2012 contract collection - Wilsonart


2012 contract collection - Wilsonart



These Classic and Urban-inspired designs include abstracts, solids and woodgrains, as well as factory specials,

stones, pure metals and multiple finishes to provide designers with a fresh and approachable look for any

project. Six trends played center stage as inspiration for the colors, textures and new Collection graphics:

Urban Landscape & Ethical Consumerism

The trend of consumers moving out of the

suburbs and into urban areas is combined with

the desire for farmers markets and local sourcing,

restaurants with gardens and even materials and

color combinations inspired by nature. Rather

than designing literal interpretations of “green,”

manufacturers are now creating more sophisticated

sustainable products.

Rustic Glam

This playful juxtaposition of distressed surfaces

and glittery details is partnered with Industrial

Chic – a layering of elements and influences

that are distinctly modern.

Industrial Chic

This trend works with all the others. Exposed

ductwork and pipes, original windows and

brick are all part of the look with metal, concrete,

brick and glass as surfaces of choice.

What’s Old Is New Again

Not only are iconic pieces being reissued in new

ways, but many salvaged materials are being

reused. A number of well-established brands are

reintroducing classic ‘50s and ‘60s designs in

strikingly 21st-century interpretations.

Layering, Perforations & Tessellations

Abstracts are inspired by repeating shapes

found in nature, architecture and fashion.

Classic Revival

White marble has been used for thousands

of years for statuary and interior décor. Carrera

marble has experienced a remarkable revival

residentially and commercially. It also reflects

the classic contrast of white and black, shown

today with exciting pops of bright color.

Wilsonart Introduces New 2012 Contract Collection · New Collection Mixes Distinctive Urban Quality with European Influence


Woodgrains have continued to evolve in both color and structure. Grey is a strong influence on several of the new visuals ranging

from charcoal to light brown with taupe and grey mingled as undertones. Structures continue to be more linear in nature offering

a contemporary look. The refinement of grains such as oak, to a softer less graphic approach allows the color to take center stage.

Larger characteristics, color variation and unique features like saw marks make it easier for designers to add subtle and unique

elements to their projects, while maintaining the use of a familiar material – wood!


7933K-07/Textured Gloss:

A sophisticated interpretation of an Oak,

Cafelle is a straight grain design rendered in

a dark chocolate coloration.

Loft Oak

7968K-12/Soft Grain:

A soft approach to Oak, Loft Oak features

straight graining without any of the typically

harsh characteristics most people are used to

seeing. The coloration is a mid- to light-toned brown,

seen in the color play, with a slight grey wash. A light

to dark variation of tones occur throughout the sheet.

Warehouse Oak

7969K-12/Soft Grain:

An additional color way to Loft Oak,

Warehouse Oak treats this beautiful

soft graining in a color play of mid to

dark brown.


Skyline Walnut

7964K-12/Soft Grain:

A straight grain Walnut in charcoal grey

with hints of brown undertones. Perfectly

finished in our matte Soft Grain texture.

Walnut Heights

7965K-12/Soft Grain:

A beautiful interpretation of “what’s old is

new again.” Predominately a straight grain

structure, it recalls the past with partial

cathedrals and revitalizes it with an

updated brown.

Uptown Walnut

7971K-12/Soft Grain:

This Walnut has some traditional features

with its cathedrals, but that’s where the

tradition ends. The features are larger and

the color play is eclectic, sporting ambers,

light browns, greys and taupes.


5th Ave. Elm

7966K-12/Soft Grain:

A subtle planked straight grain Elm with

cross-grain saw marks is a new approach to

finishing woodgrains that can trace its roots

to Europe. 5th Ave. Elm is a contemporary

take on a rustic look especially with the

brown undertones in this overall grey color.

Park Elm

7967K-12/Soft Grain:

Park Elm is an additional color way to 5th

Ave. Elm and is a lighter brown with grey

and taupe undertones.

High Line


A neutral delight in a straight grain

structure. Hints of brown, grey and taupe

make this light design incredibly versatile.




Coffee Bean


A strong, dark chocolate brown solid

color previously in our non-standard

range and moving up due to market

demands and trends.

Abstracts and solid colors can come from many varied sources of inspiration and can

fill many different needs in the marketplace. Take a walk through an urban landscape -

many of these motifs may be spotted in the varying colors, materials and design

elements seen in the buildings, cafes and streets. There’s a familiarity that draws us

to the images making them natural solutions to interiors.



Cream Fizz

4933-38/Fine Velvet:

A neutral background highlighted with

lighter circles and accented with mid-toned

brown circles.

