1882-08-04 - Northern New York Historical Newspapers


1882-08-04 - Northern New York Historical Newspapers



Putnam County Standard






*m«i-$2.oo per Annum In .idnin,




One Inch


Four inches ...

Vive InCbM

• »in- onnrtrr Calnmn....

One-Third Column

"'"•-Half Column

one Cnliimn

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$1.00 $1.85

1.60 8.25

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$(1.50 $10.00

10.00 15.00












40 00



REAMNU NOTICES jncenta per line. Noad~

»ittl i«ntu H intuited for lOM than ONE DOLLAU.


jStvtr kind of .lob Wot* exi>eiileil nently nnd at

wnwnabluj.ri.we. Katlmat acbeorfollvfumiahed.

aMtvaa R. W. ADDIS, IlrcwMera, N. Y.


Attorney and Counsellor

At Law and Notary Public,

*»(Tlec over Post Onic lircwstcra, N. Y

TT7" 8. CLARK,

Wholesale Stationer






At Lata and Notary Public.

aoborts' Huildliitf, Brcwstcrs,

and 23T Uroadwar, New York-



F. Well*, Cash. J. G. Borden, Prcs.


0 A.. 31". to 3 P. ȣ.

rjll. H. F. MILLER,

Surgeon Dentist

Will bfl at his Dffloa In Brewtten Monday, Tues­

day and Wednesday nnd at IIIH ofllccln Curinel

Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each week.

HltrouHOxIdi' nas administered In extracting

te.-i h at all hours. «»^A11 work warranted


Attorney and Counsel7oi

At Law and Notory Public,


OFFICE JIOl'RS: - - - - 9 O. m. to 6;80 p. m.


C Having purchased a portion of the mock, and

IcastHj the commodious staliles of Mr. Mills lley-

noldii, connected with the southeast House, I ain

belter prepared than ever before to inuet the

demands ol iny cubtomers.

The Finest Turnouts



B O A R D I N G S T A B L E ,

My nHfHAflt iiuarters BW uuexcellod In this


I VilACKS run to and from all trains.

(. A Kill 1- C. Ml-A l».




A Una line of si I'l'l \'

Putnam County Standard

Ncw York's* Water Supply.

TllO storage reservoirs ut lbvwsteis


l«««f «>i-«» I'nichaprtaf


Republican Convention.

and Boyd's Cornet* are now l>eing drawn

Tlio Republican oloctor-< of tlio KVQral

upon to keep up the water supply of IT RISOS OY A OnATRFtTTi nr.AKT ANP OTVER

town and election ilistrieta of Putnam

New York city. Each succeeding year

HONOR wnr.r.n noxon is DOB,

Oonnty are requested to send dolopntes to

finds the metropolis much worse off for Mr. William W. Chadwick, of Hatch-

n County Convention to be held at tlic

water to supply Its needs. The /•>< /(//(// villc, Conn., writes under date of Juno

14, 1880, to Dr. Kennedy, to say that

Court Hotwo, in Carmel, on Wednesday,

r.>y/ of Wednesday discusses the matter

the use of " Kennedy's Favorite Rem­

August lOtli, 1882, at 12 o'elock noon,

as follows:

edy " has cured him of Gall Stone, from

for the purpose of choosing delegates to " The snbjert of our water supply, a

which he hail experienced everything

but comfort for a long timo. Mr. Chad­

the State Congressional and Judicial customary topic for discussion more or

wick felt wholly cured when he wrote

Conventions and transacting such other

business as may come before the convention.

The several towns and election

less agitated in the summer months, has and says: " I havo had no pain for six

emne in for public debate this year car- months, and have also regained my flesh

her than usual. We generally look for a I and can stand a fair day's work. I

districts nro cntitlod to the. following diminished rainfall in July and August, j ^"l®

number of delegates: Carmel, district

No. 1,5; district No. 2, 4. Kent, 0.

Patterson, (1. Philipstown, No. 1, 4;

No. 2, 1 ; No. B, fi. Putnam Valley, 4.

Southeast, 8. By order of Republican

County Committee.

HAMILTON Fisn, JR., Chairman.

The state Convention.

The Republican State Oommitte met

in the Fifth Avonuo Hotel Wednesday.

We clip the report of proceedings for the

,Snu. Many Republican politicians,

most of whom were Stalwarts, crowded

the corridors of the hotel before the

HUM-1 in," and talked earnestly with the

members of the committee. Among

thorn were Congressmen Richard Crowley,

ex-Attorney-General Hamilton Ward,

Gen. John N. Knapp, of Auburn, John

R. Lydocker, ex-Collector Thomas Murphy,

ex-Senator Birdsal, Police Commissioner

Stephen B. Fronoh, Dr. Smith,

Health Officer of the Port of New York;

ex-Lieut.-Gov. John C. Robinson, ox-

United States Marshall Louis F. Payn,

John J. O'Brien, Bernard Biglin, and

Henry C. Porley. The committee was

called to order by B. PJatt Carpenter,

the Chairman, at noon.

The first business done was to fix a

day for the Republican State Convention.

Mr. Daggett moved that it bo

hold on Sept 13, and Mr. Smart, of

Washington County moved that Sept. 27

bo the |day. At Collocter Robertson s

suggestion, Mr. Smart changed the date

named in his motion to Sept. 20. This

amendment was carried by 18 to 14.

The committeemen voting for it were

Messrs. Hicks, Van Wyck, Wheeler,

Van Cott, McClave, Cregau, Piatt,

Robertson, Tompkins, Teal, Smyth,

SmuiHi, Curtis, Jarvis, Parsons, Low,

Warren, and Ingorsoll. Those who voted

in the negative were Messrs. Daggett,

Hobbs, Patterson, Carpenter, Stover,

Ray, Vroomau, Sayre, Chamberlain,

Parkhurst, and the suhstitutes for

Messrs. Lcaycraft, Williams, Mason, and


Tho roll was then called, and each

member named a place for the Convention.

Messrs. Hicks, Daggett, Hobbs,

Patterson, Robertson, Carpenter, Tomkins,

Curtis, Stover, Ray, Vroomau,

Sayre, Chamberlain, and tho substitutes

for Messrs. Lcaycraft, WilliamB, Mason,

and Rem is voted for Saratoga. Messrs.

Van Wyck, Wheeler, Van Cott, Mc-

Cluro, Cregau, Piatt, Teal, Smyth,

Stuart, Jarvis, Parsons, aud Warren voted

for Syracuse, aud Messrs. Parkhurst,

Low, aud Iugersoll named Rochester.

Tho Chairman declared that the Convention

would bo held in Saratoga, on

Sept. 20, at 11 a. m. Tho formal call

for tho Convention requests all Republicans

in each Assembly District in the

State to oloct tho number of delegates to

which their respective districts are entitled.

Tho whole number of delegates

is 40(5. New York County is to send 79,

and bines County 40.

Just before committee adjourned Mr.

Do Witt C. Wheeler moved that tho

State Committee pay to Gen. N. M.

Curtis the expenses of his defence in his

recent trial for collecting political assessments

from Federal officers in 1881. Mr.

Wheeler urged the passage of his motion

on tho ground that what Gen. Curtis did

was done in his capacity of Treasurer of

the State Committee. The motion was

carried, and the committee adjourned.

At the meeting of the Executive Committee

Chairman Curpeutcr, Secretary

Vroomau, and Jacob M. Patterson, Jr.,

were appointed a committee to audit the

General's bill. Ex-Sheriff Daggett, of

Kings County, moved that the General

be paid $1,000, and that balance of his

bill be referred to the committee named

in the prior motion. Mr. Daggett's motion

was carried.

The politicians do not agree as to the

significance of the votes in the State

Committee. The Stalwart Republicans

and the Half Breeds who are opposed to

Gov. Cornell's reuominatiou claimed that

the naming of a late day for the Convention

was u blow to the Governor, as both

ho and his friends were anxious to have

the Convention held early in September.

The friends of the Governor on tlio other

hand, said that the selection of Saratoga

for the Convention was a victory, as the

Governor preferred that place, aud his

opjioneuts favored Sy racuse. They regarded

the result in the committee as u

drawn battle, and predicted thut the

Governor would l>e renominated. They

admitted, however, that the contest in

tlio convention would be hard and bitter.

