sand traps

Gutter system Sewage or drainage technology, exhaust technology, canals, environmental technology

Perforated plate Ecologic waterway constructions (fish ways, fish ladders)

Battens Protective battens, friction battens

Tongue and groove profiles Pond construction (dam beams), sludge drying, weir construction (blockage beams)

Shaft elements Shaft construction

Manhole covers, covers Shaft and container construction

Sleepers, Beams


Our longitudinally grooved boardwalks,

plus the cable conduit covers with

a chequer plate structure, are slip

resistant and actively contribute to a

reduction in the risk of slipping. Both

hanit ® product lines were tested by the

German Staff Association’s Institute

for Occupational Safety (BGIA) and

comply with Slip Protection Class R10.

We would be pleased to prepare for

you an offer for the hanit ® products

listed in the table.

Erosion, landscape protection, sieve facilities/on-site preflooder, universal construction elements

for water engineering

Bollards, Palisades Erosion, landscape protection, universal construction elements for water engineering

Cable conduit covers Marinas, canals, waterways

Paddock slab Erosion protection, route construction

Inlet box



Quality Management

– an area of living company policy!

We are convinced that Quality Management

is a key factor for successful

customer relationship management.

To meet the demands of our customers

for high value products, our quality

management reports directly to senior

management. Clearly defined processes,

responsibilities and objectives plus a

friction-free flow of documents and material

form the foundation for our quality

management. In the QM manual, all

processes - from examination of the raw

materials via quality controls integrated

into the production process and on to

final inspection of the produced profiles

and precast elements – are described in

cooperation with our employees, quality

management from A to Z. This begins

with an examination of the raw materials

and quality-oriented selection of our


GMBH prepares plastics from the

collections of the German Dual System

and from selected industrial collections.

The incoming goods inspection of plastic

bales is carried out as per the specifications

of the DKR (German Society for

Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management

and Raw Materials).

During production, a continuous visual

inspection of surface quality is made

by the machine operator and production

manager. Dimensional accuracy is

checked daily by quality control staff.

In addition, product data sheets with

defined quality standards in regard to

geometry as well as measurement and

colour tolerances are to be found at the

production facilities. Shift reports for

documentation of the current production

levels, scrap rates and any malfunctions

are produced 3 times daily at all production

facilities and are a component of

the constant flow of information between

quality control, production, construction

and operation management.

Regular product weighing to control input

and output plus monitoring compliance

with the storage and packaging requirements

formulated in writing, round

off our internal quality controls. The

results of these checks and controls form

the basis for further developments of

technical production know-how and the

constant improvement of product quality.

Sieve facility/on-site preflooder made from hanit ®

In addition, they ensure the traceability

of products.

In the area of external quality control

a third party monitoring takes place by

recognised testing institutes and publicly

appointed experts. Thereby, the number

and scope of external material tests and

product testing to document our product

quality are being expanded successively.

Perforated Plate

Production of our hanit ® products

– using proprietary manufacturing processes!

Our hanit ® products are produced using

various manufacturing processes.

These procedures in detail are:


In extrusion, the plasticised mass (melt)

is continuously processed through

extrusion dies (tools) into semi-finished



The intrusion process is a combination

of extrusion processing and injection

moulding. Thereby, the reclaimed materials

are plasticised, filled into mould cavities

and then cooled to solidification.

Depending on the mould cavity, split or

unsplit, the product is either pushed out

by the machine or manually removed.

Using intrusion, various products with

shot weights of 1 to 200 kg can be


Injection moulding

In this process thin-walled parts can

be economically produced in large

quantities. The difference between

extrusion and injection moulding is that

with injection moulding a finished part

„comes out“, whereas with extrusion

semi-finished products such as rods,

planks and boards are formed.


Even during the pressing process the

plastic must be heated before the shaping.

Subsequently, the required volume

of plastic material is dosed into a tool and

brought into the desired shape by hydraulic

pressure action (up to 200 tons).

The still warm moulding is then removed

from the mould and usually placed in

cooling supports to avoid warping. The

press method is suitable for producing

thin-walled and large-area products.

The service provisions

– our development department at a glance!

The service provisions of our development

department at a glance:

Feasibility studies/

profitable solutions

Concept, design, development

and manufactured solutions

Construction of prototypes

Computer simulation (amongst

others, 3-D, CAD, exploded


Mould and tool manufacture

Request-specific material


Cost-effective low-volume


Assembly production

Warehousing for the customer

Multi-piece gutter system

Thanks to our in-house manufacturing

processes we are able to react quickly,

produce technically acceptable designs,

with flexibility to customise products in

line with demands of our customers. Also

to fulfil requests in terms of intermediate

lengths, special colours as well as specific

material composition requirements

and product qualities.

Production standards and production

technical expertise are the guarantees

that you, as a customer, receive the

product that fits your demands and

fulfills your expectations!

The waterways are as diverse as the

challenges faced by the civil and water

engineering industry. As varied the

tasks faced by the customer there are

countless possibilities of finding a solution

with hanit ® recycled plastics.

Let us together develop new products

for civil and water engineering

and find new applications and




hanit ®

– the material from recycled plastics

See for yourself!

We develop, design and

produce for you!

Feel free to contact us:


Abteilung Technik

Gebäude 1027

D-55483 Hahn-Flughafen

Telephone +49 (0) 6543 - 98 86 - 0

Telefax +49 (0) 6543 - 98 86 - 40

E-Mail info@hahnkunststoffe.de

Internet www.hahnkunststoffe.de

Cable conduit covers made from hanit ®

with a chequer plate structure

(anti-slip class R10)

Subject to change without notice! hanit ® is a registered trademark. jk+/3000/07.2010

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