AC Schnitzer ACS3


AC Schnitzer ACS3

AC Schnitzer ACS3

The AC Schnitzer front skirt (bottom)

continues the styling lines of the X3 and

gives the vehicle a dynamic face thanks to

its large air intakes.

The sporting side of life is waiting

to be discovered.

Like its big brother the X5, this

„Sports Activity Vehicle“ or

SAV is designed above all for

drivers who place particular

importance on uncompromising

progress and a flexible concept

of space. In typical BMW manner,

the X3 combines these proper-

ties with active driving pleasure

and technical perfection.

As there are modern drivers

whose sporting ambitions and

demand for exclusivity exceed

the norm, our engineers have

also developed a complete

range of special accessories for

the X3. All components appeal

to both the technically aware

and the style-conscious SAV


The first visual accents are

set by the aerodynamic range

specially developed for the X3.

With front skirt, which can be

highlighted with the Chromeline

Set, rear roof spoiler and rear

skirt, the body looks more har-

monious, striking and dynamic

all round.

Power isn‘t just about horses.

A power upgrade - as its name

suggests - is all about more

power. The bare figures must

be convincing. With a power of

237 HP/174 kW for the 3.0 l

diesel engine, it isn‘t difficult to

convince even data-fetishists.

What it really means to have

237 HP and a torque of 460 Nm

working at the four wheels of

the X3 isn‘t easy to understand

on paper, and is only really

experienced out on the open


And however good the picture,

it can only give a hint of the

convincing live experience of the

sonorous note of the AC Schnitzer

sports rear silencer of V2A spe-

cial steel with chromed tailpipe

in Racing Design. So it‘s best to

try it for yourself.

Small, black and full of electronics:

The AC Schnitzer performance upgrade for

the BMW X3 3.0d (left picture) harmonises

perfectly with the AC Schnitzer sports rear

silencer of V2A with chromed tailpipes in

Racing Design.

Often copied, never equalled – the exclusive

variants of the five-spoke design from

AC Schnitzer: Type II alloys (left), Type III

racing rim (large picture bottom), the

AC Schnitzer Type IV racing rim (centre) and

the Type IV alloys (right), both in innovative

pentagon design with optional chrome inlays.

Perfectly equipped for everything.

What‘s the use of the best

performance, in sport or in auto-

motive terms, if it‘s not applied

properly. The transfer of power

to the road and open ground

offers the greatest potential for

optimisation. A potential that we

at AC Schnitzer exploit particu-

larly well in the ACX3. With its

specially designed sports sus-

pension, lowering by around 20

- 30 mm and special dampers,

driving comfort is even better

than the standard model and

the power is implemented more

effectively in every situation.

When it comes to wheel-tyre

combinations, SAV drivers have

a wide choice. Three design

variants are available as alloy

and racing rims in sizes from

8.5 J x 18" and 8.5 J x 19", via

10.0 J x 20" up to 9.0 J x 21".

The AC Schnitzer Type II wheel

as a classic five-spoke design,

the Type III alloys and racing

rims with their flexible design

elements, and the Type IV alloy

and racing rims available as

an innovative five-spoke with

striking pentagon design and

optional chrome elements.

Exclusivity in new ways.

As well as the technology trans-

fer from motorsport, a design

transfer gives a particularly ex-

clusive ambience in the interior.

The AC Schnitzer sports airbag

steering wheel is finished in

high quality leather or carbon

applications. The matching

carbon centre console and door

handles in silver give a special

atmosphere all round. As well

as ultralight carbon, wherever

the driver has contact with his

vehicle, equally lightweight

aluminium is used with a fine

brushed finish:

Footrests and pedal set, gear

knob and handbrake handle

give that exclusive touch close

at hand.

Sporting feeling in the AC Schnitzer ACS3

with carbon interior trim in silver, airbag

sports steering wheel with carbon applications

and numerous accessories of brushed aluminium

(left picture). With the AC Schnitzer

sports suspension, the driving dynamics of the

BMW X3 move into the sporting dimension.

Our partners are the best:

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Fax +49/(0)241/56 88135 AC Schnitzer is a division of Kohl Automobile GmbH

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