ICAPS05 WS6 - icaps 2005


ICAPS05 WS6 - icaps 2005


Workshop on Planning under Uncertainty

for Autonomous Systems

Autonomous systems UAVs, UUVs, UGVs, planetary rovers and space probes among

them operate with limited human intervention in changing and partially known environments.

These systems must plan and control internal behaviour while responding to

mission updates and environment changes. The promise of greater mission capability

at lower cost is leading to increasing interest in autonomy across a spectrum of scientific,

commercial and military application domains. The papers accepted for this workshop

form a representative sample of real-world autonomous systems, operating in air, sea,

space and ground environments.

Since simple heuristic approaches dramatically reduce the operational scope of autonomous

systems, planning problems appear to be system centric and critical for the

success of challenging missions. Various theoretical and practical aspects of planning

for such systems are considered in the workshop. Extensions to classical modelling

techniques are explored, based on constraint programming or probability representations.

Combining uncertainty and resource management highlights the borderline between

stochastic and non-stochastic modelling approaches. Multiple approaches to algorithms

are also investigated to target search problems relevant to autonomous systems,

such as path planning in navigation, and planning the mode of operations for

equipment and on-board systems management. These works provide a strong basis

to architect systems which deliver good plans just in time, finding the right balance

between off-line and reactive methods. Lastly, managing multiple systems with some

degree of autonomy constellations of spacecraft and swarms of UAVs introduces uncertainty,

biased and incomplete data. Papers in the workshop provide perspectives to

tackle part of these problems at planning time.

In addition to the seven accepted technical papers, the workshop features two short

position papers, and the invited talk Intelligent Mission Planning and Control of Autonomous

Underwater Vehicles by Roy Turner from the Maine Software Agents and Artificial

Intelligence Laboratory, University of Maine.

We would like to thank members of the Programme Committee who provided excellent,

timely, and constructive reviews. Special thanks are due to Gerard Verfaillie for

managing the commentary process. We are also grateful to the ICAPS conference and

workshop chairs for their help in organizing this workshop.


Programme Committee

Christophe Guettier (SAFRAN, France)

Neil Yorke-Smith (SRI, USA)

Christopher Beck (University of Toronto, Canada)

Patrick Fabiani (ONERA, France)

Karen Haigh (Honeywell, USA)

Detlef Koschny (ESA ESTEC, Netherland)

Juliette Mattioli (Thales, France)

Nicola Muscetolla (NASA AMES, USA)

Yi Shang (University of Missouri-Columbia, USA)

Roy Turner (University of Maine, USA)

Gerard Verfaillie (ONERA, France)

Wheeler Ruml (PARC, USA)

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