Aqua Fizz

4934-38/Fine Velvet:

A background of a mid-toned blue

highlighted with lighter blue circles and

accented with graphite circles.

Berry Fizz

4935-38/Fine Velvet:

A background of sunset purple highlighted

with lighter circles and accented with

graphite circles.

The Fizz Collection is a fun geometric pattern of circles layered on top of circles.

Layering creates interest and depth to a design. In the urban landscape, circles can be

found in rain dropping in puddles, or in your favorite sparkling beverage.




4936-38/Fine Velvet:

Several layers are at work here on a neutral

brown background. White accents and midtoned

brown lines are pulled together with

dark brown lines to create an interesting

overall design of geometrics.


4937-38/Fine Velvet:

A bright white design with clean white lines

as well as grey lines.


4938-38/Fine Velvet:

Just as the arcades of the ‘80s were dimly

lit and the lights and graphics of the games

came to life, Arcade is a charcoal background

with several layers of lines ranging

from black, grey and off-white.

While these three designs might conjure memories of the ‘80s, retro for some, this

geometric could also be an abstraction of the old brick-paved streets in Chelsea

or Brooklyn.



Vapor Strandz


White background with light grey

converging lines.

Astro Strandz


Taupe background with mid-toned grey

converging lines.

Cosmic Strandz


Dark grey background with light grey

converging lines.

Some of the best abstract designs are like chameleons. Need a clean contemporary

design? How about a fun retro design? The Strandz Collection can easily work in many

different spaces and styles. There is no limit when you use your imagination.



Crisp Linen

4942-38/Fine Velvet:

A neutral background with crisp white warp

and weft “threads.”

Classic Linen

4943-38/Fine Velvet:

A taupe background with lighter taupe warp

and weft “threads.”

Casual Linen

4944-38/Fine Velvet:

A brown background with lighter brown

warp and weft “threads.”

The Linen Collection offers a versatile pattern that could be considered an optical

solid, but with the added benefit of preserving some texture from a distance.



Organic Cotton

4945-38/Fine Velvet:

The lightest of the collection, Organic

Cotton has a very low contrast of white-

on-white features and grey features.

Natural Cotton

4946-38/Fine Velvet:

A light brown with subtle grey features.

Raw Cotton

4947-38/Fine Velvet:

A taupe with grey and brown features.

The Cotton Collection is a true abstract in that you cannot identify the structure

with an actual material. The name Cotton was used to convey the softness and

non-directionality of the design. There is even a slight sheen from the pearl inks

that may correlate to a sheen seen in fabric.

While Carrara marbles have been enjoying the limelight in both commercial

and residential design, it may not be for everyone or for every application.

That’s where Carrara Santorini comes in with its muted and abstracted

design. It lends itself well to a support role. Go ahead and display that

merchandise, Carrara Santorini is a great backdrop.

Carrara Santorini


Soft, cool blue-grey undertones in this

abstracted white marble.

The beauty of slate is the irregular features derived from its layers of texture

and color that vary from smoky blue green to warm gold. The cozy material

can recreate a lodge or fireside look as well as looks with global influences.

In addition, both designs could be considered abstracted metal with their

aged and patina colorations.

African Slate


Blue-green colors that feature accents of

chocolate and Aubergine in mid-tones.

Bengal Slate


Warm golden coloration with natural green

accents and brown undertones.


we continue our inspirational walk through the urban landscape

designs that emulate stones, concrete, and abstractions of stones can

be found in various applications. From museums to lobbies, hospitality

to retail, these designs can be the subtle and unique workhorse for

your project.

A park side café may sport an old stone floor or original travertine designs in the architecture.

Buildings and features like these are important in the trends we have observed. They lend a

sense of history and casualness to a space. Our travertine designs can recall as well as support

these great casual environments.

Silver Travertine


A red-based grey or taupe in a myriad of

silver with golden highlights.

Golden Travertine


A golden ivory in a myriad of subtle greys

with soft shades of honey.


Just as woodgrains evolved to include straight grain characteristics we now see

stone visuals following suit with linear movement of low contrast designs. The

Limestone collection offers more options in sophisticated aged material looks.

Roman Limestone


A blend of cool white with soft grey


Tuscan Limestone


A sun-kissed neutral with bands of

organic green and bronze.

Corinthian Limestone


A cool white neutral with soft hints of

red, blue and grey-green bands create

a chameleon.


Bainbrook Grey is a sophisticated stone visual well suited to the

contract market. Designed with a warm/cool color mix it is light and

neutral enough to be paired with many materials and colors. Woodtoned

base cabinets? Perfect. Table bases or display pedestals in

wrought iron or polished chrome? Excellent.