Many of the Stulwaits and some of the

Half Breeds spoke of Congressman

.lames W. Wad worth as a nCMlliilfl uom-






.l [S'SSSSJSSf^tSlSt

edy' to any one suffering from a derang­


and a note of warning from the public

ed liver." Grateful pationts nro com­

officials to be economical in tho use of mon. Dr. Kennedy is daily in receipt


water. We are required to discontinue of letters from them, expressing similar

veutinii-nts. These letters aro spontan­


the practice of washing doorsteps aud

eous and put in all varieties of phrase-

sidewalks with hose, and urged to keep ology, but invariably setting forth one

close watch of our faucets and not to thing—tho value of "Kennedy's Favorite R. Hampton & Co's.

draw any more water than is absolutely Remedy" for many forms of disease.

It may 1M> just tho thing you havo l»een

necessary. Tho prohibit ion. against us­

looking for. Is yonr liver disordered ?

ing the hose to wash sidewalk can be Have you derangement of tho Kidnoys or

We make a SPECIALTY of

enforced by vigilant inspection and Bladder, associated with Constipation of

summary fines, but no remedy has been

the Bowels ? If BO, yon want " Ken­ Rogers & Brother's

nedy's Favorite Remedy." Dr. Kounedy

discovered against waste in private

practices Medicine and Surgery in all

dwellings. Water-meters are too eostly their branches. Write and state your C ^ ] < : L E H U A T E D

except for hotels, breweries, manufac­ case frankly. Letters promptly answered.

Address Dr. David Kennedr£Rontories,

and other largo establishments.


dout, N. Y " Dr. Kennedy's Favorite

Each consumer not under tho snrveil- Remedy " for Bale by all druggists.

and in tbat LINE of GOODS

of a meter reflects that his economy of

water is of no use unless supported by

Cannot Jbc Undersold.

tho economy of all other consumers, aud

ho is right. Warnings and exhortations TIL8HMAN ROWLAND & CO.

nro a waste of breath, and absolutely

R. Hampton & Co.,

nothing to prevent the waste of water.

Nothing but tho shutting down of the STOCK BROKERS,

supply at tho reservoir gates will serve

Brewsters New York.

this purpose. When tho water refuses

to rise above tho first floor, and when hA Exchange Place, New York.

hand-power must be applied to carry it


to people's bath-rooms, great savings may


lie effected, but a simultaneous nud loud

outcry is sure to bo hoard. What is our

Stocks, Bonda, Governments, bought

boasted civilization worth if wo cannot

New Store !

havo water on the second floor ?

and Bold on commission, for

The Largest and best assorted Stock w-iv in eumcht iu j u The fectf laing Ii the :uc, it in imtheir

udvoeucy of Wudhworth they would jKiutive thut no 1m ther time he wubted

liclj* them to nominute him. They were iu (getting to VOk 00 Utf U0V injiu-duet.

willing to BUppurt uuy Hull Breed, hut |Meuuwhil.', the Jiroux wiiiediu-t may

preferred A KILL HTOCK Of

Patent Medicines, Cigars and Tobacco,

A Full Lin.-«.i IM'KK PBUti^ TuilH AHifleH,

Lf.-id, oils, Mi.xfi iVmts, Bninte Bte

r;Ai{i)KN KI:I:J>N, iu Hutu, ut Low Prinaa,


MINKltAl. WATEILS on Diuuijlit.

Sunday IMMIUS fa? lh*m-rijitionb iVoiii 8 to 9 a. m., C to 7^ ]>. Ul.



Infants' ROUES mid SLIPS and Cliildrcns' WHITE DRESSES.



Would i»'s])t'ctFul1y .•iniKHiiict'1o tin" T/nlirUiw>U.lM 1*111



F. E. Hartwell & Co's.

You can Buy More


For the money than any other store in town. Don't fail, any­

body who has anything in our line to purchase for

the Summer Months, to visit UH diunng

The Next 20 Days.

Dusters, Alpacas, Mohairs, White

Vests, Linen Pants, Vests and

Coats, Gauze Wrappers,

Jean Drawers,

Straw Hats, and Hammocks,

In fact everything that the present hot weather demands

will be found at

I« O W K tt T PRICK*, AT

F. E. Hartwell & Co.,

Combination Clothiers,

lOfc "Haiii Sti


Putnam County Standard.

I-KIDAY, Aug. 4, 188g~

First llapttnt Clmrcli.

Rov. K.B..tones,PMtor. services: prcftohin

u a. m„ .i!i(l 7:10 p. in. sabbath School,».to a. m

•»-tnbMfi School Teachers'meeting, Tuosday 7:8

D. m. prayer mooting, Thursday 7:OT p. in

T"!l HP* invited to to nttelld nil tllCSO HWTtCOR

iwdarcaHsniviiiif a hearty welcome-

M. K. Ciiurcli.

SOXDAV.—Preaching at n n. m.,and 7:nop. m.

"ten-lav School and pastor's niWo class,p;H«i a. m

iouag People's prayer meeting, 2:' vine at o:«o p. m. The

Say special leaves Hawlcyvllle ut TtM p. in.,

ring in Litchfield ai B o'clock. The Kuuday

1U loaves Ilawleyvllle at U:30 u. 111.


The Brooksido Park camp meeting

'11 begin cm Monday, Aug. 14th.

Mr. \V. E. Itogers, treasurer of-the

Van Amburgh show, was iu (own last

week. He reports good business.

The course of Hermous ou " Popular

Objections to Christianity" will bo con-

tinned iu the M. E. Church next Sunday


There will be u public Bale of the cele­

brated Emerson A Fisher CO'H. carriages

of many designs at lirewsters, Mouday,

Aug. 7 ; Purdy's, Tuesday, Aug. 8;

Bidgelield, Wednesday, Aug. 9.

The President vetoed the River and

iarbor Bill, but both houses of Congress

issid it over the veto and the people o!

he United States will be obliged to

pond eighteen millions of dollars. Wo

re glud to notice that GeU. Ketcham

•oted to sustain the President.

Speaking ;JU .1. ny dinuppeurod he

jok a large horse pi-dol thut hod been

i pt in I he bureau. Seureh for him iu

ie VOttdfl WAS 0 .t day with tit ai 1 of u blood-

ou:id, but without success. l)u Sutur-

l iv in-, u < ly eras Cuuud oy his sou and

Laughter iu s clump 1 locust bushes uu

h.- lattd •"'.•ii]'i. d by A. li. Surles. The

i, ,i . uj *. d was grasped hp the left

and Ihrie wus u bullet wound in

his bead. Iu OUfi ol lii-. pockets wus $1%.

A (' .i..,i i '••• j:iiy ih-ci.li-d tliat he com-

UiitU-d Mllcl.ie while llisuue.

The largest single mortgage ever re­

corded iu New York city, wus that of

James Clyne to the Mutual Life Insur­

ance company, recently. Mr. Clyne

purchased of Mrs Ellen A. D. do-Nuv-

arro, for a nominal consideration, the

property extending from 58th to 5'Jth

street, on the east sido of 7th aveuuc,

which is 206 feet deep ou 59th street by

200 feet 10 inches on 7th aveuuc. The

mortgage recorded is for $1,010,000.

Four mammoth apurtmeut houses tho

largest in the city are to be erected on

this property, which will be ready for

occupancy in the spring of 1881.

. — «ai>

At ten o'clock, Weduesday night, fire

wus discovered issuiug from the roof of

the largos* barn on Mr. John P. Keu-

uedy's Fairviow funn. The building

contained about 130 tous of hay. Im­

mediately adjoining wus u lurge build­

ing (covering two immense silos), uud u

new milk house, the lain r u model of

convenience uud ueutuess. The build­

ings contained much \ iduable machinery.

The flumes spread rupidly, and the de­

struction of the property mentioned wus

speedy uud complete. Neighbors uud a

lurge crowd of villuge people flocked to

the scene of the eonflugrutiou uud render­

ed vuluuble service iu preventing the

flumes from sprcuding to the house uud

the muuy other buildings iu close prox­

imity. Touiettu Hook uud Ladder Co.

was out iu full CoHOe. The umouut of

loss we are unable to stute, but it will

not fall fur short of 812,000. Except

the buy the property was fully insured.

Mr. Kennedy was iu New York City,

uud did not leuru of his loss until the

following morning.

Oscar Wilde hns finally struck near

our county borders. Ho lias been visit­

ing Mr. John Bigolow, at Highland



Miss Mary Parker, of Qnoechy, Ver­

mont, and Miss Lillian Hall, of Selma,

Alabama, arc visiting Miss Jessie Mc-


I '.ui iMini has returned to America. He

expects to take his show to England in

tho fall, returning to this country in

March, 1883.

