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Rustik - seamless stone carpets - Barbour Product Search

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Rustik - seamless stone carpets



Car showrooms

Corporate Offices



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WeLCOme tO FLOWCRete -

for the world

at your feet

Flowcrete’s commitment to exceptional design, technical support and advisory services, from

initial enquiry through to installation, is at the heart of our business philosophy.

Our global success is driven by our commitment to excellence; excellence in products,

excellence in service and excellence in people.

With manufacturing plants across europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, a global

commercial and sales support team and the backing of a major multi-national

manufacturing group, Flowcrete is well placed, as the world’s leading performance flooring

designer and manufacturer, to serve clients in their local markets.

Our fully trained and monitored global network of approved flooring contractors ensures

your flooring project is in safe hands with Flowcrete.

Mark Greaves

managing Director

Flowcrete Group Ltd

Rustik -

bring the outdoors in

the Rustik range of natural stone carpets has been designed to create a unique,

striking and alternative floor finish in commercial environments, bringing the natural

beauty of the outdoors inside.

Available in a range of both natural and contemporary tones, Rustik is well suited to

a variety of commercial spaces, including car showrooms, nightclubs, boutique stores,

reception areas and leisure facilities.

the durable, textured, non-slip finish delivers an attractive flooring solution that is

ideally suited to areas where aesthetics, safety and longevity are crucial.

With excellent wear and impact resistance, the Rustik flooring range can withstand the

foot and vehicular traffic associated with busy commercial environments.

With these qualities, Rustik is naturally the ideal choice for the great indoors.

the interiors Group, uk.

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Rustik can be laid in an

unlimited number of bespoke

patterns and styles,

restricted only by your


Rustik can be applied

vertically to walls, creating

a contemporary finish

that stands out from

the crowd.

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great indoors

Rustik delivers an attractive and contemporary

flooring solution that is not only safe - with a

slip-resistant surface – but is also durable; holding

up the footfall in busy commercial environments.

Pitcher & Piano, uk.


natural beauty

A contemporary flooring solution that brings the great outdoors in… choose Rustik

to create a unique and dynamic commercial environment.


● Retail

● Leisure

● stadia

● Hotels

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Commercial environments are subject to aesthetic scrutiny, as well as heavy foot

fall and, in the case of car showrooms, vehicular traffic. Rustik delivers the perfect

solution; a slip resistant, durable floor finish that will not only stand the test of time,

but that will add glamour and contemporary style to any indoor commercial space.

Available in a range of both stone and stylish glamour tones, Rustik can be used to

deliver a natural or contemporary surface. What’s more, the range can be laid in

bespoke patterns or shapes to create a truly unique environment that really stands out

from the crowd.

the durable and safety-conscious floor finish can installed quickly reducing impact on

trade in commercial businesses, where keeping downtime to a minimum is crucial.

What’s more, Rustik has noise reducing qualities, making car showrooms, offices,

receptions, retail areas and other commercial spaces creating a pleasant environment.

Perstorp, sweden.


● Car showrooms

● Corporate Offices

● shopping Centres

● Restaurants & Bars

the trafford Centre, uk.

Combine different

colours of Rustik to reflect

the colour scheme

of the surrounding




Rustik offers a wide range of benefits for commercial environments in need of a

flooring solution that is safe, durable and attractive.

FAst instALLAtiOn - the Rustik range can

be installed quickly to minimise downtime and

the cost associated with extended construction


AttRACtive - not only is Rustik available in

a range of aesthetically pleasing tones, it can

also be applied in bespoke patterns for a truly

unique design.

Approved and tested, all systems within the Rustik range come backed

by the sales support, technical services and quality that customers

have come to expect from Flowcrete. installed by a network of

fully-trained and monitored expert floor installation teams, Flowcrete’s

Rustik is the ideal choice for any commercial environment.

Flowcrete’s durable, decorative and high-performance

flooring technology is gaining status in a variety of

market sectors across the uk.


case study

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Pitcher & Piano, uk.

sAFe - Rustik comprises a mix of aggregates

sealed in a seamless polyurethane binder,

providing a safe and slip resistant flooring

solution underfoot.

nOise ReDuCinG - Rustik minimises noise

from footsteps and other traffic above the

surface, creating a more pleasant environment

in noisier commercial spaces.

Pitcher & Piano, uk.

Product: Rustik natural stone

use Rustik with our

underfloor heating system,

isowarm, to warm your

environment from

the ground up.

Flowcrete’s unique and contemporary floor finish -

Rustik natural stone - was chosen to complement the

stunning new interior of a trendy, retro bar undergoing

redevelopment in the heart of Birmingham.

However, this was no ordinary flooring installation...

While Rustik is predominantly used to transform

environments at ground level, the product, comprising

natural stone encapsulated in a clear resin binder, was

applied vertically to wall panels to enhance the bar’s

fashionable interior.

Harnessing the power of nature with the highest levels

of technology, the stylish solution brings the great

outdoors inside, delivering a striking and eye-catching

environment, perfect for the chic city centre bistro.

Rustik sYstems

technical zone

the figures provided in the table below are typical properties of our Rustik systems achieved in

controlled laboratory tests that were conducted at 20°C and at 50% Relative Humidity. For full system

technical data, please contact your local Flowcrete office or alternatively visit us online.

Rustik natural





Car showrooms,

designer outlets, retail

stores, conservatories,

atriums, reception halls,

conference zones and

exhibition areas.

Car showrooms,

designer outlets, retail

stores, conservatories,

atriums, reception halls,

conference zones and

exhibition areas.

Aggregate mix





* the slipperiness of flooring materials can change significantly, due to the installation process, after short periods of use, due to

inappropriate maintenance, longer-term wear and/or surface contaminants (wet or dry). textured systems are recommended to meet

slip resistance value requirements for wet conditions and/or surface contaminants (wet or dry). Please contact a technical Advisor at

your local Flowcrete office for further details and specifications.

Rustik natural stone


Golden Pea

Rustik Glamourstone



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silver Granite


Yellow Gravel

Dark Grey






slip Resistance*

(Bs 7976-2)

Dry >40 low

slip potential

Wet >40 low

slip potential

Dry >40 low

slip potential

Wet >40 low

slip potential


Water Permeability

(karsten test)






up to 50ºC

up to 50ºC



(Bs 6319)

>50 n/mm2

>50 n/mm2



tea, coffee,

cola, fruit



and bleach.

tea, coffee,

cola, fruit



and bleach.

Bond strength



>1.5 mPa

>1.5 mPa.



Rustik offers you the chance

to create a truly one-of-akind

floor finish. Our specialist

colour service can create

bespoke coloured aggregate

blends or colour match your

Rustik floor to existing natural

or man-made surroundings.

the applied colours may differ from the examples shown. For unsealed aggregates, some staining may occur in the natural stone.

For a full colour chart and sample, please contact your local Flowcrete office. Our specialist colour service may incur additional costs.




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south Africa


Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the information included in this document was accurate at the time of printing, Flowcrete reserve the right to change product specifications at any time without prior notice.

The photographs and colours reproduced in this publication are within the constraints of the printing process and are not to be used for matching purposes.

All photographs are used for approximate representation only and may not show the actual products on offer. E&OE.









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