Bainbrook Grey


Translates a neutral quality in this

beautiful “white” granite with tones of

warm beige and cool grey.


Soapstone, concrete, or metal? That’s the beauty of the Salentina collection,

the look can adapt to your design intent.

Salentina Nero


A matte black with a cool

undertone and a hint of silver

adds a patina effect.

Salentina Grigio


A blend of brown and grey in lighter tones

includes hints of gold to create a patina


Salentina Rosso


A blend of sienna and mid-toned browns

has hints of silver to create a patina effect.

Almost has an aged or slightly rusted look.

Salentina Argento


Salentina Argento has a weathered zinc

look to complement the Industrial Chic and

Rustic Glam trends we see in the market.


The honed and tumbled marbles of the Piazza collection call to mind the

Classic Revival trend and are right at home with the Rustic Glam influence.

Materials with an aged quality and texture are staples in today’s interiors.

Perla Piazza


A tumbled marble in ivory with

washed accents in white, bronze

and soft grey.

Aged Piazza


A tumbled marble in golden-beige with

washed accents of brown, bronze and

soft grey.


Classic Revival is all about the rebirth of Carrara and Calcutta marbles with

their classic black and white contrast, but utilized in thoroughly modern ways.

Calcutta Marble 4925-07/

Textured Gloss:

An Italian White marble

exhibiting large, graceful veining

in blue-black, rich browns and

translucent gold-grey.

White Carrara 4924-38/

Fine Velvet:

Classically traditional or modern and

contemporary, white marble returns to

interiors. White Carrara balances out

the Calcutta for a more conservative

approach to a white stone.

Black Alicante 4926-07/

Textured Gloss:

A Black marble from Spain, Black

Alicante pairs well with maple, oak,

walnut or mahogany, or painted white

for classic black and white appeal.


The Venetian series has a terrazzo look which calls to mind older commercial

buildings, lofts and warehouses that may have had similar patterns on lobby

floors, bringing to life the Industrial Chic look.

Venetian Ivory 4928-38/

Fine Velvet:

A combination of white and

ivory with undertones of

grey, the design influence for

Venetian Ivory comes from

recycled porcelain chips

embedded in white resin.

Venetian Ale 4930-38/

Fine Velvet:

Colorful chips of amber, brown

and cobalt are displayed in this

warm-grey matrix, reflective of a

recycled glass, or terrazzo design.


Regimental Red


Persian Blue


North Sea


Slate Grey


Designer White


Fashion Grey


White Sand


Coffee Bean






High Gloss

Factory Specials offer unconventional solutions for those projects that need

a design that’s just a little bit different from all the rest. Wilsonart® Factory

Specials are made to order and require a bit more of a lead time, but pay

off in the uniqueness of their patterns and finishes. With alternative finishes

on solid colors, we are offering 10 solid colors as Factory Specials that bring

customization to your projects.


Amber Cherry

7919K-12/Soft Grain

River Cherry

7937K-12/Soft Grain

Colombian Walnut

7943K-12/Soft Grain


7946K-12/Soft Grain

Hampton Walnut

7959K-12/Soft Grain


7957K-12/Soft Grain

In addition, we will be showing our new -12 Soft Grain in six of our existing

wallboard woodgrains. These six designs are a nice sampling of varying shades

and species.


The new Soft Grain (#12)/Premium

finish is a dense, woodgrain

structure that is low gloss and soft

to the touch. Subtle highlights of

reflectivity randomly occur within

the embossed grains, creating a

sophisticated raw wood look. The

finish features AEON Enhanced

Performance Technology.

The new Glaze (#55)/Ultra Premium

finish is a layering of matte features

over a glaze of semi-gloss creates a

time worn effect. The finish features

AEON Enhanced Performance




Matte Pewter


A light, warm grey.

Matte Grey Bronze


A medium, warm grey.

Matte Gunmetal Grey


A dark, warm grey.


The Metro Collection celebrates beauty that isn’t perfect. These

three anodized metal additions address the move toward more

matte surfaces and the subtle surface characteristics that mirror

time-worn and natural imperfections. The slight tone and color

variations, created with new alloy combinations, are deliberate yet

show overall balance on each sheet. Used as vertical accents, these

pure Decorative Metals complement the designs from the 2012

Contract Collection.

Thank You

For more information, images, or interviews please contact:

Nikki Parrotte

NParrotte@crt-tanaka.com · (703) 894-5460

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