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SHABBAT BULLETIN - Emanuel Synagogue



18/19 May 2012 - 27 Iyar 5772 Shabbat Behar-Bechukotai

The Essence of Community

We close the reading of the book of Vayikra, Leviticus, with a combined

parashah, Behar/Bechukotai, that expresses the range of what it meant for our

ancestors to be part of a religious community and compels us to question just

what it means for us in the 21st century. In Behar, we hear many laws concerning

the redistribution of wealth that is at the heart of the Torah’s idealised

vision of community. The commentary in our Chumash, Etz Chayim states,

“This prevents the polarisation of society into two classes: wealthy, powerful

landowners on the one hand and permanently impoverished people on the

other. …The great 20th century rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook taught that the

purpose of the jubilee was primarily spiritual, not economic. It came to restore

that sense of unity [to the people.]”

In a sense, the two interpretations complement each other. That is, we find

that too much polarisation of power and wealth in any society tends to lead to

divisiveness and the break down of community. Each society, each community,

must make sure that there is a sense of mutual responsibility among

its members for there to be cohesion – not just in an economic sense, but

particularly in terms of shared values or “spiritual unity”.

Bechukotai presents a promise of blessing for those who follow the way of

God, and an extensive series of horrific curses for those who reject the word

of God (as presented by Moses at Mt. Sinai.) The worst of the curses is exile

from the land, the loss of community and a sense of belonging. I am not

among those who believe that blessings and curses, reward and punishment,

come from some external judge as one might infer from these passages.

However, when the social fabric – which is comprised of the relationships

people form through economic connection, daily discourse, common values

and purpose – breaks down, then a sense of dislocation follows. The ultimate

dislocation results in the fracturing of the society.

The Torah reminds us, at the beginning of Behar and at the end of Bechukotai,

that these teachings came from God to Moses at Mount Sinai, the Torah’s way

of emphasising their centrality to the life of the nation. We can read “the nation”

as not just the nation of Israel, but any nation, and indeed, any community, like

Emanuel Synagogue. It is incumbent upon us, now and always, while always

remaining aware of our needs, not to consider them to the exclusion or detriment

of others – whether members of our community now or those for the future.


Alexander Morris Mikardo

on the occasion of his Bar



Vayikra (Leviticus)

25:1 - 27:34

Etz Chayim Chumash

pg. 738 - 757


Jeremiah 32:6 -27

Etz Chayim Chumash:

pg. 759


Monday & Thursday


Erev Shabbat:

6:15pm (Shabbat Live Service

and Masorti Carlebach Service)

Shabbat Morning:

9:00am Masorti

10:00am Progressive


Friday 4:42pm


Saturday 5:40pm

Rabbi Jeffrey B. Kamins

Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio

Rabbi Paul Jacobson

Rabbi Dr Orna Triguboff

Ultimately self-centred behaviour will lead to the demise not just of the society or

community, but the individuals who have been part of that community. Conversely,

the sacrifice that seems to be at the heart of the teaching of Behar is actually that

which leads to the blessings adumbrated in Bechukotai, “You shall eat your fill of

bread and dwell securely in your land.” When we give to the other, we receive.

Rabbi Kamins


Shavuot Evening (Leyl Shavuot) Saturday 26 May, 6:15pm celebrate receiving

the Torah, and the first harvest in Israel. Service begins at 6:15pm and includes

traditional baby blessing. Straight after the service we begin our third annual

Festival of Dangerous Ideas – 10 minute presentations on controversial issues.

A light supper will be shared.

Shavuot Family Service Sunday 27 May, 10:00am A service for families

focusing on the themes of giving the Torah, stories, songs and ice-cream. Also

on Shavuot the Masorti service at 9:00am, and Jewish Renewal service

and meditation at 10am. This prayer service will include meditation, chant

accompanied by musical instruments, movement and discussion.

Emanuel Synagogue’s Davvener’s Club

Every Tuesday from 22 May to 26 June, 4:15 -5:45pm.

You’re invited you to our new seminar on:

“How to read Torah Trope” (traditional Ashkenazi cantilation

system) with our Shaliach Tzibbur Martin Yafe. Join us and

never need a CD with a Torah recording again! The course

will empower you, when called up to the Torah in Synagogue, to read the text

yourself, and also to be able to do Torah readings on behalf of the community.

Cost $50 (members) and $150 (non-members). Call office to book and pay.

Yom Yerushalayim - Jerusalem Day

Havtechot (Promises) 20 May, 4:00pm, in the Emanuel Hall

Join us for this special Yom Yerushalayim screening. With a

subtle mixture of patos and humour, this moving documentary

film tracks seven Israeli and Palestinian children who live in

Jerusalem and its surrounding areas. Released in in 2001, this

Oscar nominated and Emmy award winning film has lost none

of its relevance or timeliness.

BZDVO with ZCNSW presents: INSIDE ISRAEL - How a Small Nation Makes a

Big Difference. Sunday 20th May 2012, 6.00pm Entertainment Quarter - Hoyts

Cinema. Phone 9360 6300 or The Central Synagogue 9389 5622


Shabbat Evening: (Progressive); Louise Thurgood Phillips

Shabbat Morning: (Progressive); Clare Sneddon



Rabbi Kamins and members of the Board will be

hosting any and all members of the congregation

to ask questions and hear more about our

Capital Campaign for the redevelopment of

Emanuel Synagogue. These sessions take place

every Thursday in May & June 2012, from

6:00pm - 7:00pm in the Boardroom. If you

have not yet attended a function, please RSVP

to or call 9328-7833 to let us know which night you

would wish to attend.