Mrs. Daniel B. Hayt, of Patterson,

has our thanks for a quantity of flue cur­

rants. Tho bushes from which they

wcro picked arc growing in the " Old

Elm Tree," 12 foot above tho ground.

Tho family of William Dittmar, of

Patterson, has lieon most severely

afflicted. Wo understand thnt four chil­

dren hnvo died of diphtheria and that

the parents nre ill of the same disease.

Jacob Schneider, our industrious car­

riage manufacturer, finds it quite im­

possible to carry on his business without

a partner. Tho firm is now known ns

Schneider A Werner. Tho latter is a

competent blacksmith and every kind of

work will receive careful attention.

Mr. Henry W. Dnlo has just com­

pleted a noat dwelling on tho turnpike,

about five minutes walk from tho village.

Tho house contaius live rooms nod- n

good cellar. Tho place will IKS sold

very cheap and a good chance is offered

for n laboring man to secure a comforta­

ble homo.

" «.•.».—,_ ._

The oorn crop for which wo entertain­

ed so much solicitude n month ago, is now

receiving more hot weather than is good

for it Tho largest crop in this section

is that being raised by Mr. W. T. Ken­

nedy, to be packed in his silos. Ho has

fifty acres aud tho stalks promise to at­

tain au average height of fifteen foet

Main's show, while it embraces much

good talent, is not such an organization

as is calculated to recievc flattering sup­

port from nn old show town like Brews-

tors. Eight horses, n well worn band

wagon, aud an indifferent band mnde up

tho grand entree. The pcrformnuoo in

tho ring was fair ; so good, indeed, that

tho tout was well filled nt tho evening


A Philadelphia minister has a cnto

way with beggars. He has a pile of dirt

in his back yard, for tho removal of

which ho offered a silver dollar. Dur­

ing two years past that heap of dirt aud

that dollar have been exhibited to 113

stalwartu uuiible to find work, and thoy

have left the dirt and the dollar untouch­

ed. Lately a fellow kicked tho dirt

around the yard and then went off with

tho dollar.

Mr. Chauncy K. Kelley, of Somers,

met with quite a serious accident week

before last, while bathing in the pond

noxr his homo. In stepping from tho

mill to the dam his foot slipped, precipi­

tation him over the dam and about fif­

teen feet below. He struck ou his side

and shoulders, nud at first it was thought

he was killed, ho however is rapidly ro-

ooveriug, and will soon bo around again.

His escape is almost a miracle.—Crotun

Falls News,

A lawn party given by Mr. Morgan

Hoy t at the pleasant residence iu South­

east Center, recently purchased by Mr.

F. A. Hoyt, wus attended by about forty

friends, on Tuesday. Accommodating

clouds shut out the heat of an afternoon

sun, and then, as if iu deference to the

wishes of the company, broke away at

evening aud ullowed the moon to lend

its share of rudiunee. There was an

ubundauce of refreshments, excellent

muBic by Mr. Tooue, of New York City,

and a timely sepurutiou for home.

NKW YOHK Cm, Aro. 4th, 1882.

Editor of th< Standard:

Will you permit me, through tho

columns of your paper, to extend thanks

to my kind neighbors and to tho people

of Brewstera «cho rendered such valnnblo

service during the fire at my Fairviow

farm last evening ?


Tho Tonlotta Bivouac

This is a new summer resort on tho

oast shore of n beautiful lake two miles

north of this village. The bivouacking

is more particularly upon tho part of

black bass, wood-oock and grey squir­

rels who aro ever watchful of the move­

ments of a largo camping party now

located iu the woods upon tho lands of

Mr. Brewster. Tho now retreat owes its

existence to Messrs. S. T. McMahon and

S. M. Church. These gentlemen have

found it quite impossible to sleep at

home, get up in tho morning aud arrive

at the pond in time to secure the "sun­

rise bite." Accordingly, through tho

kindness of photographer Howes and

other friends, a largo pavilion has heen

erected which servos AS A pleasant abode

where the patient anglers snore And fight

mosquitoes until awakened by Mr. Jacob

Tilford, tho steward of the " bivouac."

It is not the purpose of our friends to

enjoy tho camping grounds in seclusion.

Large numbers of visitors are received

and handsomely entertained, daily. The

season will olose with fireworks and ioe

cream about the 15th inst So far Mr.

Church has taken tho heaviest weight

from tho water—an anchor stone weigh­

ing 132 pounds.

the Sheriff permit ted them to go npon

thoir own recogniainces. Tho Coroner's

jury is still in session, and the results of

the autopsy are not yet known. The

Coles, father aud son, hnvo more friends

in tho neighborhood than Mr. Ballard

had. Mr. Ballard loaves a wife and two

grown-up children."

Now York & Now England Rail­





The Westchester Timcn gives tho fol­

lowing with reference to a young lady

not entirely unknown here : " ' Maude

Bailey,' is the charming name adopted

by a young womun, whose reputation in

the town of Mount Vernon appears to bo

that of a confidence woman, although

her stay hero was exceedingly brief.

Maude dresses in very light clothes, is

of very rotuud figure, uud her claim that

she is not over twenty years old, has an

uir of prueticubility ubout it She bus

no extru clothes with her—thoy are ut

her lust stopping place, and will be along

shortly. II employed in tho cupucity of

u domestic uud not allowed the freedom

of the house during the duy, she becomes

restless ut night uud searches for burg-

lurs. Last woek she wus employed by

Puslett, the shoe-muker, who, notwith­

standing the girl wus u good worker,

hud his suspicions aroused by her talk

ubout her illations, uud whou ho loft tho

house .villi uvowod purpo.se of seeing

them, Maude picked up her hat uud left

She : aid she eume from Brewstera, but

she purcbused u ticket for Harlem."

Seventy-eight yours ugo Tuesday,

July 11, Alexandria Hamilton uud Aurou

Burr fought their fumous duel at Wee-

huwkeu. Tho scone of tho duel is u des-

olute place uud few residents iu New

York city ut tho present time huvo ever

stood upon the spot, but formerly strung-

ors coming to tho city would not fuiJ to

visit it. The Heights of Woehuwkeu, un­

der which tho duel took pluoe, uio 150

foot high, xury rocky, uud covered with

thick shrubs. The old cedar tree which

wus u little out of ruuge must huvo look­

ed then x*iry much us it does now. The

lurge stones which skirt tho ledge un­

covered with tho initiuls of persons who

have visited the pluco. One largo rock

in pur tic ui or is said to be the one l>>

which Huiuiltou stood wlion he fueed

Burr's futul lire oj the morning of the

J 1th of July, J804. The exact spot is

iuucocasible to foot pusseugers except at

low tide. '1'here is no puth down the

1 rocky side, und from ubove no residence

can be seen, which uiukcs the place all

the luore desolote. The place is soon to

huve u monument on the exuet .-.put

where Jiumilton fell.

A writer iu tho Oranyc County Far in-

i r suy» : " Prom my obsorvutiou and

from all reports I gather thut tho iipplo

crop will ut least full short of whut wus

anticipated ut tho spring setting. There

will be no need of thinning or thrashing

the trees to prevent overloudiug, Such

s'-a .on us this we ore pussiug through

ore not frequent, Storms did not inter­

fere with tho fertilization nor the sotting;

but the cold which followed showed its

deleterious influence upon the stems o

the young fruit. It will be found thut

much of the fallen fruit is unaffected by

insects, but tho stems ure shriveled and

dry. An old upplo grower ut Milton—

tho lute Absalom Burrott—cited to mo

yours ugo uu instance of this kind which

then seemed utmost incredible. Usually

I the stems shrivels over tho whole sur­

face, and burdens internally by degrees,

but soznet iiner. tlie process in not com­

pleted until the upple bus uttuinod ucur-

ly it* full size. Those which uro fully

protected by the young leaves uud remain

to ripeucsh will probubly be aboVo the

uveiage ol other ycurs iu shve and quali­

ty, win le thev csCUJHJ insect cncliili s.

Por such cxtruordinury instances us the

present there is remedy, so let us take

the good thut is sunt und be thankful.

We muy huve u crop iu tlie " off .vein"

j as a huppy ooubotjuenoe."

Lake Mahopac

At 3 o'clock on Saturday morning last

au altercation ensued between Mr.

Louis Ballard and Mr. Joseph G. Cole.