19th and 20th of May. 6:30 pm Start (19th) and 3:15pm pick up (20th).

If you’re a keen NETZERNIK or even someone who just wants to have LOADS

of fun, in years 3-8. Then COME ALONG to Netzer’s EPIC sleepover! For a

night of crazy activities, awesome games and not much sleep!!

Where: Years 3-6 @ North Shore Temple Emanuel.

Years 7-8 @ Emanuel Woolahra Synagogue

Cost $15. Contact: Maddi (years 3-6):

Alice (years7-8):


26th and 27th of May, 7pm Start. 6 pm pick-up (27th), NSTE, Cost $15.

Are you in years 9-12 and LOVE hanging out with your friends over the

weekend? Coinciding with the AWESOME festival of Shavuot we have an funfilled,

jam-packed night planned for some good memory-making material!




July 3rd- 8th

Registrations are


Contact Hannah: 0423

174 489



Women’s Rosh Chodesh


Wednesday 22 May, 8:00pm.

A spiritual celebration of the

new month (call the office for


72 nd Emanuel Synagogue

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 29 May, 7:30pm

Our Jewish Story

on Monday Evenings

with Rabbi Kamins is in

RECESSS until July 2

My Play Space

(our playgroup for under 3’s)

is back. Friday mornings

from 9:30am - 11:30am .

Play and have fun together

with your children and


Emanuel Synagogue’s


In preparation for our brand

new and superbly wonderful

interactive membership

and information system, we

have started to include a lot

more information on our website


about all of our programs and

events. Please vist the site

to see what’s on and what’s

coming up, and read about

the adventures at Emanuel



Shiva: There are mourners in our community to whom we extend our sincerest sympathies on the death of

their loved ones: Robert Zabow, Janice Einfeld, Odette Caisley

Shloshim: We are in the period of Shloshim for: Warwick Robert Richards, Robert Tepper, Katharina Faltusz,

Ronald Clive Samuel (Shmuayl) Suttner, Iasha Friedman, Oscar Wolfgang, Dr John Indyk, Wilfred Stoloff,

Clara Barnett, Mina Churnin, Lidia Sirota.


* Memorial Light

Matilda Angel (Mrs Valerie Newstead)

Cyril Asher (Mrs Denyse Bernstein)

Hyman Black (Mrs Edna Viner)

Nono Jack Bokey (Mr David Schlesinger)

Hyman Reuben Caplan (Mrs Lilian Finniston)

Ronald Leon Cohen (Mrs Wendy Cohen)

Norman Isadore Crown (Mr Allan Crown)

Brian Alfred Davis (Mrs Karen Pizem)

Mordechai Eisen (Mr Benjamin Isaacs)

Joshua Harry Ellis (Ms Suzanne Davidson)

Joyce Feller (Dr John Feller)

Elizabeth Fleischer (Mr John Fleischer)

Nicholas (Nick) Forbes (Mrs Erica Forbes)

Hana Frankel (Mrs Patricia Lieberman)

Leslie Henry Goldstein (Mrs Franciska

Shoolman & Mr Mark Shoolman)

Lewis Golomb (Mrs Marcia Scudder)

Leah Goodman (Mrs Jillian Mansell)

Peter Hidi (Ms Marianne Hidi)

Herbert Hill (Mr James Hill)

Charles Felix Hollander (Miss Shirley


Sadie Hollander (Miss Shirley Hollander)

Alice Huppert Reisz (Mrs Elizabeth Sharota)

Roy Innes (Ms Dianna Givorshner & Dr Gordon


Tom Harry Kaplan (Dr Errol Kaplan)

Raymond King (Ms Jacqueline King)

Therese (Terry) Koval (Mr Simon Buchen &

Mrs Katherine Buchen)

Sharon Marion Lain (Mr Nicholas Jacobson)

Anne Landsman (Mrs Lily King)

Fanny Lash (Mr Gregory Cowan)

Eli Clement Levy (Ms Michal Levy)

* Eva Levy

* Sarah Lieberman

Moses (Max) Mangel (Mrs Karoline Brodaty

OAM & Mr Leon Mangel)

Sarah (Sally) Marks (Mrs Bettina Davis)

* Dora Meyers

Norman Mikardo (Mr David Mikardo)

* Jonas Mikler (Mr John Mikler)

Raymond Morris (Mrs Debora Morris)

Judith Ockrim (Mrs Magda Gesztesi)

Kenneth John Raphaely (Mr Kevin

Jankelowitz & Mrs Lynn Crown)

Suzanne Reber (Mr Brook Reber)

* Alina Schwarzbaum (Miss Jacheta


Stella Sedgman (Mr Peter Sedgman)

Hilde Selinger (Mr Robert Selinger)

Michail Sherman

Litzi Sima (Mr Alexander Sima)

Margaret Somlai (Mr George Fisher)

Ilana Strum (Dr John Strum, Ms Leah Werner &

Benjamin Strum)

Edward Moss Waxman OAM (Mrs Dianne

Lever & Mr Leon Waxman)

Anna Weber (Mr Andrew Weber & Mr Charles


Klara Wolf (Mr Thomas Wolf)

Ethel Wolpert (Mrs Joy Bloch)


Each week, as well as remembering members of our community or their loved ones, we add the name of one

person who perished in the Shoah. This week we remember Lion Gutstein born 1911 in Stanislawow,Poland

and died there in 1941.

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