On Monday at 3:35 p. m. Mr. Ballard

died. Mr. Cole, writh his son Otto, who

was also engaged in the affray, surren­

dered thomselvos to tho sheriff tho samo

evening. Coroner Beed, of Brewstera,

WAS notified. He went to Lake Maho­

pac, took charge of tho body of tho de­

ceased and thero impannelled A jury

composed of the following named gentle­

men : B. T. Crane, N. M. Crane, Ira

Crane, S. W. CArver, F. O, Bivin, B. R.


The jury began to inquire AS to the

manner of Mr. Ballard's death OU Tues­

day. Albert Williams, A farm hand

employed by the deceased, was tho first

witness sworn. He is nineteen years

of Ago. It appears from his testimony

thnt Ballard yoked the oxen early Satur­

day morning, wont down near Colo's

house And hitched A chain Around A post for

tho purpose of pulling it up. Before tho

job WAS completed Mr. Joseph Colo ap­

peared And Asked Ballard what ho WAS

going to do, accompanying his interro-

gat ion by giving his early caller A sound

thrashing with A horse-whip. Ballard

nlso had A whip And did what he could

iu the way of lashing Mr. Cole. The

two men then clinched and After A

souffle fell to tho ground. Cole WAS on

top And followed '.p bis advantage by

thumping Ballard in tho ribs, rubbing

dirt in his eyes, and dashing his hoad

against tho ground. Bullard had no

sooner regained his foet than Otto went

at him with a horse whip. Witness en­

deavored to induce Ballard to return

but he did not propose to give up tho

fight, or leave his oxon hitched to the

post. Thero WAS more horse-whipping,

during which Ballard fell down. He

then demanded his oxen. Cole refused.

Ballard went to his barn, armed himself

with A shovel handle, And returned to

where the oxon were hitched. Otto

Cole WAS guarding them and received A

blow from tho shovel handle. A moment

later he had wrested the olub from

Ballard's grasp. Ballard was uow quite

weak. He did uot want to give up the

fight, but tho witness and another man

forced him to go home. When Ballard

urn veil in the house ho Appeared AS well

as eon Id bo expected; going about his

duties as usual. Fifteen minutes later

he had fallen iuto an unconscious state

aud so remained until his death. Wil­

liams says Colo acted like a wild man.

Michael Donner, a blacksmith, 48

years, tells what he saw of the affray,

but his story does not differ materially

from tho testimony of Williams. Ou

Wednesday tho coroner's inquest was

adjourned to Saturday when tho inquest

will bo resumed by taking the testimony

of tho five physicians, who aro now en­

gaged iu cutting up Mr. Ballard's body

for the purpo.se of ascertuiuiug tho cause

of his death. The physicians so engag­

ed are Profs. Welch and Allen of Bel-

levue Hospital, Drs. Adams uud La-

Monte, of Carmel, and Dr. Card, a

young physiciuu who bus recently open­

ed practice ut tho Luke.

A Correspondent of the New York

San writes us follows :

" Thero has boon a feud for two years

between Louis Ballard, a wealthy resi­

dent of Vlinkers, and J. U. Cole, pro­

prietor of the Colo House here. It

sprung from u dispute over boundary

linos. Bullurd claimed control over a

road used by Colo's boarders in going to

town. Ho felled trees across tho road

and fenced it in. Last season it was

charged thut ho insulted severul of tho

ladies ut Colo's, uud there wus a f rue us

between him uud Colo's son and bond­

ers. This summer tho quarrel wus re­


"Last Suturduy morning ut 3 o'clock

Mr. Bullurd drove up u team of oxen to

Colo's fouee, which ho elauiied wus ou

his own luud, und begun to drag up the

posts. Colo heard him, and come out

w ith u horsewhip in his bund. A figh t

ensued. Cole laid the whip uround

Bullurd's legs. While in the act of un­

hitching the oxen Cole wus struck on the

head with u club by Bullurd, whereupon

he threw- Bullard down, but wus pulled

off by Cole's sou. Bullurd, who wus 75

yours old, struck Cole, the young uiun,

with u upudo bundle. Colo rotaliutod by

knocking him down. Thoy wore finully

separated by Mr. Jiullurd's negro bcrv-

uut aud another inun, aud tho old uiun

wus led uw ay, stoutly rosistiug.

" lie declared thut ho would renew

tho struggle by daylight, but upon

reuchiug his bouse fainted. Ho grow

delirious, uud on Monday morning he

died. The (3oles were arrested junmedi-

utely, charged with ussuult with intent

to murder, and hold without buil, but

[ correspondence of the Evening rost.]

BOSTON, August 1, 1882.

A more satisfied company of men than

the officers of tho Now York and Now

England Railroad, Bitting at their desks

at the close of this day's business, it

would not bo easy to find. To-day's re-

oeipts have been tho largest of any day

in the history of tho road—$40,510.70.

Tho cash receipts for July were $708,-

430.44, probably tho largest for any

month sinoo the road was built Those

aro tlie gross receipts, And not earnings,

and only A little over half belongs to tho

road, tho remainder being duo to other

roads which connect with it But tho

groat transaction of tho dny IIAS been in

tho old Berdell bonds of tho extinct

Boston, Hsrtford And Erie road. By

tho terms of tho incorporation of tho

New York and New England road as tho

suocossor of the Boston, Hartford and

Erie, the Berdell bonds could bo ex­

changed for tho stock of tho now road.

By tho terms of this year's legislation

Authorising the BAIO of tho 34,750 shores

of the roAd which were owned by tho

State, tho stockholders of record on

August 1 hsve tho right to subscribe

pro rata. This gives tho Berdell bond­

holders tho right to convert their bonds

into stock, and become jtro rata owners

of the stock bought from the Slate.

The law fixes the selling price nt $50 on

tho pAT of $100 A share, and AS the

market value hns boon $58 within A fow

days, though it is lower to-dsy, thero is

grent eagerness to get tlie State stock.

There Are 20,000 Berdell bonds of $1,000

each, And of these there hod been con­

verted into stock nt tho close of businoss

to-day (this being the last opportunity

for conversion) 16,268 bonds, leaving

only 3,742 outstanding. Some of those

hove doubtless been lost or destroyed,

and will nevor bo presented for redemp­

tion. As already noted, tho rond has

turned over to tho State tho second

mortage bonds required in payment of

tho 34,750 shares of State stock, und

thnt transaction is complete. A conse­

quence of to-day's business is likely to

be inert used permanent activity in tho

stock sales of tho road, AS SO much moro

will be available for market

But the general outlook of tho road is

of as much interest as tho remarkable

transactions of to-day. Its traffic re­

turns for this year show an increase of

about twenty-five per cent on the

Averogo over the returns of the last

annual report dated December C. The

New York and New England road has

now direct connect ions with tho Erie

system at Newburg, with the Pennsyl­

vania road at Jersey City, and with tho

Baltimore and Ohio; and it has recently

arranged to connect with the Chesapeake

and Ohio nud with the East Tennessee,

Virginia and (icorgia fast freight lines.

It has connection with all lines entering

New England, except the New York

Central, and u connection with that is

being put in at Fishkill, and 6omo busi­

ness will probably bo obtained in that

way. The officers beliovo that they do

as much business as any road iu New

England, except tho Boston and Albany

and possibly tho Eastern, whoso local

traffic is large. Receipts of ears from

tho Erie road, and tho numbers of cars

engaged in the hard coal business, have

increased beyond all expectations. To­

day thero aro 500 cars building west of

tho Hudson for use on this lino, aud the

Erie, Delaware and Hudson, aud Penn­

sylvania Coal Company aro called upon

to build more cars. The new steamer

Hart, at Fishkill, cau transport across

the Hudson 500 cars daily. Twenty

now engines ore building, and three have

been delivered and the others will come

within forty days. All aro large engines.

They mcludo eight consolidation engines,

six moguls, two large passenger cugiues,

and four largo switching engines.

Grain freights are just beginning to come

forward and to fill tho elevators. The

new elevator on tho South Boston flats

has a capacity of ;ooi I.DDII bushels, and

hhips can bo loaded from it without

changing position after they come te

dock. The Inter-Colonial Ruilwuy, after

examining all tho terminal facilities of

tho eastern cities, fixed upon those of

tho New York and New Euglund rond

us best, and is having its own built

similarly. Passenger business, us well

us freight, is also thriving. A demand

is reported for quick trains over the Now

York aud Boston Air Line, a part of

which is made up of some of this com­

pany's tracks, for it is only 214 miles

long, or twenty miles shorter thuu any

other route.

Tho road is prosperous, finonciiUly,

and is taking much money just now.

Tho Norwich aud Worcester line, operat­

ed by the Now York uud New Kugluud,

will have] a surplus of about $22,001)

above expenses for tho lust six months,

which is better thou it usually does.

Speaking of the prospective earnings of

tho present your, one of the officers said

thoy would probably net $1,000,000.

Within thirty or forty duys tho puyuieut

of a judgment of $05,000 against tlie city

of Providence, an uccouut of tho Hurt-

ford, Providence, aud Fishkill Koud, is

expected, and about $450,000 from the

Boston und Albany Koad for tho side to

it of tho Brook hue branch. It is probu-

blo thut u spur will be built, so thut the

Woousockot division will lmveils termin­

us at the stution of the company, ni-

steud of thut of the Boston uud Albany

1 to; id, us at present. By the receipt of

money with which to puy for the Stute

stouk und tho issue of second mortguge

bonds to the Stute, the roud will put

about $1,718,750 into the Treasury, and

with other receipts there will be u totul

of ubout $2,350,000 for tho immediute

development of the roud. JJoublc-truck­

ing will be resumed, und within cighteou

mouths Lheie will probubly be u double

track all the way between Jioston aud

Hartford. Some thirty-two milcp have

boon double tracked Out from Boston,

leaving oighty-flvo miles to bo done. A

short rond of four and a half miles will

lie built from Franklin to Bcllinghnm, in

this State. • Direct connection between

Ashland and Providence will probably

be mndo by way of an extension of the

Hopkinton branch. Enlargement of

tho grounds nt Fishkill is under way,

though 300 cars daily can 1w handled

thero now. Coal chutes nnd trestles aro

being built in many places. No float­

ing debt of any kind will exist after

ninety days, and altogether tho rond is

in A strong condition, with bright pros­


A circulnr will bo issued to-morrow by

the rond stating tho result of tho conver­

sion of the Berdell bonds into stock, and

informing each stockholder what his pro

rata of tho State stock will bo. Four

shares of stock aro necessary to entitle n

holder to buy ono share of tho State

stock, and tho right of ono nharo will be

worth just one-fourth of the premium of

tho stock nl>ovo $50 a share. To-day

stock was sold at $54, and this would

make tho value of rights $1 a shnre.

Assignments of rights can bo mado to

persons who nro stockholders or not, and

on and after to-morrow tho stock market

Will doubtless show quotations of "New

York and New England rights."

Four Elephants nt Lnrgc.



Observations by Foster.

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lowi st prices ? Go to FOSTER'S.

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thing for 82.50 by going to FOSTER'S?

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whero a man should look for family sup­

plies, you can safely say "Goto FOS­


Do you for a momont snpposo there is

any larger assortment of goods in town

or that anv house will sell as cheap as


When wo say that goods woll Ixmght

aro half sold, wo have particular refer-

once, just at this moment, to a system

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Do yon want to save money enough in

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plies to buy a nice Christmas present for

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worth nnd the right chnngo bnck ? H

tho latter is what you want go to FOS­


Do you expect to buy for tho small

sum of throe (S3.) dollars tho host pure

gum boots in tho markot ? Would it bo

reasonablo to suppose you oan buy our

A No. 1 Rubber Boot for tho small sum

of §2.50 ? Wil 1 yon kindly call and look

nt the stock of Rubbers just reooiveed nt



cnBANnia otiT A HOI,i,iNO VII.n, ANnnunN-




Tnov, Aug. 3.—Bnrnum'e show ex­

hibited hero yesterdny, and at about

midnight many residents of tho city

wero treated to au entertainment not

put down in tho bills. Tho evening per­

formance closed nt about 10 o'clock, and

immediate arrangements wero mndo to

transfer tho menngcrio to Gloversvillo.

Tho elephants aud larger animals were

driven down Biver street to tho Rensse­

laer and Saratoga Railroad bridge, with

a view of orossiug tho latter to tako cars

on Green Island for Glovcrsville. The

camels, Jumbo, aud several other ele­

phants tiled iuto the bridge all right;

but ono of the largo elephants, known ns

tho Emporcr, became unruly, nud mani­

fested a disposition to continue down tho

street. Tho attendants sought to coax

him over, but the moro ho was coaxod

tho moro obstinate ho became, and ho

finally mado a bolt down River street.

Three other elephants followed his ex­

ample. Tho trouble had already at­

tracted a largo crowd of men and boys,

whose mingled cries at the beasts only

infuriated them, and they started down

through tho ceutro of tho city at full

speed. At Adams street Emperor fell,

and was Boon surrounded. Raising him­

self suddenly ho espied tho bright lights

burning iu tho Hon. Erastus Coming's

llenesselacr Rail Mill, and ho mado that

his objective point. Tho other elephants

followed. Emperor entered the mill,

causing a stampede of the omployees.

In his anxiety to escape his pursuers ho

stepped into tho hot blooms, and his

forefeet wero terribly burned.

Gonded to madness with pain, the elo-

pliant rushed from tho mill ou to the

Hudson River Railroad track, and,

reaching Jefferson street, he took tho

sidewalk, Mr. nud Mrs. Michuel Casey

were on the sidewalk, and wero so sur­

prised at tho strange sight of tui ele­

phant running a 1 , largo that they lost

thoir presence of mind. As u result,

Casey was knocked down nnd badly

hurt. Turning into First street, Emper­

or met Patrick Maher, who was return­

ing from work, aud throw him with

great force down on embankment. Tho

elephant next encountered Edward

Burke, aud injured him very seriously

by a blow with his trunk. Eurperor

thon took tho sidewalk, but, owini; to

tho lateness of tho hour, did not meet

any ono until ho reached Van Bureu

street, whero ho seized Patrick Burns

and threw him about twenty feet. In

Tyler street Emporor hurled Michael

.M i nn him against a fence, breaking three

of his ribs. Miuahau is G5 years old,

and it is probable ho will die. Before

reaching tho Fourth street junction

several other persons wero hurt. Mr.

aud Mrs. Putrick Moulton wero seated

on tho stoop of their residence us Em-

purer hove in sight, and they remained

there te see v. hat wus tho mutter. As

Einperor upprouched tho house Moulton

seized u pail and struck tho brute.

Whereupon Emperor turned, and, seiz­

ing Mrs. Moultiou, threw her with great

force uguiust the wull iu tho house, ser­

iously injuring her. Mr. Moulteu was

knocked seubek-ss by u blow of tho ani­

mal's trunk and his collar bono was

broken. John Koaike, who lived neur

by, wus drunk enough to suppose thut

he could quiet tho elephunt, uud us a re­

sult his right foot was crushed by Em­

peror beading upon it.

The elephant then turned iuto Fourth

street where ho kuoeked Jeremiah Bur-

low iu u-nsible, threw Wm. H. Burke

down u steep bun , uud sent John

O'Marra ubout flifteeu feet into tho air.

Then ho made for the Bessimer Steel

Works, being uttrueted thither by tho

electric ligh. Heiueuibcriug his exper­

ience at the licusscluer Mill, Emperor

did not seek an iutimute ucquuiutuuco

with the red hot steel blooms. In fact

the sight of them euused him to turn,

uud so Iran tie wus he thut ho run uguiust

u fence, knocking it to pieces. Turning

iuto tho sbeet uguiu, u peddler's wugou

wus in tho wuy, und this the ungry

brute reduced Ut kindling wood. Em­

peror then made for the lauds adjoining

doing great dumuge to vege tubles und

fences ou the places of the Hon. Erautua

Corning, Thomas Dickson, C. E Do-

fress, und others.

Meanwhile Emx>ei'or's companion.-, hud

been cupturod, and other circus hands

ei]M,-ricnccd in the treatment of wild an­

imals joiued in the uttempt to cupture

Eiupeior. The later, houvYci, took

posbOhslou of St. Joseph's Ceuiotry,

where he truuiplud ou graves and kiioek-

ud down hevei'ul heudstoues. At alumt

6 o'clock thh» morning ho wuscuptur-


in uddition to the prisons ubove named

muuy others wire nijin, d. Mr. Unich-

inbon visited the \iotiuis to-duy und scd umcudincut wus duly publish­

ed for three months previous to ihu time of muk-

lng such choice. In pursuance or (he provisions of

section one of article thirteen of the constitution:


Resolved (If the ussembly [concur), That tho

foregoing amendment Is? submitted to the people

of the stale uf New York at tho next general



III Assembly, Muy 84,1882.

The foregobig resolution wus duly passed.

By order of the Assembly,



in Senate,April 19,188&

The foregoing resolution was duly passed,

lly order of tlie senate.



Oftlco of the Secretary of State,/ *""

"I have compared the preceding with the origin­

al law on ille lu this onfee, and do hereby certify

thai Uio samo Is a correct trunscrlpt therefrom

aud ol the whole of suld original law.


Sccretury of state.

Make Moro Milk.

Increase tho quality of your farm

stock ami your dairy produce by pur­

chasing cows of \V. J. ltobinsou, Town-

en, N. Y. Two oar-loads just received.

Fine, promising youngsters with calves

by hide. Forward spriugers of great

value to any farmer. Two yearling hulls

will be sold at a sacrifice. Always ready

for any trade. At home Monday, Tues­

day aud Wednesday, of each week.

Come aud look over the stock.


Notico is hereby giveu thnt the Asses-

sorts of the town of Koutheast have com-

nleted their assessment role for tho pres­

ent year, and that a copy thereof is left

with the undersigned, Sherman Abbott,

where the sumo luuy bo seen and ex­

amined by any person interested therein,

until tho third Tuesday of August next,

uud thut the suid assessors will meet ut

tho town hall, in said town, on the third

Tuusdiiy of August, at 10 o'clock, a. in.,

iu review their assessments on the ;i]>j>ii-

eatinii of ;iny person considering himself


Dated, Urowsters, July 31st, 1882.

C. li.

The i"ie;,oim/ ivsoluUuna were duly passed,

by order oi ihe Aa-icmbly.

e. Ai; 11 U. .1 '11 NMiN, Clerk.

SI ATI- ul Ni:V. \OKlv, I

Oltl- • "I Ihe S I.-iv i.l M.Ue.f •*••

1 h.ae . omp.ni J Ug with Ihe origin­

al lavv oh the lilc In Mils ollli c, mid ,|', hereby

cerlin thai the suUlc Is a col reel 11 aliscrlpt

thcrelii'iu ami ol Ihe w huh' "I said original law

JOSEPH u.. Aitn,

in "I Mule.


The Old Bcffffnr's Lcjr/nc.v.

Mrs. BtfflO and Mrs. Burton lived n< xt

door to ctich other. Tho Burton's was

nlwttys the model of nn inviting lionso,

the windows clean, the little flower pots

in front neatly kept. The Sim's on tho

other hand, looked neglect'tl and dirty.

The little border wns_nnl--nded, and tilt)

rose Imshes were broken and dest royed.

Tho children of the two mothers dis­

played tho same chaacteristic features.

Ella Burton was a sweet little fairy.

Her bright face and clear blue eyes, her

neatly kept hair and t-potless pinafon

were, n perfect beauty, while her winning

ways made her a favorite in the village.

Lizzie Simo was :. sour looking girl,

with her hair always hanging over her

eyes and shoulders, her face often dirty,

and her pinafore, when she had one, the


One afternoon little Ella was playing

iu tho garden plot in front of the cottage

when she saw a feeble old man walking

along tho road. He was very old and

frail. Long white hair hnng in heavy

ringlets down his back and his dress was

very ragged and dirty.

no leaned heavily on his stick as ho

moved painfnlly along, and, as soon as

he had reached the little wicket gate

leading to Simo's cottage, ho opened it

and staggered weariedly up the path.

««Go away, old man," cried Lizzie

Bime, who was standing at tho door.

«• Mother has nothing to give you."

" Is your mother in ?" asked tho man


•• Yes, she's iu, but she wants none of

your kind," said Mrs. Simo, appearing

at the door herself. " So you can just

go away again."

Tho old man turned and left, heavily

and wearily dragging his limbs behind

him ; and Ella, who had been watching

him closely, saw him draw his Bleeve

across his eyo as if ho was wiping away

a tear.

Her little heart was touched with

sympathy ; she ran and opened the gate

leading to her mother's cottago as ho

slowly approached. 'Then, taking his

hand, she led him up the path, saying as

she did so :

' Poor old mau, come and rest awhilo

on our garden scat, and mother will

bring you something."

41 God bless you, my little angel,"

muttered tho beggar fervcutly, as ho

sank down on tho seat, while Ella ran to

bring her mother.

The poor old man was ill very ill; but

after ho had partaken of some nice

bread and butter and a bowl of rich

sweet milk, ho said he must be leaving


" For," he continued " I have a mis­

sion to perforin. My wife's remains lie

iu the grave-yard youder, Thirty years

have they lain there ; and, after much

wandering, I have oomo for tho last time

to visit her grave, aud, perhaps, to die

near her."

"Would you carry a flower with

you ?" asked little Ella. "I will pluck


" Heaven bless you, child, yon havo

spoken my heart's desire. It was that

rather than food I wished to beg."

In the evening somo of the villagers

saw the old man kueeliug on a plot in

the "stranger's comer" of the grave­

yard, but no particular notice; was taken

of him. Next morning when tho grave-

digger went to perform some of his

duties he was surprised to find him still

there. No ; it was his body only ; the

old man was dead. On his wife's grave

he yielded up his life. Ella's buuch of

flowers had been carefully placed nt the

head of the grave—the last tribute of

love—and in the lieggnrVhand.was found

a bit of paper with tho following words

written on it iu a shaky, almost illegible


" I know tho end has come. Please

bury mo whose I lie, beside my wife *s

grave. William Joy, tho banker, will

give money to pay all expenses. I have

but oue legacy to moke. To the dear

child who, in my extremity, gave me

the llower to place on Ellen's grave, I

give the old coat I weur. When she

rips up the scams sho may find it use­


And M-hat, think you, did Eila's moth­

er liud in the old coat ? Why, bundles

of bank notes stitched under the lining

—amounting to several hundreds of

dollars, which the old man had saved

and hoarded.

You can imagiuo tho rago and envy of

the Sines when they learned what they

hod lost by their refusal to do a kind

act, aud what the liurtous had gained by

performing one.


1 will no« mate Hut i m Hi" n miraculous euro

otonool (no worsl eases01 skin fliwnso known.

Tnepatlcni Is a man f< rtj y< irsoltlj hansnlTer-

e«i iitteen years, ills eyes, scalp and nearly ill*

whole IWMV presented ;> rrlfrtitfnl appearance.

Me ii MI iin' ntienilnn 01 twelve rtHltrcnl pay-

Mclnns, wiio pre* ribod the most n mortlcs known

to tlie profession, men «s iodide potassium,

arsenic, eorroslvp sublimate, sarsaparllla, etc.

Hnd paid Km in nn (Ileal treatment with lint

little relief. 1 prevailed upon htm to use tho

CenctTRA HRSot.vRXT Internally, and the cm-

CCRA and CcnctTRA soxr externally. Ho did so,

and was completely cured. The skin nn his head,

faro, and many other pails or lilt body, whleh

presented n iiMM lo:nh>i t md

nearly die oif when his big sister wants

him to please pick up a basket of chips

for tho parlor stove. And ho'U J-JH-IJII

tho higgost jiait of the day 1 lying to

corner a stray mule or a bald h. .-!... i

horso for a ride, and foel that all life'h

cliurms have lied when it 000)01 limo to

dim- the cows home. And he'll turn a

tou-aej-o lot ujisido down for ten i:.eli..s

of anglo-worms and wish for the vi.iiv-

lens tomb when the guid'-n d> I:J:U .1.. hjj

alUntiun. lint all tho same, when you

want a friond who will stand by you und

bympatlii/Aj with you und l>e line t i

iu ull kinds of weather, enlist one .1

thoso suuie boys.

liEGfnATK mi: Si !•, ,.,.,.

einl.-a\.'J> I to ]'i... r\c heallii it i.. ul lli<

utmost importance that w.- i. ej. t!..

hocrotory system in ji.il. .-t .-,,;

The well-known ceiuody Kiduoy-Wori,

has sjM-eilie aeliuii . >U Hie l.iilin\*}-, livrj-

und' b..vu-l;-. I'.-.e it ixuftoud of duouc

with \jle l.itU-is or di-astic j.il^. Jt j h

I'lllely \.J'.lalile, Uild lb proXUpl I.Ill

mild in aeliun. Jl [ul iu huUl

dry und liquid form und sol.l by drug-

gists overy wlioio. tiwduty JUtfji,.



In a I'oHltlvi' . •••iiiiti.it I .i.mr In • I I • n,i,l. I.IJIUIIUI I.in.

It will curt- < iiilnlj' the wnrut fnnii of FeumleCotn

lihJiit-. i.ll ernrinn troutilo*. Inflaminutlon aud tloem

Hi. Falltnir MI 1 li • j'hu-i'i:.. ni . and tho c .us. ,.;• ni

S|>lnal V't-ukni'Hs, and In |turtlrularly adajited to tin

• 'IIUIIJ. - .' ef Ufc.

It will Almflra andrx|4-ltumornfromUiouU-ruili

an Mrijr Mag* et devehijiiiii'iit. The tendimrj-to can

OMPDUI bttmoisUM talfobaoked veo'^wwuiy br IUUM

It n III.IV. :. f«ii,lu.Ks, flatuli'iiey, (l.stroyHbll riovliig

fur rttnmlutl. '.ml iiliiM»v.i.LinMi of the rtuinach.

It run-H l'l.tittlmr, llfuilai:h(n, Nervoua I'roi.1 ration,

OfTtml OohUUl - , Slut'jilenMieM, Dejirt'Milou aud ludl-


Tim; fi.lnt; of lH>arliiK down, ruuKlng jtain, weight

aud Iturkn* I..-, Inlilunji, JH riimni ntly rured LylUUM.

It v ;i| ,-il i. !1 Ilium aud Uliilirull. lrruiiiktuu.nl ».-l In

h«rin.ii:.- v.iili tin li.wi. that gov. in the feuialu ryitvm.

J'ortl.i IUI. of Kuliit }' ('.t:ii]iluiiiU of either ke( IhU

, UMda

LWIA r. rivKiiAM'K vr.t:F.TAiii-i: COM-

I'wl Vlli. | | n 1 ut 13 aud XM Werteni Avuuue,

Lyun.Maw PrioofL BtacbottlMlarffc Sent l.y mall

In tin• form of pDfe bl»ointhe form of lOHflgM ou

roteljtt of ptiec, tl per IMS for either. Mr». 1'li.khaui

fnoljuiu KIT.. i.!l 1- e.. i» of iu^ulr)-. Kind t'.r i*injih

let. .'.ildrviui ut K' mi-. J/rtifiun I'm l\ij*r.

KstenUj «dj I I.ilhoutl.YJiIAK. MNKIUM'S

Ll\'l.i. 1 BUM phs on trees ?" " Gf

course you will," said his compuniou,

with a tone of conscious superiority;

" but 1 don't like theui." udded he, " 1

ai.-M.inein the country lust summer,

uud they wile st-ur. Apples thut grows

in liuni-ls is lxist."

C.ATAUiui.— Relief in live minutes in

eviiy cam ; gratifying, wholesome relief

beyond u money value. • Cure begins

lroin first application, and is rapid, rudi-

cul and permanent. Ask for Sunfords's

liuilicul Cure. Complete for $J.

Tho poet J>ryccusion

hi.-wife suid to h|m: " I wish I were u

book, und then you'd pay me some at-

t.i.ti.in." Whereupon, it is suid thut

the ]»oet Uligalluutly replied: " I wish

you were un ulmiinac, my dear ; i Hun

could chunge you c\i ry y. ar."

"Only one mother," ivad Jimmy

TtiSboy, Ui lie gUineod at the headline

in a new.-].:.]" r. u Golly, how a fellow

would catch itU\W had two Inothdf..

Both ears pulled at the suuie lime, go

without my i upp.r twice iu one day,

hint on two cri;tuids in two diU'er-nt

diiuctions ut the same time Well, 1

caul be too thankful dud ain't a Mor­


The New Route!

Affords rtpclrtpdly the most desirable way of po-

Ing to and returning from New York, pns»-

itig through tho popular llcsorts of

Putnam and Westchester

C O U N T I E S ,

Cnrmel, Mahopnc, Croton Lake,

Tftirytown, live, lielng MoateJI

I beyond belief, but Kidney-Wort cured him.

. Anna I.. Jarrott of Houtli Salpm, N. Y.. eaysl

•thatseven yoars sutTerlnir froin kidney trouble*I

land other cotupUcatiuus was euded by the use oil

I Kidney-Work

I JohnD.lAwreneeof Jarkson, Tcnn., sntTeredl

Ifor years from liver and kidney troubles mull

latter taking "barrels of other Medicines,"!

I Kidney-Wort made him well.

Michael Coto of Montgomery Center, ve...

IsaSrred eight years with kidney dimciilty nndl

I was nnablo to work. Kidney-Wort luadu hlm|

l H well aa ever."





IConstipation and Piles.

I IV 11 Is put up in Wry Vegetable Form In

Itincans, ono pacVaiceof which tiiakessls iiuiiru




r»fc tit Hockcre In Raw Silk.

In Trrry Silk

1-Hiding «'ai|K'i Uhaifa

!li M altint or i'i-«".vni»i, rbonyand pllt, with

• in silk, Hi ii- M la ur Wiltuu pattorus

kiwi. < linlra,

n Ulutlfa,

» . i'M*e Cliaira.

fniir Simtf, Wood Prats,

: in Ictira wiili anna aud without,

nriiniiienttt] nnd plain,


ill ill)

i rj taijrloaod


I of medicine. Aluo in Llqald Form, very t)o«

I cent ruled, for thoso that csjuiol ruulily pro-1


II W it aeli vilh equal tfflctenet in either form. I


WELLS, Kll IIA11IISON * Co., Prop's,

I (Will send the dry post-paid.) ntKl.nUTOS, TT. I


i .'i•••,.-. Ti II and r.:;'''iislon,

Tops and Wood Top*,

I I'••; - and Cloth Tops,

fruuida, (^uartcUoa, rto.( etc

Foot Rests,

Writing Desks.

Blacking Boxes.


House FuriiiiSlung* Goods.

The Finest TEA, COFFEE aiul SPICKS in tlie Market


In Endless Variety.


A Complete Stock of Miners' Supplies

PowderJFuse. Caps, Picks, Shovels, &c.

The Best of Everything at the Lowest Prices.

H. A. KINGSBURY, Storek'p'r.

China, Crockery,

and G-lass Ware.





Ann rircii, [ CHINA,



Fancy IMtclum,

" Tea Pot*.

'• OupS und BtOOOHL

" Vai4*M,

" Tuilit Sets,

" biuokf Beta,

In all


French, Ucnnan,

EIIKIISII, American.

Chluose, .1 i.iiune.-c,

Miijn.il a,

Etc., Etc




sthoutioutlou or truvelors to tbo central poti­

or its liuu.oouncoliuK tho Kunt aud tho West

tho shortest route, umi carr^'ing pusjcuacrs,

lout cliantfe of cam, bci we.'ii Chtcaso und Kuu-

City, Couuuil l.lntli, Loovouworlli, Atchison,

Culls the ul icut lun or tl

Uou of its liuu. coi.mciiu,: tin

by tho shortest route, uud ci



MimieuiKiliH und Si. I'ui'il. It touiicutH in Uuiuii

Depots .villi all the priuoipal hues ol road t.i iwaea

tho Atluutio uud tic) Pucitio Occuus. lis oquip-

uiont is unrivaled uud maaullioent, Uin^ coiupobcd

df Most Ceiulortablu and ilenutilul Duy Coaihin,

Muj-mlicciit Hortoii Beolinlag Chair Cuts, i'ull-

uiuu's Prettiest Palace bleeping Cars, aud tho Ucst

Line ol Diiiiuu Curs in the World. Three Trains

between ClneuKO uud Missouri ltivcr l'tnnts. Two

Trams between Chicuifj uud Uiuucapclis and bt.

Vaul, via tho Jt'uiu JUS


A Now and Diroot Line, via Seneca and Kauka-

kee,has recently b.-cu opened bclwccu ltichuioud.

Nut-talk. Newport News. Chatteuooga. Atliniia. Au-

S iuslu. NUJIIvilli-. Lcuiuville. Dt^iuglou.l'.'.i u.ii.i-i,

ndiauupolis una Lafayette, uud Uiuolia. Miuucsp-

olis aud bt. Fuu! uud lutei nieii kU poluta.

All Through Passengers Tiuvil ou l'u«l £xpresa


Tu -Ads for sale at all principal Ticket OUlcusiu

Ihe Uu.icii btutiw aud Cuuuda.

Uaggogc checked tliiough uud ru'.ea oi rate ul-

waj-s us lev UJ eoinpctiu. J that oiln Icou udvuu-

la| ur d.-t uii d iutaruiatlou.gsl tho Maps and ITold-

ou ul ihu


At your nearest Ticket Uth.-o. or uddruto


Vice 1'lu. b Geu'l M g'r, Uuu'l TkU k •-' >.u. A(U



Table eastern, Cake lluxkeU, lJnttcr Dlanea,

Pickle Jnrs, Mn/... S}K>on Uoldcxa,

Vii.4.s, sp urns, Forka.

Chililien-a Iota.

Parker's Ginger Tonic.

(ilNliKH. Ill * III - . MASDHAKK, i.ml

Of tilt' tin- IM-.-I MIIIICIIH'.-. Kliuwii UTO lnii- I

blued lulu u ini'iiii'iiii-ni Mich varied |iowcni un

toiuake II tin-e.i.,1!(.-,! Uluo4 liuriiier unil lite

Hihi iiiuiui und Ifraugili Boiiarw

I'bed. I'Ulen C(iiii|ilaliil.-> ul Wi'liiCli uml ill I

Of Un' Stoma, h, Uuwvla, I.UIIHN Uvur aid Eld-

ncyK, und Is i-iiiln-l.v diili nm nuin j;i11. i-.

(iiii^'i-r Eaaeuetiii and uLhur TouluH, a-. II


bU>llik'tl .'•l/e. UUOOOt 0 ' '•>• N

I'lnllaliil, •'

fiffC to *'.H» iM-r d.i> at liuiiir. I

*7»> ti.c. Aii. suiiMiii .v ca,

^ i «l •1,Ml.\ OUUII IP «'. 'llUi'.v I II. All II

Cel'i' u vxii-k in j our own iwnn. 11

f7»>»>outiii ii.c. ii. ii.iii.-ii .v« a.Ptuiiui

• DVKinisKUSi wild loroui-Ml.'.l II-.I •

A lieWMiUlRTh. GOa V. Uowell A l U, Hi j-pi le '

si., N. y.


Au€»nls %V a nt (Mi!



This book will !»• Uic UMWl rapid

beltou,'ul .iii> Uittl li.i.-liriiipulpll.ili-

«-ii luryuuiu it "•'! be an i .

MiUniic ul I;;-J luriiv putfux, iirufu • i>

liillsti.itnl. prniti il Upi'ii tic- lllnrtt

1... i.< i. bound lu an i'li

Irarllic hljle, l.rllic- ul oh.'.' .1 lilllii'il'

trUtlllUl di .i'll|iUiili ni llic r.illl.'l.. Ul I.111..;..•,

Olid Iiikl.ll.j.' lb'' UlOal • !. • 1 .ii.: .' Ii .'I. ill I be

Uud evei printed. No vvrlU- Is b.n. r kliUMH

I ban IU ..'.11 bin. Ml

nxm:, I'l-TKi'l I'.l M V. S AM1V, 1 U

buld MUld ulielever lb. Kli

-.Mii.cii. s. iid itir eti. ul.ii Addrt'nfi si li-

.-M bli'Tin.N iihini, 1 11 \i::.l.s 'i'. Dll.i.iNii-

HA.V, Gunerid A«i'iit, N. V. KLuU', M liruudw aj».

Nev.Vork.N. y.

Mason & Hamlin



Organ and Piano Co.,

iti East 1-ltli St. (Uniou fkffUUbs


Offer Hi 1 ' lii;.'-I amoi'llnelil (inore Ibtili Ittl

1 \ I. --.ni tin- Ileal < abliiil or 1'nilor Oiuaiis 111

Un- Viuii.i. lor cublu at lis. tsv, *.'•:, tM, t'ti, t*4.

1 .|.... 1.1 . M ... iui-I-.I-.', p.uiin-iii.s, fins

]»i ijn.-i .1 mil upnurds. 'i'heae organs ba\e

! .11 evi I.I uue 01 ibi- ureal

w01 id . In luMUiul 1.\bibill'in--fur niu-en yeura;

no o!!i.i Ainurluin Uivuna Uuvo boon found

tVUI 1 ii IU1J'. .1 Hi'- l.l.-.l! Itullull

u, i.iiiiil.v eliincd ul Milan, ut

• ulluullUU Ul Miisleul lU-

utruiueuU* evej uiviuicUl lugruiltur, uftur LotitiUiC

M-vural iiiiiiiibK,

4 ii.u.i'iii SSlMN(i INSTiTl'TK,

i'Oi: inlMi I.Al'il..-. ASH Ml.-.s^,


Location delbtliU"! und ii...liii.v, bulldUii:

li nm Uke; rellui d Cbriblluu lnilu. nees: tbnioiurli

(•i-nuuii, 1 1.mil uud l.utlu:

nuetiouin MHUI nnd inhiruiuenuu

nuisii. dr.iv. .' luk : natural

., 1, I., . liuu Ut b} 1 r.»f.

.ii'.ui;ii. \-...••• iuii• rnn.-ipai: i'im» umtli'iakii

1 u. brnrj b r i'. ..I v.u.-. KJIV. C

1>. KICK, PfluiiijmL


A Pure Family Medicine that Invigorates

without Intoxicating.

Hair Balsam.

. The IVm, t'lrmnr.t, .nd

Mott Ecouomlral ll.lt llrrti-

Isg. Ncvrr rail, to mtors Uit

»..utl.f..I c.lof lo fnj hair.

toe, and |l tlsw. at drs|»1»U.


A new aad tscsnllBf rr*craet

aas laoiag Mrfint. frf* U

asd '.k cinfa.

If you are a mechanic or farmer, worn out with overwork, •r a mother

run down by family or houMhold dimes try I'AKKKI.'S GINGER TONIC

If you are a bwycr, minister or buaincu man exhausted by mental strain

or anxious cares do not take intoxicating stimulants, but use PARKKH'S


If you have Dyspepsia, Kidney or Urinary Complaints, or if you are

troubled with any disorder of the lung*, stomach, bowels, blood or nerves

you can be cured by PARKER'S GINGER TONIC

There are hundreds of miserable bUtTerers daily dying from lung, kidney

and nervous diseases who might be saved by using PARKER'S GINGER TONIC

in time.

If you are wasting away .rom age, dissipation or any disease take

GINGBR TONIC at once; it will invigorate and build you up from the first dose

It has saved hundreds of lives; it may save yours. Ask yuur neighbor or

druggist about it, or send fur a circular to HISCOX & CO., New York.

50c. and $1 sires. Great saving in buying dollar site.





W. T. Gaming


A. T i M t i : \ v s i i : K s ,

You (ret the goods rxiietly UH reiireseuicd und we dial lu

Everything' in tlie DRUG Line,


The Largest und IICKI AKKOIIIIHIII of DiiigK Always iu Slock.


if you want Taney (inodsgo lo

If you Walil I'allilHni'OllHtrO to

if you waul Kal*oinliie go to

If you want Gold Leal or lirun/e go to

II you tvunt \\ Widow (ihiAU or Putty go to





W. T. UAXr.Nli.

If you want flpoH, TtiUoOUQ, H.i/.'irs, KIIIM-, 1*U1WSJ t'OOktU-ltOOka, CDIIIIIS, JHushis,

und lliiiusiiiulft ol iillar ililii.'s go to

And If you Hani UB H hat you want, ink f



I*li.> ^i«-i:uir-." l'resiTipiioiis ;i f

tueuia ol 1111.1.-.-.11.11.11). ni l.-ii.i 11, Mini i n.ini-, Kui'Uii'J uud oUiexa \\huuu\e buuu uurvd.

WidlCuiiLuii H..-I "i i.ii" 1 .iiiii'i 1 in- iii'i'i.iu - .mil in. -iii.ii 1 U iiulc di-

iiii|uii.'in'.\. a lUeyuuuguld and Uie old uatdunav

: Mih. .1.1, N. y., tot WuiUUl ML., l*uU ill.ii-.ii. eueil wouk—New York,

Miinda.i.-. I u. ..Lo.-. and buLUIXl.tAa; l'lul.i. IVedlu du.i , 1I.111 l.i>. ulld lud.i.\:, riro olluT

Ikiiuki ullil .Iui... IU.-.U.II,-1.1 Mill. M.,rlior«l till Si|.\. lulsr. 4W

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